SOULMATES Hypothetical concept - give it a go 01/01/2018 Although we might never be able to prove it one way or another, I have had a personal experience in the past few months which suggests that a higher power running through people with soul connections is possible. I feel we might have several soulmates in a lifetime, that there might be reincarnation and that some soul connections are more poignant than others - and at times might even feel like “twin flames” although I am not convinced of this latter. I have shared some material on soulmates on this website and then often removed it later, often because I feel it might be too this or that. After finding myself write about it again yesterday, I have decided it is an ongoing theme in my life and will create this section for it. I will try to find and retrieve the bits and pieces over the years and also the more extended parts over The Greek Encounter which was started and removed in the past 2 months or. This latter is a one-sided event as the other party denies it. On my end, I think there was something to it and it has revised my ideas about a higher power and human interconnectivity. I have read for years off and on about oversouls, for one thing, and I think I very well might have encountered this with a Greek person whom I have never met in person but started feeling some things shortly after he started writing me back. 12/30/2017 Mutual pictures and triggers This can come up between two emotionally wounded or traumatized people; we can have love/hate connections; there can be lashing out followed by deep spiritual and other relationship connectivity. Some of this can be about veterans or others who have gone through serious things in war zones overseas, old marriages, old early childhood sexual and/or physical abuse. The emotions are real, as are the triggers . Pictures are about emotional hooks and strings to old or more recent events, people and so on. We can really like someone and still say things that are harsh and judgmental or make little digs, not realizing at the time they are in fact digs. WE can just be doing truthspeak from our end, but it can hit sensitive areas in the other person. True soulmates should be able to get past this through communications because of that old bond and knowing. When two people are like old soulmates - a kind of instant feeling, knowing or bond - there might be old with the new. That is, the new is like strangers trying to figure things out about each other (can include second-guessing), but also like old marriage partners, things are just known. One of the signs of possible soulmates is is a flow in communication in certain ways from the start. There can be a desire to open up immediately, to say things in a certain way one does not necessarily say to just anyone at the first; there is soul talk from the beginning.
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