PSYCHIC INFLUENCING Section 2 (N to Z) See also influencing section 1 (A to M) On this page (scroll down if links not working): negative conditioning parroting piggy-backing Pat pin downs playing god post-manifestation pre-manifestation mixed surveillance media psyche outs riding reader protection serendipitous messages sending in/speaking through others stealing/swiping subliminal selling tagging turning the tables trajectories Negative Conditioning, Conditioning in General Conditional love, punishment, withholding affection or positive feedback, playing family members over others (good child/bad child), constant nagging or scolding, repeated reminders of character flaws or worthlessness, a that’s ridiculous type of sneer, acting like target is spoiled and doing a poor me over trivial issues when other people have much more serious and real problems; not taking the target seriously. Repeated dings for trying to fight back or get out, for sayng certain things. for reaching out to family members, neighbors or others for help while being watched constantly by behind the scenes perpetrators. Examples Single non-conformist woman being targeted by males: In some ways, it can feel like sibling rivalry, where a man who had a love/hate relationship with his sister knows how to mess with the head of a woman by pooh-poohing her worries and always power playing her efforts. In other ways, it can be like men who see the male gender almost like another species or a country; they fight women like the enemy and to show whose boss, it can be things like they want women to stay home, act like sexual objects, stay out of men’s work turf, not show too much self confidence or autonomy; in other ways it can be trying to dominate someone over religion. The negative conditioning can include malicious head trips and jokes, trying to send the person into despair and making poor survival choices. Then when the person seems to make a “mistake” - like for running away from these people - it’s “Can’t you do anything right, why do you always make poor choices in life?” They can also have the victim turn that kind of negative conditioning or other kinds of abuse on people who try to help or seem to be possible or actual supporters. Men with military past Males who were used in lack box projects or who were witnesses to military wrong-doings might be embedded and induced to shoot family members, girlfriends and others in a fit of rage, sometimes including suicide; it can be a way for the behind the scenes perpetrators to make one thing look like another by playing on the stereotype of the post-trauma anger, paranoia and battle fatigue symptoms of military people. The conditioning is in public response to military men with guns going berserk once they come states-side. The veterans might be triggered to respond in a conditioned way (like to pet peeves) during black box projects. Victims turned abusers Victims can become abusers partly out of reaction to the abuse - it can be emotional responses of grief and fear, anger and desperation - or because victims are already penetrated and so are being channeled through to other people. A good way to see all of this in your mind’s eye is to imagine video games. Imagine that the people doing this to victims are playing people like cartoon figures in video games. updated 06/25/2015 Parroting Probably psychotronically caused when long-term, it manifests as the same words, energy, and tone applied through different people and contexts with people saying the same things with the same feeling or quality. People are being used as parrots for the intentions of hidden attackers to get at victims as part of the wall of silence treatment. It is like a computer script run through humans, not computers. There can be menacing energy associated with this, so psychic energy might be being applied at the same time as the words run through people’s heads. The menacing energy can include the feeling of someone thinking the victim is stupid, crazy, worthless or needing serious mental help. So it is not just words. I consider this to be a critical concept for people to learn and identify to counter surveillance and system abuse. Attackers might try to reinforce parroting which is outside the range of most people’s hearing and senses with in-person discussions (like a visit from a police officer). The words and tones can be rebuffs, authoritative, mistrustful, condescending, and critical. They help keep a victim both feeling isolated and beyond help as well as actually isolated and unhelped. It encourages a sense of low morale and self-doubt while lowering self-worth. When the same messages keep being repeated over and over by many of the people the person comes in contact with, it can create the sense of there is nowhere to go or turn to. Non-stop surveillance can be part of the strategy to keep up with the person to send in these repeated messages through others. One of the parroting messages the attackers seem to prefer is about mental illness. They want the victim to think he or she is crazy and for others to assume the same thing about this person. This is a hard one to crack if the people being used as parrots refuse to consider that something else might be going on beyond their normal range of perceptions. In addition, if the people around the victim are being patronizing, manipulative or deceptive, this causes further problems in communication. The key is educating the public that yes, people can be used as parrots like this when something psychotronic is hooked into the energy fields of the involved people. Once this becomes mainstream knowledge, these communication problems won’t come up as much. People have to understand that there really