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PSY:  If you play your cards right, then…
An If…Then…clause The example used here is male and female dynamics, but it could be applied to any situation in which a vulnerable or vulnerable seeming person is being exacted upon in a certain way; that is given an attitude, a power or head trip.  It goes along with the idea behind and approach of “I am going to make you sing for your supper.” The idea behind the If you play your cards right, then I will…do something for you…is a manipulative technique played across the board in all of humanity at one time or another. However, it is particular ploy used by men over women. A woman comes in to get her car fixed.  She starts talking and trying to explain things.  What’s been done, who she’s already talked to, the list of repairs and maintenance. The mechanics, all male, decide she is too verbal.  She is too assertive.  She is too aggressive, maybe even.  She is kind of macho, they decide, talking about cars and car parts like that.  She is too self-presumptious to think of herself as important enough to have things to say and for people to listen to her, much less do what she asks. Behind the scenes there is a secondary layer going on here.  That layer is the If…then…clause. What the men are really telling his woman, by their facial expressions, body language and demeanor is that the decks are already stacked before she got to there shop.  They are stacked because they already have determined for themselves what they expect…demand, even…from women.  The expectation goes like this: If you play your cards right….if you smile pretty, act demure, let me handle it…if there is something about you I like, your looks, your dress, the size of your tits… Then…Maybe…maybe…I will do something for you.  But what I do, is what I decide, and how I do it, how well I do it, how much I do it, I decide.  So the cards in the deck are stacked before the woman gets there, and there is a game that is expected to be played by the woman in return for the smallest to the largest of requests and needs.