SNAGGING from Notes Commentary dated 08/05/2017 HIGH Psychic impression involving snagging is high: an attack to (or manifestation of symptoms in) the chest region of the human body with certain identifiable sensations. On the psychic sensation: It is felt as an experience in the body but with energy implications. There are times it is growing, building up, getting worse - on an energy level, you can say it is getting louder. It is hard to give an analogy with words. In some ways it is like a magnet collecting magnet pieces in the area. It also feels like a developing obfuscation of the person’s true self or nature; an analogy would be a loss of the soul or essence of the person. It seems to be wiping out normal communication between the unique self and the group sending in the bad energy - like getting caught up in their group identity, melding into an ugly and unwanted oneness with an overall gray zone approach to life. Examples: You think you are beginning to disappear, to hit a point of no return. You are being hammered by something on an energy level. You are still present enough to know something is off. You hold on to what is left of your true nature and try to figure out an escape or amelioration of the growing condition. Sometimes it is about getting out of an area of influence where you feel electronics and intrusive waves of some kind are in the air. Sometimes it is about timing and schedules - who is on the clock and where in the city, so leaving the zone or staying out of it during certain times of day or week can eliminate most of the problems. They also can start targeting your house at a certain hour for certain personally vindictive reasons. For example, if they think you are a slacker or have it too easy in life, they might start beaming you early in the morning on a work week day as a type of statement about men on the clock. They don’t make the distinction between their low grade mafia-type of work and honest work; their assumption is that since they are on the clock, they are real workers (true red, white and blue Americans with a gun on the left and the cross on the right) and others who are not on the clock are low-lives in contrast, so deserve to be beamed. The beams can include dream streams and mood de-stabilizers sent in just as the person is coming out of deeper brain wave states from a night’s sleep. It can be mostly an urban center thing - certain places in the municipal span of control. In other words, snagging can be worse around certain high traffic zones manned by certain cops or their related agencies - places like major chain stores, the public library, the community college, certain banks and a mall. Snagging of your body’s energy’s fields, manipulation of your mood centers, breaking up your sense of order, stability or balance can be worse in certain areas at certain times. Perhaps they are using microwaves, maybe it is a mix of technologies. Part of it could be you are on a hit or watch list, part of it could be you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time because anyone in that zone is a potential target. Snagging as bait nets Other parts of the city might have straggler cops still hiding out on low visibility street corners and under shadowy overhangs…running dispatch networks on who they see come and go…but the main energy attacks are happening in those busy well-manned corridors in the inner city structures. In these police zones, you will have mixed bags of real cops (or at least more honest and better performers) mixed in with group-think police mafia types keeping tabs on everyone. What we need to understand is that these corridors are like bait nets for both police types as well as gangs. Both are organized crime networks seeing the public as food. Snagging connects with these ideas about being rounded up in high traffic zones to become someone’s snack or full-fledged dinner. Police unions or similar groups could be linked to snagging technology. On snagging: Cults and psychic attack in chest: check for a regular attack to the chest region. I think this might be an ancient technique running through the world’s religious cults or in a particular cult religion. At least two groups I suspect might be using snagging are the Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses. It can have an Eastern world quality to it (like Hare Krishna or a guru related cult). We need to check for both an old Jewish link as well as an old Eastern Indian link, separately or together, as well as other things (like Chinese temple societies and ancient Mediterranean Dionysian cults). Incorporated entities (big business, chain stores, franchises) can be involved as well as others. With or without psychotronics, it can wipe out a person, city and country. Investigation check list: Cult behavior? Psychic or Psychotronic? Have people on a professional investigating team start an investigation by asking how much is naturally psychic as opposed to psychotronic (electronics, waves, chips, human body embedded software, etc). Snagging is a warped energy field bending all resources back to the Queen Bee Not only energy snagging, but money snagging, with Aaron Russo’s depiction of the one-pay chip embedded in a human hand applicable; it is tied to debt in credit cards, student loans, mortgages, cell phone, cable TV, wifi/internet monthly service and bills. The chip in the hand might be an earlier version of the original plan to turn people into money and work slaves. Snagging is a web Snagging is associated with addiction, money spending and debt linked to human body energy drains, having all debts associated with a core predator group. This core primary mover works along varying channels with different outward names, purposely enticing and snagging people into debt with these various front entities which run funds back to the core. So a person is being snagged and drained both energetically through their body and its bioenergy systems but also through their money systems. Snagging is like a spider drawing victims to a web and then sucking the blood from that victim slowly even while it is still alive, albeit under some kind of drug or hypnotic trance. I feel snagging is a critical, if not central, component of cult behavior. In the chest snagging, perpetrators might focus on energy chakras, physical glands, neurological systems, brain stems or other brain areas. We need to consider various ways something could show up in the chest region; for example, it could originate in the brain stem (like from an implanted chip) and show up as a symptom felt in the chest. I think the concepts involved could help law enforcement agencies and others who are investigating sexual abuse, gang rape, mysterious disappearances/deaths and more. I feel it is related to money crimes like fraud and laundering. am including this discussion under the heading snagging. For a number of you, it includes new concepts. The problem is, some police people might already know about variants of snagging but don’t speak up or do anything about it. But some will speak up and do something. We are dealing with a mixed bag in the policing groups, so don’t presume things won’t get done by speaking out about the psychic thing. Sometimes it stays silent but gets pooled throughout the police networks until it lands on the right doorstep.
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