COMMENTARIES: Acting Out Beware of Bad Counseling Hidden Veterans Misery Loves Company New Gay World Ouroboros Pet Rocks/Totems PET ROCKS AND SACRED TOTEMS What if I don’t smoke pot? Will you still love me? Gay rights/pot/women’s rights/minorities versus Church/anti-abortion/males as head of household/heavy lines of disciplining authority Groups that are on different sides of a wall of contention weigh the balances against each other to maintain a sense of order within their own belief systems, values and needs. Sometimes it seems that we are dealing with pet rocks, with each individual holding onto their own specially held notion or way at the expense of other values. Sometimes our pet rock is an old injury or slight. For example, if you are on the Liberal Side for the most part, you might find yourself surrounded by minorities, pot smokers and gays who don’t want you messing with their pet rocks. If you are not 100 percent convinced Ferguson was blatantly a racist issue, you can step on people’s pet rocks there. If you don’t smoke pot or avidly demonstrate a stand for gay marriages, you might find yourself off on the side of the road with the car of support swinging full blast ahead. If you don’t go around broadcasting Jesus Saves and supporting anti-abortion signs dominating a small community, you can be cast as evil, non-spiritual, misguided, mentally ill, stupid or any other number of things because you did not cater to that pet rock, either. The point is about categories and the various individuals who try to work together based on particular needs and ideas while presenting a unified voice. By being lumped together, it might make it difficult to share or accommodate each other’s pet rocks. If I don’t smoke pot and you do, would you honestly want to invite me to a party? Would you feel I judge you and could be difficult over your pet rock? What if I told you I support your right to smoke pot if you support my right to not smoke pot? Pet rocks can evolve into sacred totems; points of view and beliefs so close to our core identities and emotions, we might fight to the death or through endless legal costs and hassles to uphold these things. The ways our choices in life are funneled originally in certain directions and then later filtered, tampered with, or amplified by organizational abuse might not be immediately clear to us. We like to think our life choices and voting interests are of our own making or unique identities. In many cases they are, but it is wise to be honest with ourselves that even the widespread legalization of pot might have a system abuse (Big Brother) agenda. In reference to the Two Horns section, we might be having our buttons pushed against one extreme like police force and surveillance abuse only to be sent like a herd of buffalo over a cliff into the land of the Zone-Out. Being numbed out on pot and increasingly addicted to its higher levels of potency as a trek toward even more brutal substances could very well be the other horn at work. Taken from one extreme to another, we might up down another dead alley - an alley where we are not present or conscious enough to protect ourselves against an intruding force either from within or without, or both. One way the new Americans devastated the Native American populations was by feeding them whiskey. How is it different to feed large numbers of Americans drugs, alcohol, porn and air-headed advertising and programs in order to manipulate their minds and body chemistries into an increasing state of ineffectiveness? The special interests which we adhere to might take on a life of their own or become habits to the point we stop having an open mind or the ability to self-evaluate. Our pet rocks and sacred totems might come together in clusters, so that one set of interests belongs to the Liberal Side, the other to the Conservative Side. When we are dealing with a package of orientations, we might find ourselves fighting over, swapping or shelving some of them in order to fit in or get things done. In the meantime, outside agencies might be tweaking our buttons within our respective special interest groups. We also could have spies from the opposite interest groups working among us. Surveillance could be targeting us from both opposite extremists which could include members of the government. There also might be people who have mixed loyalties over things like race and religion. Sometimes our pet rocks and sacred totems run across various special interests groups and human categories. For example, if we are a pot smoking gay Catholic, is the call for anti-abortion stronger than other ones? If we are a victim of early sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and know that it is likely gay tendencies were influenced by that abuse, would we still uphold the Catholic’s stance on anti-abortion, knowing this organization had a widespread long-term tendency to cover up and evade responsibility for the abuse of thousands of children? Pet Rocks section updated 01/07/2017 --- OUROBOROS Excerpt: The Ouroboros is a Greek word meaning 'tail devourer,' and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. It can be perceived as enveloping itself, where the past (the tail) appears to disappear but really moves into an inner domain or reality, vanishing from view but still existing. From: When dealing with the occult, we might consider how normal reality gets buried behind a few projections. We keep sucking from other worlds (dimensions) and call it free energy. As we do that, more and more gets buried behind an artificial shield, a few bulges in a bending field. The sucking creates warping. It’s as if one dimension projects outward here and there like mountains on a lunar landscape. Everything we used to know for humanity is lost under the warped or bending dimensions of shifting energy fields, like buried debris after an earthquake or bomb. The snake head eats or blends into the tail as we move into inner worlds but also it can be about eating parts of this world and spitting out material that once was our normal earth experience. Pollution and trashing can be part of this. We waste and use up more than we produce, as in over-consumption of our Mother, our Earth Ship. We eat parts of ourselves and wallow in the aftermath. Eating one’s tail can also be about eating one’s poop. If we are not careful, the cyclical nature of the entrance-end/head-tail is not a true rebirth, rejuvenation or ascension but a replacement of something. That something was deeper and more meticulously unique in detail and then replaced with overly sweet frosting on the cake. Things can lose their essence or original luster. People keep burying their basic human feelings under a veil of shallowness and detachment to the point they cannot be recognized as human. We have some people on the planet trying to destroy our heritage as humans. They are eating out the guts of what is essentially human, including its full range of feelings. They are eating out our feeling nature. The snake is like a curved dagger killing our heart’s compassion and true expression, our true center. Ouroboros is also about duality, fertility and infinity. If we can imagine the ringed snake spinning faster and faster, it seems to send opposites (or apparent opposites) into each other. The poles collide, antithesis and thesis meld in the dialectic conundrum. The spin is like an orbit, and the faster it spins, it is like a time machine or vibrational shift. A higher vibration takes people to other dimensions. Political and religious opposites (like liberals and conservatives) might be found to equally converge into tyranny and oppressive regimes. The apparent opposites might reveal underlying masterminds behind both sides of the poles who keep the power and riches for themselves. Things end up looking the same under the weight of tyranny no matter the high sounding words along the way which took people to that space. Utopian ideals send people into Communist and Fascist control or religious ideals send people into Dark Ages. The underdogs of one society and era become the tyrants of another. High sounding words might be the waves that creep first onto the beach but once they recede, what is left behind are the course and mundane of humanity to man the ship, even if they are a mix of foxes and curmudgeons. Crafty people and their unwitting dullards actually dominate both sides of the snake but let others be enticed by their own sense of intellect and apparent control of the poles. They let us have our philosophical debates, knowing they will go nowhere because they own the purse strings of the world. The ringed snake could also be a representation of the male-female duality but because the two ends are connected, this is the recognition that males and females share common characteristics which blend into one another. We should remember that males are female until certain genetic instructions kick in during their formation. Vaginas become penises. The snake ring seems to be absorbing one aspect before it is transformed into another one. In some ways we might see the kokopelli of Anasazi Pueblos as a man sucking his own penis, like the snake being a penis entering the mouth. Sucking sperm through the mouth is like absorbing it through the vagina. The innards of the ring might be like a womb. The man is trying to return to his origins as female, woman, creation impulse. It is the turtle returning to the sea. On some core level many males know of their female heritage. Add to this the long term in a female stomach during development, very close and intimate connection to all things female in that womb. We must let men close to femaleness because it is partly them, too. We share our femaleness together. Many of them long for that closeness, that unification. Ouroboros doubled is an infinity symbol. When half of the ringed snake is black and half white, then it is like a yin yang symbol. (see Ouroboros section updated 01/07/2017 - --- HIDDEN VETERANS Secret Government Programs - Abductions, Experiments, Handlers, Etc. Summary of Links in this section See also Psychotronic Attack on this website One group which might be referred to as hidden veterans are abductees for various secret governmental programs. This goes in the category of UFOs and alien abductions, but includes other types including missing people and child abuse cases. Many of these victims are connected to the military in one way or another, but many others are civilians. All of these might be undergoing extensive military connectivity and exploitation without ever having that particular type of connection known to the world at large. For civilians, this means there might be groups of people who would better be referred to as veterans, because they might be being used for military operations. They are also experiencers of military intervention and corruption - but they don’t receive official VA or public medical or psychological