Racial Tensions and My Biases Disclosed I am white: mostly Anglo-Saxon Caucasian white apparently with some Cherokee and Spanish or Mexican several generations back I have flirted with being a bleeding heart liberal I donated to ACLU and Americans United for a brief period around 2013 then started reading about Muslim Mafia I considered the idea Mossad Did It and it took me somewhere more fluid in looking at racial complexities I had a reality check starting in about 2001 which grew over the years I have run into men who want to dominate women: whites, Hispanics, Native American-Hispanic mixes, Middle Eastern, various mixes; they don’t just want to dominate, they want to wipe out, over-ride, transmute and sexually confuse and manipulate I strongly dislike white sexual abuses of non-whites just as much as the other way around; I realize white religionists of various kinds have greatly impacted many Native Americans and others with their sexual dysfunctions, both women and men have done this, both heterosexual and homosexual sexual abuses However, we need to acknowledge dysfunction and abuses in other races and cultures, too - including guilt and shame used against whites to justify further abuse, unfair hiring practices, ostracizing, gangstalking, bullying, mind rape, back-stabbing and information dominance. A “good mix” includes whites Federal post offices are being turfed by non-whites in certain areas and this needs to stop.  Legal intervention, not violent responses here.
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