Note 12/9/2016: In going over this section, written early in the website’s history, I am realizing it has a possible religious sounding theme by saying “go directly to Source.” I am going to leave it for now, but will probably transmute the wording later as I am busy focusing on other things about the website right now. It is interesting that as I move along in time and life, I become more convinced that keeping Church and State separate are vital. In this regard, I in no way mean to proselytize or push a particular spiritual viewpoint. However, as disclosed on this website, I do have a spiritual orientation and bias which is impossible to break completely free from. I do believe there is some kind of intelligent design and that it is possible to feel a no-struggle peaceful and quiet love when we settle down and stop fighting or twisting it out of recognitiion to our emotional minds. However, I don’t believe it my job to convince others of this or to try to “save” them by bringing them to God. As mentioned earlier, I feel people need to make choices and figure things out for themselves and all I can do is say, Hey, this is what I m runnin across in my particular experience-sensation modality; this is what I believe or think is going on. The rest is up to you. When governments and otehrs try to make everyone the same and tell them what to think or what to believve, this is when the problems start. People need to be taught how to think for themselves and to operate within functional patterns . Half the battle is to help people feel safe, nurtured and accepted so they won’t feel the desire or need to act out in sabotating ways to self or others. The “psychic thing” is really a reconnect to the sensory apparatus which helps us make the best choices for ourselves without being erroneously steered by lost or dishonest people. It is a form of personal power. If I can want personal power for you, and you feel safe and protected, loved and accepted, acknowledged and valued, then you will want personal power for me and each other’s personal power won’t be seen as a threat to either. We will relish each other’s personal power. Earlier notes on the psychic thing left intact for now: Discussion The psychic world has gained attention over the years. We should realize that psychic activity is a normal part of the human experience and everyone is psychic. Where we find differences are in levels of openness and types of psychic abilities. Some people are more open than others and everyone has strengths and weaknesses in psychic usage. A continued resistance to psychic concepts exists in the USA within certain circles, but the country has opened up a tremendous amount in the past decade or so. Some people are still operating more from their heads or intellect and are stuck - they cannot understand the interest in the psychic world, and they prefer to stay clear of it. Some of these people may think it is foolish nonsense. Others are afraid of it because they think it takes people down the wrong road, or a dangerous one. As part of this, some people in the Christian or other religious arenas believe it is of a devilish being, so should absolutely be avoided for this reason. In addition to groups of people still leery or uncertain of the psychic world, we have large numbers open to psychic phenomena, but they are connected to it with varying ranges of experiences, knowledge and approaches. Two different psychics may look in on a topic and come up with different things because of this. In addition, psychics can be just as judgemental and stubborn about keeping things within their comfort zones as non-psychics. They can disapprove of or disagree with other people’s psychic visions and approaches if they themselves do not believe in it or if it is outside of their range of perception. There are large numbers of people in the USA and the world taking psychic classes and getting into alternative medicine in one way or another which in turn opens up their psychic awareness. We will find people both out in the open with their abilities and people sneaking. As with anything that gives someone an edge, we are going to find people using these abilities to obtain an edge over other people. This website suggests that people play it straight and keep things out in the open. Be generous with your time with others and keep out of the greed element. Be helpful, share what you know, focus on earth-helpful things like kindness, healing and planetary safety. Make use of the gifts to create non-polluting energy. Help people have meaningful and happy jobs. Make sure there is enough to go around for everyone and that everyone is taken care of. Work on food and water shortages wherever it is applicable. Figure out ways to discourage the destruction of natural resources. People wipe out nature when they feel frightened and pressured with issues surrounding lack, or when overly focused on certain kinds of success or prestige. Also use psychic gifts to help abused children and to lessen domestic and other violence. Help counter negative surveillance and system abuse tendencies in this country and in the world. The more people are awake and aware, the more they can protect themselves and their families. One way people misuse psychic ability is by trying to conquer others and not Self, and this is likely an ongoing issue for each of us, even the most aware and well-meaning. Another way to put this is there is always something to goad us into a sparring match or a flash of temper, and sometimes people like to find that in us to take us off our calm centers. Remember the song with the words What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love? That applies to all uses of the psychic thing. Use your knowledge and gifts wisely. We all make mistakes, none of us is perfect, so