support. They are left completely on their own financially and emotionally. There are no funds to help repair the damage done. It is likely both military personnel including war veterans and civilians are victims of military and government related black projects. For example, military personnel might have been injected with unknown dangerous substances in the course of normal medical work as part of secret experiments. Civilians might have so many repeated abductions and are around the military so much for that reason that they start thinking and acting like military personnel; in fact it is conceivable they carry on double lives with their civilian aspects while not recalling their military ones. This gets into lost time and memories, abuse alter personalities which is discussed elsewhere on this website. In short, we might have a significant number of people in this country who would best be referred to as “veterans” but never receive even that level of designation because they are supposedly “just” civilians. Again, these victims don’t even receive the minimal level of VA benefits that bona fide military personnel do. There might be a whole shadow field of military victims strayed across the country this way. How many die with their stories untold can only be guessed. Both known and unknown veterans deserve better than this if they have been the victims of secret governmental projects. About the only thing we really can do is to increasingly try to find that center of truth in ourselves while also staying as diversified and informed as possible. The more we read and learn, as long as it is wide-ranging, the better off we are. If we stay locked into any one idea or program, we can become too narrow. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization) therapy is an important therapy for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) Beyond this, many veterans need to look into complementary medicine in addition to traditional medicine. This can include things like meditation and acupuncture, like the CNS (Central Nervous System) Chinese scalp acupuncture listed below for those with spinal injuries. It can include biofeedback for those with chronic pain, or massage therapy. Look for groups designed to train veterans in skills keeping current with today’s world as well as those which will work with different physical abilities. It is also encouraged that veterans work with non-veterans to keep a balance in life and perspective, while also maintaining a core group of veteran supporters. People who have been there and done that in war offer each other understanding in a way non-veterans often do not; on the other hand, becoming too insular by sticking to the same types of people can limit opportunities for growth and other types of awareness, no matter what type of group it is. Too much of a good thing can be rather dull or can keep us back from a bigger picture. A good mix is probably the best plan - but the idea is that the support found in human contact is essential for healing and stability. Links - Dr. Boylan: Fake “Alien Abductions” Conducted by Shadow Government Para-Military Operatives (MILABS) Author: Richard Boylan, Ph.D.Fake “ Excerpt: It should be noted that virtually all of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of “alien misbehavior” are actually secret psychological warfare operations by human rogue military-intelligence units. These renegade military-intelligence units kidnap civilians without legal authorization or justification. These units drug those they kidnap, (often experiencers). These renegades deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. These covert-operations military-intelligence units then use brainwashing techniques to make the civilians they kidnap forget about the military kidnapping, while the renegades hypnotically implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an alien abduction All Net: From Alien Abductions Via MKUltra to an Implanted Cyber-Situation Author: Dr Helmut Lammer Excerpt: In my new book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction, which is co-authored by my wife, we reviewed hypnosis transcripts of MILAB abductees and compare their recovered memories with the experiences of survivors of now known declassified government sponsored mind – or behaviour – control experiments. We found a strong indication that covert ‘human’ military personnel are indeed involved in the alien abduction phenomena. In coming to such a conclusion we researched in our book the following points: Documented history of secret mind – and behaviour – control experiments. A possible purpose of MILABS. Activity of dark unmarked helicopters in connection with alien abductions. Alleged kidnappings of alien abductees by covert military/intelligence Genetic aspect of MILABS. Otherworldly journeys and military underground facilities. Creating an imaginary alien abductee. Toward a controlled society: terrestrial implants and their application to MILABS and future warfare. Military interrogation sessions with alleged alien abductees. Collective Evolution: MK Ultra: CIA Admits Behavioral Engineering On Humans Hidden Veterans section updated 01/07/2017 --- BEWARE OF BAD COUNSELING The Boogie Man! In a bad movie, the victim goes around frantically trying to explain: “The Boogie Man is after me!” The audience sees what is going on. Yes, yes, the victim is right, there IS a bad guy after her. Perfectly obvious. But those stupid people