are devices capable of sending messages through the human brain and body by hooking into electromagnetic fields. Once that “Aha!” is made, then people can start sensing they are being manipulated. At some point we should have low cost clinics to go to so that we can be checked out for psychotronic devices and to have them removed. We can also learn how to deflect the energy involved in these things. We need to create lawsuits and laws to force governments, shopping stores and public areas like streets to take down these malicious energy and surveillance devices. No surveillance device should be permitted that is so universal that it is hooked into everything in a city, state, country or planet. Since this information is still not mainstream, things that should be easy to identify can go on for years and even a lifetime. People can go on for a very long time being victimized without seeing relief. The wall of unbelievability is very similar to a rape victim; getting people to believe the victim is part of the solution. People learn to fear and ignore behavior that does not seem normal, and much of this psychotronic material blocks communication for this reason because the victims are not seeming normal. Part of the growth process (which can include a sense of grief) is learning to realize that yes, human bodies and minds can and are being used like this, but also that we can break the malicious cycle before things go even further in the United States and world. One way to do this is by doing our part in recognizing the symptoms in ourselves and in others, and to learn more about psychic material and life force energy. This includes making this a center issue of focus and not allowing other things to distract us. PAT Person(s) Associated With Targets Just as it sounds. Targets can be linked to long-term and short-term (temporary) persons who act like the extended arms of the perpetrators. These extended lines of force can be conscious or subconscious about what they are doing to a target. PATs can have motivations for abusing or not playing fair with the targets, including bribery, abductions, threats, job advancement, psychological manipulations of weak points (like a family history with poverty or low prestige), etc. People who are acting as PATs might on some level have issues with the target that are being exploited by the perpetrators hiding behind the scenes. (this PAT section updated 06/24/2016) Piggy-Backing Piggy-backing refers to energy and/or electronic hooks from a psychic and/or psychotronic attacker into a victim and then using that person’s energy to help attack others, even allies. The attackers are like ticks or birds riding on the backs of elephants while picking bugs off them for food. This energy can be used as part of the zone of influence energy listed elsewhere on this website. One conjecture is that there is a more global battery of human energy being filled by a combination of attackers and victims under the direction of attackers to sustain a variety of negative activities, including thievery (like online fraud), bombings and more. This can create a for/against duality in a victim. In other words, the energy of victims is being redirected to a pool of human energy that is giving the attackers more momentum and juice to apply their own personal agendas. I am also seeing/sensing an effort to dominate the will of the attacker to force complicity with attacker agendas. Beyond this, I am picking up that people might be used as the proverbial dummy or puppet for attacker agendas by abusing, mesmerizing and converting the focus of victims. Some of this energy can be forced energy rape, which is energy sexual stimulation to encourage arousal which increases the output of human life force energy coming out of a victim. This artificially stimulated energy can then be lapped up and used at the will of the attackers much like turning up the crank on a heater. Sexual energy can be part of the energy being used for the battery pool. There seems to be a kind of wave of energy surrounding victims which keeps them from being fully grounded or able to focus and encourages irritability. Because their energy is being redirected and drained, there can also be signs of low energy, fatigue, depression and anxiety. I suggest that psychic and psychotronic experts with experience in just how far things can go with these things be called upon rather than just any psychic or psychological counselor. Pin Downs The use of etheric doubles, other levels and/or direct psycho-kinetic energy to immobilize a target. Pin downs can literally feel like an extended energy body of the target, including arms and legs, are being held down while others attack that energy body. It can have an almost here and now feeling, a quasi-physical feeling. An example is the feeling men associated with the police surveillance and Latin America related guns/arms/fossil fuel/coal corruption (a hidden crime ring or network) in San Juan County, New Mexico angrily attacking me on an energy level with the feeling of being punched in the energy stomach, kicked, verbally attacked, all while at least two or three others are holding my energy arms back, or that I am being tied up against a post or something to that effect. There is a focused specifically directed malice; can be both white guys and minorities in the police network. We should additional connections like British petroleum and Russians, etc. Another type of pin down is more wide-sweeping or general, and can include energy attacks, probably electronically induced with the use of alternative intelligence, for keeping normal manifestation processes everyone has naturally for survival and advancement economically, educationally