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August 11, 2022 The material on homelessness here has been moved from the Police Factor dot com Comments section. This is part of the humanitarian tier found here on River Gold, and repeats some earlier material. However, one of the reasons we did not do well overall in Iraq or Afghanistan includes the low morale and backstabbing set up in the military, which included harsh, shaming treatment of underlings, loud and sneering voices as commands, excessive life-threatening activities for low pay and very little return, an unwillingness to really study the enemy first until too far along with repeated deaths of our troops, a lack of true preparation and a lack of responsiveness to the threats in such a way our people were protected first, put first, over the obsessive-compulsive quality of forcing through things. That is, taking a “hard ass” approach to our troops is showing up in how we treat our homeless. There is a concept called “Shwey, Shwey” which needs to be applied to the homeless: slowly but surely, study and learn. In addition we need to see American citizen homeless as one of us. The idea of no man left behind needs to be applied to the homeless, not just to dead bodies on the combat field. We need to see the homeless as part of the American team. Not to proselytize or to or gather up into a cult or one’s own personal agendas, but as fellow citizens in general. We often feel frustrated when we pass people begging on street corners, not sure what is going on, wondering if it is a scam or whether any small cash assistance will only prolong a drug addiction. People are worried helping the poor prolongs their not doing for themselves. They want to provide the same hard knocks approach to others that their family and acquaintances applied to them. Christian evangelicism often is too hard on people to properly address the underlying issues at hand, and assumes we are being too easy on slackers and those who take advantage of the system. The great bulk of the people taking advantage are illegal immigrants and bulk easy amnesty immigrants, as well as serial multi-generational welfare recipients, the kind with a large number of kids. There is a whole group of singles out there who are not getting much help because they don’t belong to the civil rights composite. August 9, 2022 The following on homelessness and its related material was pulled out of the material on the library from August 8 to keep the two subjects separate. The reason it was included was a link between increased numbers of white homeless seen on street corners in Farmington and Aztec, New Mexico; the numbers of homeless and poor who use the library as a safe harbor during weekday and Saturday daylight hours; the fact that numbers of unemployed in Farmington could benefit from the types of easy low end clerk/customer service jobs seen at the library as much as the Navajos who seem to be getting the library jobs more easily than most. While the city’s unemployment rate grows, Navajos seem to be less impacted than the white homeless and poor in the area. The City government seems to be in collusion with the Navajo tribal government and its people and has not actively set up protections against both reverse-racism and Navajo hiring preference. In this regard, the City does not have an honest and fair policy regarding city government employment, city-wide employment outside of government homelessness and white Americans . However, the subject of the library and of homelessness are different subjects and are best considered separately beyond these linking points. Grousing over non-workers is a kill-joy; How to create more jobs for homeless and Americans in general using "easy does it" and firm rules against addictions/crime; GROUSING So often people become stingy over work. They grouse over who is working harder than other people, comparing notes over "I do this and this, and you hardly do anything compared to me." This one tendency alone comes up in every human group, family, job, church and in society between the homeless unworking and the working. That grousing is serious, in my opinion, because it kills the joy of productive activity. The resentment between worker and non- worker discourages creative thinking and optimism. People become so angry over being the ones who do most of the work compared to the other types that things get blocked. Sometimes the people who think they do so much work compared to others are not really doing anything that much more or better, they just tell themselves they do. It's really terrible to have that negativity around. HOMELESS This is one major reason the homeless stay homeless. The worker types resent non-workers so much. It just bothers people. To get homeless back on door, use the mantra "Easy Does It" to help ease them back into the system. It's not about coddling, but like a baby's first steps, a person has to start somewhere. Some people will be able to move on, others won't or will not want to. We need to have easy jobs that provide real services and products restored to America so everyone can have that base to start from while having a self-respecting source of income. Currently, it is too hard for people to get jobs most of the time, and in San Juan County, the easier jobs are mostly going to non-whites. We need to bring more whites into the fold on those easier starter jobs, and to create more such jobs by bringing them home from China. If a place is hiring mostly Navajos, two things happen. First, the Navajos squeeze out and keep out the whites. Secondly, most whites do not want to work there if only Navajos do, with a few exceptions, for various reasons. One of it is the cultural climate is not conducive to whites, like a fear of bullying or a bad vibe for whites. Some people will try to cater to the Navajos, but that is not good either, because you are losing part of your soul or identity when you cater to other people just to fit in, get a job or get a leg up in the company. You should be able to just be yourself. Some whites in town are kind of selling themselves out when they should not be. I think the number one goal we all need to have is to figure out creative ideas that help all those other so-called non-workers types get on board with the rest of society. We need to understand that our negative attitudes can keep us from progress. How we talk to someone, how we vibe out. A lot of people made stupid choices that got themselves to where they are, but it does not have to be the end of the world. Some people are homeless because they are on drugs or have mental problems, but some of it is they need baby steps to get on board. Grousing over their non-working state and being mean and overly controlling about it probably