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There can be more psychic activity in religious settings normally thought of as biblical, conservative or normal than many people realize. 2. Psychic activity can be a part of the sexual and other abuses found in the Catholic, Mormon and other well known and large religious groups. This energy can be conscious, willful, arrogant, deceitful and experienced as it is passed down from one generation to another. It can also be subconscious or not fully under conscious control. We need more psychically awake people who can accurately call it when they see it in these groups, and can either help or get people to authentic and honest support systems. Being able to recognize and deal with these things is a specialty and might require a team of experts. Any one individual working alone with these things could go astray or send others down the wrong path. It is better to work out in the open with other people from various backgrounds and with different focuses or abilities. Cynicism or sneering skepticism is not a working solution. 3. Psychic interference and attack can be part of the mind control or psychological hooking found in these groups. Children might be especially prone to this with no true support. Keep separate the possible interference by ghosts or bad energy in certain places and interference by the living. Consider the possibility of both things occurring with mixed effects. 4. It takes knowledge, practice and sensitivity to deal with these topics. Plan on a lifetime of growth and learning, because no one is the ultimate expert. 5. People can move from one religious or spiritual orientation and another secretly. There can be sneaky associations with psychic activity. People can seem to belong to a “normal” non-psychically oriented church while consciously and subconsciously using psychic energy. Witches and warlocks can hide out in church groups. Church elders can have a conscious connection with psychic activity not passed onto the regular congregation until someone moves into the fold. 6. Prayer can have a strong psychic component to it. Consider the possibility that prayer can have both positive and negative associations. Prayer probably does help set a positive tone while assisting in healing when applied correctly or in the right situation with the right people. On the other hand, prayer can be aggressive, invasive and controlling. People can tell themselves they are sending in the right energy or calling in God when in fact they are using their human egos to try to direct a person or situation. When you become more sensitive to energy, you can start feeling how people are thinking about you and how they are manipulating energy in this and other ways. The tone of the prayer or the religious approach directed at you can tell you a lot about what is really going on. Some people convince themselves they are so right or know just what the bible means to the point that they convince themselves it is OK to try to direct your show for you. They try to handle you as if you are inept or a small child. This can be very destructive to your confidence, self-esteem and ability to stay focused on your own life and way. Sometimes people slip this sort of thing in on you without telling you they are doing it. In some cases, we are dealing with ego battles; for example, people might sense you have power or that you feel you are too smart, or they feel you don’t like them or are judging them....so they want to cut you down to size. In other cases, it could be they suspect you are right and they are wrong. Because they have an ego investment in their religious approach, they may feel they have to turn up the dial to tune out the nagging feelings about being wrong. The female author’s (Lierre Keith) portion of Deep Green Resistance (by Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith) listed elsewhere does a great job of going into the issues surrounding religious fundamentalism. I suggest you read her input. Increased awareness of these things can help you identify when people are using prayer as a psychic force which is not necessarily a spiritual one or in your best interests. People can tell themselves they are right about a lot of things, or that they know more than other people, but that does not mean it is true. What is right for someone else might not be right for us. Prayer as a psychic force should not be treated lightly. There are few ways prayer can be more intensified than at other times. A person who has resonance with you in one way or another can have a stronger link to your psyche; prayer directed at you from such a person can probably have more of an impact. A person with a lot of power or psychic energy can also impact you more than others. Finally, a large group of people focused in prayer on you can have an impact. Sometimes people say they are calling on God or sending it to a higher power, when in fact they are in there personally manipulating things. They might not realize they themselves are doing this, or they might be secretly controlling things behind the scenes. In addition, perhaps prayer can be a blend of a higher power and the smaller ego or personality of a person, so that the applied energy has a mixed effect. If people are using religion as a vehicle of control and not compassion, people are probably going to have problems. If people can only do something nice for other people by referring to their church, bible or way of life, perhaps they need to remember what it feels like to have someone do something nice for them “just cuz.” If help comes as an if-then clause of “here’s help,I am a good Christian setting an example, now buy into Jesus and do it, too” I think some additional lessons on what real help feels like are in order. Be in the moment with being nice and helpful; learn something new each time about how what real help and kindness feels like. Be honest about where your intention to help might have pitfalls or imperfections and improve on it for next time. Some people treat church identification