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Page Started: 2019/11/10; 2019/01/07 VETERAN CRIMINALITY IN THIS SECTION Marines Navy See also Military Rapes MARINES RATHER (Marines Reservist) WMAR2 News: (2018/06/15; 2018/12/13)) Police: Marine binds and kills ex-girlfriend, leaves body in bleachers. By: Brian Kuebler https://www.wmar2news.com/news/crime-checker/baltimore-city-crime/police-marine-binds-and-kills-ex-girlfriend-leaves-body-in- bleachers Charging documents and Rather’s facebook page revealed that he is an active member of the United States Marine Reservist. The friend also informed detectives that Pierce-Morris had been trying to avoid Rather and had recently began dating another man. The friend and Pierce-Morris’ mother had become concerned that Rather was “obsessed with Jasmine,” the charging documents read. The friend, who lives several states away, was distraught when she learned of Pierce-Morris’ death and told investigators that Pierce- Morris had stopped sharing her location data with the friend at roughly 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The friend informed police that the young man “Chris,” with whom Pierce-Morris was supposed to have met prior to her death, lived on E. Northern Parkway. https://www.wmar2news.com/news/crime-checker/baltimore-city-crime/police-marine-binds-and-kills-ex-girlfriend-leaves-body-in- bleachers JENKINS (Ex-Marine Corp, Baltimore Police Department) BBC: (2018/06/07) Rogue Baltimore police unit ringleader Wayne Jenkins sentenced. By Jessica Lussenhop https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44402948 Jenkins must serve three years of supervised release after his custodial sentence. He was convicted on multiple counts including racketeering, robbery and falsification of records. Jenkins pleaded guilty in January and admitted taking part in at least 10 robberies of Baltimore citizens, planting drugs on innocent people and re-selling drugs he stole from suspects on an almost daily basis, including heroin, cocaine and prescription painkillers. Baltimore Sun: (2018/01/05) Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force leader pleads guilty, expresses remorse. By Justin Fenton https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-jenkins-pleads-guilty-20180105-story.html Detective Momodu Gondo, who has pleaded guilty in the case, testified in a federal drug trial last fall that Jenkins “was like an animal, just going about investigations the wrong way.” Levin said Jenkins served honorably in the Marine Corps and then the Baltimore Police Department for a number of years. “He and others were responsible for seizing hundreds if not thousands of illegal firearms and getting them off the streets of Baltimore City. At some point, regrettably, something changed,” Levin said. “Whether that’s a result of something that happened during his time in the military, something during his time in the Police Department, or as a result of the death of his son, remains uncertain.” The case may be the biggest corruption scandal to hit the department. The alleged crimes took place during a federal civil rights review of the Police Department, and stretch back years to when some of the officers were in other units in different parts of the city. The fallout from the indictments has included hundreds of dropped court cases that relied on the word of the officers, with the public defender’s office saying thousands of cases have been compromised. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-jenkins-pleads-guilty-20180105-story.html DELEON JR. E. (ex-Chief Warrant Officer,a senior leader in the Marines) San Diego Union Tribune: (2018/02/16) Marines convicted on sexual assault, child porn charges, other cases pending. By Carl Prine https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/military/sd-me-court-martials-20180216-story.html Prosecutors have convicted several Marines in recent weeks for crimes including rape and child pornography, and dozens of similar cases continue to percolate through the military criminal justice system. The cases are coming to light due to a series of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by The San Diego Union-Tribune over the past four months. Documents released by the Marines reveal some of the most serious cases tied to senior leaders like ex-Chief Warrant Officer E. DeLeon Jr. At a Camp Pendleton court-martial last month, a military judge convicted DeLeon of possessing and distributing child pornography. Although the judge sentenced him to seven years behind bars, a pretrial agreement capped the Marine’s imprisonment at five years. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/military/sd-me-court-martials-20180216-story.html NAVY Retired Navy veteran charged with kidnapping, murder of Ashanti Billie https://wtkr.com/2017/11/08/family-member-says-arrest-has-been-made-in-ashanti-billie-case/
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