Strands of Consciousness section updated 09/15/2018-editing and additions; 01/11/2017 STRANDS OF CONSCIOUSNESS See also: Psychical/Hidden Layers This refers to the broken or disjointed elements of the subconscious or unconscious mind. Certain manifestations might be spurred by abuse. Strands applies to the concept of variously directed alter or split personality aspects or more full blown, distinct selves. The UFO abduction phenomenon seems to include a repeated range of suspicious activities, including the removal of humans and animals as specimens for experimentation and genetic exploitation. Most people seem to suggest aliens of one or more type, including grays, which are the large skull and cat eye, small nostril and chin types. Here on this website it is suggested a unified human group might be behind the abductions, like an ancient secret society with a shamanic and ritualistic fetishism background. That society, one that has managed to keep its knowledge and ways alive through eons of time. might be a world-wide organization. It likely has inner and outer forms, like an inner elite chamber of Masons. It is also likely authority and hierarchy oriented, like Catholics or martial artist sects. Also likely is bloodline experimentation and control - playing God. I also suspect ancient connections to ship travel, astronomical and geometrical knowledge in terms of such travel, and natural resource extraction (silver, gold, oil, etc.), like that of the Phoenicians. During abduction, abuse of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of people might scatter the psyche like sunlight directed through a prism. The idea is to dominate the human core and supplant it with colony or hive-like thinking and hierarchies with only a few leaders remaining with memories of pre- supplantation. The UFO abductee phenomenon includes the idea of victimhood associated with lost memories. Real or suspected victims tend to know family members as aliens or diverse humanoid forms. These are like spaceship personnel, including leadership, general crew or medical technicians found on the Star Trek or Babylon 5 movie and TV series, complete with suits and insignia. Memories tend to be quirky; some memories remain, others pop up unexpectedly. Certain people, objects or events might trigger these memories. They might come in more as a feeling, something one cannot quite place or put a finger on. There might be feelings of having had a marriage with speople met or the first time - these feelings might call up questions about past lives, but perhaps there is a UFO abduction and/or parallel life issue. Some abductees report having hidden lives with various stages of pregnancy, babies taken from them and mysterious children shown to them at different times. Some report crude, painful and dirty, germ-ridden medical experiments. In addition, perhaps past lives are actually concurrent, parallel existences, or that there is no time but more like compartments in a non-time/space zone. Is it possible we are dealing with alternate personas like actors on a stage, parallel universes, etheric travel in altered states or something comparable? In another state of reality, would I know you as a human genetic mutant coming across as an alien from another planet, or as a scientist with encyclopedic levels of information like something out of this world? Do we have multiple marriages across parallel universes? Is it possible to run into ourselves on different planes of existence? Note 09/15/2018: One thing I am running into currently is people who seem to have two layers of consciousness so that I find myself interacting with them heavily on one level while another level is mostly asleep. These people will find me asking them if they are aware of such and such consciously; if I find I have to ask the question, it is likely some part of me already knows the answer, which is No, they are not aware of any etheric activity and No, they are not usually consciously aware of having psychic activity, although they might be sensititve and wondering about such things in general. This other side to these people - these apparent other encounters - is becoming more the rule than the exception in my life. I attribute this to my increased selectivity over who I will choose to spend time with - there is increased likelihood something is up, awaiting a deeper than normal vivication of a potential immediately felt in the space between us. It is as if we are coming together to finish old unfinished business (like past lives) or to fulfill something missing in our lives. I will add that often the people who are not particularly conscious of such additional-layer activity are more pure or sincere, less controlling or contrived, than people who are consciously psychically awake with such things, so being psychically awake is not necessarily higher or better, by my books. It’s as if some psychics have become jaded and worn. But perhaps this is just a temporary feeling I am having as I myself learn and grow with this material. The down side with dealing with non-awake people is that you don’t have that validation or feedback loop to confirm you are getting what you are getting with someone. Things are left hanging with uncertainty: did it happen or didn’t it? The connections seem to be about transcendence. The additional-level activity with others is that it is a form of release valve or expression, or a way to create a new energy together between the two people - a unique blend that together creates much more than just each one. This would flesh out something Jesus is said to have suggested, that where two or more come together in his name (in the pattern of his way), much more is possible and there is God, such as in the temple. In the cases of trauma, it is possible our subconscious or unconscious mind leaks as much information and sensory input to our conscious minds as we can handle to retrieve our memories, and that our multi-vibrational link to the greater cosmos works with us in this regard. The other idea here is that there is always infinite input from the universe providing information and we screen part or much of it, sometimes perhaps from woundedness creating blocks. Serendipitous events might in fact be our higher self and/or a higher spiritual being sending in bits and pieces to help us recall our ordeals and then to heal. It also can be a way to grow or retrieve parts of ourselve left across different lifetimes or events. Alternate personalities might be variegated fragments working with different vibrations and information packets; they might be microcosmic worlds almost unto themselves, like islands with life forms that have evolved separately from the rest of the major land masses on the globe. These personality aspects might work with different frequencies of energy or qualities of knowing. Perhaps there is a central command center trying to express something through these aspects, to respond to a pulse felt within, to release pain through various portals of expression. Perhaps some of it is an indirect statement of something so painful or profound it cannot be expressed normally - that the strands of consciousness are a type of channeling device for multifaceted expression of one particularly poignant internal deep feeling.
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