won't help. I see it with white police officers dealing with Hispanic and Navajo cops on the job. There is a kind of bullying or peer pressure which encourages "when in Rome do as the Romans do." That is, the whites feel they have to play along with the dirty and dishonest games at the police department because they are white surrounded by non-whites. They feel they need to play along to keep their jobs, or to protect themselves from reprisal on the job. Because New Mexico has a lot of built-in systemic corruption, with mostly Hispanics with jobs in the governmental infrastructure around the state, whites might feel they have to just blend in or lose their source of income. This is just one example of where whites might be selling part of their soul for a job in New Mexico. We need to get American laws working properly in New Mexico so racial cliques using reverse-racism do not have so much clout. It's becoming more and more like a seedy Mexican organized crime thing. My suggestion is to create American work spaces that are entry level forms of activity that most anyone can do, and take those jobs back from China, Mexico, India, Indonesia and wherever else. We need to keep Mexican immigrants out of these jobs and reserve them for true American citizens. This is about the American people, and not about bulk amnesty types who got inside our system unfairly. Many of those mundane and simple jobs have been sent overseas, and a lot of American homeless people could do those jobs and have a source of income and self-respect. Baby steps getting back on board can include the idea of "easy does it" - flex time and not too much strict meanness, but firm rules about keeping off drugs and alcohol and no criminal activity. People often think homeless people are lazy and need strict discipline, like an actions/consequences program. Bureaucrats tell themselves they have to be strict because non-workers lack direction and discipline. This can be too bureaucratic for those who have suffered from abuse or hard times. You can turn people off with that aggressive controlling approach when what you really want is actual results. To get fragile or emotionally unstable people back on board, you need to do things differently. You want your fellow Americans to succeed because it will help your city. Things will look and feel better. Things will be safer. You want results, not to feel self-satisfaction over running a type ship that turns most homeless people off so they leave and are back on the streets again. We need to stop giving the jobs and services to illegal immigrants or the ones who got easy amnesty. We need to send those immigrants out of the country without messing around. It's not our problem, we have our own problems, we need to take care of ourselves now first. People need to be firm about this issue. Too many people around San Juan County are not being Americans first. They are causing a problem for the rest of us and our whole nation with that approach. I don't want another Mexico or Latin America here in the United States. I don't want to go to my local bank or Comcast location and see new employees who look and sound like they came from one of those countries when locals are having trouble getting jobs. TIGHT SHIP OVER THE RIGHT THINGS, EASY DOES IT OTHERWISE You have to run a tight ship about drugs and alcohol, and about crime. But many people will surprise you that they actually would prefer to show up on the job and make money if they feel they can do the job. They can become very loyal indeed to the job. There needs to be a basic feeling of safety and satisfaction. Give people a chance; some will opt out, but many will stay. I recommend letting people where clean jeans, tshirts and tennis shoes, no uniforms. The less bureaucracy, the better. When screening job applicants, you might create three tiers - past criminals, drug addicts and no records. People with drug and criminal histories might be put in a separate system requiring additional security and monitoring, while the no records aren't penalized for other people's tendencies and choices. It's like if the people are let out of prison into the open world, you give them a halfway house. But you don't inflict the others with that kind of halfway house. You want to help the non- criminals stay that way by giving them income and also keeping them from potentially bad influences. April 11, 2022 Monday River Gold is getting a long overdue editing and revamping. What happened was Police Factor became the priority for awhile. It is still important, but delayed maintenance on this was calling out. River Gold has ascended to the throne of the humanitarian effort of the triad, Greening Ways, River Gold and Police Factor. There will be an additional notes backlogs website which will include a miscellaneous catch-pile, to get that kind of thing away from the main bulk of the focuses on the three websites. Greening Ways continues to have a strong environmental aspect, but the social “greening” material will be placed in the “Green Tapestry” section here on River Gold, to complete the social commentary and social improvement aspect of this website. One of the key concepts on both Greening Ways and here on River Gold is the notion of reducing population numbers through reduced birth rates to focus on quality of life, not quantity of humans, to be able to reduce our load on the planet and to give each human special attention and care. With this comes the idea of reproductive responsibility and voluntary, culturally driven smaller and smarter family sizes. When humans are raised from a young age to see the wisdom of these things, it will increasingly become instilled throughout humanity that “less is more.” Smaller footprints on the planet, less destruction, more space to roam. This notion should not mean we encourage being unkind to people who already have large families or who came from them, but to start instilling another approach to the human family experience. BLE - Best Life Ever - should be a great goal for all wise family choices - to put our best foot forward for our kids, and to engage in a cultural tendency to love and nurture our kids, to help them be the best them they can be, while we enjoy that process of development for them, too - enriching them enriches us. Safe neighborhoods, secure nation: this sets the stage for nurtured kids, but then it takes an extra societal push from there to make the environment we live in nurturing and of high quality. When the kids are raised in happy and fulfilling homes and cities, they will grow up passing that gift on to the generations. And the planet will be better off when we teach our kids to love the earth as they love themselves and their families.
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