On this Page - Reflections: 1-Cheap Plastic Bumpers 2-City Buses 3-Cons Piracy 4-Male-First Males 5-How Women Let Men Down 6-Email interception by third parties? You can scroll down to topics 1-CHEAP (FLIMSY) PLASTIC BUMPERS Car bumper covers today need to go back to a time when bumpers were bumpers and not expensive cosmetic parts. People usually refer to the bumpers today as bumpers but they are actually a thin outer layer placed over the accident protection under- layer which is usually invisible. I had reversed slowly and accidentally hit a moving vehicle in a busy restaurant parking lot. Fortunately, it was just a bumper ding, but will be expensive to repair because all the plastic bumpers today require far more costly body work and time than they deserve for even the smallest issues. Body workers are spoiled in expecting $1,000 or more for the smallest jobs; they don’t blink twice charging that. Think of all the real world needs of people struggling to make ends meet that $1,000 can be applied to - yet to look good people pay those amounts, especially if they have insurance that will cover it (if the deductible is not too high.) Many other people wind up not getting it done and go around looking like injured soldiers on a battlefield, parts of the cars unfinished or broken because they always find another place to put the money. The bumper had two long scrapes, some scratches on one side and a shallow dent about three inches long or less. The bumper covers they make today do not service real people living real lives in real cars; they are shallow, cheap affairs used for cosmetic purposes to make cars look cool - and whether they actually look cool with all that cheap material is debatable. I long for the day we had solid bumpers - not bumper covers - that withstood normal and even above average wear and tear so that small incidents would not require a trip to a body worker. We need to be thinking more practically about cars by going back to old-fashioned common sense about what really works, especially for people on a tight budget. We need to stop rewarding car companies for slop in offering us cheap parts that are costly yet so easy to break. A slightly higher amount of force would have cracked the bumper cover completely. 2-CITY BUSES 11/20/2016, 11/22/16 see also 11/20 Comments in Personal Notes Strange paranormal-like phenomena around buses, hard to explain, a lot of it is outside physicality. It has something to do with bus drivers, surveillance, a feeling of being watched and targeted, zone of influence phenomena including psychic and/or psychotronic influencing, a feeling of possible gangstalking. It is not paranoia to pick up these things and feel concern, but talking about the concerns can come across as only the problems associated with wild mental illness or alcohol/drug related problems. Part of the problem seems to be bus drivers and their surveillance watching managers back in the bus system main offices or in manager controlled vehicles around town with attitudes of judgment and anger toward “non-producers” they lump together as the homeless, indigent, transients, crazy women, illegal aliens, drug users, etc. We need to isolate whether these judgmental types are associated with any religious organizations, KKK, veteran networks, Third Position types, etc, or whether it is just a loose association of people with similar attitudes. We also need to always consider a behind the scenes international network messing with the United States using both aware (actively and consciously supportive) and not so aware “helpers.” Three such groups might be associated with Islamics (Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.); a minority related terrorist group with a mix of Jews, Muslims, Blacks, etc.; Zionists - but stay flexible as to who and what might be behind this phenomena. 3-CONS PIRACY Proudly, this website is a conspiracy website, because it reveals and fights Cons Piracy. Conspire’s Ways Conspiracy = Cons-Piracy. Normally the breakdown of the term conspiracy is con spire. We are thwarting the rules here by changing it to a cons piracy - a pirating by con artists and worse. The Free Dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/conspired Excerpt: verb 1. to plan or agree on (a crime or harmful act) together in secret 2. (intr) to act together towards some end as if by design: the elements conspired to spoil our picnic. [C14: from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspīrāre to plot together, literally: to breathe together, from spīrāre to breathe] From Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014….quoted on the website listed below: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/conspired Merriam Webster http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conspire Excerpt: Synonyms: collude, compass, connive, plot, contrive, intrigue, machinate, put up, scheme Middle English, from Anglo-French conspirer, from Latin conspirare to be in harmony, conspire, from com- + spirare to breathe First Known Use: 14th century http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conspire More on Cons Piracy This is a way to shift gears on the notion that conspiracy theorists are all quacks. We have all heard the negative comments about “weird conspiracy theorists” - you know, the kind who believe in little green men and walk around with B movie types of tin foil masks. What is really going on is a piracy by con artists, thugs and cold-blooded murderers. 9/11 is but one example of this. The take- over of the media coverage of the presidential races is another. The heavy sprawl and infiltration by Chase Morgan is another. The corporatism of military spending and agendas is another. The take-over of the surveillance world is yet another. Weird out- of-line police murders of members of the public without real cause are yet another. The corporate take-overs of every larger town or city in America is also an example: you are not walking into a city, you are walking into a franchise mall owned by the McDonalds, Targets, Walmarts and Chevrons of the world. Every city has the same line-up of identical businesses; they are even advertised on the highway on small signs that like official government markers. They are also pirating our bodies and minds with a variety of high tech gadgets way outside our ability to find it, diagnose it, discover its network aspects, much less get rid of it. Those gadgets hook into the way we think, how we function and how we would normally fight back. They don’t want you to know it is there; they