PSYCHIC INFLUENCING SECTION 1 (A to M) (See also Section 2) Summary of Website Links On this Page: Subjects Covered: (scroll down if links are not active) Blending Blink-outs Blocking Channeling Chatter Distractions Dream Streams Economic instability Embedding Etheric double Exclamation point Fly in the ointment Grids Interstitial spaces Interception Leak-Thrus (other page) Me first Mental shifting/hijacking Blending Related terms or concepts: piggy-backing, channeling, parroting, empathic psychic ability This refers to the manner in which another person’s energy, if in our space, can blend or get mixed in with our energy. This can include thoughts and emotions. Blending relates to other topics in this section, like piggy-backing and psychic influencing. Edgar Cayce discussed the phenomenon of energy cords, suggesting there can be many of them running between people, especially between lovers or mates. This is why when there is a death of a mate, the grief can be substantial as the energy cords are cut. Sometimes there can be fear in the room and it is like all people feel it. It might start with one person and then spreads as people’s energies blend into each other. Really psychic people who are especially sensitive to bodies or medical things might suddenly have a head ache or stomach ache only to realize it is not theirs, but someone in the room’s. Psychic attackers can have a lot of anger and emotion directed at a victim. Their stuff gets into that victim’s space. Sometimes the victim, without meaning to, spreads the bad stuff onto family members and others. They might repeat what they hear from the attackers. A lot of caustic downer talk might start to get into the psyche of the victim to the point the victim starts thinking and reacting like that in various ways with other people and over other situations. It is not much different from having an abusive family member in the home using verbal or other forms of attack, but by having it come in through the psychic level, it can be hard to differentiate or believe, so it might get lost in a kind of muddled soup of uncertainty, which means less gets done about it. Blink-Outs Describes a momentary lapse of thinking. Can happen in places like stores and fast food restaurants or anywhere there is surveillance and people want your money to slip into their hands. Can happen during counting of change and having money fall out of your wallet without your awareness. Blocking Can be related to Stealing/Swiping, Sending In Others, Mental Hijacking and Distractions. An energy, thought, person or event is sent in to block a line of experience, thought, progress or support. Channeling (of the living) Related: embedding, hijacking This seems to be a constantly reoccurring problem. Channeling describes the idea of a psychic or medium acting as a conduit for information and/or messages from the living, the passed over or an entity like an alien, angel or other non-human being. The channeler is a receiver, not an initiator, of messages and this person transmits them to another person, like someone he or she is a doing a psyhic reading for. So in this regard the person is a receiver-transmitter and will be referred to as a medium, someone who is in the middle, whether or not spirits are the thing being channeled. We usually think of mediums as psychics for the passed over. Mediums can be anyone acting as a receiver-transmitter of messages not of that person’s origin. On this website, most of the focus on channeling is on the living. In this regard, the concept of parroting and channeling are closely connected. Presented is the idea that the channeler channels messages from a government agent, psychotronics or PSYOPS agent, a telepathically awake and active psychic with private concerns separate from the government, or someone like a psychic twin to another twin. Parroting is the repeated message, the parroted message, and has to do with the receiver of the message. Channeling has to do with the whole process of sending a message from an originator, pushing it through a medium, and the final receiver of the message. Whereas parroting discusses part of this process - the part of the repeated message from an originator, channeling gives us a whole-brained view of the overall complete process. What is important about the idea of channeling is this: messages can be actively sought out or they can be subliminally implanted in this process. There can be known and unknown originators of messages. Originators might be thought of as one thing only to be another thing - for example, a psychic can think she is channeling Jesus when in fact she is channeling something from a government agent pretending to be Jesus. Originators can be sincere and deceitful. People can be mediums of channeled messages without knowing it, and it can occur in different contexts. People can be channeling government agents in coffee shops, over the phone, or in a room full of people. Channeling can have psychic-only origins and psychotronic (electronically induced or assisted) origins, or psychic-psychotronic ones. Psychotronically induced messages might have a computer programmed device turned on 24/7 sending out certain signals, or signals might be sent at intervals or at certain times of day or the week. They might be impacting the throat chakra areas including trans-mediumship channels. Overly aroused trans-mediumship channels might create confusing and mixed messages, with some of what is coming in (and through) accurate and useful to the person, and other things being something else. Psychically