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updated 02/10/2018; 02/20/2017 RELIGION OR SECULAR HUMANISM? Disclosure of Website Views While this random search for solutions has resulted in a maze of baffling complexity true answers always have the hallmark of simplicity. --Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior Author: David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. River GOLD opens the door for secular humanism, atheism, agnosticism, freethinkers and their ilk, but does have a spiritual orientation. There is a belief and orientation on the website that likely there is a Higher Power running through the full matrix of existence. Just how involved or present that power is as a specific entity is uncertain according to this view, but the feeling is The Tao is alive and aware throughout all its pores - wholes consist of parts, both of which emanate this awareness. This website does not presume to suggest that there is a definitive being guiding the moral directions of all people; we put a question mark around that, neither accepting nor denying it. Many human-driven ideas expressing direct knowledge of a divine power’s will are treated on this website as likely questionable; too often people apply their own culture, childhood programming and other people’s assumptions to religion and then treat it as the one truth or the only way. Again, a question mark is put around this whole topic, leaving it open for individual querying. This website is psychically oriented; it is felt psychic connections suggest a profound interconnecting power of some kind. Dealing with the psychic using objective controls is considered a pragmatic and scientifically based experience, but can be and often is highly subjective when used independently or in non-controlled contexts. There can be hits and misses when psychics work alone. It is suggested that one line of thinking regarding a Higher Power is that awareness, intention and connection with the energy-material continuum are reflexively related to our experiences. In other words, we are co-creating our realities at least to some degree. How individually empowered we are as contrasted with any one central higher being is not represented on this website as known or understood completely; the door is left open for others to decide for themselves. This website is not strictly religious nor secularly humanistic. It is not New Age nor Wiccan. It has a spiritual bent but does not demand that people follow along and be spiritual, too. People who hate woo woo stuff or who feel anything not pertaining to the natural, visible, seen and felt material world are misguided fools are welcome here. This includes pragmatists who wonder if psychics or people mystics are attempting to suck others into a sugar-coated world of non- reality. People might feel this world is all there is; what harm is there in letting people feel this way as long as they are not trying to call all spiritual people or psychics stupid, mentally ill or fraudulent crackpots? But taken too far, excessivemuch detachment spurs violence; it is suggested on this website that Nazism and other extreme fascist or communist tendencies lose moral connectivity to any form of humanism. Some people don’t want to think about an afterlife or things that go bump in the night. This website conjoins the scientific with the spiritual. Facts, figures, data, analysis, and sensory knowledge happen here; it’s just these things are not applied stiffly and mechanistically to all topics. Science brought us knowledge. Had it not been there we would not be where we are today. Science also might have delivered some of us to the threshold of a spirit-science unity. On the other hand, there are others with more defined religious beliefs who believe in God, Jesus, Satan, Hell, Heaven and sin, and that there are certain gender hierarchies or prescribed roles between the sexes. What harm is there in that, as long as they don’t try to aggressively push it off on others or use heavy discipline and punishment behaviors? This website questions many of these things but does not always say that one thing or the other is better. There is a definite slant against religious fundamentalism when it interferes with freedom, but it is acknowledged that the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights as attached to the American Constitution assures freedom of religion; it gives people the right to believe what they want to believe and to worship in their own manner as long as it does not violate human rights or the rights and privileges of others to do the same. Sometimes it is a matter of context; we can look objectively and realistically at the Animal Kingdom in terms of higher primate evolution and address honestly the possibility that humans have certain common tendencies. Spirit bodies are discussed here as well as human bodies, asking whether perhaps there are two lines of evolution which coordinate the two. Suggested is that the spirit separates at times while we are alive and from the body upon death and returns to another state. In summary, this website gives us permission to seek something more than just this life and world, but also acknowledges that much of what we deal with in these matters is subjective and open to interpretation. Some Thoughts On Dealing With Negativity From a Variety Of Possible Sources According to several sources flying around the internet and elsewhere, there is a Satanic order linked to ancient Mystery