want to suppress your internal natural alarm bells about it; much less they don’t want you to know how to remove it from your sphere of influence. Piracy can also include taking DNA information and small body samples, even body parts, without your knowing. The weaseling goes on at every level. Another form of piracy is disturbing the family, job or education peace. A family can be tormented for years by invisible fingers, perhaps targeting an individual, gender, economic status and/or race. When one of the members starts to figure it out and tell the other members of their mutual victimization, the other members might be used to turn on that person. Stolen is a person’s once probable good future, including dreams for educational advances and more. It’s like putting away a political dissident in China for 20 years for nothing; when that person finally gets out, it is felt the life is nearly over, that the life has been taken away. All those dreams when younger were squashed. A quality of life taken is a pirated life. Many people are taught to disregard any concerns as foolishness, mental illness, non-spiritual, a waste of the time of practical people or even dangerous. In this regard, they have pirated our free speech by closing doors before we even open our mouths or write our papers. The piracy is in shutting us out by blockading various corridors for free expression and thought, analogous to early historic blocking of free trade routes on the open seas. They pirate off our incomes by having high interest rates suck money away from any savings or basic life needs to corporations. Some products cost way too much with excess net values added to the bottom line; other costs are way too low and reflect a slave labor system or unhappy work environment consisting of low paid workers. They also likely reflect environmental destruction and animal exploitation all hidden from view. updated 07/22/2016 4-MALE-FIRST MALES See also: NOTES - Archive 1i - Women Have it Rough In San Juan County on this website refers to men who have an unrealistic idea of what being a man means on the planet. They take the gender of their bodies as a type of class, species, intelligence and/or organizational level. There can be a war-zone rebellion mentality (in the military and across the male strata) of standing up for certain rights: demanding appreciation, for one thing; they are taking it out on the planet to show who is boss - making a statement of demands based on the feeling they do most of the work, take on most of the heavy loads and carry most of the weight. Appreciation can come in the form of attention, privileges, better pay and a certain acknowledgement about who is in charge. They truly see their state of malehood as somehow more important and more evolved than that of females. There is an attitude of being special: “Come on, baby, what are you going to do for me?” or….”I’m dropping you a little attention. Now suck my cock.” And…. “If I kiss her ass, maybe I will get hold of some of her money.” “She’s unemployed and doesn’thave any money. Maybe she’s desperate and can be bought cheap.” They see themselves in a battle for supremacy, with the supremacy already mandated by natural and spiritual law. They feel it is obvious they are just somehow better than females. They don’t like the feelings of vulnerability that come up regarding their sex drives around women and see that as a true threat. Being easily aroused and vulnerable in bed with women makes them feel nervous and worried that they will be taken advantage of and disempowered. They go through life in a self-protective mode insisting on their privileges and rights to do things their own way at any time without women poking into their business or trying to stop them. Not truly developing a mature psyche, these males are always staying behind fences in a kind of mini-portal. There can be a basic learned feeling that women don’t like them - especially their penises - and that in particular women don’t find those parts of their anatomy sexy, so part of the behavior is acting out for not feeling loved for themselves. Most of the behavior is driven by fear, but there are some men who seem to step over into sociopathic behaviors where fear is not the driving modality, just a hard heart. Those who are especially intelligent and sociopathic have to be watched carefully. Women are advised to start recognizing the symptoms in these guys. The men often run in self-protective and self- congratulatory packs - but others are lone wolves. Some of the signs are cold calculation or smooth efforts at hiding real thoughts. Some smile while carrying an underlayer of prickliness, others are not even particularly friendly. They do exhibit certain characteristics and energy that can be recognized with increased levels of training and practice. We all have something to learn about these types, and the training period never ends because humans are unique and there are endless variations. But there are also some common themes that repeat themselves. Know your male sociopaths, ladies – and know them well. It’s a hunter’s extinct without tribal associations; in other words, these are lone wolves who don’t care about the bonding with clans to stay socially acceptable. One of the driving forces here does seem to be a cold chilling anger. The chill seems connected to the same male superiority complex listed above, just taken to another level. Role modeling in the home about domination/submission of men over women might be one place this occurred; the men might have seen their fathers beating their mothers, for example. It can come from elders in churches demonstrating they are superior. It can also come from mothers who were mean to sons and constantly disappointing or letting them down. Like, “she never could get it right” or “she never did what she said she would” or “she promised she would give me this or that if I did this or that, and she never did.” Broken promises. Unfair or exaggerated expectations about performance in bed can be taken to heightened levels of retaliation. Several disappointments might lead to violence strung out on a calibrated stick of revenge. The actions are like an alternate personality of disembodied lust. Rather than being overt, some take the attack to particularly acidic covert levels, the kind that have a highly focused and planned system to it. The attack becomes a type of statement because the man is too angry and carries too much superiority to sit down and tell the woman directly what his beef is with her, or to simply let the issue