Updates: 08/09/2017; 08/08/2017 page started, moved from Notes 08/07/2017 On this page:   Russians      Jews     Eastern Indians     Latinos     Islam Latinos:  La Raza    Various Gangs and Org. Crime Networks Jews and Jewish Related:   Ultra Orthodox Cults     Israeli    Russians:  Still coming out of the ex-USSR twenty years later     Eastern Europe Cults, Fascist Religions, Pagan     Russian Mafia Islam:  Radical Variants     Nation of Islam     Black Panthers (new, old)     ISIS East Germany: Stasi (State Security Service) Soviet Union:  Secret Police agencies:  Cheka, KGB, NKVD, Joing State Political Directorate, Ministry of State Security Old Iron Guard - religious fascism Romania See also on this website: Groups/Activities: Monarch   Union Blues (Corruption)     Abscondings     Illuminati     Arabian Nights Effect     Faces of Fascists Mesmerism in Muslims     Donmeh     Russian Mafia Both religious and secular totalitarianism, which includes bureaucracies, surveillance, massive population control systems, snitches (bribed, coerced) and more can include psychic or psychotronic attacks.  These attacks can sneak in on people so they are saying and doing things which are not fully under their control or conscious awareness.  A lack of information to the general public can keep informers from being believed.  Mainstream religionists can be manipulated by fanatics or secularists.  On thing a creeping totalitarian system does is convince people there is so much chaos in the country it needs an iron fist to control the masses and get things back together again.   This is after that creeping totalitarian group has quietly dismantled the country, creating that chaos bit by bit. Religion as a whole shows up rampant child sexual abuse cases in so-called spiritual enterprises which in fact were cover-up operations.  There are just too many cases associated with religion to say it is a coincidence.  Something is happening in the way people organize themselves in groups devoted to religion.  The ghastly stories show up over and over again for similar reasons across various religions. Strange psychic attacks after sending emails to Americans United and Planned  Parenthood:  Here are some possible things going on with that: 1. third party email interceptors - people watching the emails to and/or from certain people and groups religious extremists - certain kinds of fascists likely 2. certain kinds of fascists have infiltrated the organization - moles 3. The fascists are the organization La Raza mix of Hispanic Catholics and Islamists, as well as Native Americans The FBI has had members who do this sort of thing One reason victims in cities with a high cult presence don’t get out is because of hidden targeting; in addition, if they think you don’t like them, they retaliate to keep you there I am running into (psychically picking up) what seems to be witches covens in which they are linking to one another on the astral.  I was introduced to the topic when I was investigating psychic attack by reading a few books on psychic influencing, witchcraft and more.  One of the books - it seems it might have been written by someone with an Irish last name - talked about people conjoining on an energy  level.  See little balls of light as souls blending and coming together as larger balls of light.  The problem with this is it was a way to lose identity and I did not like it.  I am here on the planet to be a unique individual, to relish and thrive on being an individual.  I did not like the book but I would like to get hold of another copy and reread it now that I am picking up covens doing that blending thing.  When you start psychically seeing the people blending on an energy level and otherwise connecting in energy networks, you can apply energy to the energy - not the physical forms of the people - to help stop their “magick.”  Farmington:  the Italian/Greek/Persian-Greek root stock, which includes those groups as well as Spanish, Mexican, Latino and Native American/Latino mixes are putting out a certain energy in that energy world magic.      Distinct vibe.  I think it is behind the horrible gang-related deaths in Latin America.  Whole areas are being taken over on both an energy network level and on a physical level.  You cannot just blast them with guns; you have to get at their energy networks on the astral.  There is likely a shaman mix in with the Latino organized crimes and gangs.  People are trying to use a Hebrew motif - Jesus, usually, sometimes Mother Mary- to fight either Hebrew motifs or blends.  You will see people with good intentions and basically good energy putting up crosses, flowers and candles at sites of severe murders by gangs in Mexico, for example.   In the jungles of despair and hard times, people pray for the dead and a better situation.  So these people are not purposely misusing the Hebrew motif.  My suggestion is that it perpetuates the occult usually unintentionally; the candles, for example, are an occult prop.  I suggest people reach out for more universal concepts without locking into any one being as “savior” - see the Point to Point section on this website.  Jesus becomes a symbol on many levels, both good and bad and people learn to fixate on him as if he were a child’s teddy bear or a kind rich uncle who ill come in and save the little boys from mean mothers who don’t like their penises.  Or from any other type of ogre.  Or from truth or unkind statements that hurt.  Jesus becomes a person’s imaginary friend.  When added to the guilt motif about died for your sins, people are made to feel loyal to Jesus in psychologically manipulated ways.  The problem is so many people are latched  onto a Jesus who was created for them by church clergy and others who treated the stories as fact, not researchable, questionable material.  When you have entire communities under the thumb of a cult motif the police and others try to block you from speaking out, and they try to make the person speaking out come across as a low life, mentally ill or try to keep that person from being able to find or keep work.  You might get a job, but are secretly harassed to the point you quit early.  Secret harassment can include energy attacks or having bossy managers who now you know like slave labor tactics, so they increase slave labor antics.  They will purposely treat you like a slave because their family members died in the holocaust as slave laborers in factories, and they are taking it out on mankind.  Are the roots behind Islamic-Hispanic fascism in fact Jewish?  When you start feeling energies, you run into both a possible Jewish one and a possible Islamic connected to one.  You run into Christians who on closer look perpetuating a Hebrew motif.  Does it all in fact go back to Hebrews in the Jewish line?  What comes first - the chicken or the egg?  People say the Illuminati is a Jewish- based cult which extends into the artificial Jewish communities, like the Donmeh.  I run into energies which suggest people are using the Holocaust as a reason to take it out on humanity, but I also run into groups who seem to be protecting Islam against Jews.  Are we ultimately dealing with one occult-based organization working two groups against each other? I have seen one or two cases of Islamic Native American mixes in the Four Corners area - there are probably more. La Raza definitely comes up as a possibility as do various Latino cults and gangs.  The people are messing with psychic energy.  Hebrew- based religions might be part of the cult motif.   A don - cultist king pen shaman - Latino/Native American - came up as a possibility after my first insert today on psychic attacks after writing Planned Parenthood.  This don showed up as having a strange control over the population running through various circles, related to drug sales. Some of it might be coming out of Bloomfield. People claiming to be shamans in San Juan County or from nearby reservations need to be checked out thoroughly for motives when working with the local police and agencies. 
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