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2020/05/17   The Black/Brown Centric Media section was put back into the System Abuse area.  The Point to Point Section  has been added to, with some clarifying notes to flesh out the concept,  and given its own separate page.  The idea is included with the notion of driving, as in driving our thoughts, emotions and actions in one direction and thus away from other potentialities.    see also Health Insurance Corruption The reason Health Insurance Corruption is brought up against is because I suspect a Hispanic cartel connection as a major component (there are probably various races as players with a central or major Hispanic theme); one place I suspect I experienced something along these lines was in Cottonwood, Arizona between the domestic violence shelter, something that happened at a Hispanic mechanic’s shop, a conflict with Hispanic leadership in a major food serving company linked to schools and prisons (all the bosses were Hispanic) and Hispanics answering the phones at Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as Blue Cross in general.  It felt like Hispanics and Italians both might be involved in Catholic links, drugs, gangs; there was a pervasive feeling of being watched around the Safeway parking lot and perhaps elsewhere; I saw and heard some bad things in an addiction halfway house meant for addicts but also used for lower cost rent, not necessarily linked to hospital/urgent care/Blue Cross Blue Shield corruption, but corruption in general.  For example, a woman who worked as a Master Degreed counselor while also staying at one of these places indicated there was corruption in diagnosing people by the medical companies involved because they wanted money; they would get more funds for certain diagnostic labels.  This woman truly verbally and physically abused her child, by the way.  I saw people smoking so much green “legal” marijuana in the back rooms they were totally out of it and weird, and also the room completely stank and you felt like you had these substances forced on you through the air you breathed.  A woman told me she knew of rape and murder houses in south Texas, and of a Marine who serial killed women and buried them in Colorado.  I had already been reading up on Marine abuses and crimes before that, but picked up the pace after what she told me.  The Military Criminality section has been moved to Police Factor and further developed there.  Something particularly fishy and dangerous does seem to be linked tot he Marines, but all branches are showing serious criminal problems, including rapes and sexual abuse of minors.  I think more investigations are needed into cartel intrusions of the health insurance and medical world; I think something is off with all student loan processing companies, but so far OSLA out of Oklahoma seems particularly likely to be corrupt.  People are doing things there in terms of how student borrower req3uests are being handled; I suspect a cult, for one thing.  I don’t know if it is Oklahoma in general, but I have discovered a suspicious number of Army related sex abuse cases from or linked to Fort Sills.  I have read Domestic Violence is 6th in the nation.  Oklahoma seems to be trying to do something about it.  Part of it is likely the bible belt in which low education, ignorance, paranoia and sneaking go hand in hand, but it also can include a large Cherokee and Native American presence.  On the other side of these issues will be sincere old school Christians who sacrifice their young to bloody wars overseas and are mindful about sin and close family relations.  Somewhere in the middle of the biblical aspect can include safer and cleaner neighborhoods and towns; some Christian areas are better maintained than, say, inner city ones.   Also country ways also has two faces; in some cases, boredom and harsh rural life can include drugs, sexual, physical and verbal abuse - the cowboys get mean and dirty.  In other ways, it’s old school and clean-cut.  Oklahoma probably has all these things but also the big city stuff with all the crimes of any city.  There might be some hidden or secretive fracking operations bringing oil and gas men from other parts of the country.   In short, Oklahoma did not used to be on my radar, but has become so.  I encourage high quality investigations into OSLA with an eye on the weird or unexpected, whether religious, sexual abuse or drug cults or something else.   Something seems very off in a way that is different, vibes I pick up, don’t trust them, feel they might be dangerous and boldly breaking some rules, ruthless about student borrowers.  They don’t tell themselves no.  If China or something else (ie mafia) has been backing student loans, there might be hidden vigilante attacks against student loan borrowers, things off the charts, something that has been going on a long time.    As a side note, Canada probably needs to be on our radar on many different things, including the production of American military vehicles and related technology.    2020/05/08 We need a cosmopolitan approach uniting different countries and races toward a freedom loving world to help protect our individual nations.  At the same time, we need to call a Spade a Spade when needed.  For those who are white or mostly white-complected, it means taking note when whites are going, going, GONE from a work place, neighborhood, region or town.  For those who are black, brown or mostly persons of color, it means recognizing when fellow persons of color are violent and raping.  It also means that both persons of color and the more fair complected persons come together to oppose people of any color who combat these freedoms, human rights and fair play.  It also means persons of color not take offense when white countries  oppose Islamic, black, Hispanic or tribal takeovers when there are signs of a malicious agenda at hand, or at the least a crude tendency for networking which creates an atmosphere of mutual support to the exclusion of other people, including original inhabitants.  Many of the persons are color are operating on two things.  An old CRG (Civil Rights Group with non-American enemy connections) mentality that goes back to at least the Vietnam War, although there are signs of strands of this sort of thing yet earlier in both American and Eutopean history.  This CRG mentality links up with a communist and/or socialist (leftist) ideology.  It also has ties to tyrannical countries which oppose the USA and western democratic or republic-based approaches.  The CRG movement included things like the black and red power movements.    What needs to happen is a cosmopolitan approach which sees through the anti-white CRG movements and allows for a racially diverse front against any group that tries to squeeze out, dominate and control others in menacing and dangerous ways.  This means sometimes non-whites (persons of color)  in the cosmopolitan front help countries like Sweden and the Netherlands confront Islamic takeovers!  It means helping whites confront takeovers of police departments by blacks part of the Stealth Jihad or Africania First approach, while recognizing certain kinds of black-driven lawsuits as being part of the old CRG, anti-American agendas.  If Somalians, who are mostly black, are being abused by fellow Somalians, we don’t support such abuse and want to help…up to the point of Somalian takeovers in the USA and beyond.  Immigrants coming into the United States - often Muslim and Hispanic - often operate as CCTs - Converting and/or Colonizing Transplants.  These CCTs are happening in banks/credit unions; shopping center malls; campus, grocery store, chain store and mall private security; Home Depots and Walmarts, as well as other big store chains, including in their call centers and so-called human rights complaints divisions (largely manned by persons of color, so whites calling in to complain about reverse discrimination are only sending complaints to mostly blacks and Hispanics who won’t effectively respond to or over a white), etc…  These CCTS do not actively integrate with the USA nor respect its local inhabitants traditions, customs and laws, nor do they actively help to support and protect it, but instead develop an insidious network tendency for self-gain and cronyism.  It is a takeover using a transmutation and disruption approach.  Whether or not planned in advance, these CCTS are dangerous and unfair to American citizens.  The CCTs also often work alongside the older CRG movement.  2020/02/21  Commentary regarding: The Atlantic (2020/02/10) The 2020 Disinformation War: The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President How new technologies and techniques pioneered by dictators will shape the 2020 election. By McKay Coppins. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/  Cultural Anthropology (2018/04/25) Fake News Mills of Macedonia and other Liberal Panics. By Andrew Graan.Series “Lessons for Liberals from the Illiberal East”  https://culanth.org/fieldsights/the-fake-news-mills-of-macedonia-and-other-liberal-panics-1.  I had originally included an excerpt (see 2020/02/19 below) from The Atlantic to demonstrate how biases in the news can impact our understandings of the police, military, politics, sex scandals and more.  The idea was The Boy Scouts Crisis seems to have a likely basis of truth, which was my first gut reaction.  Flashing before my eyes while catching up on the scandal this week was yet another lineup of highly publicized male sexual victims of predatory pedophiles.  The internal commotion came in on a pre-waxed channel of expectation that all those clean-cut, scrubbed, manicured and pressed white boys and their pack leaders were a little too too to be innocent.  But I had to back up a bit and take a breath, remembering my own research and warnings.  The truth is, media can be linked to people interested in weakening and taking out American core institutions.  What deeper core than The Boy Scouts, for goodness sake?  These same mediaventors can be hired by large corporations with questionable leadership and funding.  To discuss the possibility our news is being handled by anti-American groups trying to take out the USA does not mean the facts about sexual abuse are not there; it is possible they are being exploited by lip-chopping groups making a mockery of the situation while assisting payloads and pay-offs in the background.  