Schools which has spread its wings throughout various religious and non-religious orders today. As such, they all seem to be saying and doing the same things but have different outward appearances. Consider the following in dealing with a variety of energy related attacks, including strange occult practices as one possible viewpoint and strategy for overcoming negativity. Psychological vulnerability might encourage attacks by leaving a door open while also encouraging manifestation through focus. In other words, what we think about we become or create. If we have a fear of ghosts, we might feed their energy with our fear. If we believe in Satan, we might create Satan by our projections and thoughts. Sometimes we create something by refuting it or sending energy into that space. Another idea is that as we fight something, we give it energy and it grows. The more we withdraw energy from it, the more it shrinks. Don’t assume all psychic or psychotronic attack is of the imagination; it’s not. People with bad intentions are doing things out there. Remember that people are likely behind the psychotronic attacks, so try to find the people behind the gadgets. People are hooking into our energy systems in one way or another; lots of times they are after the money. Sometimes they do it to get back at someone or to make them feel small. No matter how much we know or think about these things, we can still make mistakes and go back into old fear patterns. We might not always follow our own advice. That is probably part of the learning and self-acceptance process. More self-esteem we have, the less likely we will put ourselves in situations where we are likely to be attacked, and the more protection we will have from more minor onslaughts. We might tell ourselves to do something a certain way only to find ourselves doing something completely opposite as a type of self- sabotage. This all seems part of the entanglement of the problem. Some ideas about addressing negativity are: 1. One cohesive Higher Power connects and makes everything; it is a power that enables both love and the temporary distortion of its energy. Distortions might be called evil or Satanic by some. 2. Rebellion against the Higher Power is a desire to try to find a way out of the all-encompassing cohesive system. Such rebellion might be referred to as Satanic. Rebellion might stem from anger, fear or a desire to be different. It might be a desire to be creative by providing an anti-thesis against a thesis. Rebellion might also be thought of as a hook snagging creatures away from the natural order into another subset of reality. In this sense, it might be thought of as a black hole, an unraveling or an undoing. Rebellion might be a resetting of both energy and the articulation of matter. Where humans are involved, we must inquire into the nature of his or her intention. Intention sets the stage for rebellion. 3. Distortion is like a wavy ripple created by a thrown pebble sent through a smooth clear pond. The rebellious distortion will eventually ride itself out and the smooth pond will return. The Higher Power is the underlying backbone which is eternally sustained by its own internal integrity. 4. We can learn to discern truth from falsity by becoming good psychics and carefully thoughtful people. Satanic groups both use and thwart psychic ability depending on their goals. From their standpoint, it is OK for them to be psychic, but they don’t want certain others to be psychic because then those people will see through them and know what they are up to. You can discern who is who and what is what by being psychic, so being psychic is for your own protection and growth. Frequently people who have something to hide, feelings of low worth, or a fear of going within to find deeper answers or face difficult topics don’t want psychics coming around them. 5. There are those who suggest that bioenergy or qi is bad. Instead of that view, it is suggested here bioenergy is not bad, but just like a loaded gun, it’s how you use it. It’s what your intentions are. If you intend to use psychic activity and energy for ill use, then it is bad; if you intend to use it for peace and good will, then it is good. Good and evil might be contrasted to a natural order which in a steady-state is always peaceful. Distortions like murder, anger and unkindness are man-made ripples sent through the Higher Power’s peaceful order. 6. Consider there are at least two lines of evolution: that of the body and that of the spirit. Consider the body following Earth’s millenia-old reworking of the many pieces of energy and matter into various shapes and forms; we usually refer to this as evolution. Evolution might be thought of taking the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle (bits of energy and matter) and making different picture sets, all of which coordinate as different levels of functional over-units. Human bodies are part of this complex set of jigsaw puzzle pictures. Some pieces define the hand; other pieces show the hand as it is connected to the body; yet other pieces show how the body is connected to the jungle around it. Different human organs coordinate to make one human body working as a whole. Male and female bodies take on certain gender roles based on that line of evolution. The other line of evolution might be the spirit. Consider that the spirit is separate from the body and might be neither male or female, but might take on both energies at will. Spiritual growth might occur both inside and outside of the Earth-based bodies; people can learn and evolve by studying what it feels like to be in physical form, sort of like taking on new identities. This way, spiritual and physical evolution are intertwined. Consider that the body is an instrument through which the spirit expresses itself. 