updates 06/18/2017 An Open-Ended Thanks to Helpers Several times I have mentioned a problem on this website only to discover someone in the know has read it and started helping out.  I feel I cannot go back online to my notes section at the time to say thank you or to make direct comments about it for fear of directing negative attention toward that person.  You see, many of you realize but some of you don’t that even just mentioning someone can direct a good psychic there to do damage to that person.  It is irresponsible and immoral to say something that could end up seriously harming someone in that context. I don’t like to take credit for myself for things that helpers have assisted with.  Sometimes information comes in and it’s because helpers have been telepathically telling me things.  Sometimes it’s about their remote viewing a subject which in and of itself seems to loosen the subconscious so I start seeing it.  Also there can be subconscious telepathic communication - their thoughts and what they see gets relayed over to me even if they are not deliberately showing me stuff. For all these reasons and more, I have to give an open-ended thank you for the many times I have been helped but I cannot mention it at that time. Please continue your good work in fighting system abuse and know that the ultimate objective of a truly free world is what it is about. 13-HELPERS As mentioned elsewhere, I ask for - and seem to intermittently get - living psychic helpers, as opposed to spirit guides or disembodied helpers.  Helpers who are more psychically advanced can and do step into my life from a distance from time to time.  By virtue of their ability to get into the same space I am in or asking help on. and with the ability to look at the person or situation in the right way, things start shifting and opening up.  What this means for me is that lots of times their looking in helps make me more psychic, at least while they are doing that.  It has happened to me repeatedly.  There is both an opening and a transference of information. In this regard, I notice a difference in my psychic ability when someone more advanced than I am seems to step in to look at things or to help.  It has happened several times.    In the past when I started feeling people in my space doing readings from a distance, sometimes at some point soon thereafter, they confirmed what I was picking up.  So there is precedence for this. When more advanced people seem to be checking things out and things are going off in my awareness because of that, it feels like a type of psychic training.  It is as if they are helping, like learning to ride a bike, swim, ride horseback, play an instrument or learn to talk.  It is as if new places in the psyche or subconscious are awakened.  If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Whether the individual is specifically communicating with me telepathically or not, there is a shift, in the sense I will notice where I was blocked before, things now start coming in.  This would be an advanced form of psychic training school.  It seems to help dislodge certain kinds of blocks, it can help open up my subconscious.  More detail can start flowing into my third eye, feeling nature, empathic or body knowing and general knowing.  It can even help me hear psychically better.  All of these things came up recently on the Linda Daniels case.   What was different this time was that  more detail seemed to start coming in and I even seemed to hear the perpetrators playing music, like from a radio in the car they were using to abduct Linda - and also perhaps in the room where they were abusing her. I don’t usually hear things psychically in the form of music.  Recently, I was looking into the Linda Daniels case.  I was getting a lot on a spiritual level and as an empathic healer, but very little concrete data.  After I mentioned it would be good to have a professional psychic with a proven track record look in, I started noticing I was getting more apparent detail, was having certain kinds of sensations….and was almost - not quite fully - hearing music as if coming from the past perpetrators during the 1986 attack on Linda Daniels.  It sounded like some kind of rock coming possibly from their abduction car and perhaps in the motel where they apparently raped and tortured her.  Did I really sense these things?  Was I really getting more detail?  Was I really hearing music?  Or was it all a trick of the imagination? For whatever reason, a psychic connection can still result as a type of resonance, and that resonance can encourage a form of telepathy and shared psychic viewing so that when the other psychic looks in, what they see, I see, or at least part of it.  Perhaps this link between psychics is related to a concept of a Tao or great linked mind in a matrix soup; that we sense stuff together because we are in a matrix of interconnectivity.  We hear about the ether, perhaps created with tiny drops of intelligence in touch with each other.  We can envision a small brain hooked into a big brain, so it all hooks together like a computer system.  We can see polyps or sponges on the sea bottom floor; then we can imagine that sea floor is a living being, a consciousness; then everything that is anchored to the bottom sucks up common intelligence or knowledge, like trees and bushes in an area pull in common water through the roots. However it happens, it is not scary and should not be thought of as forbidden territory or just an area for advanced people.  It is a free space available for all of us equally, I would think.  Helpers might be more fluent with this matrix, more adept, having been opened up, they help others open up, even if it is for that viewed event or person, even if the ability is temporary while they are looking in on things or helping.  They do show what is possible with psychic ability by helping less advanced people get past some blocks or shift gears, sort of like showing someone how to ride a bike or swim.   As I mentioned before, I don’t often get a whole lot of usable, tangible, identifiable data, stuff you and I both would just love to have when we are trying to prove something or nail something down.  So often when I am looking into something psychically - doing the best I can - or, which is more often the case, things start coming to me, like through flashes or body types of awarenesses, etc. - I reach out to the universe and basically say “Help! Could someone please look into this and help add more detail!”  I will put that message out frequently on this website, usually through the notes area.  And sure enough, sometimes people who happen to pass by (check out the website that day) or people who have been following the website pretty carefully, especially the notes (or updated sections) will seem to help!  You get what you ask for!  But sometimes it is not because the people seem to vibe out as particularly being for me, it’s just they are critical and want to check things out themselves, either to prove me wrong or to find out stuff. My approach with all of this is one of creativity and exploration.  I feel we all should approach the psychic world as a mix of science and art, so that it is OK to fumble and make mistakes along the way.  I will tell you frankly I make psychic mistakes every day of my life!  But I also have some “hits” - which means psychic rightness.  And it is not just coincidence! My feeling on this material is to use caution.  It is important to remain cautious and discerning, but to become too skeptical and rationalistic destroys the potential good that could come out of psychic work.  Skeptics who take skepticism too far often have psychological issues they are not working on, and their problem becomes our problem.  They can block progress.  Some people get lost in materialism, they just simply get lost - that is all there is to it.  And they can be so critical and so stubborn!  There is an energy associated with some people who have gotten lost.  Some people are into negative occult activities. These people can be fearful of change, having damaged or immature egos.  They might have trouble admitting being wrong.  The could be worried about people seeing  them for who they are and what they are doing.   Some might sense where a psychic might be tuning in, or trying to “heal” them, and so they want to stay ahead of that.  Some of it could go back to childhood when they were abused or not loved.  This can include severe disappointments to the point hope is a dagger.  It is sharp and painful to them to see others with hope and they want to squash it the way it was destroyed for them.  Emotional pain gets stuck and is a kind baggage these people don’t want to deal with.  They are angry people.  Also there is the feeling of the point of no return as some of these people have already gone too far, having killed people.  This is part of the lack of hope.  Also sometimes it shows up in homosexuals, especially men, men who once had heterosexual relationships and have turned their back on all that.  There is a sense of grief in a lost world they cannot and will not return to; if their choices in addition to homosexuality include negative acts against society, such as in a conspiracy, the tendency to turn off spirituality or the metaphysical might be more likely.  This then would be materialism with a fear of things that go bump in the night and the whole scary world of the paranormal, scary because all of that could loosen things up and make a person feel too much again.  By bottling things up and off, things seem safer and more controlled.  Materialism is on an energy level a type of solidifying as the energy often feels dense, tight, not flowing with a forgiving nature.  Psychics working together can help loosen old stuck energy; it is very conceivable that missing pieces from an old cold case can start showing up after a variety of psychics work together according to their abilities and different spiritual or non-spiritual ways.  A more advanced psychic might be less advanced in some ways than the one being assisted, so in this manner, the experience is teamwork.  This is no less true of any other form of collaboration.
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