The Atlantic is a liberal resource with a history of negative reporting on Trump; in the article listed above, the author seems at first glance to be seeking relief from disinformation campaigns and new tech pioneered by dictators.  As you enter the traipsing lilt of the first paragraph, one suggesting mutual discovery and enlightenment between reader and writer, one’s instincts are this is another anti-Donald propaganda piece in line with the former Iraq War Era Bush trumping, but taken to a new level.      For a moment perhaps you hover in indecision: OK, maybe this is NOT another one of those Trumpgate pieces.  Going back to the original impression gleaned by the title, you enter a section in the article seeming to shift form and texture from the expected buildup toward an apex of anti-Trump fireworks, to instead decry all media biases in general.    Hmm, you think, maybe this writer has something new to say after all.  Maybe this is not just more of the same old banal Trump-bashing.   For a moment McKay seems to be discussing the swipe, swipe of any group clearing the plate of things said.  McKay goes on to say:  I was surprised by the effect it had on me. I’d assumed that my skepticism and media literacy would inoculate me against such distortions. But I soon found myself reflexively questioning every headline. It wasn’t that I believed Trump and his boosters were telling the truth. It was that, in this state of heightened suspicion, truth itself—about Ukraine, impeachment, or anything else—felt more and more difficult to locate. With each swipe, the notion of observable reality drifted further out of reach.  What I was seeing was a strategy that has been deployed by illiberal political leaders around the world. Rather than shutting down dissenting voices, these leaders have learned to harness the democratizing power of social media for their own purposes—jamming the signals, sowing confusion. They no longer need to silence the dissident shouting in the streets; they can use a megaphone to drown him out. Scholars have a name for this: censorship through noise.  This goes hand in hand with Cultural Anthropology’s piece by Andrew Graan:   Their fake news stories were alleged to “dupe” voters—notice here an ideology that grants media a “hypodermic” (Spitulnik 1993, 296) power to influence consumers. Craig Silverman, the journalist who broke the Buzzfeed story, described the end effect as a “profound and powerful unmooring” that occurs when “people feel they have nowhere trustworthy and independent they can rely on,” making it “easier for malevolent forces to degrade institutions.”   That piece would fit well in any introductory journalism class trying to teach students to identify bias.  Unfortunately, after you pass this apparently progressive bump in the road, the article gets back to the business at hand - Trump bashing.    The truth of the matter is, most people do NOT believe Trump propaganda, and the die-hard Trumpists are more wary than that; they are not as much rah-rah as sensitive to the loud backlash from the country as a whole.  They are not off in some delusional periphery immune to the other real news.  Many Republican Trump supporters do in fact know what is going on.  The Atlantic article’s revs up a continued scrape of the remaining bumps - very akin to an Islamic extremist leaving no stones unturned.  The idea that Trump is larger and more dangerous than he actually is, is part of this dramatism.  The author goes on and on as if the Trump Threat is just HUGE….when it is not.  This is one of the most disliked and unbelieved presidents in history! Angry at any small amount of Trumpian success, the author is pouring out a littany of propaganda equal to anything he suggests comes from the Trumpists themselves.  The author is suggesting a person can be put in a skewed responsive data base which brings in only right or left views, complete with lies, distortions and blocked information from either side.  However, McKay is using the information he provides to show how technology is being used to support a well-funded Trump agenda. He is less concerned about how the right is being flapped about by the media, suggesting instead the Trump version against the so-called left is far worse.  In a countermovement proposal, an article from Cultural Anthropology suggests our reactions to fake news might be generated by fears of things that do not relate to the actual sociocultural surroundings and reasonings of the individuals who put it out. For example, the article suggests liberals see in the fake news from Madeconia and Russian as something designed to exploit Google and Facebook to make money and support a conservatism swooping in through the cracks of postsocialism, even if in a cheesey and elementary sort of way.  We see the word semiotic.  Political figures are now about maneuvering signs in an online, print and youtube world designed to extrapolate the meaning of the man/woman into microbits which signify him.    McKay does elude to these fake news spaces in his article with a perfunctory brush, as if he just happens to mention it, and is everyone just knows what he’s talking about.  Instead, Cultural Anthro suggests maybe the youths from Veles were just bored…All to do about nothing? (Please see the Fake News Mills of Macedonia and other Liberal Panics, from the Lessons for Liberals from the Illiberal East, By Andrew Graan, 2018, 04/25,Cultural Anthropology https://culanth.org/fieldsights/the-fake-news-mills-of-macedonia-and-other-liberal-panics-1.)   020/02/18-19 Note: This is an assemblage of articles on the Boy Scouts crisis repeated on policefactor dot com for this day, as well.  River Gold has quite a bit of material on all kinds of sexual abuse, including the  Catholic, Mormon, Protestant and other religous ones. There is also a section on Rapes in the Military.   This website/blogsite goes more into the woo woo thing surrounding these issues. It is my opinion sexual abuse and sexual interaction can have a psychic component, both conscious and subconscious. Various of the points covered here have been discussed elsewhere on this website.  I feel both the Mormons and the Catholics have high psychic content with possibly a hidden historical component.    TOP OF MIND AWARENESS ABOUT INFO WARS IN MEDIA: As a final note: let us hope the cases, especially the oldest ones, have enough evidence to make a real case.  In the back of all the lawsuits across all the sex abuse platforms - Catholics, Mormons, the military, the Boy Scouts, Sports -  we need to ask if there is a an anti-American agenda designed to create chaos rather than justice, chaos to undermine the country from the inside out. If so, it might be a type of psyops to make America look sick and weak,  lacking a core of stable and healthy people. Please also consider ideas on this website like Two Horns, Invisible Fingers, Making The Other Guy Look Bad and Psychotronic/Psychic attack.  There can be a variety of games being played to set people up, and some of the approaches can have an Arabian Nights style.  It also can be a system for making money off the country’s institutions through glory-seeking lawsuits.  There are Islamic extremist plans to try to destroy American from within, for one thing.  We can ask if any one of these lawsuits comes from a space other than what they seem.   Are fake victims and witnesses coming to the forefront?  Is the media creating false names and victims?   Even before I heard the Boy Scouts crisis on the radio for the first time yesterday (I was focusing on other news stories until then) and then read about it online, I had already wondered if something along those lines might be happening to those little white boys standing in booths trying to sell popcorn or candy in front of the local grocery store with white Dads and/or troop leaders.  The one or two I saw seemed to be reaching out to people in a very subtle way, I felt it on a psychic/energy level - it’s hard to explain, but it felt to me like maybe they were being controlled by something, like they wanted to flee the coop (the adult males around them) and run into the arms of a mother figure.  In a way, reading up on the Boy Scouts problem was kind of a validation my concerns about the boys were not unreasonable.  I also felt there might be an invisible boundary around the group of whites, something I have felt around certain other whites in this particular region.  As mentioned elsewhere, in tribal reservation border towns like Farmington, New Mexico, whites in dynsfunctional settings might feel isolated with inadequate support available from a community divided largely into a few major camps:  religious fundamentalists of all races, religious fundamentalists as mostly white Trump supporters and finally the so-called minority groups - the non-white Hispanic/tribal ones linked to a few Asians and blacks.  In an area filled with competition and mutual resentment, racial divides could accentuate and deepen already existing problems involving pedophilic abuse.  In addition, mixed race households can have abuse spanning racial and religious issues.    In such settings, we can see how pedophilic behavior might go unchecked in an area in which so many people are pigeon-holed into certain categories and where the counseling centers and other support agencies mirror the demographic and religious dynamics.  Little white boys in all-white households might be experiencing hardships in two ways, then: from within their groups or extended families; but also from an angry and defiant group of non-whites who can be orchestrating a number of anti-white attacks in both overt and subtle ways.  Attacks can run the gambit from name-calling to ostracizing, to bullying at school to keeping white parents from getting jobs at one of the large franchise companies.  It can include things like all-Hispanic and tribal security at public schools and college campuses, and for police leaders to orchestrate a network of corruption across racial lines which target certain people.    Police officers raised in dysfunctional households themselves might not recognize abuse, or might not take it seriously enough.   