PSYCHICAL Goosebumps
Updates: Page started 03/23/2018 When goosebumps come up, they might be important - pay attention.  They are discussed intermittently on this website as being connected to a living or passed over person. My suspicion is they represent a soulful resonance between two people and/or a connection to information that is needed or useful.   In some cases, I suspect a deeper than normal love bond that goes on for aeons across and between lifetimes.  It does not always mean you are supposed to have a marital or sexual relationship this time around, but that the knowing is there between the two souls. I also suspect a godly connection in the deeper soulful bonds. There also might be a ladder of depth on your way to increasingly deeper connections; you get through one of these bonds with one person and at some point, because of that earlier experience, are more open to an even deeper bond with the next.  You did not move into marriage or sex/long-lasting sex with the last one because this other, deeper one was on the horizon. Goosebumps might be about connecting with deceased souls who had especially violent ends, and as you reach out to them through their photos or other information about them, and if they sense you might hear them in the right way, or that you have resonance, there might be that goosebump connection.  It can happen while investigating murder cases. People who worked on themselves in their lifetime, who reached out for more information on the afterworld, who studied energy, etc. might be more awake on the other side to make that connection with you. I feel goosebumps are a sign of a pure and truthful primordial connection made between two beings - it is a space of essence and non-contrivance.  Two souls are connecting over something about who they really are, where they are really at; things are raw, fresh and full of spark.  The spark here means “Wow, I am really alive about this issue or person, this subject is close to my center, my path.” These particular kinds of goosebumps hint at a spiritual world that is larger than the pettinesses of much of our normal daily lives, although ultimately nothing is actually insignificant or trivial. 
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