Updates: 11/18/2017 Vice/police as bullies; 02/08/2017_updated 06/16/2016   MORMONS - SEXUAL ABUSE Resources: Links, Books, etc. Books - Mormon Sexual Abuse Paperdolls: A True Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods (1993) April Daniels, Carol Scott The Sins of Brother Curtis: A Story of Betrayal, Conviction, and the Mormon Church Lisa Davis When Men Become Gods: Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, His Cult of Fear, and the Women Who Fought Back (2009) Stephen Singular A Little Mormon Girl (2013) Eva Hunter Lost Boy: The True Story of One Man's Exile from a Polygamist Cult and His Brave Journey to Reclaim His Life (2010) Brent W. Jeffs and Maia Szalavitz Church of Lies  (2009) Flora Jessop and Paul T. Brown  The Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice  (2014) Rebecca Musser and M. Bridget Cook Chainbreakers: a True Story of Healing from Abuse  (1993) Michele R. Sorensen Links Vice:  Polygamist Mormon sect asccused of using local police to bully non-members. By Colleen Curry (01/22/2016) https://news.vice.com/article/polygamist-mormon-sect-accused-of-using-local-police-to-bully-non-members Ex-Mormon Org Recovery from Mormonism: Excerpt: A site for those who are questioning their faith in the Mormon Church and for those who need support as they transition their lives to a normal life. We are not affiliated with any religion and we do not advocate any religion. http://www.exmormon.org/ http://www.exmormon.org/reliefs1.htm http://www.exmormon.org/whylft61.htm LDS Sex Child Abuse Blogspot http://ldssexchildabuse.blogspot.com/ Attorneys with input on Mormon Sex Abuse http://kosnoff.com/latterdaysaints.php Mormon Curtain - Social Service Revelations on the Mormons http://www.mormoncurtain.com/topic_ldsss.html Mormon Curtain For Ex-Mormons and Others http://www.mormoncurtain.com/section_faq.html Brief Commentary Note: discrimination of any kind is not acceptable; targeting Mormons with discrimination is not what is intended here by sharing abuse topics.  We have to look at each individual in any group, whether it is Mormon or otherwise, as unique individuals worthy of our respect and care.  On the other hand, the Mormon Church (Latter-Day Saints) has truly had a significant number of problems associated with child abuse, domestic violence and cultish activities.  It also has been suggested that hidden governmental programs have been associated with a number of organized religious groups, including the Mormons.  Some of this is a form of brainwashing associated with trauma-driven abuse.  It is very complex, insidious and may run the gambit across various parts of society - not just the Mormons. The Four Corners Area has a large number of Mormons; many in the area maintain close ties with Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah; most people realize Utah is heavily Mormon.  It has been suggested that many business in the area are run by Mormons who tend to hire Mormons, keeping others out of the loop. There are certain companies in the area well known to be “Mormon.”   Some are considered “Jack Mormon” - not as conventional or conservative.  It also should be suggested that ties like this may run through various part of the city, county and state governments.  Consider the possibility that Mormon culture running through a city government, with its possible background of abuse and hidden problems may keep the government from certain progressive approaches in the way of health/environment/social services/animal rights.  Also be aware that many Mormons have already experienced discrimination and are leery and self-protective, which may create a type of secrecy and desire to stay out of direct view.  If a person works in one department under scrutiny and belongs to any of the organized religions in the area with a particularly strong group identity, pay attention to the various links and channels that may be connected when you do any form of investigation or effort at making big changes, especially if you are from out of the area.  Some of the best help can come from outside of the area, but these people may be out of touch with the subtle layers of interconnectivity in the area to be able to adequately break through the cultural barriers to get at the facts of misconduct, negligence and abuse.  This applies to any of the strongly linked groups in the area coordinated through family ties, religion, language and culture.  Whether you are investigating problems with the environment or sexual abuse, or anything else, be aware of these subtle undercurrents running throughout not only this area, but any area.
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