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July 28, 2019 Sunday 11:42 am mst After reading Horowitz and Geller, and watching two white presidents go through hell from the fake news bashers, hecklers and unbalanced, unfair news coverage, I have removed the Impeach Trump banner.  I did not vote for Trump and don’t like him as a president, but  he has at least made an effort or given lip service to things I do care about.  In addition, I have become more concerned about border protections and safeguards against cartels since putting up the impeachment material.  I have also read about how the left has had a plan and likely prevented American success in Vietnam and the Iraq invasion.  I didn’t like Trump because of his Trump towers, what he said about women and his overall approach regarding them, his Russian connection and shallow big business show boy glamor image, loose and crude tongue and overall courseness, trophy wives and inadequate governmental and military experience, but I am not interested in being part of the left wing hecklers turning our country and its president into a circus show. Notice this: Book: Fatwa: Hunted in America. By Pamela Geller. (2017) Freedom of Speech in the Age of Jihad Chapter 2 The Workshop p. 12 The Bush Derangement Syndrome as a strategy clearly worked: Bush’s name became synonymous with mud. The insane hatred of Trump is merely BDS 2.0. It worked then, so why not ratchet it up?  They have. Chapter 11 page 223 …Trump supporters have been beaten at rallies and demos in support of the President.  From Berkeley to Brooklyn, college campuses have become nothing short of war zones…. page 228: President Trump was elected by Americans who oppose the left-wing coup and are fed up with living under the left’s oppressive boot.  Trump is our proxy.  We fought back the non-violent way - through the ballot box.  Trump is our proxy.  From the moment he was elected the left refused to accept the will of the people..  Freedom lovers are beaten at rallies  against jihad and sharia by left-wing fascists who mockingly call themselves antifa short for “antifascists” or “anti-fascist action.