updated 12/04/2016 SPIN DOCTORS Truth Lies Deception Coverups: Spotting Spin: The Lies Before Your Eyes 28 Tricks of the Trade http://www.truthliesdeceptioncoverups.info/2013/05/spotting-spin-some-tricks-of-trade.html Wikipedia: Spin (propaganda) Excerpt: In public relations, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to persuade public opinion in favor or against some organization or public figure. While traditional public relations and advertising may also rely on "creative" presentation of the facts, "spin" often implies the use of disingenuous, deceptive, and highly manipulative tactics.[1] Spin is typically applied to events or situations which are deemed to be unfavourable or potentially harmful to the popularity of a person, brand or product. As such, a standard approach used in "spinning" is to reframe, reposition, or otherwise modify the perception of an issue or event, to reduce any negative impact it might have on public opinion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_(propaganda) See also: Making The Other Guy Look Bad  JTRIG   A variety of ways to manipulate and confuse people Closely associated with Spin Doctors is Information Wars.  Infowars are filled with sincere, legitimate, knowledgeable, as well as insincere,  illegitimate and unknowledgeable people Mesmerism Hypnotic manipulation False Fronts Pull people in, channel them to a negative group for mind manipulation or control and/or kidnap and abuse them (like take them to labor camps). One type of false front might be a website with an artificial message put out to get names of people interested in that type of thing. Another one might be a seminar or class designed to do the same thing, or to encourage converts into a cult. Moles One example might be: Islamic moles and other types putting out anti-Mossad material on the internet and in other resources;  Working through conservative and fundamentalist Christian groups to encourage an anti-female thing including anti-abortion false clinics Playing on Orwellian BIg Brother Fears Using the predisposition to fear Big Brother, manipulating people that THIS group is not like that, only that group (or groups) over there. Also by discussing Big Brother, trying to focus people on that to allow other things to come in.  It’s like playing into a belief.  Some ways Spin Doctors might be working through the internet across various websites: Yellow and red font colors matching between “Teach You To Learn Hypnosis” websites and “Anti-Big Brother Take-over” Websites.  Yellow and red might be code colors to let subversives know who is who among them, or it might be website software being used by a particular group.  Other approaches might also be used to flag certain members to other members.  The flags might be used on some of the member websites, not all of them, so it might be a good idea to check out the other groups listed on the websites. Using common themes, language or approaches as code words or triggers.  For example:  Jesus Saves - although not known for sure, it is suspected here that some groups (probably not all Christian groups) have implanted Jesus Saves with something not as it seems.  It might be connected with mind control and abuse and a distraction from the message of a compassionate divine being as normally believed by most Christians.  Jesus Saves might be a packed mini-bomb of psychological warfare and also might be a flag to other members about co-membership, as mentioned above. A hidden sales theme behind the so-called helpful messages.  The messages always have an almost building up orgasmic quality, the orgasm being “buy my book, DVD, miracle product, miracle class”, etc. Bringing in apparent experts who are fighting the Big Brother system. Playing into Twilight Zone, Star Trek, etc. themes of weird science as the actual real science (behind things like 9/11, etc.)  The double-take for smart people on this is that weird science can happen in the real world, but is it really happening on this issue? Abuse Some experts or politicians being used publically might have been forced to have their name used as anti-Big Brother material.  It might include scientists and American leaders or others.  For example, when the name George Bush. Jr. comes up, what is the first thing that comes to mind for you?  How has the media channeled our thoughts in this direction?  How do we separate fact from fiction?  For example, what if secretly Bush had been kidnapped during the 9/11 crisis and his double used from then on out?  We are not suggesting that happened here because we do not know, but it points out how one thing could be going on behind the scenes regarding the most publicized figures when something else is being suggested by the media. Look for: kidnapping, abductions, abuse, drug/mind control blackmail: like “we will kill your wife, daughter, parents, etc. if you do not not print and sign this on the internet, or if you do not publish this book, or if you do not let us use your name for this or that, or if you do not make this statement. Spin = Spin In addition to the above, consider spin literally as an energy spin of the chakras or other energy parts of the body in order to confuse, distract or set up an addictive buzz.  The addictive buzz can go along with work, work, work or by working I am doing my part while the rest of the world falls apart.  It can include things like “I’ll put up with work 9 to 5, or Monday to Friday, or until the next Federal holiday until such time I can finally go home and do what I really want to do, which is party, eat, sleep or take off from town.”  Or....”how many years until retirement?” The addictive buzz can include religion or any other interest or focus which keeps people aloof from the real dangers at hand locally, nationally and globally and gives people a false sense of satisfaction that they are good people, in order, doing the right thing, being practical, wise or smart when in fact there is more to the situation than they realize. In this type of buzz, a person’s thoughts are contained within certain time and attention structures with relief only coming after rounds of activity.  The mindset is one of getting through something in order to have benefits.  This is closely connected with addictions because it has a carrot as reward aspect with an underlying hunger-driven compulsion.  People are working for carrots of paychecks and time off.  Time off can include hooks and perks like beer and marijuana.  The spin here is “I am so focused on carrots I canot think about anything else.”   Consider the possibility the spin includes an electromagnetically induced aspect.  Please read Robert Becker’s Bioelectricity. Some kind of energy might be coming through movies and similar material to spur emotional response.  It might be coming in through music, light or other subliminals.  If someone is “hooked up” to mind control material already, some of this subliminal material might be directed at them.  It is possible that even well-meaning non-fictional pieces designed for an anti-Big Brother audience might have technical personnel working on the movie and inserting subliminal material secretly.  Private organizations hiring technical expertise might be at the mercy of such things.  The movie spins people toward certain non- thinking responses and might be inserting other material in with the emotional blanking out.  There is one small spot on the otherwise innocuous seeming War on Whistleblowers film that suggests maybe this is occurring.
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