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Updates 09/22/2017; 10/21/2016  SLAYING OF THE HEART The concept of Catholic psychic abuse has come up before on this website.   Take it seriously; it’s out there.  This is a formal warning to the unwary and ignorant. Psychic world: rules and order The psychic world is a type of science mostly hidden from the general public.  If you look at it that way, it takes it out of the woo woo arena and back into an area of common sense which is more comfortable for most people.  If you are taken logically to the space of encounter, the methodology, the reasoning and the tools...and if things are explained to you and shown to you with the idea that you can be trained and that you are an intelligent human being,  you will come to realize the occult is a space with rules and order just like putting together a house or a car.  Like learning to ride a bike or horse, you learn to get a feeling for the less tangible aspects.  Core identity helps us have boundaries The main thing is to have a strong sense of personal identity or center before and while encountering things that at first seem strange or inexplicable.  This section applies to Catholics,  Greek Orthodox Christians, Zionists, Muslims, Mormons, Hindus, Satanists and any other group.  We also must consider the possibility of embedding in which one group implants its ways within another group’s structures, much like a virus invading a host and mimicking parts of its genetic code.  So a Zionist group could be embedding its values onto a Catholic group, or Muslims might be trying to get all Christians to be as fundamentalist as they are.  Russians with a pre-World War II Nazi/fascist connection might be trying to take over the world by stringing energy out of the old natural system; they embed then suck energy.  There might be old racial or ethnic ties to Catholics that predate Christianity and take us back to paganism, fetishes*, infant sacrifices, Bacchan wine cults, as well as ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian priestly occultish schools.  They could even go back to tribal bands before city-states occurred in which shamanism played a key part of daily life.    The can be black supremacists who are using voodoo and ongoing psychic attack against whites, using repetitive driving in telepathic and energy control.  A variety of types, in other words, can be using psychic attack, so it is best if we start getting a general feeling for it so that no matter when we encounter it, or from which group, we can recognize the signs.  Catholicism entrenched with psychic energy across its spectra From my own psychic impressions - and I probably am getting only a small piece - Catholics (and others) of a certain disposition retaliate against people who thwart them using a combination of physical abuse or obstruction and psychic attack.  Whether there is additional psychotronics (techno-attacks) involved I cannot say for sure, but leave it as an open possibility, especially if there is a governmental or military connection.  They might work with other religious groups in an area through networking.  This networking might occur over anti-abortion signs using non-Catholic right wing religionists, but also over other things.  A common theme seems to be the subversion of female rights and a catering to the male ego.   Both males and females can do this to other females.  It could have a homosexual aspect in the Catholic church along with male child sexual abuse.  Men in the right wing Christian groups seem to have a fear of women having it too easy, becoming too strong, taking their jobs from them, and not giving them enough attention in sexuality and in the home.   The males are raised thinking about things in a certain way and don’t have a lot of give and take on the subject of women’s rights.  When linked with the dark slippery side of Catholic occultish practices, we have a potent anti-female backlash.  It also severely impacts male children in various ways.  Males are not being given the full range of personal power or the ability to think about personal power in broad balanced terms.  Some males might be dominated like they are females through sexual abuse.    In some cases in places like New Mexico, we have a Hispanic male macho thing going, where the men want to be seen as head of household and the women are taught to be deferential to both the male husband or boyfriend and the male priest.  The two go hand in hand. Both psychic and physical abuse Let us be clear here: it is my opinion the Catholic abusers are getting at the kids in certain cases using both physical hands-on abuse as well as a strange energy that messes with people’s heads.  That energy can impact people in a variety of ways, including distractions, shifting of focus or will, changing outcomes, locking people out of or into a space as “Catholic territory” (again on an energy level) and more.   There can be telepathic suggestions, psychic sexual advances and fantasy trips.  Beatings and sexual abuse might be going hand in hand.  The idea of breaking the will is strong in the abuses.  People get away with this by calling it in the name of God or Jesus, to break the will of Satan.   Part of it is to get people to not believe in themselves but to defer to authority.  Getting people to submit to authority is a major mind control operation and can go from religion to government/military in a heart’s beat.   Getting people beaten down is the idea. Psychic knowledge possibly passed down through eons My suspicion is that Catholic psychic abuse has been passed down through hundreds, perhaps thousands of years from pre- Christian eras.  I think it might have come in from the ancient Romans and earlier, like the Egyptians and Babylonians. Some people suggest a Dionysian cult passed down the generations at least from the ancient Roman era.  At least one group on the internet suggests an ancient Egyptian link, including blood ties.  Homosexual communities in religious orders might pass psychic knowledge down the line Although it is unpalatable for many gay men to think about or discuss,  homosexuality can come in with early childhood sexual abuse and it is possible the homosexual behaviors of the ancient Greeks and Romans contributed to the Roman Catholic tendency to molest boys.  There are indications of sexual abuse in the Church from early eras.  Perhaps some of it came in from Rome before it fell and when the Byzantines caused people to go underground with their sexual habits.  