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-- INVISIBLE FINGERS: SILENT STROKES Psychic and Psychotronic activities can run through our lives as invisible fingers, manipulating events, emotions, ideas and conversations; they can distort reality. You can learn to feel it happening around you but that does not mean you immediately know how to stop it. The concept of an unseen force running through our lives is not new, but many people are oblivious to certain kinds of control games going on around them all the time. In order to start feeling and seeing this psychically, people probably need to be off drugs and alcohol and working with mindfulness. They need to loosen up and become emotionally and mentally flexible. They need to be open to new ideas and watchful of how other genders and cultures do energy. Our best teachers are other people. Learn to sense how people communicate with each other sexually as an energy. Two main sniffing points for most people are sex and money; many people get a feeling for a person’s financial condition, size of penis or breast and sexual orientation right off the bat. It’s one of the first things many people identify. That type of awareness can be extended to an underlying energy field which is the turf zone for messing with reality. It’s also the place where you can sense people’s thoughts in terms of what they are planning to do to and about you. Invisible fingers can be about shifts in reality, but it also can be about hearing/feeling the energy of thoughts. Thoughts take on life forms of their own. In fact, thoughts and shifts in energy go together. Sensing invisible forces aimed at you is much like listening for intruders in the house - it just takes on an added dimension. It might be coming from the crown chakra energy as it distends around the body’s electromagnetic field. Sensitivity up around the head is connected with timbre qualities (like drums) felt in the bones, solar plexus, and perhaps sensitive sexual centers. Together, these things can work with the inner visual apparatus we call clairvoyance. The whole thing as seeing/feeling/hearing can act like an alarm system on a house, telling us people are about to do bad things to us. In this way, we are given time to choose alternative directions for avoidance or confrontation. The foreshadowed information can even tell us perhaps how to change the energy so the problem will dissipate or lessen in intensity. To develop this in ourselves, we probably need practice and validation by having stepping stone psychic experiences which then build up to a broader panorama of psychic ability. Turning around and teaching others is part of the psychic development experience because the more willing we are to help humanity in a good way, the more relaxed and open we become with our psychic abilities. Helping others with sincerity and and a feeling of self-confidence moves us into the groove of the universe, which opens us up more psychically. By sharing openly, we go into flow, not hoarding or secrecy. Hoarding and secrets block energy and give off a non-helpful vibe to people. Sometimes we cannot share or teach yet, as we are still processing material for ourselves and have not developed a perspective yet. In that case, it is better to feel what we feel, to go through what we need to go through. It’s as if some things are there waiting for us to experience and that we cannot move on until we experience them. The experience is the calling at that point, not the teaching. So all things have a time. Being in flow with the universe is recognizing these things and allowing. Some things cannot be rushed.
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