and physically (like improved shelter) in this world. (pin downs updated 06/24/2016). earlier write-up on pin downs 06/11/2016: First Type - Etheric: This describes the phenomena of being pinned down on an energetic level with the sensation of having one’s body held by two people while a third person abuses it by hitting, punching or kicking. It is as if the etheric body is being trapped with things playing out as if in almost 3-D, almost like it is in the room with you, has a real feeling to it beyond a dream. It is as if the people doing it are well-versed with doing it to people in the physical. This type of thing seems to go hand-in-hand with precognitive experiences as well as etheric double attacks. For example, the same people doing the surveillance to watch your stuff and come after it, or to come after you for an abduction, or to tamper with your car (vandalism, removing parts, toying with it in some way to cause you a wreck or to place bombs) are likely working on more than one level. So you are getting hints of what they are planning, hints of what is already happening on a second level, projections of their energy and thoughts into your space, and their ability to attack your etheric body on another level. It is possible as others have suggested we are dealing with people who are not spiritually evolved, but are technically evolved. They know how to mess with the multi-dimensional aspects of existence. To protect yourself you have to learn to sense things multi- dimensionally as well. In some ways, this is like the “strands of consciousness” page in the sense you are consciously working various energetic levels of your being to match the levels these people are coming in on. This can include altered states and brainwaves. In some ways, self-protection against attacks like pin downs seems to come with the healing of vulnerabilities in Self to get at where you are letting these people in subconsciously; this includes developing self-worth and creating the infallible sense of self- assurance that you do not deserve this in your life. It is likely that with the various levels of attacks mentioned above verbal abuse is coming in on a psychotronic, telepathic and stalking level as it is channeled through various people, all saying the same thing. This is a type of verbal driving when you keep hearing the same insults over and over trough various outlets. So a pin- down is part of an overall abuse package that might have been showing up before (or generally around) this kind of energetic assault. A pin-down also can relate to the idea of things being held back or from a victim, or to keep a victim from being able to protect him or herself on an energy level. It is a type of chess game played around the victim using the sphere of influence against him or her. Let’s say a person is being made homeless and simultaneously being punished for homelessness by the zone of influence interference. By blocking access to shelter, the victim is forced into homelessness and instability. The pin-down is holding down that person’s normal self-manifestation processes. Things that normally would come that person’’s way because he or she is trying to produce positive or self-protective results are blocked. Surveillance of texts, emails, phone calls and using locals in the area as gossip networks - as well as other ways to get at the information - take on a focused attack in the sense the energetic arms of the victim, like strings of manifesting waves, are pinned down. If you see a person as having energy tendrils like the arms of an octopus, these strands of consciousness act as conduits for personal manifestation. A pin-down in this case cuts off those tendrils while using other people both as blocks and manifesting agents of an alternative experience - in this case, other renters for the properties before the victim can get in one of them. In this scenario, it is likely the local police are part of the problem, but we could also have locals who are religiously and racially biased against the victim. Second Type - Physical: There are people who say they are literally pinned down during some kinds of psychic attack - where they cannot move or they feel heavy breathing on top of them and someone pushing on their stomachs if they are lying down. The difference in this with the type of pin-down mentioned above is that the first one is more of an etheric body issue. It i s almost like having someone in the room, almost like having the physical body being attacked - it feels like another layer of existence is being worked on. pin downs earlier write-up 06/11/2016 updated 05/17/2016 Post-Era Manifestation At this point, this section is merely conjecture, but it has to do with the feeling that possibly when people who are psychic learn about the history or past of another person, they can go in there and start re-routing the events that happened at that time. It is possible this could be confused with actual memories of events untapped by a hypnotic regression or a remote viewing session/psychic reading by others. When they show up after years of being blocked, it might seem someone is going in there and introducing new material. It also seems possible a person who is a psychic healer can go back in time and send in healing energy, which is a form of manifestation. For example, I have felt I have sent in healing energy to victims of The Holocaust and other eras. Perhaps I am sending in healing energy to myself on some level instead. We can ask ourselves if we send in energy to past lives and/or DNA heritages shared with other people, no matter how distant the relationship. There are books written by psychics which suggest this does not occur. updated 