updates 06/18/2017 An Open-Ended Thanks to Helpers Several times I have mentioned a problem on this website only to discover someone in the know has read it and started helping out.  I feel I cannot go back online to my notes section at the time to say thank you or to make direct comments about it for fear of directing negative attention toward that person.  You see, many of you realize but some of you don’t that even just mentioning someone can direct a good psychic there to do damage to that person.  It is irresponsible and immoral to say something that could end up seriously harming someone in that context. I don’t like to take credit for myself for things that helpers have assisted with.  Sometimes information comes in and it’s because helpers have been telepathically telling me things.  Sometimes it’s about their remote viewing a subject which in and of itself seems to loosen the subconscious so I start seeing it.  Also there can be subconscious telepathic communication - their thoughts and what they see gets relayed over to me even if they are not deliberately showing me stuff. For all these reasons and more, I have to give an open-ended thank you for the many times I have been helped but I cannot mention it at that time. Please continue your good work in fighting system abuse and know that the ultimate objective of a truly free world is what it is about.
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