They might not be awake to subtle forms of group and family ostracizing of the non-conforming family member; people from outside the home might be trying to control outcomes, keeping real help from getting to the targeted individual.  By not seeing or responding to the games inside and outside the home, a child or other victim could be lost and forgotten.  Identifying the players in these situations can be difficult for any of us, but there can be subtle cues something is up and off.  Learning to recognize these is an important step in the maturing process of both police persons and places like CYFD.    If people doing the investigations are likely to have a racial or religious bias, it is important to step back and balance out the investigating team with more fair-minded professionals.  Hispanic male investigators might feel too much resentment against whites to come in all the way, or might try to obstruct justice.  White officers might have the opposite types of feelings toward Navajos, or some such thing.  Navajo culture might keep a Navajo officer from digging for answers for a fellow Navajo, whereas a Type A personality white might try harder for that same Navajo victim.  White male officers might worry about this or that when called to assist a white female member of the public, while a male Navajo officer might not have those same fears or biases with her.  After I sat down and wrote another piece on child sexual abuse last night, particularly that of males (see below), slowly I started remembering my own research.  What if this latest onslaught against the Boy Scouts is part of something more sinister - a longterm campaign against white America, and everything that links to its most cherished traditions and institutions?  added material on 2020/02/21: Note: The Atlantic is a liberal resource with a history of negative reporting on Trump; in the article below, the author seems at first glance from the title to suggest both sides of the media game are lying and that no one can be trusted.  However, as you get to the first paragraph, your instincts are this is another anti-Trump propaganda piece.  For a moment perhaps you hover, going back to the original impression gleaned by the title, when you run into a section in the article that seems to decry biases in general. That piece would fit well in any introductory journalism class trying to teach students to identify bias.  Unfortunately, after you pass this apparently progressive bump in the road, the article gets back to the business at hand - Trump bashing.  The truth of the matter is, most people do NOT believe Trump propaganda, and the die-hard Trumpists are more wary than that; they are not as much rah-rah as sensitive to the loud backlash from the country as a whole.  What is going on in The Atlantic is a continued “scrape the remaining bumps” - very akin to an Islamic extremist approach of leaving no stones unturned.  The idea that Trump is larger and more dangerous than he actually is, is part of this dramatism.  The author goes on and on as if the Trump Threat is just HUGE….when it is not.  Angry at a small amount of success, the author is pouring out a littany of propaganda equal to anything McKay suggests comes from the Trumpists.  The author is suggesting a person can be put in a skewed responsive data base which brings in only “right” or “left” views, complete with lies, distortions and blocked information from either side.  The Atlantic (2020) The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President.  How new technologies and techniques pioneered by dictators will shape the 2020 election.  Story by McKay Coppins https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/ Excerpt: I was surprised by the effect it had on me. I’d assumed that my skepticism and media literacy would inoculate me against such distortions. But I soon found myself reflexively questioning every headline. It wasn’t that I believed Trump and his boosters were telling the truth. It was that, in this state of heightened suspicion, truth itself—about Ukraine, impeachment, or anything else—felt more and more difficult to locate. With each swipe, the notion of observable reality drifted further out of reach. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/  Daniel Bolger, retired Army General on the media: Throughout his book Why We Lost, he makes it clear the media had a large persuasion base in distorting facts and souring Americans on the Iraq War.  Other careful, well resourced authors about the war also make this clear.  Whereas The Atlantic is apparently not as bad as Al-Jazeera, it has a history of ongoing slanted stories against Trump.  Bolger shows that Al-Jazeera could be counted on to publicize Islamic beheadings of America, and was part of the program to make Americans look weak, stupid and subdued.   Whereas I do not like nor supported Trump myself, I think the man has made some valid points that get wiped out by the sneering media that has been ganging up against him for a long time.  I do believe a large number of the civil rights group had become infected with a pro-black orientation that became the obsession.  I had tried three groups for a time back somewhere between 2013 to 2015; I got on some email and mailing lists and saw first hand how obsessive this was.  They were all saying the same things over and over.  I finally gave up in disgust with my eyes opened.  When the media suggests that Trump’s team is the one blacking out information, it is possible, but so is the left.  My personal input is not professional Please note the personal comments in this section and elsewhere on this website are often opinions only and are not written by an expert or professionally trained counselor.  They are written by someone who has a certain limited level of telepathic and psychic ability, but who also makes mistakes in interpretations.  (see continued personal input below)   I do feel the Boy Scouts issue has been following males into the military as there is a kind of militaristic quality to their system what with the uniforms, patches, flags and field related exercises. The Boy Scouts also has been central to much of what is perceived of as Americana.  Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse/Lawsuits  Colorado  Denver Post  (2020/01/07) Boy Scouts Lawsuit Sex Abuse Colorado: A Colorado statute limits many Boy Scout abuse victims from filing sexual abuse claims. A new lawsuit seeks to change that. A Colorado man is one of eight victims suing the Boy Scouts of America. By Sam Tabachnik https://www.denverpost.com/2020/01/07/boy-scouts-lawsuit-sex-abuse-colorado/  (2019/08/04) Boy Scout Abuse Colorado Lawsuit. By Sam Tabachnik https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/04/boy-scout-abuse-colorado-lawsuit/ Excerpt: Campbell is one of nearly 700 men, including 16 in Colorado, who are coming forward with accusations that they were sexually abused during their time in the Boy Scouts. They plan to sue Boy Scouts of America, a century-old organization that has been a fixture of American childhood. The men are demanding that the Boy Scouts be held accountable for hiding abusers from the criminal justice system and enabling them to keep preying on young men…. Just this year, the Boy Scouts in Colorado announced a merger between the Denver Area Council and the Western Slope council in anticipation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ withdrawal from the organization. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/04/boy-scout-abuse-colorado-lawsuit/  New Mexico  Claims Journal dot com (2019/11/26) Boy Scouts Mortgage Vast New Mexico Ranch Amid Sex-Abuse Litigation.mBy David Crary https://www.claimsjournal.com/news/national/2019/11/26/294280.htm  Las Cruces Sun (2018/12/12) Lawsuit accuses Boy Scouts negligence New Mexico abuse case. By Assoc. Press https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/new-mexico/2018/12/12/lawsuit-accuses-boy-scouts-negligence-new-mexico-abuse-case/2289026002/ Excerpt: ALBUQUERQUE - A 44-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America, saying two Catholic priests who served as scout leaders in New Mexico sexually abused him for years starting in the early  1980s.  The lawsuit filed Thursday accuses the organization of negligence — with the victim saying officials knew or had reason to know the priests had abused boys. The victim, who remains unnamed in the court filing, said he was abused during hiking and camping trips in the state, including at Cochití Lake and Jemez. The priests accused of abuse in the lawsuit are Ronald Bruckner and Robert Malloy, neither of whom are listed as defendants. https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/new-mexico/2018/12/12/lawsuit-accuses-boy-scouts-negligence-new-mexico-abuse-case/2289026002/  Country Overall  Time dot com (2020/02/18) Boy Scouts Bankdruptcy https://time.com/5785605/boy-scouts-bankruptcy/ Excerpt:  Barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday in hopes of working out a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan that will allow the hallowed, 110-year-old organization to carry on. The Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware, sets in motion what could be one of the biggest, most complex bankruptcies ever seen. Scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as scouts by scoutmasters or other leaders decades ago but are only now eligible to sue because of recent changes in their states’ statute-of-limitations laws. By going to bankruptcy court, the Scouts can put those lawsuits on hold for now. But ultimately they could be forced to sell off some of their vast property holdings, including campgrounds and hiking trails, to raise money for a compensation trust fund that could surpass a billion dollars.  (2019/06/01) These Men Say the Boy Scouts' Sex Abuse Problem Is Worse Than Anyone Knew. By Eliana Dockertman. https://time.com/longform/boy-scouts-sex-abuse/ Excerpt: Clip attached to a photo of a boy: Between 1944 and 2016, at least 7,800 suspected assailants sexually abused 12,254 boys in the Boy Scouts. Experts say these numbers are a gross underestimation.  “We’re struggling to keep up with the response,” says Kosnoff. The legal team says the men who’ve come forward so far have named more than 300 “hidden predators” who did not appear in the Perversion Files. TIME is not publishing their names because a suit identifying them has not been filed. However, Kosnsoff would like to push the Boy Scouts to report the names of the men his clients have accused in a public database. Based on his experience representing church abuse victims, Kosnoff argues that bankruptcy proceedings could bury the names of potential assailants: “The assailants who would otherwise be identified in lawsuits get enshrouded in darkness, and these predators can continue to operate.”   On Thursday, a group of attorneys said they’d collected information from at least 428 men and boys whose accounts of rape, molestation and abuse indicate the Boy Scouts’ pedophile problem is far more widespread than the organization has previously acknowledged. These men are speaking out for the first time, and several of them detailed their allegations of abuse in interviews with TIME. (TIME was not able to confirm the men’s specific accounts but spoke with others who said they’d been told of the incidents. TIME also obtained a police report filed by one of the individuals alleging abuse.) If the Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy, the accusers will have a limited window to file claims against the organization, pitting the men and their lawyers in a race against time….Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts have kept confidential files since the 1920s listing staff and volunteers implicated in sexual abuse, for the avowed purpose of keeping predators away from youth. According to a court deposition, the files as of January listed 7,819 suspected abusers and 12,254 victims. https://time.com/longform/boy-scouts-sex-abuse/   CBS (2020/01/06) Lawsuit Boy Scouts of America faces new lawsuit that could allow more scouts to file claims today even if statute of limitations has expired in their states.  By AP Press. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bsa-lawsuit-boy-scouts-of-america-faces-new-lawsuit-that-could-allow-more-scouts-to-file-claims-today-2020-01-06/   New York Post 2020/01/07 Unique sex abuse suit filed against boy scouts in US capital. By Assoc. Press. https://nypost.com/2020/01/07/unique-sex-abuse-suit-filed-against-boy-scouts-in-us-capital/ Excerpt: The lawsuit notes that the BSA submits an annual report to Congress summarizing its recent activities.  “However, never once in 103 years of reporting to Congress has BSA disclosed the fact that its programs were, and are, magnets to tens of thousands of pedophiles,” the lawsuit says. “Instead, BSA’s Reports to the Nation have miscast the organization as a bastion of moral authority.”…The lawsuit contends that the BSA has known since its early years that it attracted pedophiles into its ranks of adult leaders, yet avoided public acknowledgement of the dangers for decades even as it kept secret files of men known or suspected of committing sex abuse. https://nypost.com/2020/01/07/unique-sex-abuse-suit-filed-against-boy-scouts-in-us-capital/  Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/  Reuters (2020/02/17) Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy in wake of abuse lawsuits.  By Tom Hals https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boy-scouts-bankruptcy-idUSKBN20C0HP Excerpt:  The Boy Scouts, based in Irving, Texas, has said that it sincerely apologizes to anyone harmed, that it believes the accusers and that it encourages victims to come forward.…The bankruptcy, filed in Delaware, will allow the Boy Scouts to bring all of the lawsuits into one court and try to negotiate a settlement, rather than using the organization’s funds to fight each case in court, which might leave some victims with nothing. A similar bankruptcy strategy to resolve sex abuse lawsuits has been used by more than 20 Catholic dioceses and USA Gymnastics…The Boy Scouts lost a major source of support when the Mormon church said it would no longer sponsor scouting troops, beginning in 2020. The move by the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came shortly after the Boy Scouts said it would drop “boy” from its program for older youths and after saying it would admit transgender scouts.  The church said its decision was not influenced by the Boy Scouts’ changes, but by a desire to focus on its own youth programs.  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boy-scouts-bankruptcy-idUSKBN20C0HP  My personal input is not professional, continued from above, repeat of much of what is on this website  Frequently what happens is I feel the original contact point of the psychic impression well enough, but can have trouble interpreting just exactly who or what is behind it, especially if I am being hammered by other psychic impressions at the same time which create a form of distracting energy noise.  This energy hammering can have an almost in-the-room feeling.  Some things I pick up unmistakably which are sooner or later validated in my daily life; other times I am likely wrong about who when I am getting psychic impressions at the same time from two different people.  It is an ongoing frustration in my personal life.  I can and do lose people over this, when I try to communicate my feelings and impressions.  That having been said, I am unusually sensitive to topics of child abuse, rape and more because it is likely I had such an experience(s) in my own childhood.  I have also suspected I might be one of those abductee cases with lost memories involving some kind of abuse or another; I have tiny flashes or feelings of such a possibility, but nothing strong enough to be sure.    All of this tends to make me more in tune with the subjects at hand.  I am also empathic with male sexual abuse even though I am female; I feel I can sense males who have been abused sexually sometimes, and also the feeling of fathers who might be doing something to their sons.  In the latter, I have decided weak feelings of such possibilities are not enough to try to speak out to the authorities, or to do anything directly, because I could be wrong.  Sometimes I pick up something that seems more than possible and I will reach out to the police but have not had positive experiences with this. I feel this is usually a deadend both for me and for the other people.  You cannot do much with just a feeling or suspicion without qualifying facts or proof.  Given several of my psychic impressions prove correct in my own life, I am not entirely sure my concerns are foolish in these matters, but others might think I am being a nusiance or am crazy.  Also if there were enough dry runs where nothing turns up, a person could get written off as unlikely.   My approach currently is to basically do my own thing, and to write my concerns or observations on this website, hoping it will help others connect the dots in their own lives.  I do feel I am drawn to certain subjects.  If the pull is strong enough, I will pull away from plans or what I was doing at the moment and give attention to it. Sometimes I feel a ghostly or otherworldly essence around certain people and topics; sometimes it feels like energy residue from an event left in the auric field or around some time-space component. Something hangs around the ethers of the place/people at the time of the incident(s), so that when I look back at it, it’s like I am feeling the grounds/vehicles with an energy imprint even if I am not physically there myself.    Sometimes I feel an unusually strong energy connection with spiritual resonance, involving another psychic person, whether he is fully awake about it or not, magnfies my ability in certain ways.  I have wondered along the way if this unusually strong energy connection has to do with past lives or being made from the same soul cloth.  Sometimes you reach out to these people and tell them what you feel is going on between you, they will say they know nothing about it and arent feeling the same bond themselves.  I am pretty sure in the more poignant cases I am actually the one who is mostly right, however.  I have reached a strong enough level of experience to know at least some of it is going on energetically. What is going on is likely a strands of consciousness thing. If there is PTSD, people might have broken off into pieces of themselves.  It’s almost like multiple personalities.  But most of the time it is probably about brainwaves and the ability to consciously shift gears of awareness. I have had one male pull out of his body while we are talking; his energy body is doing one thing, what he says to me is entirely different. Like a split mind.  But I have the ongoing problem of “psychic noise” so some of it could be someone else, at which point I am wrong about the person in question.  There are times I know it is the person, other times I am getting confused.  Currently I do not get enough detail to psychically read a map or tell people what they had for dinner last night. Mostly I get feelings around, say, a map, like my attention is directed there, but I cannot see details.  I do feel I have helpers along the way, so when I start getting more information than normal or my awareness level seems to be rising, I have to back up sometimes and wonder if I am getting help.  I think maintaining a level of openness assists the psychic process, but people can grasp at straws, being mostly in their heads.  Martial arts taken to an energy level can have a psychic approach.  I have suspected I deal well some certain kinds of martial artists for this reason.  Some people with that level of ability can be misusing their knowledge, however.  Shamans also might misuse their knowledge, as I have met tribal women who feel they were getting psychically raped by them.  Elders in churches like LDS might have that level of knowledge; I don’t know for sure, but have suspected it a long time.  The knowledge might be more formally trained in LDS, while learned along the way by direct abusive experience in the Catholic Church; the psychic thing has different energies in both arenas.  I have always felt the LDS thing is likely more dangerous.  Psychic Attack - Rape, Mind Rape In other cases, the perpetrator is in fact psychically awake and is reaching out an etheric finger to the other person’s stimulation points; this can be a piggy-back thing in the sense the perp is so awake he can sense the person’s interest or opennes to someone else; the perp uses that openness to get into the person’s energy field to do sexual mind rape.  