induced messages might come from a psychically awake person who knows how to communicate through telepathy. They send thoughts and ideas to people both with and without their knowing. Channeled messages might be a way to deceive, confuse or keep a victim of governmental surveillance and abuses in check. Conjecture: Psychotrinically invaded bodies are being downloaded with information and graphics which can be confused for psychic information. Chatter Chatter is defined by run-of-the mouth conversation, emails or letters. It has to do with the impacts of psychic or psychotronic abuses, or a combination of both. Imagine a gap between the head and the body. The signals we normally send out to let the brain process information through its extra-brain channels is severed or impacted. Chatter is about over-compensation for that loss of flow in communication. Severing or partial disconnect can be the result of implanted devices, air-streamed computer programs and electronic influencing/distorting of the human brainwaves and body energy fields. There can be brain stem and other brain or body damage (like CNS or ANS damage). The chatter is letting people around know there is a pain thing or problem going on but it is hard to explain or define it; the chatter reflects the pain without discussing it directly. If a person has been abducted and abused, the abuse and mind control programming might have set up instructions that the victim must never reveal what happened to him or her. It gets buried in the subconscious. Chatter can be a way of deflecting the inner sense of turmoil and pain while releasing pent up energy. It can also be a way of almost talking about the bad thing without actually discussing it directly. Chatter can be a way of trying to get the body and brain to talk to each other by finding other pathways or channels for information and feeling flow outside the painful memories or damaged physiological areas - much like a dammed up river tipping over boundaries and creating new creeks and streams going around blocked terrain to release the extra flow of water. Chatter also reflects emotional, mental and even physical abuse and a sense of isolation from normal human contact or support. Through chatter, people reach out to others, sometimes in socially out-of-context ways, in order to directly or indirectly explain what kinds of abuses are happening to them. Sometimes the chatter is a subconscious explanation of the actual problem under a layer of real or apparent superficial gabbing about other things. Sometimes bits and pieces of code words, names of abusive perpetrators, black box project headings and abuse abduction locations might come forward in this chatter along with other less consequential material. Distractions See also embedding, psychotronic attack Creating energy noise-like signals disrupting a train of thought. Can include Mental Hijacking. Some examples might be telepathic or psychotronic thoughts sent in suggesting the person is stupid, unlovable, ugly, (like “Hey, batter, batter” at a baseball game). Distractions might be short, intermittent, or long-term. Distractions can keep people from completing goals or seeing things in more psychic detail. Dream Streams Fake dreams created by artificial electronic implanting of video or photos into the brain. There is a sense of it’s too good to be true, in the sense you are getting too clear of imagery, too much detail, or like “something is up” when you are being shown something. If real, if there are dream streams, it’s probably linked to a device located in the house or area and could possibly be related to cell phone or large cable network hidden technology. Economic Instability It should go without saying that if people are being attacked in some way, that the distractions and abuse might keep them from having a normal life, including an economically successful or grounded life. Along with economic instability, the sense of needing to stay clear of perpetrators by avoiding or hiding from them can keep stability in jobs and housing at bay. Economic instability can be a form of acting out from hidden or subversive attacks and psychic or psychotronic influencing. With a mostly asleep ignorant public surrounding the victim,k the person can go without real support that goes the long distance into awareness and truth. Partial support might be bypassed by perpetrators who do not want the victims supported in any way. Attackers might want the victim kept off balance and turned into a helpless and non-supported lost member of society at which point they are wiped off the planet like so much dust in the wind. (economic instability updated 06/02/2016) Embedding Related words or concepts: piggy-backing energy vampirism hooking possession channeling psychic attack psychotronic attack This is a wide-ranging concept to encourage people to think about the various ways we might be hooked into, manipulated and even controlled. No matter the technology used, consider that our bodies and energy fields might be used as embedding material - that is devices, codes, words, ideas, energy waves and more might be embedded in and around us to push us in certain ways. Understand how subconscious desires or insecurities, anger and petty resentments might be used by perpetrators to get people to bypass their normal resistance to psychotronic and psychic suggestions and manipulations. Brain and Body’s Energy Field Like Radio Transmitters and Receivers: Seeing ourselves in a sea of different types of energy waves and frequencies, understand that people who are