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2019/10/14 The About/Notes section has had an addition and indexing formalization of Disclosures involving River Gold, Police Factor and Greening Ways websites’ political and religious orientation.  This provides easily accessed transparency so people can cut through the chase.  Where fair-skinned Caucasians need support and protection in modern times, now is the time to start implementing those measures, but this does not preclude fair treatment for all peoples.  We have had some vicious anti-American agendas targeting our white communities with funding from well-padded overseas governments and cartels.  Many of the antics include psyops across the board - against the public, policing systems and the government.  In order to orchestrate through this tangled and harried landscape, we need clear-headed and clear speaking reverse operators.  Part of the job is translation of what has been happening to us.  Another part is to counter fake news or approaches with no-nonsense accurate ones.  One way to see through the fake news is to list and sort various pieces of news over time to be able to compare notes. 2019/07/30 This is an earlier note on ACLU section Note from The Golden River:  Over the years, I have donated to and been members of each of these groups.  I have had both positive and negative feelings about them.  One of my main concerns - voiced to at least the ACLU and AU, is that there might be what I realize now is called an “alternative left” strand which is focusing more on minority rights in a certain way rather than the broader issues of human rights per se.  In other words, I have suspected a minority preference, with the same voices across the board over the same issue.  It’s like if you are a member of all three, you start seeing how they are all saying the same things and doing it in the same way.  My one question was whether the EFF, which seems intellectually with it, was able to stand on its own and be its own voice.  I waffled on that, but am back wondering if there is more of an alt. left emphasis there, too.  What I do know is the information about surveillance and system abuse, as well as religious abuse or unfairness, seemed pertinent at the time and I still use their information. This is my current opinion: I was originally wowed by the ACLU and Americans United for their stand on Christian religious fundamentalism, but have since decided this is likely an Islamic sharia law infiltrated group as well as a far left one oriented toward destroying the United States.  Although I read through quite a few Americans United magazines, I particularly appreciated some of the insights into why religious fundamentalists are the way they are historically and otherwise, I grew tired of the constant slant on gay and Islamic rights.  Although my views are often closer to the secular Jewish perspectives on why to combat Islamic sharia, as I don’t offer a religion like a Jesus centered Christianity as a reason to counter it, I think anyone with common sense can start making the links between civil rights groups like the ACLU and Americans United and truly serious anti-American agendas.  These phony civil rights groups need to go away.  It’s one thing to support civil rights honestly, another to be using the civil rights movement for hidden warfare. We can be gay or not gay, religious or not religious, egalitarian female or not so egalitarian female, happy or sad, blue or green and all be fair minded Americans supporting a safe liberties-oriented space called the United States.  If you don’t want abortion, don’t have one.  Know that when you start trying to control a woman’s birth process, you could be on a downhill slide toward other encroachments of female rights.  Equating women with sin and misguided ways requiring controls are antiquated ideas. I don’t want a mostly developed late term baby aborted unless there are some critical issues.   But there is more to the ACLU than the support of a woman’s right to choose.  Although defending unborn life in female wombs takes precedence for many of you to the point you put anti-abortion signs in your front yards, I ask that you also consider supporting: -anti-sharia extremist jihad movements (AFDI’s 18 point plan has been added to this website) -say no to torture, including waterboarding and jailhouse isolation -civil rights measures against reverse discrimination as part of an overall civil rights package opposing all forms of discrimination.   Reverse discrimination against whites is on the rise.   Reverse discrimination is just as malicious as the more commonly understood form of discrimination. -reduced national and global birth rates with an emphasis on nurturing and support of the children we do have -elimination of the federal-tribal nexus including the reservation system On American flag waving in yards and on vehicles driving around town: I started out the website projects making snide comments about “Red, White and Blue’s” in Farmington, New Mexico and beyond. No longer.  I am now happy to see them, although we might not all see eye to eye (many of us have differences over religion and women’s place in the world).. I was already shifting perspectives, but something I read in one of David Horowitz’s books did it for me.    He was describing reactions shortly after 9/11, with some people waving their flags and others feeling it was all hopelessly militaristic and Nazi.  I saw myself  in his depiction of those who felt flag waving was banal and nationalistic coming out of a fog.  It’s going to take more than flag waving to pull out of our problems but I no longer see those Americans as silly and misguided. 2019/07/28 Impeach Trump banner taken down - see notes in System Abuse/Trump https://rivergold.net/sys---trump.html 2019/05/17 Far Zone Notes section is being created here to cover outside the box and other often non- mainstream or otherwise not deemed  “data/science/practical” topics.  Some of it started in Police Factor and was moved here.  This is being set up, partially available. Far Zone Notes 2019 04/27/2019 Have added section Black/Dark Web in System Abuse.  I will explain why I did this here.  I started psychically feeling someone was taking out a loan on me without my permission and also sending me money as pretended payment for something while secretly getting the money from my own self with that secret loan done without my awareness or permission.  I went to my credit reports to see if something had been opened in my name without my permission, like through fraud.  Nothing there but I did see an old fraud issue I thought had been resolved still there.  That seems to be another issue.  This recent one seems to be something else, although it might be the same criminal network invovled.  So then I started doing research.  I came upon the Black Web.  I realized then this could be one place the bad feelings I had described above were coming from: maybe someone was secretly pulling a loan on me through the black web. 04/05/2019, later addition edited 04/25/2019 Website was taken offline for a brief period.  Decided to keep it up.  The police section on this website was moved to Police Factor, https://policefactor.com The police related website is being designed with simplicity and directness in mind so people can focus more on research specific topics.  It will take some time to update and edit things to get to that point, but some of it is already under way. I will be removing the police sections from this website today, leaving Police Factor now with that information. 04/05/2019, earlier   NAME RIVER GOLD CONSOLIDATED FROM FROM GOLDEN RIVER DOT ORG  AND THE GOLDEN RIVER DOT NET. WEBSITES STARTED OUT AT  AS GREENING HANDS WHICH SOON DIVIDED INTO GREENING WAYS (ENVIRONMENTAL)AND GOLDEN RIVER (mixed) THE CONCEPT BEHIND GOLD REMAINS SAME: LIFE FORCE, PRANA, QI, KUNDALINI IN ALL THINGS…BUT ALSO IN NEWEST RIVER GOLD, IT MEANS ALSO THE NUGGETS OF INFORMATION AND INSIGHT GLEANED FROM INVESTIGATING CERTAIN KEY TOPICS IN MORE DETAIL AND CONNECTING THE DOTS.  tO DO THIS THE WEBSITE SERIES FOLLOW CERTAIN TRAJECTORIES, NOT ALL POSSIBLITIES. GREENING WAYS, GOLDEN RIVER , greening ways AND POLICE FACTOR CONNECT IN SEEKING MEANING AND SOMETHING MORE BEYOND THE MUNDANE, HARSHNESS, UGLINESS, COMMERCIALISM AND DESPAIR.  GOLDEN RIVER AND GREENING WAYS ALSO SHOOT FOR IDEAS OF NURTURING AESTHETICS AND ARTS 02/24/2019 Various additions to Russian Antics, incl. 2004 book Cold Peace, Russia’s New Imperialism; Health Insurance Company & Medical Network  Corruption (System Abuse); New page WMD Iraq pre-2003 in Iraq section  Russia/Iraq Oil & Kurd 02/16/19  Website shifting gears.  Removal of Some Sections. Focus on: Police Issues - Certain areas Network Violence War Zones - certain areas and topics Religious issues related to the above and system abuse in general
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