05/28/2015 Pre-Manifestation Layers Behind the Physical I am calling things that I see psychically in advance before they come to pass precognition and pre-sentience interchangeably on this website which may be an error in understanding and usage, but it explains where I am coming from. Briefly, I am referring to pre-manifestation and pre-sentience/precognition as two separate events or activities, but I find they often come together in my particular psychic experience. Pre-manifestation might be felt/seen/known in the astral, etheric, another dimension, or even another universe - some people speak about the astral as if they are fluent with it. I am not fluent with moving around on the astral at will so cannot speak from expertise on this topic. I can only offer suggestions about where this space is that I am seeing/feeling. There is a distinct unmistakable quality of feeling and vision on this. It has an almost-physical quality to it, as if things are already happening. Then when something happens after that in the physical as we normally think of it, it becomes a sort of precognition. I have had several incidents with police showing up after a precognitive event like this. I feel it is part of being in a zone of influence, and we have to ask ourselves if we are dealing with the equivalent of time machines - something like ether-coordinated devices that are working the bare bones fabric of reality into separate configurations before they show up on this reality zone. Perhaps we are dealing with a fold in the etheric backbone of existence, so that two time-reality zones are folded closer together or bent back toward each other. earlier version: Pre-manifestation, layers behind the physical Knowing and reworking different vibrational levels That which is seen psychically in advance before it comes to pass precognition and pre-sentience interchangeably on this website which may be an error in understanding and usage, but it explains where I am coming from. Briefly, I am referring to pre-manifestation and pre-sentience/precognition as two separate events or activities, but I find they often come together in my particular psychic experience. Pre-manifestation might be felt/seen/known in the astral, etheric, another dimension, ore even another universe - some people speak about the astral as if they are fluent with it. There is a distinct unmistakable quality of feeling and vision on this. It has an almost-physical quality to it, as if things are already happening. Then when something happens after that in the physical as we normally think of it, it becomes a sort of precognition. I have had several incidents with police showing up after a precognitive event like this. It is part of being in a zone of influence, and we have to ask ourselves if we are dealing with the equivalent of time machines - something like ether-coordinated devices that are working the bare bones fabric of reality into separate configurations before they show up on this reality zone. Perhaps we are dealing with a fold in the etheric backbone of existence, so that two time-reality zones are folded closer together or bent back toward each other. pre-manifestation updated 06/06/2016 Psyche Outs Influencing by distractions, changing energy, blink-outs, implanting thoughts, etc. Psyching you out! This is a type of mental warfare designed to break a person’s morale, self-confidence, focus and more. It can be the more subtle influencing from a distance using psychic/psychotronic material, but it also can be psychologically performed in person. Therefore, It can be both in person and at a distance. Psyche-outs can be a type of cat and mouse game. It can be used in combination in the sense you are getting a lot of psychic attacks and telepathic or subliminal messages on the one hand, and then it is reinforced by bringing in people who are like actors on a stage furthering the message agendas (see serendipitous messages). Sending in bad dreams, or preparing bad things for you or your family on other levels (like the astral) which you pick up psychically or in dreams can also be a form of psyche-out, even if it is not always deliberate on the part of the other people. When you pick up their bad thoughts and agendas, it can be disturbing and distracting to the point it adds to the negative feeling you already have over the the more overt psyching out they are doing to you directly. Psyche-outs can be part of a system of direct and indirect negativity directed at you so that you lose confidence in fighting surveillance and system abuse agendas or other psychic/psychotronic warfare issues. They can include different forms of intimidation, including telling you that you are inadequate, stupid, a failure or a person who always messes up. For people they know are psychic, they can follow that psychic around, knowing the person is aware of and bothered by it. Even if they don’t know for sure the person senses they are there, the fact their energy of watching and following gets in your space can be part of the whole psyching out process. Psyche-outs can include getting other people to not join you or your way of thinking. As part of the Wall of Silence, it can include getting people to think you are crazy, inept, inadequate, unstable and mentally ill. The more they know where you are and what you are doing, what you are saying and writing to people, the easier it is for them to figure out how to influence you. By eavesdropping in on your email and phone conversations with others, they know how you feel about things, how you think, what is going on in your life, what you plan to do, where you plan to go, and so on. With added information from emails and texts, even snail mail, they can figure