highly fluent with these concepts can manipulate our body-mind-emotion tuning channels. Certain kinds of understanding have been kept from the general public so they don’t realize how fully manipulated they could be. It’s a terrible thing and can create a sense of grief and despair, therefore these can be topics people tend to avoid. Embedding can include the idea of false impregnation of one group within another group, or of an entity within a person. Like a computer virus, a group (like Satanists) might pretend to be true followers while messing with a group’s dynamics. A psychic could be messing with a person’s sense of order, calm or overall reality. An embedding device hooked into known aggression channels could encourage fight modes while also having a real time or recorded message/energy specifically designed to provoke that person’s know pet peeves. In other words psychological operations including malicious teasing could possibly go hand in hand with wiring to the person’s brain and body flight/fight networks, keeping that person in a years long state of agitation. This could also deplete dopamine reserves, causing a low sense of energy for life’s other needs, like jobs, housing and advancement like through education. Perhaps very deep levels of meditation and training with biofeedback could help alleviate this planned agitation, but the average person - at least in the United States is not given this training and information (probably purposely to keep Americans dumbed down). Even someone who suspects what is going on can be teased and provoked, still reacting to pet peeve stimuli with a lashing out reaction because the stimulus is more than just psychological - it is also biological and technical. (embedding updated 06/25/2016) Etheric Double Related: layers of perception, pre-manfiestation The general idea is that there is an energetic envelope around the human body which can be deployed as an energy system elsewhere. If there is a way to magnetize this artificially and/or with the use of groups of people working that energy together, it is possible this might explain some of the psychic attack type of phenomena discussed in various places on this website. Imagine the energy field as being like a yo-yo that, once you have mastered some skills with it, can be thrown out away from the body only to have it come back, then to be sent back out once again. This is probably a combination of focus, will, the earth’s electromagnetic field, the body’s electromagnetic field and a type of unity with a universal consciousness that is being connected with in order to be able to move around. The difference between just shifting your focus to another area and using the etheric double in this case is part of what is referred to as psychic influencing- you are not just looking, you are using energy to manipulate things. It seems possible that such influencing is easier, at least for some of us with healing proclivities, on other bio-organic things, especially humans. The bio-electromagnetic fields might resonate with one another easier, making it easier to manipulate someone else. The etheric double might also have to do with the astral projections and out of body experiences many people have spoken of. The main point here is to consider whether at least one other life is going on within another level around us in terms of governmental and organized crime psychic and psychotronic attacks. I seem to hear another level of activity going on that precedes this-level events; it has come up as a question whether some of the manipulations I am sensing in a zone of influence space, during a precognitive warp zone of “it’s coming, it’s building up” is being stimulated by a magnetized etheric double, perhaps in combination with both out of country internationals and locals in a region. The question also comes up how much locals are fully conscious of this sort of thing going on; it could be they know part of the situation but don’t realize completely how their energy fields are being manipulated, or how a zone is being manipulated around them. Those are questions we should consider. There can be handlers of handlers, in other words, or handlers of lower level players who know part of the game but not all of it. I suspect etheric doubles might be part of retaliations including taking personal things out of our lives (for example, robberies or set up state/legal operations of seizures of property which on the outside look understandable or reasonable but which are in a zone of influence manipulation). Exclamation point Related: pre-manifestation, precognition Gearing up for an exclamation point means a drama is unfolding to a point of crisis in the surveillance and system abuse system surrounding a target. This peak point, like a summit reached on a mountain top, can include arresting or killing a target using an excuse or a false flag scenario. The killing can be more one-on-one or group execution-style with lots of police types ganging up on one or more people If you look underneath the surface of some of these killings, we might be seeing at least a couple of things going on. First, some individual cops might be victims of psychotronic attack themselves, in a zone of influence controlled by mafia-like organized crime using high tech equipment. Secondly, we could be dealing with dirty cops and extended police personnel networks who are retaliating against certain people for various reasons: whistle-blowing, sharing websites like this one with the public, not fulfilling agreements, playing the field elsewhere, selling