around the victim, like husbands, wives, parents, siblings, friends of the family, doctors, neighbors.....why don’t they ever see what is really going on? Why does everyone treat the person like nothing is happening and it is all in her imagination? Of course, that is supposed to be the drama of it all - high suspense. To keep the audience on the edge of the seat. But when it happens in the real world, it’s another matter.... System Abuse Psychological Impact Consider the possibility that System Abuse creates an elusive Wall of Silence by using Invisible Fingers and Fanning Out (both are coined terms used in zone of influence section) to target victims, keep them bothered and abused, encourage Acting Out (the emotionally charged responses and behaviors in response to abuse which might include grouchiness, depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger, fear, paranoia or apparent paranoia, instability, etc.), and then manipulate people to think these poor people are mentally ill. The symptoms might mask the underlying abuse. System abuse can come from a variety of sources impacting across-the-board systems. In other words, gangs, international groups, religious networks, etc. can all tap into the systems that we use - phones, computers, mail, etc. When we refer to “system abuse” it can be one major group impacting our governmental and military operations - but it also can reflect other groups or nestled groups within that larger system or who have taken part of the control for themselves. In other words, a government operation that is already invading and abusing the American public can have people working for it that belong to other groups who have their own agendas or who carry additional secret agendas. Look for thieves, drug networks and religious people who want to enforce their ideas onto other people. On top of that, consider the possibility that family members and others are manipulated into sending these people to inadequate or downright dangerous counselors and doctors, all the while feeling they are doing the right thing. In other words the family members, through their own ignorance, deliberate evasion of the truth, or downright guilt are part of the abuse, or are the abuse. The more they don’t want to hear the truth, the hardest it is to penetrate this thickest of walls. How do we penetrate these walls? How do we keep otherwise normal and sane people from being turned into people who are sent down a hidden turnpike only to never return because they become invisible even while sitting right in front of us? Invisible by not being heard or listened to, believed, or trusted, respected or dignified? Family members and others all learning to keep this person at a distance as if the individual has become little better than a helpless child or someone needing guidance from a “normal” system. No one listens to the alternative reality that this person might actually be going through something outside the average range of understanding or perception. Understand that treating someone like a mental patience can encourage making a mental patient? Repeating constantly that someone is inadequate and a mental patient - or that sort of thing - can literally program someone - it’s like black magic. Expectations that someone is not adequate can help create the inadequacy. Family members working with a certain limited range of perceived normalcy can project inadequacy and abnormality onto someone who does not fit into their paradigm. They can also lack adequate toolkits for thinking through. They can oversimplify a complex situation. Also in some cases, literally lost by being sent to dangerous mental hospitals, prisons, forced labor camps or killed? Family Members Expose or at least identify family members who refuse to listen to the victims in their own families and who keep treating these victims as if they wrong, misguided, mentally ill, to be excluded and punishable. Recognize that not all abuse looks like abuse right off the bat or from a superficial level, because perpetrators might be good at making it look like something else - like the victim is all wrong. There are ways to make a victim act out so that all behaviors seem so out of whack that people think there is no wonder the family has treated that victim accordingly. As mentioned elsewhere, getting the victims to act out is a huge way to mask the underlying problems. --- Acting Out Acting out can take on a variety of behaviors, but it’s usually about instability, emotion and excessive or exaggerated responses to situations, but again, what we think of as excessive or exaggerated from one viewpoint might, when we dig deeper, have understandable root causes, like secret abductions with abuse and forced drug injections. Some of those drugs might create feelings of addiction. Also victims might be kept from expressing the actual problem so they only talk about concerns over something else which reflect the original problem in some way. It could be certain triggering things cause a reaction. It can be very difficult to explain to people why you feel that way or are reacting with a certain emotional force when on the surface nothing looks anywhere close to being a problem. When you try to explain it saying, well, it feels like this (ie, a rape memory or a rape sensation in body memory) or I had dreams (like of a murder of a family member still living, and it felt almost real) or I sense strange sensations (ie, drug injections as if it was a