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Albuq W. Mesa serial killing burials, area Catholic priest peds/possible killing - blog by someone who used psychic in Albuq.   2017-3 McCracken Case New Mexico: Questionable death of Melanie McCracken at hands of police husband in Rio Rancho (Albuquerque) area - he was exonerated but case was left with questions 2017-4A/13b  McCracken Case - Houston Link.  Stephanie Houston was killed by her husband. Mark McCracken was on case in same general time period as the issue involving his deceased wife. 2017-3a McCracken Case Intuitve Input  2017-3b McCracken Case  2017-4 Gary Webb 2017-5  Danny Pearl 2017-6  William (Billy) Wilson Farmington, New Mexico shooting of by police 2017-7    1-02/18-19/2017possible African male cop/fraud claims investigator at risk   2-update 02/19/2017: 9/11 and mean-not-so-green loans to the USA 3-02/19/2017     4-02/18/2017 from earlier this day     5-02/17/2017     6-From earlier notes on 02/17/2017 7-02/16/2017 (disclosure/warning cops, others be extra sensitive to your self-protection when interacting with or in my regard  8-02/09/2017 sensitizing, elusivity, etc. 2017-8 Sibel Edmonds 2017-9 on 9/11 2016-1:   01/09/2016 1997 Farmington, NM newspaper fundamentalism 2016 - OGN Archives 2 Section Miscellaneous Links 2016  07/17/2016 9/11 Secret Saudi 29 pages revealed: Sources The Daily Beast, Dig Within, Roots Action  07/11-17/2016  Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, what he leaked, discussions, attempted suicide July 5, 2016 07/11/2016(2) Philandro Castile, Dallas shootings 07/07/2016 Biometrics 07/03/2016 Dana Priest secret prisons, Cian Westmoreland drone abuses 04/21 to 05/02/2016 Dylan Redwine 01/10/2016 McDonald, Shaver, Rice 2015 2015-1:  12/01/2015  Neural Electromagnetic Warfare     11/22/2015     04/27/2015 Jeff Polachek Common Disinformation Themes     Miscellaneous Links 2015 12/27/2015 Organization Yes All Daughters, Norman Oklahoma 12/10/2015 Quiverfull Movement     06/19 to 20/2015 Indira Singh On 9/11, PTECH, Gary Webb 06/17/2015 Gary Webb 06/14/2015 David Suzuki Foundation 04/27/2015 (2) Naral Letter as Response to Anti-Abortionists  Over the last year, we’ve conducted an in-depth undercover investigation into these fake clinics, and what we’ve found is shocking: a consistent pattern of blatant lies and misinformation. 2014 2014-1:    11/29/2014 Charles Rehn Psychotronic Attack Symptoms     09/24/2014 Nazi Interdimensional 2013 Old General Notes (OGN) This section had a varied history.  Part of the time it included both personal and general notes, with the general including news links, books and inserts from human rights or other organizations.  Later it was just the latter, mostly general notes without personal commentary, although there were exceptions because of the mixed earlier history with retained (unedited) material. 2013-OGN:   07/23/2013  Oraibi Prophecy Rock     07/25/2013  Hanford - Columbia RIver, Oregon     07/26/2013     07/28/2013 More on Tom Brown   07/27/2013 Input on Tom Brown, Jr. 12/17/2014 Obama’s possible Marxist, fascist, socialist or Communist connections 12/4/2014 Mesmerism in Muslims (new page in System Abuse section) Mesmerism key to understanding tricks and games played on Americans and it explains the Muslim iron fist type of will used to counter Western ideology; knowledge of mesmerism should be top-of-the mind anti-terrorist and USA home country protection information 11/13/2014 The United States Declaration of Independence 11/11/2014  Veterans Day; Police Abuses Pushed Back in Albuquerque, but with questions 10/25/2014  Operation Paperclip 10/20/2014 part  Recommended book:  The Eagle Unbowed: Poland and the Poles in the Second World War.  Author:  Halik Kochanski.  2012.  Harvard University Press.  Same-sex marriages allowed in Arizona with note on Coconino County, Arizona (includes Flagstaff). 8/30/2013  The Pueblo Revolt of 1680: Conquest and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico by Andrew L. Knaut  6/25/2014 Recommend Author Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers.  DVD War on Whistleblowers, http://www.waronwhistleblowers.com/ 3/29/2014: The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen 3/14-15/2014  Facebook comment; Quoted Blog on Psychotronics (with link also listed elsewhere on Psychotronics page in Human Issues);  2/20/2014 Nazi International: The Nazis' Postwar Plan to Control the Worlds of Science, Finance, Space, and Conflict by Joseph P. Farrell (Mar 15, 2009) 2/15/2014 (on Dr. Becker’s book Bioelectricity on human electrical currents, regeneration, governmental abuses) 9/4/ to 9/5/2013 on Roger Howard’s Operation: Israel’s Secret War Against Hitler’s Scientists 1951-1967 2013 08/11-13/2013 Deep Green Resistance 07/28/2013 More on Tom Brown 07/27/2013 Input on Tom Brown, Jr. 07/25/2013  Hanford - Columbia RIver, Oregon 07/23/2013  Oraibi Prophecy Rock 8/30/2013  The Pueblo Revolt of 1680: Conquest and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico by Andrew L. Knaut  2013-8/11  Whistleblowing     8/11 - 8/13/2013  On the book Deep Green Resistance, etc.    
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