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Updates: Page Started 09/14/2018 IN THIS SECTION:  What Are Cults    Hari Krishna     High Demand Closed Group WHAT ARE CULTS Start Here: Religious Abuse - Nazi Heritage (Post-WWII) The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult. By Rare Earth. Youtube Video(2018/05/26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKU6GBDHCGc&vl=en Grooming Gangs As a Rotherham grooming gang survivor, I want people to know about the religious extremism which inspired my abusers Grooming gangs are not like paedophile rings; instead, they operate almost exactly like terrorist networks, with all the same strategies.  Ella Hill Sunday 18 March 2018 11:30 https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/rotherham-grooming-gang-sexual-abuse-muslim-islamist-racism-white-girls-religious- extremism-a8261831.html Cult Watch https://www.cultwatch.com/howcultswork.html Excerpt:  Cults, wonderful on the outside, but are on the inside very manipulating. Cult leaders are desperate to trick you into joining. They are after your obedience, your time and your money.  Cults use sophisticated mind control and recruitment techniques that have been refined over time. Beware of thinking that you are immune from cult involvement, the cults have millions of members around the world who once thought they were immune, and to this day still have not realized they are in a cult. To spot a cult you need to know how they work and you need to understand the techniques they use. Teaching you these things is what this article is all about.This article exposes the secret techniques cults will use to try and trick and control you. Cult leaders will not want you to read this, but read it anyway. Once you understandHow Cults Work you will be better able to spot and avoid cult recruiters, and protect your family and friends. First let’s eliminate some misconceptions about cults: Cults are easy to spot, they wear strange clothes and live in communes. Well some do. But most are everyday people like you and me. They live in houses. They wear the same clothes. They eat the same food. Cult leaders don’t want you to know that you are being recruited into a cult and so they order their recruiters to dress, talk and act in a way that will put you at ease. One cult has even invented a phrase to describe this, they call it “being relatable”. Cults are full of the weak, weird and emotionally unstable. Not true. Many cult members are very intelligent, attractive and skilled. The reality is that all sorts of people are involved in cults. One of the few common denominators is that they were often recruited at a low point in their life — more about that later. Cults are just a bunch of religious nut cases. This is a common mistake people make thinking that cults are purely religious groups. The modern definition of a mind control cult refers to all groups that use mind control and the devious recruiting techniques that this article exposes. The belief system of a religion is often warped to become a container for these techniques, but it is the techniques themselves that make it a cult. In a free society people can believe what they want, but most people would agree that it is wrong for any one to try to trick and control people. In the section “Types of Cults” we will examine the various types of cults you may come across. https://www.cultwatch.com/howcultswork.html   High Demand, Closed Group Some names: Chris Butler, Tulsi Gabbard https://medium.com/@lalitamann/an-insiders-perspective-on-tulsi-gabbard-and-her-guru-e2650f0d09 Excerpt: An Insiders Perspective on Tulsi Gabbard and her Guru I was recently asked a question about US politics that is related to an issue very close to my heart. In the US there is a state representative, Tulsi Gabbard, who is gaining attention and interest of the media and general public. To most, this politician seems amiable, a war veteran who is attractive and articulate, who has had an interesting life and seems very together. I get her appeal. But to me, I know the awful truth behind her amicable facade. I grew up in what is now termed a High Demand, Closed Group. Most people know them as cults, but personally I detest the term cult because it usually conjures images of Kool Aid and terrible TV shows featuring Kevin Bacon. That’s not what I grew up in. Instead a High Demand Closed Group is a group that has isolated itself from mainstream life and lives by the demanding and usually arbitrary rules set by the leader of the group. The leader is usually a charasmatic personality who encourages their followers to treat them as some sort of Messiah. The entire group dynamic is centred around gaining favour of the leader, who uses this dynamic in a controlling and abusive manner. In many of these groups the leader uses their position to manipulate their followers into performing sexual acts against their will, or in others, the relationship becomes emotionally abusive, where the leader verbally or physically attacks their followers, doling out increasingly severe punishments including sleep deprivation, starvation and physical self harm. The latter is the type of group that I grew up in. The group I was involved in is called The Science of Identity Foundation, and it was started by a man called Chris Butler, who has variously been known as Siddhaswarupananda, Srila Prabhupada or Jagad Guru. His “philosophy” is a mishmash of Buddism, Vaishnava Hinduism and Christianity. There’s around 1,000 or so followers across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the US. Chris Butler himself was born in Hawaii and from what I’ve been able to glean from my research, was a college drop out who started a small group in the mid 60's. When the Hare Krishna movement started gaining traction in Hawaii during this time, he found it difficult to find new followers and instead of competing with the Hare Krishna movement, decided to take his current followers, along with a $20,000 donation, and join the Hare Krishna’s instead. https://medium.com/@lalitamann/an-insiders-perspective-on-tulsi-gabbard-and-her-guru-e2650f0d09 Hari Krishna https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/mgx4xq/what-living-on-a-hare-krishna-farm-taught-me-about-scams-and-leftover-pasta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs4_rpU3V1M http://www.eaec.org/cults/harekrishna.htm https://harekrishnacultexposed.blogspot.com/