like membership in the Elks Club or a country club. They think waving a few banners and saying a few phrases is going to get them into heaven. In the process, they lose sight of something sacred. These people might be some of the ones who wander around on the planet after leaving their body, waiting for Jesus to come save them or for some magical heaven. Others might put themselves into an eternal sleep waiting for the second coming of Christ which will never come the way they had been told or imagined it. In other words, perhaps the rest of us need to save the very people who would save us by protecting them from becoming lost souls or ghosts. Other religionists are more sophisticated than that but still tend to identify with their religious name tags. Some people think humility means abject degradation of the self’s desires or a tyrannical breaking of the will or ego. More religionists probably need to work on humility, but from the standpoint of compassion and receptivity. More Comments Some of this material has already been discussed elsewhere on the website, but it is being applied more specifically here to religious issues. This issue of getting permission before sending energy or doing healing work on people probably does not work all the time in the real world, although I have suggested people get permission. Why? Because we are all constantly working energy on each other all the time whether we are aware of it or not. In addition, sometimes we are being invaded or bombarded by other people’s energy or we are being zapped by energy draining people. In that case, we don’t wait for permission to start working the energy and restoring things to a healthy balance for ourselves. However, when it comes to formal prayer, frequently people can slow down long enough to ask themselves whether the person on the other end of the prayer would in reality want that. If you can honestly tell yourself that the person would not want it, don’t do it. Pull back and either wait until you have a moment to ask that person for permission, or don’t do it at all, ever. Please remember that you are a human being and when you pray, you are likely sending your very human energy into a person’s space along with any spiritual help you are praying for. Have some humility regarding this issue. Sometimes we tell ourselves we are trying to help someone else when in fact we are the ones who would like the attention or the help in the way that we are trying to give it. Sometimes prayer is more about us than the other person. It takes strong character and real honesty to look these things in the eye. There are a couple of things I have run into that come to mind as I write the above part about unwanted prayer or healing. One is dealing with male oriented religious types who feel men are naturally the head of households and the leaders of church and community. I run into it in evangelist types and Mormons in particular. The men feel they have to take on the woman’s and group’s spiritual needs and development when there are issues or problems, and that they have a direct line to a higher power giving them authority to discipline people - and to pray that they conform to the group’s value systems. They frequently refer to this prayer as just prayer for the good of the other person - but in many cases, they are praying to have that person return or join the fold by accepting its value systems and approaches. Anyone who does not coordinate their lives and spirituality the way they do is considered a bad seed, defective, lost, sick, or in need of redemption. They honestly feel they know better than someone else and if you are female, it can get a lot worse - particularly if you are single. They call it guidance and protection of females. It is in fact a control game of the worst kind. Women beware. Such behavior is usually one step away from out and out abuse of women, like pulling out a belt to add discipline to the prayers. The men see themselves as the hard ass extension of God’s punishment and wrath in these cases - the God of damnation and hell. Prayer added to this can be a psychic attack. Males can have poor role models and expectations when it comes to sex. We have a mixed population in the world today with males displaying all kinds of sexual behavior; no two men will come at sex in the same way. However, some men have the “old school” approach that females are there for their needs and gratification and that they are not much better than slaves or dogs. This is a horrible commentary, but unfortunately it is true. Men learn to exhibit impatience in getting their sexual needs met. If they cannot get it one way, they might try to get it another way. This other way can be through the authority found in churches which say that God is male and a father figure, a shepherd of sheep, and that women have subsidiary roles. This is a deflected way of getting sex on demand by making this particular male approach to domination acceptable according to group standards. Sexual access and religion can go hand in hand in these cases. Men learn sex as a one-way street; communication and cooperation between the sexes is limited. I have run into women who have told me “all he wanted was sex.” Or “he kept at it, he never gave me any peace.” This thing that women run into men who want sex all the time is not really as wild as some men like to suggest. There are a lot of women who come onto men and have high sex drives, but there is also truth that men might be experiencing frustration with women because things are not balanced in the bedroom. People need to get real on these topics. I think there are women who are running into sexual experiences in which the hard-on and the size of some of the male anatomyes are too much to handle - as awful as this might sound to some people. Women think that sex will be one thing and it winds up being a marathon run with a man who is on sexual autopilot. When men run into frustration, they can become angry, vindictive, bitter and controlling. Again, one of the places they might take out