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quiverfullmovement_religiousissues_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updatesQuiverfull Movement section updated 06/16/2016   to top/menu QUIVERFULL MOVEMENT Fundamental Christian Abuses It Happened to me: I Escaped The "Quiverfull" Fundamentalist Christian Cult The end of my life as a "Bride of Christ" came when I visited a domestic violence shelter. Author: Vyckie Garrison (October 2014) http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/vyckie-garrison-leaving-quiverfull-movement Excerpt: Based on a literalist interpretation of Psalm 127, Quiverfull families eschew all forms of birth control. They have a high regard for the patriarchal family structure found in the Old Testament which emphasizes hierarchy, authority and strict gender roles for men, women, boys and girls Excerpt: Some Quiverfull kids are making the break, too. Growing up in a Quiverfull home means being raised by a narcissistic father and having a mother with a huge martyr complex. Excerpt: I have also created my own blog, No Longer Quivering, which I began as a way to process my Quiverfull life and try to understand how I’d come to embrace such a fanatical lifestyle. The response was surprisingly phenomenal and over time, NLQ has grown to into something like a movement of women escaping and healing from spiritual abuse.