updates: page started 12/05/2017 Set-ups See also:   Making Others Look Bad     Invisible fingers      Deep State It’s as it sounds: setting up someone to cause them a problem. Refers to operations which set people up for failure and/or bad press. A person, organization, company or country can be set up by an individual, couple, team, country or network.  For example, the FBI can try to set up an ex-CIA agent who is a whistleblower, an Islamic group in the USA can try to set up politicians in sexual scandals, a Christian fundamentalist group can try to set up a liberal independent white female enviro/political activist.  The other operation can come from groups free from religion, or with antithetical religions, like Satanism.  For example, homosexual sociopaths, people outside the loop of mainstream moral interests.  We can refer to the general scope of such behavior as satanic-like without getting into whether or not it is actually a Satanic organization.  In some of these cases we are dealing with moralistic behavior, like people copping the world based on their narrow belief systems and who become frustrated with normal legal protocols; in other cases we are dealing with anti-moral behavior.  Both moralistic and anti-moralistic behaviors can be nihilistic or chaos-making in orientation.  The point here is that set-ups can come from various frames of orientation; we need to try to find out why they are doing it if possible to better anticipate, stop or catch the perpetrators.  Sometimes they reveal who they are; other times we catch them in the act, learn about it from leaks or whistleblowers.  Defiance to a social order and defiance against a social order; forcing others into a social order; punishing non-conformists - whatever the reason, their motives can leave calling cards or can be discoverable through certain pathways.  In the absence of evidence, we can as psychics try to feel the vibes or use better quality viewing. When organizations are involved against individuals and certain groups, It is the contention of The Golden River that it goes hand- in-hand with The Deep State, organized crime, religious cults, cronyism, unions and any other matrixical network involving both willing and subjected cohorts. The best way to counter invisible fingers in set-ups is to understand the matrix in which they occur and to get like-minded,  awake people working together to combat it.  People need to be able to talk about it and bring it to the conscious level of awareness.  The people who cause the most problems are the ones who are not awake to what is going on and who tend to block progress by referring to concerns as mere conspiracy theories.
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