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ON THIS PAGE - Archive 2015-1:   12/01/2015  Neural Electromagnetic Warfare     11/22/2015     04/27/2015 Jeff Polachek Common Disinformation Themes     11/22/2015      16-Billy Graham event in Farmington Related topic      Eastern Star  12/01/2015 Jacobsm:  Project Freedom, On Psychotronics.  Neural Electromagnetic Warfare http://www.jacobsm.com/projfree/protection.html Excerpt: It has been recognised that remote pyschotronic attacks can appear less effective when outside, rather than inside a building. There could be a number of reasons for this. The building itself may help to contain and amplify the negative frequencies that are being forced upon you. The electromagnetic pollution which surrounds every building because of the live electrical wiring and appliances may have a bearing on amplifying negative frequencies from the weapons. You can experiment with this by leaving the building and going to a place where there is little or no electromagnetic pollution which emanates from power lines. http://www.jacobsm.com/projfree/protection.html 11/22/2015 The key discussion point today is suicide in San Juan County, New Mexico and New Mexico in general.  There seems to have been an unusually high number of youth suicide deaths lately in Farmington and vicinity in this county in northwestern New Mexico.  Yet another  young male teen-ager tragically performed suicide in the past week in Farmington.  There had been strong indications he was thinking about it.   San Juan County seems to have problems with depression and suicide across the range of ages, but  there has been a rash of youth suicide deaths lately. In addition, New Mexico might be #1 in suicide deaths in the country according to one resource found today which has not been substantiated.  Whether or not there is a connection, another unsubstantiated resource has indicated San Juan County has had an upsurge in drug-related gangs, with several coming in from California and hitting the reservation.  The information provided so far suggests there are at least 25 gangs in the area, although most might be quite small in number.  Yet another young man has suggested a secretive insidious Catholic network throughout the area as well as a Russian Mafia around around Crouch Mesa Marijuana in the area is seen as having 30 times more potency than in earlier years (like the 1970s) and might be a starter drug for even more dangerous and addictive substances.  Although the suicides might or might not be related to drug usage, the drug problem should be considered serious in San Juan County and likely to impact the well-being and mental health of anyone associated with it.  Please also take note that there are many responsible and concerned people in the area aware of the problems and interested in making serious changes.  There are also those who want to support those considering suicide. If someone in your life is talking about suicide, please be careful in how you handle it.  Don’t pooh pooh it or say anything that sounds like “Go ahead, I dare you” or “Good riddance.”  Don’t try to psychologically manipulate the situation by second-guessing the individuals thoughts or intentions.  Try to make a connection with the person’s true center without judgment.  Too many people assume it is just a bluff or try to talk themselves into detachment by suggesting that suicide is selfish.  Some see it as blackmail. If we could all be psychic and sense how those people really feel at the time of suicide, it seems to be truly anything but selfish -  perhaps the act is beyond the simple concept of selfishness.  The people are lost in despair and to make that final act of self- termination is something far deeper than an easily visualized self-centeredness.   Please keep the term selfish out of your vocabulary when you think about other people committing suicide because it might make you feel you are off the hook for a more meaningful connection with that person’s terror.  Yes, it is most definitely hard on the people left behind, but the focus should be on the individual who is considering- or has actually performed - suicide, not on the rest of us.  It has become very popular to talk about suicide as unequivocally selfish but this only distances us from the deep trauma people are usually feeling when they give up on living.  These people need more love and genuine caring that is not divvied up, partialed out, controlled, manipulated, ideated (from the world of ideas, not down here on earth), or part of an if-then clause: “If you do this or that, then I will show you love and caring.”  In other words, people do not need nor want conditional love when they are considering suicide.  One way people can inadvertently send out messages of conditional love is through their religious practices.  Those religious beliefs might work for and make sense to you, but if it seems to be alienating a troubled person, don’t press it.  You could be making things worse.  The main thing is probably to make sure that person feels supported and cared about.  Also, you might think that by encouraging that person to get a grip, to be responsible, to take care of things, to be strong....whatever....you are doing the right thing, but ultimately it might just be too much for someone crying out for something more. At the same time, it is likely there are times there is nothing any of us can do to prevent another’s suicide; they seem to be on a one-way course to self-oblivion.   We look back and tell ourselves the person had emotional problems, was on drugs, was psychotic - whatever.  We cannot fathom why they found things so desperate they would take things to that level.  Don’t become hard-headed by considering that you might be being emotionally black-mailed.  Treat the person with respect; do not provoke.  My feeling is too many people use a form of pop psychology or mental analysis in dealing with those talking about suicide.  It builds up an energy around the situation so that the person feels backed into a corner in a variety of possible ways.  One of the ways is “Wow, no one really gives a damn.  Why bother living?”  The other is “OK, I will prove it to you.  I really do feel this badly and intense about the situation, I am not just a drama queen or king.”  