keep working at it. It takes time to break old bad habits of a lack-based mentality, violence, competition, exploitation, and general daily incidents of thoughtlessness with others. Sometimes we might feel we take two feet forward and five feet back. We tell ourselves to do this or that, then find ourselves saying or doing the opposite. We can be tired and grouchy for one thing, lashing out with something that is not kind. Busy with career or project focused, we might be unnecessarily self-centered or applying time to tasks that consume more heart space than is necessary, taking away quality experiences from those we love. With practice, we can keep assessing where we feel we fall short of our expectations for ourselves while gently putting ourselves back on track. Some people have gotten into some bad habits with the psychic thing. There are all kinds of shenanigans going on out there. It is not a game of Tiddly Winks by any means, and it can and does get nasty. A lot of us need to clean up our acts and use our gifts for a higher good. It’s as simple as that. Enhanced awareness should be used to keep one’s self safe and to help others. You will find the approach on this website is different from certain psychic circles. This website does not promote witchcraft or the occult and advises people stay clear of these things. Some acting witches will tell you it’s part of a religion (Wicca) or that white magic is not bad. This website takes a different view. The viewpoint here is that witchcraft is a lower form of metaphysicality and is not as evolved as going straight to the Source and working directly with a Higher Power. White witchcraft seems to have a type of spin to it (no matter how subtle) and adds an additional layer to an event, person or area that would not be there normally. Witchcraft in all its forms - grey, black or white - is a type of diversion, distortion and distraction and is not necessary. It sends out an energy which any discerning eye knows is best to stay clear of. Houses, clothes, names, books, talismans and other objects become imbued with certain energies when attached to by witchcraft and occultish practices and intentions. When you can discern the difference between a clear energy and a witchcraft, Satanic or occultish energy, you realize it is better to stay clear of these things. One way to do this is to stay connected to nature and the rawness of earthy simplicity without getting lost in the world of ideas or things. Ideas and things should be seen as tools; they are the wagon, but we are the horse drawing the wagon. We must never forget we are in charge of those ideas and tools - we lead them and should not let them gain so much power that they wind up leading us. Nor should we become enamoured with our cleverness or skills. Witchcraft and occultish rituals, incantations, talismans, symbols, etc. do get out of hand by sucking energy toward one thing and not another. We should practice just staying in our own power and feeling our natural ways without all of that extraneous material. What we focus on we draw attention and give energy to. The quality of energy is impacted by a desire to control things; the occult is usually a manifestation of man’s desire to have power over outcomes and to overcome insecurities within him or herself by attaching onto ideas or things that make the person feel they are rising out of their apparently mundane and uninspired selves. People will tell you witchcraft when white works with the natural order of the universe; this website suggests that you not buy into that. Go directly to Source Just go directly to Source and feel things out directly within a natural feeling context; you will find you will start blending with a higher and higher reality which will infuse you with more self-confidence and a sense of knowing which takes you out of the need for contrivances. You might find some areas of your being are still wounded or petty while other parts are increasingly connecting with something higher; this seems to be part of the process. Going to a Higher Power is likely an ongoing learning experience for most of us. You want to work with people who believe in your innate ability to find a meaningful relationship with that power yourself. You don’t want to be around people who try to dominate you or use tricks to get you to submit to what they believe in. If any of us feel important being someone else’s guide or spiritual master, we need to be willing to extricate ourself from that space, and to be able to back off if someone tells us they feel we are doing that to them. Our own sense of mastery is not in charismatic power over others or any other sort of power. Our maturity is in letting go so others can do it for themselves, but also being present if they need us. We are all equal fellow journey men on the path, sometimes with a little more knowledge about this or that, sometimes not. Negativity gets in where we are vulnerable, have self-doubts, have unfinished business on a soul level, need to learn and grow or because of old wounds from childhood and perhaps past lives. Although past lives are considered on this website, the subject is open for debate. We might find ourselves in a mixed spiritual zone of varying parts. It is likely that the h the less-loving or less-generous parts are growing, too, even if they do not seem to be connecting to something higher. We have heard the expression it’s all good. The main issue seems to be we are still working on it, still working on getting all of our parts to talk to each other so they make that conscious connection with something higher. Time spent alone in nature can greatly help everyone tap into that inner potential. So can relationships with people. updated 06/11/2016
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