on the sly outside the network. It is a situation that has been building with ongoing pressure on the targeted victim to get that person to act out in some way to look bad until the police (or their related networks) step in with no, weak or unfair justification. Sometimes there is absolutely no real justification for the police to drive the situation to a peak point of crisis. Fly in the Ointment Related: invisible fingers, psyops, distractions Meanings and Usage of fly in the ointment: Wikipedia Excerpt: For five centuries, 'a fly in the ointment' has meant a small defect that spoils something valuable or is a source of annoyance. The modern version thus suggests that something unpleasant may come or has come to light in a proposition or condition that is almost too pleasing; that there is something wrong hidden, unexpected somewhere. Idoms - The Free Dictionary Excerpt: Fig. a small, unpleasant matter that spoils something; a drawback. We enjoyed the play, but the fly in the ointment was not being able to find my hat afterward. It sounds like a good idea, but there must be a fly in the ointment somewhere. Discussion of Usage in Psychic Types of Influencing Crying Fire! Secretly causing the problem then reporting it or riding on its effects, like using attorneys to make a lot of money in a lawsuit, or to encourage people to think one is an insider or one of the good guys. It can be used as part of a chess game, a type of strategic plot to undermine the United States and other independent states toward a globally controlled network. Who are behind the flies in the ointment? A revisited discussion on origins. Frankly, I suspect that much of the increased violence in the news is strategically caused by conspiracy manipulators. Veterans Today suggests a New World Order referred to as the Khazarian Mafia: Communists manipulated by old royal institutions (like British, Ottoman, Spanish and pre-Soviet royalties) might be groups to consider. Satanists, Zionists (including Jesuits( and the Illuminati are often given the blame by conspiracy theorists. An old Roman link to paganists, homosexuality, sacrifices, slavery, occultism running through the Catholic Church are also theories. An old racist Nordic link to Roman overlords is sometimes added to that, showing a link between Romans, Catholics, Spanish Inquisitions, Germans and British Ops. We must always ask ourselves if previous victims have become perpetrators both by taking on the bad behaviors of their perpetrators but also getting hold of their old technology. We should also ask if one group had embedded anther group quietly to make that group be the fall guy while continuing their agendas both before after World War II; one group to consider are royalists with ties to colonialism, trading companies, manufacturing and other companies, banks and with a history of eugenics and mass killings. Car companies with German origins (including the Japanese who were linked to the Nazis in WWII) massive conglomerates like Chase Morgan and old German-American links like the Hearst newspaper group seem to give us whiffs of the underlying networks. The Nazi-oils/lubricant research as linked later to oil and gas companies should also be considered (see Acknowledgments for the books on Nazi Technology by Henry Stevens). Militant Muslims seem to want make everything and everyone Islamic - what could be more New World Order than that? But are the Muslims doing it on their own, or are they being embedded and tweaked by the United States, British, oil and gas conglomerates or others? Is what we see and read about on the surface really what is going on beneath the hype in places like iraq, Syria and Afghanistan? Are western oil conglomerates after Middle Estern oil? How related and buddy are Middle Eastern and British/American oil conglomerates? Are they an empire unto themselves? It is possible a few very rich people are indeed playing on the public’s fears of a New World Order to create exactly that - a no-competition empire for themselves. And yes, it is possible they are reducing the word’s numbers through massive killings and that it has only just started through the relatively smaller scale episodes of isolated violence and wars. Remember the idea that in the denouement might be the source; the media might be being used to be the letter men (the scribes) for the wealthy relating to the rest of the world step by step, bit by bit, how they are being eliminated. No matter who is ultimately involved, I suspect a highly organized linked network affiliated by a certain racial and world view outlook. That network might be largely a hired mafia owned by the very wealthy. The flies might be hints at who and what we are dealing with as they lurk behind the scenes. They are a type of quirk or signature. Using dark humor, venomous calculations, self-pity, retaliation and greed, along with mis-applied sexual energy, I believe these networked people and their bosses are killing widely, then saying it is this person or that person, this group or that group, doing it. I think they are using invisible fingers to make something look like something else. They are both making fun of as well as relying on the widespread ignorance of the general population, including the dumbing down and mind control created by regimented educational systems. In addition, they are working through various religions, particularly in places like the United States and Islamic countries. People are being taught aspects of religion as if they are fact and warned to ignore or battle non-believers. Police