their frustrations is through religion. The whole situation changes when you have sensitive, educated and awake parents teaching healthier and more balanced ways to address sex in the real world. We have to get past the illusions of media-driven glamor found in the movies and pulp romance. We also need to teach males and females to hold their own in the bedroom and to talk things over. Many people are already doing this. Many modern couples are finding that balance. This discussion covers the males who were not given an opportunity when growing up to view sex and women in another way. It also covers males who have not been given real world advice about realistically getting sexual needs met when females are not prepared to amp up the voltage to their satisfaction in the bedroom. Some women are coming away feeling they cannot keep up or don’t want to. They are also feeling disgust, horror and pain. What shows up in the bedroom is not what they expected. Some women decide it is easier to avoid the whole thing and just live alone. Others wind up taking it, or keeping a silent generally dissatisfied life with men. They trade certain comforts and stability for a not too great sex life. The men do the same. When things get too off kilter, this is when we find sexual abuse in one way or another. Sometimes the men are talking it out on their wives, sometimes the kids, sometimes both. The sexual energy needs to be understood, reckoned with and channeled in a healthy manner. Churches can go a long way in encouraging men and women to find a balance if that is a primary source of spiritual direction for a couple. They can encourage positive role models for both sexes. In those cases in which homosexual abuse is added to the component of spiritual practices, as has been found repeatedly in both the Catholic and Mormon groups. boys are treated with disrespect like degraded females. They are treated as holes. They are getting some of what females get - and then some. Again, add a psychological and psychic mix to this and you have extremely serious problems. Little children don’t have the sophistication to know better and before we know it, they are programmed into something that is so very difficult later to unwind. It seems to me that boys often do not get enough support on this issue precisely because they are males. I have personally psychically felt at least some of what could be happening to these boys. Mothers, please teach your boys to be extremely careful about sexual abuse anywhere - among church groups and beyond. Don’t assume that if everyone at church is driving nice SUVs and living in good neighborhoods that your child is safe, or that if everyone prays regularly they are good people. Insist that if you go to church that your churches take a no-nonsense and full blown stance against child abuse and domestic violence. Be certain that the groups are not living a lie or creating a facade. Don’t work with people with forked tongues or double behavior. Make sure the men in your organization really and truly believe strongly that child abuse is wrong and that they will personally work together against it. Those are the type of men you want in your church or religious organization. Don’t accept anything less than that. Double standards of any kind won’t serve you or your children. Acknowledge that there can be a psychic component in people who run their lives as doubles - as people with a smooth, respectable, and clean outer veneer and a dark, abusive, manipulative side underneath. Learn to recognize the signs of cleverness - or what people tell themselves is clever or smart. Frequently a friendly smooth outer face accompanies a quick mind for the psychic underlayer. People who have been abused themselves can learn to do a plus, plus, minus with their thoughts and energy. Other websites talk about this better than I do and my understanding of this was greatly enhanced by reading other people’s ideas about Monarch, MKULTRA and other related types of system abuse. Apparently what happens is that people are trained through repeated abuse to snuff out their inner truth and to latch on to sub-truths. They are taught to not trust in themselves and to rely on false outer messages for direction. In some cases we find people detaching from their core self and becoming alternate personalities. They let go of the pain area and focus on the escape place. Time out becomes a space in which people say “I’m out of here” or “I’m done” and they go somewhere more pleasant. That happier place can be another personality, but it also could be a constant need to move on when things get messy. Hypnotic control fuses with psychic attack in these cases. People learn not to have a strong self-confident central identity and start leaning on more fragile personality aspects. These aspects might rely more on image programming. They find it is safer to look normal when following outside protocols rather than bucking any kind of system. As they get farther from themselves, they might try to alleviate the sense of things being out of control or not centered by doing drugs, alcohol, excessive and unhealthy sex, or any number of things. In short, I think psychic/psychological abuse along with the physical abuse encourages a type of detached reliance on outer pain alleviations. They substitute the surface material items for the pain or discomfort going on inside. When you start dealing with psychic energy more, you can sense these things so that it stops becoming an intellectual concept. Psychic awareness can help all of us read plastic, superficial energy, codependent energy, abuse energy, and so on. It goes hand in hand with reviewing the energies found in various forms of religion. You can also learn to read when people’s minds are closed and how they follow certain patterns of logic; you can sense when they will respond to your ideas negatively by going down a thought path. This is what happens in group programming - people have been taught to have certain repeated expected thought patterns which feed back to them that