Updates: Page started 11/05/2017 Pawns and Kings Versus Pawns and Kings This is the idea that a third party is orchestrating the violence and ultimate demise of two other parties by setting kings and pawns of one country or group against the kings and pawns of another country or group. It is a way to facilitate blowing each other up. Psyops and various forms of eclectic warfare might be used as invisible fingers and zones of influence. Some hypothetical examples would be getting Sunnis and Shiites to blow each other up, leaving Israel the main honcho in the Middle East. Another example would be the UK getting the USA to fight both sects and North Korea to drain it of manpower, resources, money, home front necessities and more, leaving the UK the main honcho in the “western front.” Yet another would be Bosnians infiltrating the USA and trying to work various groups against each other, for an internal implosion of the country.
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