What used to be part of the culture and openly displayed was shifted to a secretive system of predatory behavior.  Open, artful homosexuality might have shifted to a controlled and perverted form in the Roman-Byzantine continuum My thoughts about a continuum are speculation.  My personal bias is that the ancient Greeks seemed to have had more art and beauty with their homosexual culture; the Romans seemed to shift things to a bureaucratic and organizational culture which intellectualized homosexuality while losing a certain spark and flavor that the Greeks had.  The Etruscans apparently influenced the Romans - there are signs homosexuality and bestiality was present there; some interesting dynamics which could have been incorporated later into a Roman-Catholic system.  Carthaginians were known to have homosexuality along with slavery and wide scale tendencies for sailing, colonization and mineral/resource usage.  So it was in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.  Things were coming in from Africa, as well - trade, slavery, some leadership in the Roman Empire.  The Dyonisian cult was apparently in opposition to the Roman sense of order and was at times banned.  Wine and free sex, trying to go back to the wild.  Some signs of orgies, sex with children, etc.  We see concepts of demons painted on frescoes associated with wine and familiarity between the sexes - this familliarity almost looks like equality between the sex - Pompeii.  There seem to be arguments over the nature of homosexuality among the ancient Egyptians; some of the pharoahs were women dressed like males in formal pictorials - complete with beards.  An old fish culture as related to priests and rituals seems to possibly have been passed down from Babylonians through time, possibly showing up in Catholicism.  Fetishism was found throughout the Mediterranean world.  The nature of fetishes and rituals seems to focus attention in certain ways on hoped for outcomes and release from punishment for wrong-doing.  This tendency to focus like that truly has been passed down into religions of various kinds for thousands of years.  It is a critical aspect of much religiosity; the historic ties to current practices in this regard should be taken seriously. Ancient Roman rigidity and order might have passed into the Catholic system Perhaps  a Roman system with rigid lines and systematized order bled into the Catholic system.  What was distilled by the Romans from the Greeks was further distilled by the Byzantine system which closed its doors to a more whole-brained way of approaching life as things became more and more austere and the full range of art and intellectual discourse closed away by iron fists of religious fervor.  Old Roman tendencies for world order authority and structure were taken on by the Catholics but the old lustful tendencies found in open-ended homosexuality were not lost but pelted into a punishment based system.   What was once joyful and free was turned into something shameful and dirty, but the pulse for same-sex passion could not be subdued.  We also might have an old slave-Roman citizen or leader dichotomy continuing in the form of priestly hierarchies.  Ancient Egyptians and magical spells; Book of Dead The ancient Egyptians were very much into spells and magic and it is likely some of the literature like from The Book of the Dead was written in altered states, or reflected such things.  It is possible this passed down through time in the Greek Mystery Schools, certain Middle Eastern Scholars including much later Muslims and on to the Romans.  When we look at this whole thing we need to be thinking in terms of energy, how psychic energy is passed from person to person, generation to generation - not just what was written down in tangible records.  There are things that are invisible in the archaeological record and ancient manuscripts that might still be with us to this very day, kind of a metaphysical genetic code reproducing new generations of psychics.  We also need to suspect that abuse can open psychic doors in people in a variety of ways.   Ancient Torture Both the Romans and the Catholics tortured people.   Also it is suspected here (with no real evidence to back it up) that the more advanced leaders in priestly orders might be working with ghosts, the past and past lives (maybe even their own past lives).  In addition, keeping ancient things around, working in ancient temples or on ancient grounds might be causing links with the past on a metaphysical level; for example there are rumors that ancient Rome lives in Catholicism in an underground paganism and occultism; perhaps communion with ghosts of Roman and priestly predecessors, as well as victims of inquisitions, might be part of this.  It’s a stretch, granted, but it has come up as a possibility.  Goodbye Rome, Hello Catholics The Catholic Church has a very old line of continuity and did well up around a departing Roman Empire.  There are tentative clues that symbols and rituals are retained by the Catholic Church which go back astoundingly far in time - even as far back as the Sumerians (like fish), a very ancient group, although the Babylonians and Egyptians are usually cited.  Roman emperors and Catholic priests might have a line of continuity, as well as old habits of torture, homosexuality and more.  As you can recall, Rome was a spreading methodology of politics, militarism and thought.  What better way to take over the world than through an old line of continuity with such things through a secretive religious order?  We also must remember that Rome was in what is now the United Kingdom - and Celts were in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  An old Roman as well as Celtic theme might have shifted into Catholicism from that angle, as well.  There are people w ho link Jews with Celts, and there were Carthaginians in Italy for years.  They were the early day ship goers, with an ancient lineage and ties to the same world as the romans.  As things tend to mix and mingle, it is possible some of the patterns of the Carthaginians flowed into the Catholics.  All of these various groups had rituals, fetishes, symbols and ways of thinking about the world which might have influenced the Catholics. *Fetishism from a counseling perspective http://www.allaboutcounseling.com/library/fetishism/
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