When your sexual centers are being stimulated by someone who is not in the room, it can feel like it, one step removed.  You know no one is in the room, but you also know what you are feeling is more than you getting horny.  Something is causing a forced arousal. You don’t feel good about the actual perpetrator, but while being hammered by psychic rape, two things can happen.  First, part of your system can be in overdrive, causing distractions, the sexual energy is a type of noise or feeling that blocks other things.  Secondly, you can get confused about who is who and what is what, even if you have had this confusion at other times and know better.  Children Sending Out Energy From Their Sexual Chakras to Yours - Red Flags  In addition, children who have been sexually stimulated might be subconsciously sending out that energy to adults; one way to feel this is they are instinctively and habitually sending out sexual energy which hits your energy chakras in a way they are stimulated even if you are not thinking about or wanting sex with that child.    The child is trying to connect with you sexually the way he or she has done with their perpetrators, and this is likely a subconscious way to alert you something is going on with someone in their lives.  Rather than feeling you yourself are being perverse with that child, it is best to quietly acknowledge the out-of-the blue jabs or sparks of sexual stimulation (usually as short bleeps here and there) for what it is and to go the extra mile from that point on to keep healthy, but not judgmental, fearful, mean or  cold, boundaries with that child (you don’t want any misunderstandings and you want to stay morally and legally safe with that child).  You have set up boundaries and try to close off the energy, in other words.  Then try to report to an expert or parent that something  sexually suspicious just might be going on with this child.    This  form of communication only works with people who are psychically open enough to recognize the possible red flags, from those ready to receive these kinds of messages.  I will tell you of a suspicion I had which prompted this line of thinking.  I briefly knew a young woman who had informed of a harsh Catholic background and an abusive ex-husband. She was loudly berating her child with non-stop spankings over trivia. It had a wild feeling to it, the dynamics between mother and child.    When I felt those intermittent sexual bleep-bleeps from the child, I felt that with the visually seen and heard verbal abuse and unfair ongoing spankings, combined with the erratic, wild energy of the child running around the room, the mother might possibly have been a sexual perpetrator.  I did not communicate well with the mother we had a go-around, so I lost control of the situation. Looking back, there really was no professional around that particular scenario who would have responded well to my psychic concerns, but I should not have tried to have a heart-to-heart with the mother about feeling bleep-bleeps with the child, because the mother herself might have been a perpetrator, and because she became fearful and incensed, thinking I was a sicko getting aroused over her kid.    Truthfully, I do not blame her for responding the way she did; however, I suspect she herself might have been abusing the kid.  With no proof, there was not much I could do, and I did decide to leave the space immediately and permanently to stop the developing drama.    I had never encountered a problem like that before.  The best I can do at this point is advise child abuse counselors to realize that kids can be sending out sexual energy to adults because they have been sexually abused, and to watch for certain cues along those lines.  There is kind of a wildness to the energy, like it could flair up and go further if you don’t break it up.  That is, the child’s link with you can build because children are natural and spontaneous with fresh high energy and spirits.  Sexual energy is a type of life force, in fact it is life force.  As a creative energy, it can be a cocreative one.  The thing is, you don’t want to cocreate a sexual energy with a child who has learned too early from some other adult how to build that energy up to a climax.  If necessary, stand up or leave the room to  break up that energy.     I had also felt psychic sexual energy around children many years ago when working as a temp (front desk secretary/receptionist) in a facility for child abuse.  I felt the children were sending out sporadic sexual energy to the adults who worked with them.  I was less conscious of my abilities back then, as I was just starting out with the psychic thing.  A red flag is just that:  a possible warning that the child is using non-verbal cues to alert people of their vicitmization, and nothing is known for sure until real proof is found.  This can be a confusing topic for some people, with responses like fear, anger and suspicion possible.  They might wonder about the psychic who means well in trying to explain what might be going on.  Other people might suspect the psychic is getting turned on by their child or some such thing; it will take some education and training to understand the difference between an unwanted, brief sexual stimulation of the sex chakras and real sexual turn-ons by ill-intended parties wanting to try to do something with the child.     If someone doesn’t like you, they could try to misuse this communication.  For example, they might be guilty themselves and want to make you look suspicious because you come across to them as judgmental and arrogant over their drug abuse or sex abuse problem.   They might try to latch onto this material to say you are a child molester, or have inclinations along those lines.  That it is in your head or a sign of your natural proclivities.  So in the wrong hands, discussing this can be a can of worms.  In this case, it was like the child’s energy hits sexual energy centers in a way that it is like a buzzer saying “Warning, child is sending out sex energy” - as if it is an ongoing habit somewhere in the child’s life.  It’s like you are being waked up, it’s something you did not expect.  One sexual chakra I know of is the one below the navel.  This chakra can also be about communication and relationship and a kind of earthy knowing between people, so it’s not just about sex.  It seems to link to the first chakra which is about being grounded to the earth, money, survival and such.  It’s also about fire and kundalini, the colors orange and red.    I have seen children toddler age masturbating, and have read stories about the sex lives of young children, so just because your sexual warning buzzers are going off, it does not instantly mean the child is being molested or abused.  However, there seems to be a difference: the loose natural sexual energy possible in children does not give off the flash I am talking about.  In the latter case, it feels more like the child had been aggressively handled so that their sexual communication is energetically louder than normal.  It is a subtle point, I realize, but there is a difference.    Biochemical, Energy, Brainwave Shifts from Sexual Abuse Likely  It is my opinion that sexual abuse probably shifts the brain waves and overall energy of the victims; that it is in combination with a biochemical override of the sexual channels of the human body; that a lot of it includes downer talk that enters the subconscious mind of the victims so that the things said during forced and manipulated sex are almost like hypnotic suggestions.  Deep layers of shame and other feelings can keep people down to the point they feel they are inside a group tendency they cannot get out of.  In addition, the bad habits can be addictive, with an obsessive/compulsive component.  This of course can be worse when on drugs or alcohol.    Males - Sexual Abuse of Boys and Others In addition, males might decide that  women and society don’t understand, appreciate or accept their sexual drives/needs to the point they turn to boys where they feel they can act out their fantasies and unspoken frustrations.    Sometimes in a bad marriage or divorce, it can be about getting back at the mother, too, for similar reasons.  There can be the anger that men are the ones who go to war, have to be the strong men in society and that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t do the guy thing.  There can be jealousy over where the mother goes, who she talks to, that gets turned inward.  The anxiety and fear of abandonment and competition with other men can be let out on a boy.     I also feel it is an acting out thing when someone has experienced rape and trauma; the doing it to a boy or someone else is about projecting, mirroring and communication between two sides of man’s self.  If something was too painful to deal with, acting out can be about getting the material expressed in another way; this expression might be like something pent up and ready to explode, or like no one understands the depth of the inner turmoil.  It might get projected onto another male body to try to get the mind and its emotions to communicate the message of what one felt and experienced during an attack or other painful situation ; it also can be about taking on the perpetrator’s words, deeds and energy as a pantomime of the overall experience involving victim and perpetrator.  Blocked communication can lead to acting out.  Mirroring can be like doubling, making the child an extension of one’s self, the place where emotions can be drained from this self to that self in an attempt to come to terms with the feelings.   There can be a tendency to squash innocence because of lost innocence.  Lost innocence might be about lost hope, that there are no rose gardens, no wizards in the sky, this little boy is not going to get off easy because I did not get off easy.   It’s not enough to sweep the label of emotionally immature onto the behavior when men do this to boys, because something complex is going on and needs to be brought out to the light, which many of the sex abuse cases are in fact doing.  I think part of it is likely a vibe associated with male bonding that sometimes hits a telepathic resonance for how other males feel.  It is a type of mirroring in which the male perp first reaches out mentally over and inside the boy, telling himself he knows how guys are.  