PSYCHICAL Leak-Throughs
See also:  Blending     Blink-outs     Blocking     Channeling     Chatter     Distractions     Dream Streams    Economic instability     Embedding      Etheric double     Exclamation point     Fly in the ointment     Grids    Interstitial spaces    Interception      Me First   Mental shifting/hijacking   This was previously referred to as a bleed-through on this website, but was changed to leak through because of the negative connotations potentially associated with blood and violence. It is a poor representation for a complex experience, as it overly simplifies what is indicated here.  However, in general what it means is that our psychic sensing apparatuses might get confused about overlaps between stimuli.  That is, two or more people can be getting in our space or we can be picking up on that, so our best bet is admit our vision or senses are picking up possibly more than one thing at the same time and it is hard to tell who is who, what is what.  It is better to admit confusion than to try to jump to conclusions, although it can be tempting to do so.  If we realize we are possibly jumping to conclusions, we should back up and say “Upon reflection, there might have been more than one thing going on; here is what I pick up.  I pick up a vibe like such and such and get sensory input and some visionary material on this and this.”  Try to define what you are getting directly and offer suggestions about how you are interpreting it, and why your interpretations might be off.
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