PSYCHIC MATERIAL Layers of Perception
Updates: 10/108/2017; 06/2017 Unrealized or Forgotten Aspects of Experience See also: Vibration of Area Books Altered States Charles Tart The Way of the Shaman (1990) Harner, Michael Shamanism, hypnagogic* states, drumming; a non-Native American anthropologist who studied diverse groups and has an eclectic and unifying approach to altered states using drumming and more Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters With Another Reality (2013) Harner, Michael Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Meditation, Energy Work Yang, Jwing-Ming, Dr. Books and DVDs Links Wikipedia: Hypnagogia * Lucid Dreaming Researching Meditation, Brain Waves Science Daily One reason to study altered states is to learn how to stick around after death of the body in a more together or conscious manner, to make use of all the pain, sadness, joy and learning you worked so hard for in this life - don’t lose it. Help your loved ones become more conscious so that life now can be continued later. Some people want this to be all there is and they don’t see infinity as a good idea. Some feel it is up to a Higher Power and that to mess with one’s own life after death process is arrogant and potentially evil. Another reason to study altered states is to protect yourself and your country against exploitative governments or international groups. Sometimes race, religion or retaliation are the agendas behind psychic and psychotronic attacks. Sometimes it is thievery by organized crime. Sometimes it is a combination of groups and agendas. Here are several types which could be coming at the American public in a hidden manner for subversive purposes: 1. an old Nazi theme going back to post-WWII when Nazi scientists and others were brought secretly to the USA to work on various projects 2. Communist Chinese 3. Muslims/Islamic State/Al Qaeda 4. Mossad - Israeli State. Conspiracy theory that Israel has shifted to a nationalist state with a secretive and self-serving position, especially in its relationship to the USA 5. CIA - MK ULTRA, Monarch, etc. 6. CIA/Mossad complex - a conspiracy theory that the surveillance communities from both the USA and Israel were behind 9/11 and other issues 7. Other organizations and factions - Black Power, KKK, right wing fundamental Christians, Mormons, organized crime, etc. 8. An early metaphysical sect with hidden knowledge of mesmerism, magic, the occult, etc. with footprints and influences across several religions. Reputed to be tied to NASA, other government projects and big business. Seems to like other-worldly symbols like stars, moons or superficial images of things like Greek or Roman temples, Egyptian pyramids, third eyes, etc. Could be related to Masons. Understand that what we think of as physical reality and what is possible with human focus and energy is not widely understood in the United States although there are definitely growing numbers of people increasingly in the know. This section suggests that our thoughts and energy, when coupled with slower brainwave frequencies and meditation, can be focused to shift a number of different things like group views, self-worth, morale, etc.. As people reach deeper meditative states, it seems likely that the desire to be violent and destructive go down but until that point, people can and do likely use the energy for selfish purposes and hidden agendas. Also understand that the Nazis, Communist Soviets, Communist Chinese and others have exploited human and animal life in ghastly ways through experimentations for many years. Some of the exploited people were in prison camps, like the Jews during WWII - many people know of this. Add to that Soviet and Chinese labor camps even up to modern times. Beyond that, however, we have the dismal prospect that just average citizens are abducted and taken to experimental locations to have body parts altered or removed; injections of various substances applied; tracking and other devices placed in their bodies; and torture or abuse (called discipline) applied. These people are brought back to their regular lives with memories taken from them and with no validation of their suspicions or partial memories. They are left hanging without answers to many issues in their lives, which is part of the abuse. One of the ways we can fight back is to recognize that we might in effect be pushing wheel barrow uphill when it comes to start-up discussions about these topics. For many people, contemplating mind control programs brings up uncomfortable feelings and a tendency to void out the importance of the issues. This is likely part of a subliminal campaign to keep people from applying resistance to these things. It is also possible people have been abducted and abused in part of a mind control program designed to create memories of discomfort and pain when rules (including speaking out) are broken. People might not recognize these signs in themselves as trauma; they just know they don’t want to think about it. One way to combat mind control programs is to become more consciously adept at meditative states in order to find psychic/bioenergetic abilities heretofore unleashed. A general rule of thumb is having a willingness to be helpful is vital. Sharing what you know is critical no matter where you are along the way. Don’t wait to be a full master or expert to do these kindly things for your fellow man. Why? Because being helpful seems to help break up the negative energy associated with mind control. It’s not enough to know how to be psychic; you need to be helpful. The desire to be a bridge to a better world where abuses like those found in mind control and system abuse is a critical step in becoming more advanced or evolved than the perpetrators doing these terrible things. When you reach that state, you will find your abilities outreach these often crafty, skilled and knowledgeable people. There is a lot of anger being directed at the general citizenry in the world today, anger that is often hidden from view. We are being directed at by a group of people so angry with their way of life, the control games they find themselves trapped in, and their sense that you and I have it easier than they do that they want to wipe your way of life from you. These people watch us from all kinds of angles and views, waiting to grab every last morsel of our bodies, finances, minds, spirits and identities as part of the Misery Loves Company mentality. The more sensitive and aware you become, the more you will be able to feel when other people come into your space trying to dominate or punish you, change your views, beliefs, orientation and actions. As impossible as many of you might think this is, it can actually happen to any of us, even the most aware. We can help each other feel what it feels like to be supported by other people in a good way; when we send that energy to each other, it keeps us alive to the feelings that combat this form of tyranny. The tyranny usually comes from people whose emotional world has shut down in some way so they don’t have much to give to anyone else. They tend to use strategies for success which are calculating and cold. They like to upset people and get their peaceful goals off center. In other words, they like to encourage feelings of despair and frustration which then become retaliative or self-sabotaging. They also seem to be sensitive to anyone around them feeling better than they are. They like to knock people off their pedestals. To most of us, these are childish behaviors but when it is taken to secretive levels of psychic ability we have to know how petty they can become in order to protect ourselves. To act like these things are beneath us is not going to make it go away, in other words. We are dealing with bitterness here and an unwillingness to do things with a deeper human spirit. Some people just don’t have it to give, and they truly resent it when the rest of us are “in their faces” reminding them of this fact. That is exactly one source of the retaliative behaviors lunged at us privately. The other source comes from people who feel so strongly about what they believe - like “We are all one” (New Age) or “Believe in Jesus or Go to Hell - meaning: I will punish you personally for talking about Jesus like that!” - imagine people like this handling all of your phone calls, emails, surveillance activities, etc. These people want to control your life to make everyone just like them or to fit into an agenda they have bought into. There is a strong domination/submission theme running through both religions and fascism/Communism. These things can run into serious abuses of the human will, spirit, and body.
PSYCHICAL Layers of Perception
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