The feelings can be society doesn’t particularly like or trust male horniness or semen splurges, and are generally kept at a cautious and disgusted distance.  So the feelings can include it’s just us rejects together.    It can also include defiance and rebellion about society not wanting a guy to be thinking about sex all the time: the perpetrator is letting loose his desires to obstruct society’s messages by sending in a new message of his own:  Guess what, kid, this is what life and being a guy is all about - constant horniness - and I am the guy in charge.  Taken to an extreme, it becomes a compulsive drive to make the male child effeminate and demure.  When the abuse happens day in and day out, body language and even facial expressions can change; there is a shift in the male’s entire energy field.  I feel there is a group facial look among  certain sexually abused Marines, for example.  It has a look that is different from other male victims and abusers in society.  If it is from a certain group of British abusers, that too has a certain look.   I feel there is a genetic link to stalk/kill between predators and game that shows up in the behavior of dominating a male; the twist of the brain of the lion or tiger, some sociopathic quirks, man loses the innateness link and splurges into a non-survival enterprise.  Sex for kids and family bonding;  stalking with a focus, destruction of life for eating - something goes off on a tangent, the evolutionary tendencies are skewed.  The mind has added craftiness and sadistic bemusement to the enterprise of raw survival.  Yet maybe there is an evolutionary link to such behavior. Somewhere in this is self-hatred and disgust and in the most violent cases, a rejection that there is more to life.    Victims wind up feeling like shit after rape cases, their self-worth plunges in a way it impacts productivity and other relationships.    2020/02/08 This section moved to Corporate Lawsuits/Grants Scholarships lacking bilateriality -  influenced by racial groups and/or tactics   2020/02/05-06 This section moved and added to “Veterans Commentary” Iraq OIF  The reason I feel reviewing Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is important is because many of the problems we have been seeing inside the United States relate to what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is easier to recognize certain tendencies and trends after seeing how similar things happened there.  One consideration is the Muslim Brotherhood, discussed elsewhere.  Another of these would be the Black Lies Matter concept…  Book:  Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry, by Taleeb Starkes (2016) Note: Starkes is himself black; his “full-time job is working with troubled teens who don’t fit into the system…” He doesn’t want to “pontificate abut a history [blacks] left behind” but to live realistically in the here and now. (See Foreword).	  Here are some ideas which grab us at the start of the book:  Foreword: “Trigger Warning” They were all [both blacks and whites] being willfully ignorant because we are so desperate to seek racist villains, we’ll lynch anyone who talks about race.  Chapter One:  The Race Grievance Industry (the title says all) Excerpt: Have you noticed the persistent pattern of outrage that manifests from the black community whenever a black life is taken by a white person, especially a white cop?  Also, have you noticed that the same culture-vultures arrive without hesitaton to gluttonously feast during these incidents?  They figuratively pick apart the black body until it’s a carcass - leaving nothing for bacteria to decompose.  These opportunists are arsonists dressed as first responders, and their mission is to start racial infernos.  In other words, they racialize, not harmonize.  Chapter II Black Lives Matter  Excerpt: The RGI has many offspring, front organizations and troll groups….(take a breath, you know what is coming: you are in the Black Lives Matter chapter)  …but Black Lives Matter is its militant wing and general-purpose mob……  2020/02/05  Trump’s Acquittal Came Today.  The Hill Trumps acquittal may have profound impact on presidential power https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/481290-trumps-acquittal-may-have-profound-impact-on-presidential-power  Guardian Donald Trump impeachment news today Alan Dershowitz https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/18/donald-trump-impeachment-news-today-alan-dershowitz  Time 2020/02/04. Trump’s Acquittal Would Be a Dangerous Transfer of Power From Congress to the President. Angus King. https://time.com/5777578/trumps-acquittal-dangerous-constitution/ Note on author Angus King: Angus King U.S. Senator Angus King is the junior senator from Maine, and serves on the following committees: Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Senate Armed Services Committee, and the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. From wikipedia: Angus Stanley King Jr. is an American politician and attorney serving as the junior United States Senator from Maine since 2013. A political independent since 1993, he was the 72nd Governor of Maine from 1995 to 2003.  BBC 2020/02/05  Trump acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51394383 Excerpt: President Donald Trump has been cleared in his impeachment trial, ending a congressional bid to oust him from office that bitterly divided the US.  The Senate, run by the president's fellow Republicans, voted to acquit him 52-48 on charges of abuse of power and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress.  Democrats charged Mr Trump in December with pressuring Ukraine to smear a potential White House rival. In November, Mr Trump will be the first impeached president to go for election. How did the impeachment vote play out? Mitt Romney of Utah was the only Republican senator to cross the aisle and convict Mr Trump, on the first charge of abuse of power. Mr Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, said earlier on the Senate floor that the president was "guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust". Despite Democratic hopes, two other moderate Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, did not join Mr Romney in voting to convict the president. Some Republican senators criticised Mr Trump's behaviour in recent days, but said it did not rise to the level of impeachment. Three centrist Democratic senators who Republicans had hoped would side with them instead voted to convict Mr Trump. They were Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Doug Jones of Alabama. A two-thirds majority vote was needed to remove Mr Trump, which was always going to be a long shot in a chamber controlled by his party. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51394383  2020/02/01. Trump impeachment: Failed witnesses vote paves way for acquittal https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51335661    2020/01/31; additions/editing on 2020/02/01-02 Birds of a Feather reflection moved to its own section Birds of a Feather Flock Together It’s also found now in the menu tab “Human Issues”  2020/01/29-30 -More on Veteran PTSD added later today on 1/30/2020 moved to Veterans PTSD -On psychic encounters -Military Rapes - Friendly Fire, Allies as Foes moved to War Zone/Military Rapes -Cartel Infiltrated Corporations -Gangs in the Military - how this can lead to crimes against fellow soldiers, account for some of the brutality against Iraqi civilians, and infiltrations from a variety of insurgents and anti-American Iraqis (previous day’s entries)  Cartel Infiltrated Corporations Be prepared to connect the dots between gangs, cartels, military, police, security and political organizations; be prepared to push the envelope on seemingly racial tensions - for example, if everyone answering the phone is only one race, this actually might be a problem - it is not just your imagination.  If you suspect a corporation is only hiring certain “types” - what can you do about it?  Answers: Start with awareness.  Start with taking notes and bringing it to your conscious awareness.  Then go from there.  This is the United States.  There is no reason for everyone who is answering the phone to be Hispanic or any one race. If you are only getting Hispanics, or the call centers for a certain lumber and hardware franchise have people picking up the phone in Mexico, maybe you need to start shopping somewhere else. Ask where the call centers are, see if they answer.   If things are bad in Mexico, you can expect things might be bad in a call center in Mexico, too.  Things do not magically get better just because the Mexican call center services stores in the United States.  All the baggage in the area can be impacting that Mexican call center.  Beyond Hispanic gang and cartel dominated corporations, any corporation that leans toward certain races or tendencies should be suspect.  The corporations can be one way of unwinding the United States, taking it out by removing Americans from the work force, but also sidestepping American laws and ethical practices.  India Call Centers is one such subject on this website, but there are many others to consider.  2020/01/24-26 Do your homework on the MSA - Muslim Student Association Table, derived from article from Center Sec. Policy  below the table link.  TABLE adddition - note 2020/01/29: this table has been added to the System Abuse menu at the top of the page; the material from the Ctr Sec Pol article is dated, but the idea is to look for trends and tendencies that could exist today; the idea is not to haze, kill or target Muslims but to pursue investigations legally and professionally; see the No Honor, No Country section on Police Factor.   MSA Muslim Students Association links to very real terrorism and anti-American agendas https://rivergold.net/Muslim-Students-Association.html  Center for Security Policy dot org (2018/04/29)  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association, What Americans need to know. By Christopher Holton. https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2018/04/29/the-muslim-brotherhoods-muslim-students-association-what-americans-need-to-know/Universities listed with suspected and known dangerous Muslims with anti-American agendas:North Carolina A&T, University of South Alabama…etc….Excerpt: • Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, aka Omar Hammami was an American-born member of al Shahab, a Somali Islamic militant group aligned with al Qaeda. Hammami served as president of the MSA chapter at the University of South Alabama.• Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who would later go on to mastermind the September 11th terrorist attacks as the number 3 man in Al Qaeda, was a member of the MSA chapter at North Carolina A&T in 1986  Impeachment Inquiry In Process  2019/01/26 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/trump-impeachment-trial-live-coverage-president-s-defense-begins-n1122651  2019/01/24 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/impeachment-trial-live-updates/2020/01/24/bd12c85e-3e98-11ea-baca-eb7ace0a3455_story.html  https://www.nbc(news.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/live-trump-impeachment-senate-trial-coverage-n11190   2020/01/18 Trump Impeachment-Democrat Inquisition: Pot Calling Kettle Black; Mad Hatter Party; Sleight of Hand.  Biden, Pelosi, Obama No Saints.   Democrat Inquisition is self-mirroring enacted through drama as dance, mime and ritualized “We are Tall, You are Small.”   Also like ancient Roman theater,  it is a myth for the ruler elite up-and-comings- in this case, a group of people together playing Caesar, or the gang knifing of Caesar -there to create a sense of them (Trump types) as pansy, soft, shallow and hollow villains and us (The All Knowing Democrats) as higher than life heroes; the so-called heroes are the rising of the marginalized and downtrodden and the real natural people, elders and owners of the space and place; to send hand claps to the downtrodden; the problem here is it is a line that is staged to give kudos to certain sets of people while making the targeted ones look bad.  Pelosi is part of this staged execution-style dramatism.  I did not vote for Trump.  I never liked Trump.  I started itching and screaming for Impeachment from Day One.  But then I backed up and started reading.  I tried being a Democrat.  I tried being a Green Party member.  I tried being a non-party aloof.  Like the baby bear in the children’s story, The Three Bears trying to find his perfect chair, nothing fit.  I am most recently considering the Republicans, but asking them to change their ways on some points.  I am disgusted with the Democrats.  It’s a playbook, a rigged space.  There are some vicious games at hand.  Some of it is way out there.    This website is gearing down a little bit; some pages are being removed to another area.  Things like certain countries and Human Issues, for the most part.  Also several policing and national security sections are being moved to Police Factor.  This will leave certain topics focused on here, like the developing Iraq section.    Trump Impeachment (2019/12/17) Democrats repeat failed history with mad dash to impeach Donald Trump. By Jonathan Turley, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/474887-democrats-repeat-failed-history-with-mad-dash-to-impeach-donald-trump Excerpt on History of Johnson Impeachment  As in the case of Trump, calls to impeach Johnson began almost as soon as he took office. A southerner who ascended to power after the Civil War as a result of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Johnson was called the “accidental president” and his legitimacy was never accepted by critics. Representative John Farnsworth of Illinois called Johnson an “ungrateful, despicable, besotted, traitorous man.”  Johnson opposed much of the reconstruction plan Lincoln had for the defeated south and was criticized for fueling racial divisions. He was widely viewed as an alcoholic and racist liar who opposed full citizenship for freed slaves. Ridiculed for not being able to spell, Johnson responded, “It is a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.” Sound familiar? The “Radical Republicans” in Congress started to lay a trap a year before impeachment.   Pelosi’s Son Investment Watch Blog (2019/10/06) Pelosi’s entire family has generational corruption, tied to 4 families that have run CA for 80+ years like Game of Thrones. By Bronx Boston https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/pelosis-entire-family-has-generational-corruption-tied-to-4-families-that-have-run-ca-for-80-years-like-game-of-thrones/ Excerpt: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a company cofounded by Paul Pelosi Jr. with fraud on Wednesday after learning that two convicted criminals were running the business.  Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was the president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.The SEC charged four individuals with fraud, including former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and suspended trading in the company’s stock. Pelosi owned over 10 million shares in the company in 2009. The SEC said Wednesday the company was “secretly controlled” by James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions. Corazzi violated federal securities laws and was barred from acting as an officer or director of a public company. Cohen was previously incarcerated for financial fraud. Cohen and Corazzi said they were “outside consultants,” but according to the SEC, they actually controlled Natural Blue’s business decisions “without disclosing their past brushes with the law to investors.” The pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the company…Cohen, Corazzi, Anaya, and Erik Perry, a former executive at Natural Blue, were all charged with federal fraud violations. Anaya, who was Governor of New Mexico from 1983 to 1987, and Perry “misled investors by failing to disclose that Cohen and Corazzi were running the company in spite of their criminal or disciplinary histories,” the SEC said. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/pelosis-entire-family-has-generational-corruption-tied-to-4-families-that-have-run-ca-for-80-years-like-game-of-thrones/  Washington Post (2019/09/28) The gas tycoon and the vice president’s son: The story of Hunter Biden’s foray into Ukraine.  By  Paul Sonne, Michael Kranish and Matt Viser. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/the-gas-tycoon-and-the-vice-presidents-son-the-story-of-hunter-bidens-foray-in-ukraine/2019/09/28/1aadff70-dfd9-11e9-8fd3-d943b4ed57e0_story.html  ABC News Go  (2020/01/16) Ukraine opens criminal investigation surveillance marie yovanovitch. Ukraine police investigating possible surveillance of Yovanovitch, Russian hacking.  The investigation comes after the release of text messages from Lev Parnas.  ByPatrick Reevell https://abcnews.go.com/International/ukraine-opens-criminal-investigation-surveillance-marie-yovanovitch/story?id=68324113  (2018/06/06) Obama admin granted Iran secret license to access US dollars: GOP report U.S. banks declined the transaction despite the urging of Obama officials. By Conor Finnegan. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/obama-admin-granted-iran-secret-license-access-us/story?id=55689587  Observer (2017/01) The Obama Foundation Launches With Lobbyists and Wall Street at the Wheel So far, it seems to be following the in the footsteps of its flawed predecessor, the Clinton Foundation By Michael Sainato • https://observer.com/2017/01/obama-foundation-board-lobbyists-wall-street-clinton-foundation/  See also: https://nypost.com/2017/09/14/secret-service-spent-millions-to-protect-obama-during-travel/ https://www.cnbc.com/2014/04/04/hedge-funds-secret-weaponex-obama-aide-austan-goolsbee.html https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/06/the-obama-administration-secretly-sought-to-give-iran-access-to-the-us-financial-system.html  2020/01/12-14  As part of background checks into the downing of the commercial liner in Iran, identify the various disclosed and perhaps undisclosed Ukrainian connections to Iran, Trump, Iraq, commercial liner ownership and financial backers.  See at least a partial list below of similar Iranian plane-downing shootings.  CBS 2020/01/11 https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/iran-plane-military-unintentionally-shot-down-jetliner-2020-01-11/  Regarding the recent questionable tragic destruction of the Ukraine commercial liner: No matter what actually caused this crash or who was ultimately truly involved, consider  that if Iran did it, it has happened before.  In the book The Endgame,  According to highly classified American reports, in June 2007 a Revolutionary Guard air defense unit had fired a TOR-M1 antiaircraft missile at a civilian airliner that it mistook for a potential attacker.  In May 2008 antiaircraft units fired on another civilian airliner, an Iranian drone and an Iranian F14 fighter, and in June there were two more instances against civilian aircraft.  Iran was “concerned attack aircraft may attempt to mimic the flight profile of a commercial airliner” a classified Pentagon report explained. (“Strange Justice” chapter, p. 517).  Around this same time in 2007, there were very high tensions between Israel and Iran.    2020/01/09-10  2020/01/10  CBS (2020/01/10) https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/iran-news-mike-pompeo-attack-qassem-soleimani-imminent-dont-know-when-where-today-2020-01-10-live-updates/ Pompeo says Iranian general was plotting "large-scale attack" against U.S. facilities but doesn't provide specific details  The Atlantic 2020/01 We are just discovering price of killing Soleimani https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/01/were-just-discovering-price-killing-soleimani/604705/ Note from RG: The Atlantic has a history of discussing Trump’s lies  BBC (2020/01/09-10) Iran plane crash: Western powers suggest missile downed jet https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51055219 Excerpt: Canada and the UK called for a full and thorough investigation into the crash, which killed all 176 people on board.  Iran's civil aviation chief, however, said he was "certain" that the plane was not hit by a missile.  The crash came just hours after Iran carried out missile strikes on two airbases housing US forces in Iraq.   2020/01/09  The current focus is on the Iraq War in the earlier years, before 2011.  In addition, the related web/blogsite, Police Factor has some parts still being fleshed out.    