killings, college campus killings, gay and lesbian hang-out killings, plane bombings, zoo and community related incidents of animal attacks and more might be the fly in the ointment to confuse, horrify, numb people out and to twist things toward the agenda-driven final ends of the perpetrators. On another note, small flies can be like wrenches fallen in among the gears of generators or cars, or irritating distractions which keep people from being able to hold order together personally, in homes, offices, communities and countries. The isolated relatively small things add up. The whole thing fly in the ointment issue could be a type of psyops. (fly in the ointment updated 06/24/2016) Grids Grids are platforms underneath or on another level impacting our normal day-to-day physical reality. They are like a backbone fabric that sets a field of experience for the more recognized layer. Grids can be closely linked to some topics discussed in Two Horns and Vibration of Area in the sense that we can be dealing with double layers - a layer that presents itself as easily known to our touch, taste, sight, smell and tactile senses while another layer beyond that creates a tone or set of parameters. Grids can be like shamanic planes where a shaman has created mini-earths or sub-realities. Grids can have major impacts on housing and commercial availability and prices, survival of the less economically advantaged and can tend to suck money out of things. There can be a plastic facade or cold outer layer quality to these places and with experience, you can start sensing the overall grid holding things in place. Tinsel town communities and communities that foster tourism while keeping an attractive appearance can and often do have this double layer. So can newer modern subdivisions wiping out natural areas on the edge of town, older historic places or run-down areas. In the under layer, there is often a hidden military complex energy as citizens who are part of the money network creating this double layer often have flag-religion-image drawn together in a type of tight map. The wealthiest individuals often do not wave flags but hide their military clout behind costly homes and well-chiseled neighborhoods. Many times when you leave these tightly controlled spaces and go beyond, you will find impoverished and very troubled areas. Some tourist communities with colleges might have a mixture of “real” people and those who belong to and support the plastic-world making grid, but the impact the grid has on the overall community cannot be denied. Nice people who mean well and don’t like tinsel town ways are drawn into the patterned area because it tends to look and feel more manicured and attractive than what is around it. The gridded zones tend to make housing prices and basic survival difficult for the average man or woman and create new cycles of poverty and economic uncertainty. Areas with shopping developments and residential areas that all have the same architectural look and feel in modern times seem to often be created in areas with these grids. There is a look and feel to these places that is unmistakable. The whole place looks like a single brand name. Shopping centers come in clusters with all the same franchises and parking lot styles. Even custom built homes in the area tend to all look the same and can often sprawl together into a residential area that is hard to distinguish from tract home developments. Grids are eating away at our uniqueness and ability to have handmade goods, clothes and buildings. They are like pre- set stages awaiting the humans. The humans are made to fit the stages. They are textured places with set types of inventory, and they are all highly watched and controlled by surveillance and system processes that hide behind the scenes. Interception Related: blocking, stealing, blink-outs, relaying In general, this is what it sounds like. It is the intercepting of things in the energy world using psychic or psychotronic means. It also includes blocking or stealing. It can include telepathic gathering of information, like getting someone’s thoughts or plans and then blocking or shifting the progression of that. It can include technology like stingrays, surveillance cameras to watch transactions at the grocery store or department store cash register, or lip reading in a coffee shop. It can include watching people park, get out of or return to their cars in a parking lot. Relaying can be part of the interception system by having watchers send the information to others in their network to coordinate efforts in various ways. An example would be police-undercover agent networks around town and/or thievery gangs in a crime ring. i (interception updated 06/24/2016) Interstitial Spaces Layered Nuances Interstitial spaces are etheric inter-connectors linking objects, events, people and more. Working with interstitial spaces is about the connection between human consciousness, will and thought and tiny bits of self-aware existence together called the ether. These tiny bits are the consciousness parallel to atoms, molecules and macro-molecules. We can use a loose analogy to an ocean of water being the ether as a whole with tiny bits of it being the interstitial spaces between all the objects we see in the ocean, like the fish, sand on the bottom and sea kelp or boats up on top. The ether is like the backbone of all consciousness. It creates and holds together reality in various forms and layers. There can be sub-backbones which hold up the physical, like ill-gotten, mean spirited, and limited consciousness