OPINION: HOW RELIGION CAN HELP Cohesiveness Universals, not Particulars, Standards--Ethics, Morals Can give direction - less anarchy, chaos Peer pressure for moral behavior--helps discourage meanness and cruelty when applied well--keeps people in line Compassion - studies in--warmth; ideas for something better in human condition Places for help, support, friendships, positive networking; reduces isolation; churches can step in where governments and families are lacking or fail - survival related support, sense of belonging Ideas about afterlife, hope for something more from life and after death Energy modules of spiritual connection and inner knowledge can be passed down from generation to generation and to new adherents, acting like time capsules-we might never know how old certain energies associated with religion language and culture are Outlets for Arts, Architecture churches temples, spiritual expressions using art, music, choirs, instrumentals updates:  edited 2019/05/17
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