Updates: 2018/11/04 Geopolitica added;  12/09/2016 9/11 AND NO PLANES see also 9/11 - General Info referencing alternative forms of world trade center destruction, including nuclear weapons Summary of Links on this Page: http://www.checktheevidence.co.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=163&Itemid=60 http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/a/bio/Wood_Bio.html https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/911-what-really-happened http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/05/26/9-11-debunked-flight-testing-jet-bombers-a-boeing-wichita-story/ http://911nwo.com/?p=2046 https://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/the-judy-wood-enigma-a-discussion-of-the-most-controversial-figure-in-911- research/ http://911research.wtc7.net/disinfo/index.html On this page: Links: Check the Evidence Geopolitica NWO 9/11 New World Order (NWO) Wood, Judy Dr. Truth and Shadows Veterans Today 9/11 Research, WTC 7 Geopolitica:  Suddenly it turned out that everything was known, but nothing was averted! Then the investigation ran into a number of problems with this plane, since its fragments and the remains of the passengers were not found, and the hole in the wall was considerably smaller than the aircraft's wings. This is not the only oddity to be found in the the Twin Towers’ destruction. The official number of people killed is 2,843. In New York, there was enormous destruction, but in the midst of everything was a completely unharmed car with a Quran and the hijackers’ passports in pristine condition. On September 11th, President Bush said that the attack was a campaign by Arab terrorists. CIA Chief George Tenet then announced that Al-Qaeda communications on the September 11th attack had been intercepted. Suddenly, it turned out that everything was known, but nothing was averted! https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/911-what-really-happened Referencing the destruction of the tower site in New York on September, 2011, the idea of no planes can include: 1. No planes actually flew into the towers 2. A different kind of plane flew into the towers - like high speed military jets 3. A missile or a comparable bomb/bomb carrier flew into the towers (ie cruise missile*) 4. Mirages like holograms, masking of objects or invisibility devices were in effect 5. Submarines up to as far away as 1000 miles* actually attacked the towers; flying objects are a distraction 6. Media complicity in offering falsified photos in news reports 7. So-called truth seekers and others offering falsified photos (like of flowing molten steel) on websites, in books and elsewhere 8. Bombs were planted on the ground inside the building before or during any flight-based issue and the flights were a decoy 9. People who saw planes, impacts of the towers and heard explosions might have been wrong or confused 10. Although ultimately this might be a non-issue because some kind of plane might have actually hit the buildings, considering this topic is an excellent way to get a feeling for a. how we know what we know; gets us thinking about who tells us or shows us what and why b. the elusiveness of some kinds of facts when one is not a direct witness  c.  misinformation and disinformation * Veterans Today.  9/11 Debunked, Flight Testing Jet Bombers A-Boeing WIchita Story (2016). Excerpt: Most likely the missile was fired from an Israeli Dolphin class submarine somewhere off the Eastern seaboard, the almost 1000 mile range of it’s cruise missiles means it could have been anywhere in a vast area of the North Atlantic…Israel has five of these Dolphin subs, acquired from the Germans over the last 20 years, or rather, given to them by the Germans, officially due to holocaust guilt and to say sorry for supplying Saddam with various nasty things; in reality, exchanged for nuclear goodies. These submarines have both standard 533mm torpedo tubes that can fire American Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles as well as Russian cruise missiles and larger 650mm tubes specifically for launching cruise missiles.) From: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/05/26/9-11-debunked-flight-testing-jet-bombers-a-boeing-wichita-story/ Retrieved 05/29/2016 Truth and Shadows: The Judy Wood Enigma A Discussion of the Most Controversial Figure in 9/11 Research https://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/the-judy-wood-enigma-a-discussion-of-the-most- controversial-figure-in-911-research/ Excerpt:  Rather than just having comments about her pop up in other discussions and other threads (usually involving name calling and ridicule), I’ve decided to create a post where her research can be rationally debated; at least I hope it’ll be rational and that the discussion focuses on science rather than hearsay. I understand some of the regular readers of Truth and Shadows may think I’m off base by addressing Wood’s work at all, but I hope there aren’t too many who feel that way. I believe that any discussion that involves the pursuit of the truth is worth having. I don’t think the reputation of the entire Truth movement will be affected one way or the other. And I don’t believe any questions are “dangerous” to ask. Those who don’t think the subject is worthy of their attention can wait for my next regular article, which will follow soon. I own a copy of Dr. Judy Wood’s book Where Did the Towers Go? (sent to me by a reader). I have read over several chapters but haven’t gone through the whole book from cover to cover just yet. It seems that most of Wood’s most vocal critics have not read her book at all, but this may be proven wrong in the comments to follow. In her book (which has the impressive appearance of a glossy, full-colour textbook) Wood posits that not only can plane impact and fires not account for what happened to the Twin Towers, neither can conventional controlled demolition. https://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/the-judy-wood-enigma-a-discussion-of-the-most- controversial-figure-in-911-research/ Dr. Judy Wood http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/a/bio/Wood_Bio.html (this website was discovered through Check The Evidence seen below) 9/11 New World Order (NWO) Information on 9/11 by Dr. Judy Wood, Physicist, Engineer http://911nwo.com/?p=2046 Check the Evidence http://www.checktheevidence.co.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=163&Itemid=60 Misinformation: Maintaining the Official Story Against Odds http://911research.wtc7.net/disinfo/index.html
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