replica of me but I was feeling it myself, almost like a phantom itch)...all of these subjective touchy-feely things often don’t make sense to a family growing tired of emotional outbreaks that don’t seem make any sense. As emotional support increasingly is cut off, self-sabotage and learned helplessness are likely to occur especially if the person is being abducted and hurt every time he or she seems to see some hope or daylight. Being surrounded by people who act like idiots in a B movie can only cause the person to feel cut off from real support; getting to the real support (people who really know what is going on or can at least question things better) can be a major part of the battle. Family members who are being manipulated or who are actual conscious perpetrators don’t want the victim to get to real help because it would break up the game. They don’t want to be proven wrong; it can be an ego trip. It also can be that they convince themselves there is only one way to solve the problem. There can be self-deceit that they are only doing it for that person’s own good. The main countering point seems to be “This is totally ridiculous. My family member is obviously mentally ill and needs real therapy before it is too late. In fact, it might already be too late.” When the family hits that level over the victim, it is extremely easy for the abusers to come in and wipe that person out, to finish him or her off. The family will say good riddance and everyone else will say “Ah, that person had a mental illness, poor bloke.” This is also a time that the attackers might be sending in suicidal messages to get that person to kill him or herself. Suicide might be increasingly discussed in the zone of influence so when it happens, people assume it happened because the person had a mental illness, not because anyone is around making things so crazy and difficult the person finally gives into their suggestions to commit suicide. Can you see how very complex the whole thing is, and how difficult it can be to pin the actual situation down if you don’t know how? Can you also see that there are some people so very closed off from psychic sensory material that their only line of thinking is that anyone discussing these things must be completely nuts? And also can you see that when the situation is dominated by closed off people, a lot of valuable insight and information goes by the wayside? So the real question is, how do we get closed off people to stop being so closed off, or to stand back and quit dominating the situation? Something about closed-offness seems to go hand in hand with domination; I wonder if people who are more psychically awake and sensitive tend to back off more easily precisely because they are so sensitive. If so, maybe that is why blocked people tend to dominate situations like those mentioned in this whole section. We seem to let the mistaken people run the show because they are so certain none of this could be real and could only be the works of the paranoid. These blocked people can be so seethingly sure of themselves and can be some of the otherwise most intelligent people. In fact their intelligence and self-confidence often are joined by charisma. They can make a blocked viewpoint sound so convincing. I think this is a sad commentary on our society. Please do not let blocked people keep victims of system abuse from getting real help. Be able to offer monetary support for those victims whose families handle the purse strings and also be able to direct all people to a variety of real world helpers, not just those that the families identify as “real” help. We need to make it clear that blocked people send victims to blocked people! They like the mundane normalcy that says “We don’t rock the boat here.” OK? No, we don’t want victims to be sent to charlatans and cult members. Yikes. But we don’t want them sent to narrow doctors who don’t really get into this system abuse thing in any kind of meaningful way. Are we all on the same page? Until more doctors get it about system abuse, we have to be careful about who we send a victim of system abuse to. It is that simple, yet that complex. Blocked family members can unwittingly send a victim to people with narrow views and approaches that will only make things much worse or will just suck up money and waste time. Until the United States truly starts opening up its secret government files and sharing how widespread the psychic and psychotronic abuses are, we have to be careful about blocked people. Once the information becomes mainstream, there will be less of a need to be so self-protective about going to doctors and counselors. OK, folks? Real help means real help and real help is about facing down possible system abuse without turning the victim into a mental patient because of limited knowledge, insights and approaches. Bad Therapy Choices Family members who keep trying to send the victim to the wrong kinds of so-called helpers can also be a part of the problem; not allowing the victim to choose his or her own support team by suggesting he/she is not qualified to do so or that he/she keeps making poor choices in his life and that only the family members have practical common sense in these matters is linked to this issue. Family members who refuse to take responsibility for their own narrowness are without question engaging in the victimization on some level while on the surface looking like all they are trying to do is stay out of it or to