7. Certain Christian and other religious fundamentalist groups might be trying to fuse the female body role with the higher spiritual role into a fixed universal gender-based identity. In doing so, they seem to be trying to say that all females are by natural design naturally submissive and even secondary in importance to husbands and that males are the natural rulers on Earth. They seem to be saying in essence that Man is Head of Household, Country and Planet and that females are to take on supportive and non-authoritative roles. Included in this is the idea that females should stand back and let men handle things and do the thinking. 8. In connection with the note above, there seem to be groups suggesting that Satanism is linked to a set of fallen angels which prefer to worship female goddess energy (like Isis). Religious fundamentalists suggest that females in these contexts are evil and their followers are evil. Included with these beliefs seems to be the idea that the Satanists believe in or connect to aliens, other planets, spaceships and unusually high levels of technology and crafty intelligence at the expense of the human soul. Some groups suggest Nazis were trying to create a perfect race based on occult beliefs and practices (the Illuminati has come up in this context.) 8. Get a feeling for real spirituality versus religiosity. Religiosity is often rules and conformist oriented. Ask yourself if any particular religion or church is trying to set itself up as more important than the natural order of things (a true Higher Power). Sometimes churches want to create the illusion that they have the real answers but they are actually interpretations, viewpoints and opinions of certain people. Many times a misinterpreted message gets passed down the centuries and is accepted as fact. Other times the original spark of a spiritual person or concept loses its luster as it is passed down. 9. People like the sense of power which comes from being identified with a large group; churches can take on authority powers which exceed spiritual intention. The power becomes the focus, not a striving for happy and healthy human lives. “Good” churches presenting themselves as God’s True Will on Earth might in fact be evil churches; their actions say more than their words or pretty churches. The truth is so-called churches might in fact be the Illuminati but even if they are not, they can be doing things in the world which are bossy, controlling, and unfair to certain groups of people. In this sense they are almost like the Illuminati’s control games - it is just another type of problem. Our liberties might be at stake in either context - “good” churches and “Satanic Mystery School cults.” Taking Intuition Further It is suggested here that we identify animal-based instincts and feelings from spirit-body proclivities. It is a good idea to start reading up on ghosts, NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). Start learning to read energy in people. Look past the words into the true intentions. Learning to look for universal signs of compassion, good deeds and good intentions without requiring a religious order to be behind it organizing and devising strategies might be very well be one of the growth designs for a spirit no matter its bodily (including gender) context. Organizations like the Illuminati can be known by their energy and faced down using energy and intention. It is suggested here that ongoing growth and knowledge which links people to the true natural order and not facades or defacements will unwind the Illuminati’s twists and turns. By embracing nature and not man’s intellectually replayed version of nature, people will find and be the truth that nullifies the Illuminati and similar organizations. Learning to understand the value of grounding in this way is probably a form of spiritual evolution, but it is more like relearning what we already know and letting that be good enough. The Second Coming The second coming as discussed by Christians might be a return of a state of consciousness to the world. A return to psychic openness. The Savior might not be a person but a state of being, a return of spiritual awareness. Fixating on an earthly person might distract from spiritual opening. The light of Christ, or Christ Consciousness, might be a heightened state of awareness that is the birth right of every person. Some facets of religion - shaming, focusing on guilt, authority - might keep a person from that heightened state. In this regard, things that take us from harmony with existence would act as distractions and blocks. This is not to suggest we ignore what is negative but to try to not give it undue energy. There is a fine balance with this, though, because if we are arrogant about avoiding distasteful topics or ideas, the energy becomes skewed in a another way. You can probably a reach higher state of awareness being a down to earth and practical person, someone who accurately acknowledges pain, violence, abuse and ugliness in the world. If we become too airy fairy or treat difficult subjects like an obstacle course, we are missing out on some important things that help shift our awareness.