The River Gold Veterans section, War Zone and Countries sections are linked as far as the Iraq War is concerned.  There might be further refinements of the categories and sections as I move along, but for now, the Iraq-Afghanistan section has broken off into a separte Iraq only section.  There are a few reasons for the shift in focus.  One is the meeting of two American Army combat veterans, both with PTSD and one seriously maimed, both having been hit by an IED or EFP.  Another is the currently ongoing reading of the 2020 book The Endgame, The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from Bush to Obama,  by Gordon and Trainor with strong assistance by Wesley Morgan.   Other books on Iraq have also been read.  Another is the reading of the news about past and current events involving Iran, Iran in Iraq against the American military, Iran’s ongoing connections to terrorists in the USA and abroad, Obama’s Iran deal in 2015, Trump’s input, the take-out of Suleimani, and more.  It includes the background of reading and watching material on the Muslim Brotherhood.  There is a growing understanding of the idea behind “Black Lies Matter” in the book by the same name in the sense that there is planned and lying contingency behind the anti-white cop movement which includes high drama, lies in the media, coverups of the facts and more.  It also includes twisting of facts around Islamic extremists shootings and bombings in the USA.      2019/10/14 The About/Notes section has had an addition and indexing formalization of Disclosures involving River Gold, Police Factor and Greening Ways websites’ political and religious orientation.  This provides easily accessed transparency so people can cut through the chase.  Where fair-skinned Caucasians need support and protection in modern times, now is the time to start implementing those measures, but this does not preclude fair treatment for all peoples.  We have had some vicious anti-American agendas targeting our white communities with funding from well-padded overseas governments and cartels.  Many of the antics include psyops across the board - against the public, policing systems and the government.  In order to orchestrate through this tangled and harried landscape, we need clear-headed and clear speaking reverse operators.  Part of the job is translation of what has been happening to us.  Another part is to counter fake news or approaches with no-nonsense accurate ones.  One way to see through the fake news is to list and sort various pieces of news over time to be able to compare notes.   2019/07/30 This is an earlier note on ACLU section Note from The Golden River:  Over the years, I have donated to and been members of each of these groups.  I have had both positive and negative feelings about them.  One of my main concerns - voiced to at least the ACLU and AU, is that there might be what I realize now is called an “alternative left” strand which is focusing more on minority rights in a certain way rather than the broader issues of human rights per se.  In other words, I have suspected a minority preference, with the same voices across the board over the same issue.  It’s like if you are a member of all three, you start seeing how they are all saying the same things and doing it in the same way.  My one question was whether the EFF, which seems intellectually with it, was able to stand on its own and be its own voice.  I waffled on that, but am back wondering if there is more of an alt. left emphasis there, too.  What I do know is the information about surveillance and system abuse, as well as religious abuse or unfairness, seemed pertinent at the time and I still use their information.  This is my current opinion: I was originally wowed by the ACLU and Americans United for their stand on Christian religious fundamentalism, but have since decided this is likely an Islamic sharia law infiltrated group as well as a far left one oriented toward destroying the United States.  Although I read through quite a few Americans United magazines, I particularly appreciated some of the insights into why religious fundamentalists are the way they are historically and otherwise, I grew tired of the constant slant on gay and Islamic rights.  Although my views are often closer to the secular Jewish perspectives on why to combat Islamic sharia, as I don’t offer a religion like a Jesus centered Christianity as a reason to counter it, I think anyone with common sense can start making the links between civil rights groups like the ACLU and Americans United and truly serious anti-American agendas.  These phony civil rights groups need to go away.  It’s one thing to support civil rights honestly, another to be using the civil rights movement for hidden warfare.  We can be gay or not gay, religious or not religious, egalitarian female or not so egalitarian female, happy or sad, blue or green and all be fair minded Americans supporting a safe liberties-oriented space called the United States.    If you don’t want abortion, don’t have one.  Know that when you start trying to control a woman’s birth process, you could be on a downhill slide toward other encroachments of female rights.  Equating women with sin and misguided ways requiring controls are antiquated ideas.   I don’t want a mostly developed late term baby aborted unless there are some critical issues.   But there is more to the ACLU than the support of a woman’s right to choose.  Although defending unborn life in female wombs takes precedence for many of you to the point you put anti-abortion signs in your front yards, I ask that you also consider supporting:  -anti-sharia extremist jihad movements (AFDI’s 18 point plan has been added to this website)  -say no to torture, including waterboarding and jailhouse isolation  -civil rights measures against reverse discrimination as part of an overall civil rights package opposing all forms of discrimination.   Reverse discrimination against whites is on the rise.   Reverse discrimination is just as malicious as the more commonly understood form of discrimination.  -reduced national and global birth rates with an emphasis on nurturing and support of the children we do have  -elimination of the federal-tribal nexus including the reservation system  On American flag waving in yards and on vehicles driving around town:  I started out the website projects making snide comments about “Red, White and Blue’s” in Farmington, New Mexico and beyond. No longer.  I am now happy to see them, although we might not all see eye to eye (many of us have differences over religion and women’s place in the world).. I was already shifting perspectives, but something I read in one of David Horowitz’s books did it for me.    He was describing reactions shortly after 9/11, with some people waving their flags and others feeling it was all hopelessly militaristic and Nazi.  I saw myself  in his depiction of those who felt flag waving was banal and nationalistic coming out of a fog.  It’s going to take more than flag waving to pull out of our problems but I no longer see those Americans as silly and misguided.  2019/07/28  Impeach Trump banner taken down - see notes in System Abuse/Trump https://rivergold.net/sys---trump.html  2019/05/17 Far Zone Notes section is being created here to cover outside the box and other often non-mainstream or otherwise not deemed  “data/science/practical” topics.  Some of it started in Police Factor and was moved here.  This is being set up, partially available.  Far Zone Notes 2019  04/27/2019 Have added section Black/Dark Web in System Abuse.  I will explain why I did this here.  I started psychically feeling someone was taking out a loan on me without my permission and also sending me money as pretended payment for something while secretly getting the money from my own self with that secret loan done without my awareness or permission.  I went to my credit reports to see if something had been opened in my name without my permission, like through fraud.  Nothing there but I did see an old fraud issue I thought had been resolved still there.  That seems to be another issue.  This recent one seems to be something else, although it might be the same criminal network invovled.  So then I started doing research.  I came upon the Black Web.  I realized then this could be one place the bad feelings I had described above were coming from: maybe someone was secretly pulling a loan on me through the black web.  04/05/2019, later addition edited 04/25/2019 Website was taken offline for a brief period.  Decided to keep it up.    The police section on this website was moved to Police Factor, https://policefactor.com  The police related website is being designed with simplicity and directness in mind so people can focus more on research specific topics.  It will take some time to update and edit things to get to that point, but some of it is already under way.   I will be removing the police sections from this website today, leaving Police Factor now with that information.  04/05/2019, earlier    NAME RIVER GOLD CONSOLIDATED FROM FROM GOLDEN RIVER DOT ORG  AND THE GOLDEN RIVER DOT NET. WEBSITES STARTED OUT AT  AS GREENING HANDS WHICH SOON DIVIDED INTO GREENING WAYS (ENVIRONMENTAL)AND GOLDEN RIVER (mixed)   THE CONCEPT BEHIND GOLD REMAINS SAME: LIFE FORCE, PRANA, QI, KUNDALINI IN ALL THINGS…BUT ALSO IN NEWEST RIVER GOLD, IT MEANS ALSO THE NUGGETS OF INFORMATION AND INSIGHT GLEANED FROM INVESTIGATING CERTAIN KEY TOPICS IN MORE DETAIL AND CONNECTING THE DOTS.  tO DO THIS THE WEBSITE SERIES FOLLOW CERTAIN TRAJECTORIES, NOT ALL POSSIBLITIES. GREENING WAYS,   GOLDEN RIVER , greening ways AND POLICE FACTOR CONNECT IN SEEKING MEANING AND SOMETHING MORE BEYOND THE MUNDANE, HARSHNESS, UGLINESS, COMMERCIALISM AND DESPAIR.  GOLDEN RIVER AND GREENING WAYS ALSO SHOOT FOR IDEAS OF NURTURING AESTHETICS AND ARTS   02/24/2019 Various additions to Russian Antics, incl. 2004 book Cold Peace, Russia’s New Imperialism; Health Insurance Company & Medical Network  Corruption (System Abuse); New page WMD Iraq pre-2003 in Iraq section  Russia/Iraq Oil & Kurd   02/16/19  Website shifting gears.   Removal of Some Sections. Focus on: Police Issues - Certain areas Network Violence War Zones - certain areas and topics Religious issues related to the above and system abuse in general
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