help. Watch out for people who use the mental illness label as a weapon, and also to use it to get the person into a doctor who will drug the victim up, rendering him a lifeless zombie because the perpetrators do not want that person to expose them. Mental illness labels and drugs, mental programming and abuse can and do go together in this country even in this day and age as family members are encouraged to not think things through sufficiently and to defer to mainstream outsiders as so-called professionals. It is a dangerous and frightening but sadly, people still fall prey to these problems despite all the warnings we have had about governmental abuses in counseling and medical matters. Please be very careful about mental illness labels if you even remotely suspect a person might be a victim of hidden system abuse. Even the slightest suggestion that it might be governmental abuse causing the problems should cause you to take your next steps carefully when considering counseling including psychiatric help. Do not defer your intelligence and responsibility for making good choices over to a professional just because that individual seems to be genuinely mentally ill or more trouble and the issue more complex than you are willing to deal with. Recognize that the professionals might be another form of hired help leaning toward the side of the people bringing in the paychecks. Money can color the mental illness label the same color as the family paying for the counseling; in other words if the family says their troubled family member has “such and such condition” that hired professional might play along and give the person that very same label just to appease them and to keep the money coming in. Although of course there are legitimate and ethical counseling professionals of various kinds out there who would not diagnose someone just to make money from the family or to please them, you need to understand that the scenario covered above actually does happen in the real world more than many of us want to admit. Some people don’t have the maturity to deal with complex issues; they lose patience quickly or do not have the willingness or ability to engage in difficult topics beyond a superficial layer. This can only cause serious damage and long-term consequences for the victim who is at the mercy of people like this. If you are one of those, admit it, and get out of the picture or call in someone who is willing to give the situation a serious and sincere look-over. Do not be part of the problem. We have too many people getting by on fluff at the expense of others while getting paid for it or receiving the kudos of society. They wind up looking good while the poor victim is treated literally like shit. Make sure your part in any situation like this does not show you up later as having been part of the victimization of an innocent person. You might get away with it for now, but history might show you up in a different light later as one of the perpetrators because you did not do your very best to find out the truth and really help this person. In other words, you just played into the game or you found the support more about you than about the person you were supposedly bringing in support for. Wise people realize that sometimes the truth takes more time to figure out and that not all things are as they seem. Easy answers about complex human behaviors usually cause more problems than solutions in the long haul. Side note: Sometimes psychic attacks are not system abuse related, but are coming from other sources. Tit for tat vindictiveness seems to be a big one, keep running into this energy and it is easy to become part of it, to get sucked in. When they suck you in, it seems to be a boon for them - they proved your goody-goody peace thing is full of shit, that sort of thing. Witchcraft seems to be a source of telepathic hypnosis. Ex-military people - veterans with agendas - going around with tapping equipment they learned about while in the military seems to be another possible source. In summary, then, family members who refuse to face these issues are part of the problem because families can get at each other (as in their heads or by withholding emotional support) in a way that the general public cannot. Don’t take the discussion of family discord as it might be connected with system abuse lightly. Also understand that family discord can be tweaked by outsiders looking in and manipulating things in ways many people do not realize. Psychic and psychotronic interference, along with email, text and phone tapping can be part of the way they get into the family’s and victim’s psyche to manipulate the situation. Learning to sense when others beyond the core family unit might be involved is a key fighting strategy as long as you have others on the same page and can identify these things accurately, too. You need a good support group in these matters because until you have proof that outsiders are doing something to the family, it’s always up in the air as to whether it’s actually happening or not. The area of influence has an energy, and if you are a good psychic, you can start learning to recognize that energy - it’s like a haunted house. A person in a family being victimized by system abuse probably has a clustered energy around him or her that can be picked up by a psychic trained and experienced in such matters. Beware of Bad Counseling section updated 01/07/2017 -
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