out more specific ways to influence. They get a hook into your personality, habits, preferences, ideas, worries and general life concepts and goals. Psyching you out, then, includes psyching into you and getting to know the most subtle parts of your personality so as to trip you up and create distractions or a sense of faltering. It also can include trying to derail you by bringing you into the fold by sending in people who seem to be having a good life by following the influencer’s system (like MKULTRA). This can include having sales pitches for products or life approaches (like life coaches, religionists, etc.). One or two speakers you do not know are having conversations in front of you with listeners they are selling or coaching to - or having friend to friend spiritual or psychological advice (like using the Christian bible as a resource). People just happen to have one person talking to another in front of you giving out certain messages you have already been hearing in one form or another along the way - it’s almost a seamless connection with other strange or distorted things in your life. The staged messages become part of the psyche-out process. People might be saying things in front of you with no idea why certain phrases, terms or ideas come to mind to be used, but it all fits in with your unique life. Why they say what they say is meant for you to hear and is not just for their listener. With experience or awareness raising, you can start sensing when this is part of a system of influencing. Reader Protection Psychic readers and remote viewer readers need to protect themselves when doing readings from both outside attackers as well as the person they are doing a reading for/about. The person being read for/about might have latent warning bells and instructions to attack anyone entering private turf. This self-protective or attack mode might also be part of a split loyalty or interest issue. Part of the person might be pro and part against something. Attack mode might come up if an old pain (like childhood abuse) is tapped into as an energy and/or if the people doing the reading are giving off a less than honorable or caring energy. Less than honorable approaches during a reading can include worries about getting money from the person being read for, covering up a personal agenda(saying one thing, doing another) or disturbing energy like old baggage in the reader’s energy field. Outside attackers might be people watching the person being read for via email, phone calls, mail, etc. Readers might be psychically attacked by people not wanting the person being read for to receive outside intervention or help as part of a wall of silence/zone of influence issue. It is advised small teams of remote viewers work in different geographic locations during a reading and have one or more monitors watching the field of energy around them while they read at agreed upon times. Riding Means both following and hovering energetically, can include energy attacks, constant sense of presence of attacker, a sense of deliberate, pervasive focus on a targeted person. Police-military-corporate-organized crime networks can constitute gangstalking as riding. It can include texting other officers and detectives or members of the organized network to apprise them a target is heading that way. It might include doing something to keep that person constantly on guard and agitated, never a moment’s rest, also psyops to make that person feel like a low life, guilty, dirty, disgusting, unworthy, deserving punishment, etc Riding includes watching and psychological operations. It can include channeling messages through other people and around the target in places like coffee shops, stores, grocery store lines, etc. It’s a way of letting the target know they have taken charge of the communication systems of all fields of contact, including human to human personal conversations. Riding can include staying linked telepathically to a person around the target, sometimes through resonance or preferential affiliation. For example, a male- first male could be hooking telepathically into a father of a target, monitoring and persuading his thoughts against her. Sending In Others, Speaking Through Others: See also Me First Intercepting their thoughts and relaying attacker information as Parroting, Channeling (discussed elsewhere). Connected to Mental/Energy Hijacking. Stealing, Swiping Seeing a thing or event coming up in someone’s life and reaching out energetically to steal it or to swipe it away. Swiping can send the thing to another person as part of playing favorites (like giving it to a person the victim sees as a non-ally) or out of the picture entirely. Serendipitous Messages This describes a phenomena of possible PSYOPS (or other black box types of programs as well as different groups) in which actors las if on a stage are sent into your life to give you messages that you overhear out of the blue or serendipitously. They are staging messages as incidental happenstance conversations that just happen to fall in your hearing range. It also can includes having TV programs come on with certain messages when you walk in the room or turn on the TV. There can be ways to get other messages to you or at you, but this is the general idea. Consider the possibility that this is part of a long-term brainwashing program to have repeated messages sent into your subconscious mind and also to give you the feeling that everyone thinks a certain way and not like you, and there is nowhere to turn. Another thing that might be going on with this is to snag your attention as parts of the conversation are things you had been thinking about or dwelling on in your life, and then to have the