PSYCHICAL Vibration of Area
HIDDEN HARBORS: VIBRATION OF AREA Feeling quality of area vital for sense of well-being and focus Cities seem to have entirely different emotional, mental and material qualities based on human energy vibration. Although the concept of “vibes” is arguably subjective and open to question, it is tentatively suggested here that an area’s energy is experienced or transformed into conscious awareness by our subtle energy centers (like vortexes) and with the help of places in the brain like the third eye region. The energy that an area gives off is critical. Feelings of peace or anger, happiness or depression, intellectual stimulation or mental numbness, hope or despair and much more come from an area’s feeling or quality. The joy of aesthetics as it connects wisely with the natural world through art, architecture, a sense of balance, personal space and free will - also contribute to an area’s energy vibration. It might be thought of as the accumulated thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions of the people of the area. When areas have good vibrations, income and profits go up. Bad energy repels people and brings the economy down. Taking time to work with the energy vibration of an area is only a matter of common sense. Work with nature rather than against it - and include it Sensing vibration is both an innate and learned sense. Most people feel the energy of an area without putting it to words or analysis. They just know they feel better in certain places than others. Other people have a highly sophisticated sense of energy and place. Encourage people to start practicing the idea of being planters and sustainers, not trampers and takers when building homes and commercial properties on land. Instead of focusing on high income potentials and jobs, let’s focus on sustainable life habits. Learn the idea that urban sprawl is a less desirable concept than world-sensitive flow and responsiveness. Working with th energy of nature and life during our building processes can help maintain and even develop a positive energy in an area so that people feel nurtured, supported, encouraged, valued, and filled with hope. If things are too expensive for the average man or woman to pay for, this will increase the energy of tension in the area. We need to make the basics of life available at reasonable cost to everyone so not a single soul in our society ever, ever, ever has to go without them. This should be our highest priority. There should always be a place to call home in the United States of America with no one left on the streets without a place to go. Antithesis to the rat race mentality - shift the area’s vibration We want to create areas that make it possible for all people to expect the basics of life without selling their soul or being treated like second class citizens if they cannot keep up with the fast modern pace demanding high rents and mortgages in order to live in that community. We need to demand for ourselves as a society that an area’s vibration does not work on the puritan work ethic’s system of disciplinary practices and hardship; instead, we want an area to give off the qualities of plenty (not lack) and that everyone will find his or or her niche as a desirable and worthy individual regardless of income or educational status. This is not a call to socialism or communism. It is a call to encouraging a society that actively looks for innovative ways to engage all people in activities which not only keep them afloat but add meaning or value to their entire lives. It is about setting the tone of an area with the expectation that everyone has a place. This tone or energy speaks to the human soul, spirit, or mental self-concept and brings the feeling that taking care of one’s self and the area as a whole is not a chore but a beautiful part of life. We want to cultivate the energy of our areas as if tending a highly prized garden, and to have a sense of open doors and acceptance for all. We do not want a Gestapo approach to the vibration of area. There are certain places that are so controlled by people with money, religious groups, gangs and others that there is little or no real freedom of choice. Some people are so observant and/or psychic they can sense when people who are different come into an area. They can start trying to interfere with those visitors secretly to try to get them to either leave or conform. They are trying to keep not only the physical world looking a certain way but also the energy. By maintaining a high level of control, they are also holding the energy of the area within certain parameters. When we suggest working with the vibration of the area to make it feel better, we do not want to become authoritarian about it. Things should flow naturally and with a sense of charitable sincerity. Tinsel town veneer; get rid of panhandling There are certain areas that many people call charming or attractive but when you really look at them, they seem to have a tinsel veneer like a facade. In addition, there is a feeling of a highly policed state and control in some of the more so-called desirable tourist areas to keep out the riff-raff, dawdlers and people without money. The locals and police want to see employed families, couples and retirees with money wandering their streets and entering their businesses - not hippies, the homeless and low lives. Some of these places have wiped out nature to put up those cutesy shops and high end shopping centers only to replace the vegetation with tightly managed plantings, sidewalks and pavement. Everything is close together and packed. Yet at the same time, many of these areas have panhandlers who are both truly poor/needy and con artists. When there are a lot of panhandlers around, it brings down the positive energy of the area and makes things more tense and depressing for everyone. No one likes to see or to have to deal with those panhandlers. We need to have firm rules about panhandling but we also need to have an opportunity plan for these people. The opportunity plan can include things like low cost housing, shelter and clothes in return for respectable but low skills work while giving people time and opportunities for higher education and better paying jobs. The opportunity plan would have definite built-in employment structures in direct coordination with local or national employers and would be a step up from the way most homeless shelters are designed today. People in homeless shelters are often pressured to find work immediately but no real job opportunities are provided as a built-in connection with the shelter system. Included in this idea is that jobs that currently go overseas need to stay in this country to provide opportunities for people like this. Call centers, manufacturing and assembly line jobs need to stay in the United States. Signs of poverty on the streets could be at least partly permitted per leadership’s conform package Panhandling and begging can be part of a systems-based control package for manipulating a society into certain acts of fear, hopelessness and rage. Allowing beggars on the streets can be part of a subliminal messaging system to push people into taking conformist totalitarian system jobs and orientations by creating a mindset of lack. It’s like saying “See? If you don’t buy into our world of bureaucratic structures including rules for proper business conduct, you will end up like this. Either buy into what is dished out to you (ie, Walmart) or shut up. Don’t pile everything together like sardines and do leave natural plant life around; make solar travel easy Start imagining buildings that give a sense of breathing room and natural vegetation between them. Perhaps envision having people leave their cars out at the edge of town (or in certain reserved parking areas within cities) and getting into small solar cars and bikes. These could be city or county rented and could provide a source of revenue. This concept also might apply to National and State Forest areas so that heavy traffic is minimized. By cutting down on traffic noise, people can start calming down and having a sense of quiet peace. There will be less pollution, road rage and accidents.
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