In this section: Invisible Fingers (separate page) Masks & Wands --- MASKS AND WANDS: NEXT GENERATION OF SKULLS AND BONES? This is conjecture: Psychically I have seen at least one man using a mask or masks to hide his face on another level. I suspect it is the same man who was using a wand-like device to attack me. There was some kind of energy coming out of this wand. It seemed high tech. This is the same man whose website I have visited several times who seems to be informing about Skulls and Bones, Republican pedophiles and Monarch abuses. I also had a dream about him driving a space ship which fused in the dream into a black shiny expensive car in a driveway of what felt an expensive property. It feels like the East coast area. This came up for me today after looking at the Snakes and Books group on the internet from an earlier era. The energy that sort of came up for me on that - it was not strong, reminds me of this man, but I am not sure about it. Just an idea, a vague feeling. A not good feeling came from this man, like possible violence, but also like he felt pain to be seen, like part of him wanted me to see him, a small peak behind the mask, but as if he felt he could not connect with me for some discomfort. I feel the masks are occultish. I am wanting to use the term high occult. The wand makes me think of secret Nazi technology. Dreams of this nature also seemed to be connected to whoever was causing me to dream about the American Revolution for awhile. I feel this man and whoever he is connected with know how to read people psychically and do something with dreams. Saw the Liberty Bell with crack, felt people from the American Revolution, wondered if I had known people then in a past life, if some of these people had also reincarnated from that era. But I could not rest on any of it for fear of interception (psychotronic interference). Also had dreams of World War II and the Nazis, it seemed; heard and seemed to know German in that dream. Again, wondered if they were tapping into a past life which was appearing in my dreams. In other words, there was a period of vivid dreams as associated with this man and/or his group of associates. Later read in a book by H. Stevens (see Acknowledgements) about possible Time Machine Nazi technology. Warping time to see into the past. Like a Stonehenge configuration. Wonder if this man or group have this capability. updated 06/11/2016
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