actors give you another set of messages and instructions according to their own agendas. The actors might be PSYOPS agents or the like, but also could be normal humans being channeled through by telepathy or psychotronic devices, or a combination of both. The messages also could be instructional or authoritative to get you to be good and follow certain disciplined strategies that are in line with mainstream processes. It’s like saying See, if you would just follow our ways, you would be happy and successful - and normal - like these people. The designed set-ups of serendipitous messages could be away to block anti-surveillance behaviors and activities someone countering system abuse is using by trying to manipulate that individual to fit into a more compliant lifestyle. The messages could be behavior modification and psyche-out tools. Subliminal Selling Influencing In Stores, On the Internet, When Driving Around Town People, especially already tenderized and processed victims, might be hit with subliminal sales messages in various places, especially in stores. If the people are known by the store franchise’s surveillance equipment using face recognition and electronic data material in their wallets or other places on their bodies, a data bank of purchasing habits and likes might be in a computer system that when matched with a psychic surveillance agent, could cause a subconscious message to be sent out to buy this, buy that. Updated 06/24/2016: Points given by grocery store chains, like Krogers (Smith’s, etc.): I have picked up the possibility of the psychic or psychotronic blocking of the mental processing that would normally go on in a person’s head to add, collect or finish a series of points as related to fuel discounts. They don’t want a person to get or use points at the gas pump, especially a target. They monitor purchases at the cash register, watch for the use of doubling of points like on weekend specials, points gotten on cash register receipts in return for doing a quality control survey, and send in blocking forms of energy to keep a person from being able to focus on either getting or retrieving their points. It is very specific and petty. My interpretation is that the people doing this have a line in the profits of these corporations, like a criminally driven communism or like a corrupt self-serving religious monastery. Tagging Devices, Codes, etc: Means some kind of device (can include nano-biotechnology) implanted in a person to make it easy to follow that person, or codes in the police network system which labels a person as suspect or to be watched or handled in some way, could include use of cell phones and other ways to follow a person. This can include sending out a message to all police personnel in the area to look for a target. Going to all the known haunts or suspected areas. Trajectories can be projections of what we don’t want to be or become; one example is reviewing a criminal who was shot on the run. If all we can say is “if he would have stopped digging a deeper hole for himself, he would never have gotten in that spot and died.” Higher than thou language like that is some sort of projection of one’s own issues. Our lines of thought are about disparaging others while showing up our own religious or spiritual wisdom and righteousness. Projections are particularly mischievous forms of trajectories because they come from somewhere in ourselves and we shoot them out at others like inverted mirrors. The more wavy and skewed our issues, the more lop-sided they are when focused on other people. They become like a computer-generated game of chess responding to our responses, so that all we see in other people is something in ourselves crying out for attention but constantly put on some kind of back- burner. Projections put mirages in front of the people we are looking at, so we see the mirage and not the people; the mirage is a video created inside ourselves. The line of energy becomes a boomerang swerving back to us. We can help each other find our own particular trajectories, because sometimes it takes an outsider to see our habits. The trajectories might remain invisible to ourselves until someone points them out. The problem is when people do in fact point them out, but we still just cannot see or feel it for ourselves. Something is missing or blocked in the self- sensing process. New lines of feeling seem to need to be opened up; the question is, how do we do that? People can also point up our trajectories by coming in with a new type of energy or way of thinking; it can help to shake us loose if we are open to it. If we are not too lost in our trajectories and still open to things, all it might take to quiver our universe is to send in someone who is unwilling to be in our boxes or to keep our own particular sense of order. It is sort of like a stormy breeze that has come into the house, banging open and closed all the doors and windows. The breeze can be about change and growth, but might be seen as unpleasant or uncomfortable at first. We might reject it by thinking our way is superior, more inspired or more educated. Sometimes change can be seen as the enemy needing to be punished or shot down. Change can also send up all kinds of emotional pictures, ruffling inner subconscious feathers and bringing up old baggage. It can force us to feel what we really feel, and as those deep core feelings start to surface, they can seem like the enemy, too. Parts of ourselves can seem so alien we see them as outside ourselves. Saying hello to that can be an issue of assimilation and absorption. Trajectories, then, can be our own habits of avoiding uncomfortable feelings in ourselves so as to displace them as a type of