projections. Like computer programs, people might put out a fake under-layer of energy which creates a skewed manifested physicality. It can also create a physicality working as a double layer which always makes the energy in that area feel off base. Areas can have energy that seems to turn chakras the wrong way, or seems to turn feelings of compassion and peace off or in the other direction (like caustic selfishness, anger). People can always return to the deeper layers of reality to shift that more artificial secondary layer. Interstitial space is a temporary working concept, because it implies distinction between fish and water (the particular and the general, the object and the whole). In truth, the ether runs through everything, meaning consciousness is everywhere. However, consciousness can take control over sub-layers of form by working with energy in various ways. Working with interstitial spaces can foster healing, shift events, operate on people’s thoughts and emotions and can set the tone for a project and area. Our will guides our own energy through interstitial spaces which then impact objects or events. For example, having a respectful sense of quiet and peace and a feeling of enough is enough” after years of being provoked can send a jolt of energy through the ether and its interstitial spaces. A person might finally want to just be left alone (to not be ridiculed, abused, attacked, etc.) and so sends energy through the interstitial spaces of reality to change the tide of energy. There is a direct connection between interest, will, feeling nature and energy movement. With increased resonance and oneness with the etheric essence and processes, there seems to be an increased proclivity for love and peace. The deeper layers of reality seem to be about sweetness and contentment and are there of their own accord without effort, like a zero point resting place. (updated 05/28/2015) Me-First Promotion in Person Associated with Target Me first promotion is a type of psychically influenced thinking that is instilled in another person talking, writing to, counseling or providing money to a target (PAT, person associated with target) to encourage a line of thinking that blocks real help from getting through to that target. An invisible finger, wall of silence, riding, guilt-making, telepathic type of influencing which gets a PAT to think about making sure one’s own end is covered to avoid being taken advantage of for freebies. The silent influencer can get the other guy/gal to think: “What about me, what will I get out of this? Or…”T this is too hard, too expensive” when a target asks for help or mentions he or she is being gangstalked or attacked psychically. It can get a person to think about charging that person money or not wanting to help unless that person shows real responsibility or gets real help (ie, brain-washing, punishing/shame-based or non-applicable counseling) first. Example of types who would do this: parents financially helping an unemployed adult child; minorities hating white girls who get stuff from their family and have it too easy. White males who are mad at women for not taking responsibility in their lives. Blacks can be targeted for being on a welfare list. Older adults can be targeted for having large student loan debts by people who hate what student loans do to the national debt. Part of the riding can be about guilt torture, to keep beating up on the person for real or perceived harms caused by that person’s class or group: gender, race, history of family line, country, etc. People who were victims of the USA bombing their countries might be retaliating by targeting certain classes of people who had family members in the military who did that. Mental Shifting and Hijacking Going inside someone’s head and energy field to change thoughts or add new thoughts. Includes changing energy. Hijacking includes the idea of taking charge of the helm and flying the body to a different destination. In other words, steering the person in ways outside that person’s normal predilection . Shifting and Hijacking can be further induced using psychotronics embedded in the body. (mental shifting/hijacking updated 06/25/2016) Creating a change in thought, mood and direction Subtle mental shifts might be from telepathic implants or psychotronic influencing. With practice, you can start being self-aware enough to figure if a new direction or idea you are having or taking is natural or coming from something else. This does not mean you will always know or catch this form of influencing, but you will be much more prepared to notice the nuances of change. It is hard to describe, but there is a definite feeling that comes up when this is happening. It is almost like a page has turned in a book not from your own fingers but from an outside force, like the wind. In this case, the wind is another person. There is a slight break in the before and the after, as if where you were at before was one space and now this new thought brought in takes you to a different space, so it is kind of unnatural. It is almost like someone has cracked a door in the house ever so slightly, but the slight change in barometer or temperature, or air quality has alerted you to this fact. updated 06/06/2016 Mixed Media Surveillance Brief: this simply relates to the idea that mixed surveillance, like cameras with face recognition, or email/cell phone text snatching, can go hand in hand with psychotronic and/or psychic attack abuse. items on page updated 06/25/2016
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