they are normal and doing things properly. When people are not actively engaged in reflective thinking but think they are, this is when we have a problem pulling people out of cults. Learning to read this energy is one excellent step in dealing effectively with cult behavior. There is an actual vibe here. In addition, people can run their thought patterns based on their professions or educational backgrounds - too much business or science can act like a cult. People get locked up in the expected and accepted logical dictates of these arenas to the point that their thoughts are slots. You could label them A, B, and C when certain topics come up. Topic A elicits responses from Slot A. Topic B elicits responses from Slot B, and so on. People coordinate their thoughts with certain subjects and don’t allow other thoughts to enter in. The problem is getting people with these tendencies to cut loose from all that to just think things through. When people have close identity issues with the groups they belong to, it can be difficult to get them to chill out and have a bad hair day with what seems to be unpredictable thinking. Bad hair days are seen as anathema because they lack a feeling of order or normalcy. When people did not do things right according to their abusers, they were abused and made to feel stupid. Perceived and made up inadequacy was punished. You turn left, you get hit; you turn right, you get hit again. No matter what you do, if it does not fit into this abusive mad house version of adequacy, you are punished. The abuse scenarios can be that nothing is done right, that nothing you say or do is adequate, and that you are insufficient on all levels. You learn that only sometimes if you do this or that and keep quiet you will be left alone. That kind of abuse makes people leery of rocking the boat and it channels their thought processes into overly cautious narrow spaces. People are looking through a tiny peephole of themselves to check out the environment to see if saying “Yes” is right or if this time “No” is better. Sometimes the answer does not depend on anything other than the mood or whim of the perpetrator to keep him or her off one’s back. The abused person does not feel like fanning out into a fully talking, questioning, sensing and feeling being because too much openness has lead to problems before. Abusers can get into their victims emotionally and even psychically to the point they can sense when the person is trying to sneak out of a bad situation. Aha! The abuser says....you think you can escape, do you? Let me show you where that is going to get you....(slam, hit, kick). Any moments of freedom are so ostracized that people give up trying it again. They feel if they even think a free thought they will get hit or something like that. They learn to control their thoughts so they don’t show any sign of even thinking about something that would make their attackers retaliate. They learn to expect that their attackers can almost or actually read their minds. Psychic, psychological and physical abuse go hand in hand. In the case of distant invisible psychic attack, the perpetrator is working solely on an energy and mind control thing. This means getting real help can be difficult. Things that are hard to prove are difficult to resolve. Closed off people and skeptics make the problem much harder for the victim. A person can go through psychic attacks for years and never find relief. Remember, attacks probably get in through vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities might be set up in childhood or on other deep subconscious levels. To automatically assume and tell somebody it’s all in their heads is really not a good plan, but there can be a lot of people imagining or misdiagnosing these things, too. It is a hard topic to pin down authentically. We probably need to work with a group of open-minded and experienced experts on this, and the people should not all come from the same company, organization, church, town, etc. Try to have a truly diverse mix. This can help avoid cultish behaviors, flights of fantasy, emotional problems in any one counselor or group, etc. If there is any one thing that I want you to take away and keep from this website, it is: “BEWARE OF PSYCHIC ATTACK IN CERTAIN RELIGIOUS GROUPS.” For those of you already in the know and on alert, please help others learn this basic fact that child sexual abuse in religious groups very well could have a psychic component in one way or another. I have literally felt it. Some of it is really nasty and scary. It’s not something to mess with or take lightly. Learn to feel it for yourself; don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. Hateful skepticism can in and of itself be a type of mental illness. If someone is so shut off they cannot even consider the possibility that someone is psychic or has psychic experiences, that person probably has a problem. Don’t let someone like that dominate the situation. Invite balanced, questioning, open-minded people and ask the hard core skeptics to go have a picnic on someone else’s time and life. If you cannot even consider all possibilities including the psychic world, you are probably a hindrance both to yourself and others in your life. Not developing yourself out of ignorance can cause harm to yourself and others. Seethingly telling someone who says they are psychic or having psychic experiences that he or she is mentally ill or a fraud could mean that you are a hindrance and not a help, and that you are blocking progress. The louder and more defiant you are to facing the facts that this is a big universe and a complex one at that, and that none of us is perfect or has all the answers, the more you probably need a few psychic experiences of your own to grease the kinks. Until that day comes, don’t hold the rest of us back. It’s OK for you to say “I don’t want to know” or “I don’t believe in it.” Fine. That is your life, your business, but let the rest of us get on with things. to top/menu
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