go and walk away. So we have a lot of marginal or fairly nice guys out there who had compromising situations with women in dating or the household; they are hard to bring out into the open to help women face down these other harder core guys. Since several males have had difficult situations with women over their sex drives, they are hard to enlist against the others. Along with all this is the added complication of women who latch on or are too aggressive with men. We hear of women who stalk men in increasing numbers these days. Men who had to hide or get a restraining order on women who did that are not going to be willing to help women who are dealing with aggressive men. Some men might be like honey to bees. Most men have a hard time seeing the situation from the women’s point of view because society has set them up to think about things in a certain way. They are locked into a certain mode. Certain gay men might be a little warmer – but ultimately not that effective in helping because they don’t get into women. Some might be too busy having a relationship with other men to be emotionally available to help – but we do see many gay men standing up in pro-women’s rights arenas. updated 06/07/2016 5-HOW WOMEN LET MEN DOWN (Or How Some Men Think They Do) 01/16-18/2016 Sex & Attraction From a man’s point of view, per one woman’s experiences after observing a variety of men over a number of years Too Much: Woman coming on too strong Not reading the cues right Too Little: Not enough action - show me you’re really into it and really like it Not putting out enough (ie, oral sex) Not keeping up with or matching my ongoing sex drive Growing Up Years (as a guy) Father beating mother - she never pulled out - she let me down by not getting herself and me out of there Father’s words on women were women are losers, stupid, can’t be trusted, they never get their shit together, the ones who do are bitches - women let men down for being so flawed Father was always showing me how to get around mother, how he was boss and how males don’t have to obey women; he used a team mentality that it was us guys (we brothers and him) against the bitches; we worked together against her in the home even as he was beating up on us, too; it seemed the beatings on us came less often as long as he was focused on her and as long as we were pals with him; after some beatings of her, we would get in the truck and go get a beer together, kind of like celebrating or something like that; she let me down by not calling him on the games or by not finding a strategy that worked against this, so we learned he could always get away with it Mother had an addiction - she let me down by not staying clean and sober and/or drug free Mother was bossy and loud - she let me down by not hearing the real me down deep inside. What I needed from her was for her to just shut up and see me. I mean, really see me. Mother thought boys were for physical labor: take out the trash, move the furniture, carry the heavy sacks, drive the big equipment. She let me down by treating me like a farm animal. Mother was trashy - she did not take care of herself or the way she looked. She let me down by embarrassing me with my friends, teachers, coaches and the world at large. Mother thought taking a pill or going to the doctor would solve everything. She tried to turn me into a kitty cat (purr) sipping hot tea over bridge with the rest of her female counterparts. She refused to accept I was a real man with a set of tendencies and needs different from a woman. It’s as if ‘penis’ was a dirty word. She let me down by ignoring, trying to obliterate or control my natural masculinity. Mother abandoned my sister and me when were just little kids; she let me down by not being there when I needed her most Marriage and Living Together My wife was fat. Damned right I had affairs. She let me down by being a hunk of lard. I spent twenty years waiting for my wife to decide I was more important than having a relationship with her prescription medications. She let me down for being married to her addiction. Communication If.... 1. You are too assertive 2. don’t let me wear the pants 3. or are more masculine than I am Then... I won’t give you the time of day, will have affairs, will go around you and won’t tell you what I am doing. I will sneak, lie, won’t come home at night and will act out in a variety of direct and indirect ways. When Flow is Missing Look around. Everywhere men and women are communing without these experiences. But here and there old school paradigms are still playing out between the genders. This page discusses some of them. EMAIL INTERCEPTION BY THIRD PARTIES (email by interception section updated 06/29/2016) This issue has come up so many times I have lost count. I need to go back thru my notes and pull together all the times, including today, I have mentioned this disturbing phenomenon. Note 01/30/2017 One way I have gotten confused is in emails. Here is my tentative explanation: interception. A few ways for interception to occur: 1. the 24/7 body monitoring mentioned elsewhere like a chip or other device attached to the body connected to a surveillance and influencing device; 2. emails are going to or seen by more than the intended recipient; 3. the computer is being watched. I Dynamics of interception: 1. Wall of silence 2. psyops, 3. punishment (negative conditioning) It feels like someone else is getting in the middle of the correspondence space in emails, someone trying to screw up the communication and cause confusion. What would be nice would be to work with some people who can feel it going on and who can get a better grip on what the interceptors look like and where they are located. We need other psychics involved to pin them. Until then, it can come across as speculation or paranoia. There are times I will tell you I am absolutely certain I am getting something, but cannot identify specific things like who, what and where. Something is usually showing up in my third eye or in my energy field (in my body’s sensory apparatus). Sometimes I am kind of living it, sometimes I hear words. I like experienced remote viewers, other professional psychics and other investigators to take it from there. Smart people will take it seriously when I say I am absolutely certain because I am usually sensing confusing material. When it comes in strong enough for me to say absolutely certain, it means it’s undeniable that something is going on with the subject, even if we need to fine-tune the specifics.
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