strand of consciousness. The strands become a type of trajectory, each with its own set of associations and habits of comfort. Pulling out of the comfort zones can be hard on the ego because it begins to realize other people might be right and we might have been wrong about some things. Rethinking an old thing in a new way can be one of the most mature things a person can do in a lifetime. Being able to be big enough to admit error and blocks, a person who starts making the shift is not just doing it for himself, it is likely several people around that person will feel the shift. It can make a big difference to a lot of people in the long run. If you haven’t already, can you start learning to feel the energy of a trajectory? If so, you can do your part in thwarting government/big business/gang/cult control systems. Learning to sense trajectories is a major step in fighting system abuse. Trajectories (of thought and energy) Trajectories refer to lines of thinking or energy, or both. It can be felt by someone who is psychic. When you feel that energy, it can indicate where people are blocked and how their thoughts tend to orient themselves. Lines of thought come across as a feeling in which the person has some habitual tendencies to respond to a stimulus (which can be an idea, a person or object) and to process a series of thoughts about this. It is like a ditch has been dug over a period of time, with each subsequent similar or same thought a dipping of the shovel digging the ditch deeper. Our habitual responses and thoughts dig trenches which increases the chances we will return to those thoughts, like water following a course. I would say we all do this at least on some things. None of us immune to habitual response and thought patterns. Without question, a religious or philosophical orientation can be a trajectory preventing new ideas and insights from getting in. Where this becomes a problem in dealing with system abuse topics is how people have been either programmed to respond and think, or how they have given themselves tendencies for response. It can become an issue in which a person hears the word “MKULTRA” and immediate responds with an emotional rejection and a series of thoughts of denial. Or it could be something like all government black box projects are like aliens, and therefore must be rejected for their absurd unlikelihood. Trajectories can have associated reject buttons: one topic can be associated with another in a complex of assumed absurdities; like all blue rocks, no matter which rocks, are dangerous, or all red-faced women, no matter the woman, are shamefully embarrassed. It does not matter if some of the blue rocks are healing rocks or some of the red-faced women are sick from rosy heat-making fevers, they are guilty by association. When a trajectory is picked up in some people, a person can pretty much tell if those people will be able to pull out of it and think differently or if they are stuck. It can be better to not waste time and not mess with these people if they seem to have become their trajectories. If they cannot consciously disassociate from their trajectories, then it is as if they have become one with their trajectories. They cannot separate themselves consciously from their lines of thought or automatic responses. Also, a person in the middle of a trajectory can be side-winded by others who dance around that stuck space. They can see the blind spots, in other words, and work around them. We need to work with people who are more consciously aware of these things. Mindfulness training can help, but it is also possible for people to become rather elitist about mindfulness, so be careful with that one. Mindfulness in and of itself can be good and productive, but some people seem to put out a sense of self- satisfied order on that one, too, which is its own type of trajectory. Be mindful of your mindfulness, in other words. To get past the various hooks and programs set up by decades of financially and technically well-endowed governmental and big business programs designed to control our responses and habits of thought, we need to be able to slow down, step back, assess, feel out the energy, and have emotional, mental and spiritual flexibility. We must not become lost in our own sense of intelligence, financial progress, finesse, self-protection or planned carefulness but must retain a sense of humility knowing there are many crafty people out there who can have the most disregarding and non-caring attitudes toward us. One of the main distractions are issues about money; money can keep us synching with our trajectories. Money issues can falsely validate why we do what we do, think what we think. The attitude of studied I don’t care can be taken to ever-new heights as people consider life a game of survival and out-witting others. We also need to realize there are groups of people with more of the background information about what is really going on than the rest of us, so they can pull the props repeatedly out from us, especially if we are on autopilot. There can be various layers of society, each with a different version of the truth, but with some people who are in the know to the point they are taking money and privileges from the rest of us constantly. They are official thieves, officials as thieves, thieves with official positions that no one would make official if they really knew what was going on. If we feel we are basically getting along while it is only others who are having problems, our trajectories might keep the illicit status quo moving along splendidly. Our trajectories feed the usurpers and keep them plump and sassy. updated 06/25/2016
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