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Helpers section updated 01/21/2017 14-ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN This just simply indicates full sureness on a psychically gained piece of information.  There are some things that come in clearly, other things are less certain.  I tend to get a feeling-knowing thing.  Frequently this cannot be relied on.  I will tell people, I am picking up this, it seems like it might be you, but something else could be going on.  When I get feedback and learn I am right or wrong, I grow and learn.  When I don’t receive feedback, it hangs in the air - maybe for years - unresolved.  Sometimes information will come in later that explains the situation better.  15-STRANGE PSYCHIC PHENOMENA  04/02/2016:  Some of this older material might overlap with newer material.  I would like to add today that I am still having off and on other-level or layer psychic impressions of either myself being shot at or others being shot at.  A sense of police types watching the internet for my information in various contexts carefully, sometimes getting angry or once alerted where I am or might be, making connections with their guns on their persons.  I seem to repeatedly sense men having relationships with their guns in their anticipation of coming after me.  Multiple gun shots in this psychic feeling imagery, almost like a missing limb itch - something almost there but not here in this physical space.  Like it is going on somewhere else or about to happen and being experienced in almost 3D real life here now, over here in this layer.  Like that is Room B and this is Room A and I am shifting between the two or experiencing both almost simultaneously.  Like two computer windows showing up on the screen at the same time.  04/22/2016: Just had another experience of feeling and hearing someone talking about me and getting the feeling they were about to call or might have already called - to the point I pulled out the cell phone to see if they had called - then got another strong sense of them talking thinking about me and boom, at that moment he called.  I have readWeek preceding, feeling of a shot put through my head.  Distinct other-level feeling comparable to other times with precognition.  I feel what is going on with this sort of thing is that people are thinking about killing me and working it out on another level of existence.  I seem to be working with that energy on some level.  I also feel someone is trying to get me to think about committing suicide - like polanting ideas and this one is very subliminal, not as easy to find, more of a feeling thing.   I feel I am hitting some nerves out there even though I don’t necessarily talk about top secret high tech stuff.  I feel part of the nerve has to do with 9/11.  I have told people that whoever did 9/11 also has been stalking me and that around that time years ago I was picking up certain vibes that later suggested to me that I was getting now-time material on the planting of the bombs.  It felt like ants crawling around in my body laying bombs, there was a sense of wiring and explosions and not too long after that 9/11 came up on the TV media.  I was in Albuquerque at the time.  I had been experiencing psychic attacks and was in connection with a man named Stirling who I thought was possibly killing people.  Later I thought it was not him, it was the police and and others around him in that area where he lived - Kansas City area.  I wrote letters to the police over there telling them of my concerns, lots of letters.  I think I was getting into the psychic space of some of the detectives who might have been going around the area and beyond killing people.  When and how I hooked into that space through Stirling is not clear but it seems to have started before I contacted the police in that area, within the month after he contacted me thru a personals ad in Yahoo.  I started getting unusual psychic impressions of possible torture of and klling and thought it was him doing that.  Maybe it was MKULTRA or NSA reading our emails.  That whole thing is a long story.   I wrote letters to KC police both sides of Missouri and Kansas state line, Port Townsend, Washington, and another city in Kansas, about midway in the state, where I thought the wife had connections or might have moved.  I think Stirling might have been a victim himself through the space connections of his father.  It also could be connections in general in the KC area.  He used to live in the city where I lied, right up the street which seemed like an odd connection.  I wonder if the NSA was behind Stirling contacting me in the first place.  i felt energy dangers over the phone when he first called me, needle-like tiny energy sensations.  I made a point of remembering it.   about others doing that, but it was not only until later years that this sort of thing got stronger.  I literally was picking up this man’s thoughts and feeling it register in my body before he called.  I had the phone out waiting for him.  Sometimes what people are saying and thinking about you is not very nice, I get that a lot, and sometimes they do come out and just say it but I am already getting warning through the vibes before that.  It does not happen with everyone, I don’t always know when the phone is going to ring, and I don’t always pick up strong signals from people.  I think there are some people where there is more resonance than with others for whatever reasons.  Most of the time- almost always - the people are totally unaware that I am having these experiences over them.  Some have suggested I have a type of X-ray vision: I feel that is taking it too far.  It’s just certain things I can do.