Don’t leave people hanging out there emotionally thinking there is no way out and that you don’t have room or time for their issues.  Don’t act judgmental or superior in assuming anything about the situation other than that the person is in fact considering suicide.  Think about this:  If the person does not finally commit suicide, but you made the indication during the process that you did not care or would not try to help, you have given that individual a lifetime of memories about how uncaring other people can be over the possibility of someone’s death.  By showing a hard heart - even if it is an act to to someone talking about suicide, you are setting up an example for the rest of that person’s life about how detached people can become during an emotional crisis.   Some people might think that the person just wants attention: by being detached, they feel they might defuse the energy by not giving the person suicidal fuel.  By hearing the threat of suicide coming from someone several times and getting tired of emotional blackmail, people might become aloof to the point this behavior directed at the person considering suicide in and of itself encourages it (because the person has been backed into the corner mentioned above.) Time Out!  If things reach this level of intensity, perhaps this is an excellent moment for time out.  In the sense that if you or someone you know is tired of hearing someone say they will commit suicide, maybe that is a sign everyone needs fresh air.  See if you can bring other people in or get that person to a more suitable environment.  Consider the possibility that families and social arenas in which the suicidal person exists have energy webs, and that part of the problem is the build-up of energy, tension, fear, anger and depression acts like one large organism.  Everyone and everything feeds into each other and the problem.  Sometimes just a change in environment with new people, scenery and activities can do wonders.  Admitting none of us is superman or superwoman, we can let go of our egos and say, “Maybe someone else can help” - and it does not necessarily mean psychological help.  It can be someone outside of the situation who can come in with fresh eyes and ears, and who might be able to connect with this person in a way you do not.  The main thing is to find what works.  You have to care enough to want to try to find what works for this person talking about suicide.  You have to have that energy and sense of purpose to  get that person to a better space, whatever it takes.  In order to do that, you need to be emotionally open, responding intuitively and empathically.  If everything is about you, you will create a wall where nothing will get in.  Part of a suicidal person feeling being backed into a corner is this sense of walls in other people: They just don’t get it. It seems likely that certain areas have an energy which can encourage the feelings of depressing and suicide.  We can also wonder if there are people psychically messing with us, sending out subliminal telepathic messages.  One thing to consider is whether the people who use surveillance on us are part of any of this.   Another thing to consider is water/food toxins and air pollutants in the air encouraging depression.  I don’t have any direct knowledge, but it has come up as a possibility that perhaps there is a link like this in San Juan County and New Mexico. Please keep an eye out as this subject is researched and findings are brought forward here, although it might come in pieces. 04/27/2015 Jeff Polachek: Mind Control -  Common Disinformation Themes http://www.jeffpolachek.com/mind-control/mc-exhibits/313-mc-301-common-disinformation-themes Discussion on above Jeff Polachek link4/27/2015:  Modern MKULTRA.  See:  In going over this website of Jeff Polachek’s, I need to say a few things.  First of all, I think it is likely we are being given part of it, not all of it, and that Jeff Polachek himself probably has some issues. I feel my own experiences match his information and it has greatly influenced my decision that I have in fact been a victim of MKULTRA.  My main problem is I cannot prove it, there is no substantial evidence.  Most of my information comes from my own psychic experiences and awareness and things like this that I have read.  I feel I match the diagnosis for MKULTRA victim almost to a “t.”  When I realized this in the past two days, it was like my “Aha” moment - I finally felt a sense of peace over this because I really think I have nailed what has been plaguing me all these years. I is such an elusive thing when you are trying to figure it out on your own without family support or other people around who have been through it. You think you have it nailed one day, then you kind of forget or lose touch, or start having self-doubts, or start thinking about other things.  I think the distractions from the psychic attacks keep a person off center from doing anything real about it, too.  I have come close to concluding over the years, but have never finally landed with a decision until I read this material over in the past couple of days and absorbed it.  The information is difficult for me to read through because it is so close to home. The red flag, in my opinion, is the “Jesus Saves” orientation.  Here is my two bits:  people who have been involved in the government black box projects in one way or another, as a victim, a member, or both, seem to come out of the  process in a few ways.  One of them is a non- religious almost cold anti-religious thing.  The other is a Jesus Saves thing.  It seems to be part of the Two Horns problem in that a problem (MKUTLRA) is used to funnel people to a so-called Good Guy (White Knight - in this case, Jesus Saves group mentality).  My feeling is that a lot of people doing the Jesus Saves thing are cutting themselves short of higher spirituality because their egos are still involved.  I see a rather crude association with religion with a lot of this, with peopel getting away with telling others to use this Jesus Saves thing like a cross that backs off Dracula.  Like it’s the magic voodoo that will take off all bad things like MKULTRA.  As I have said before, my personal belief is that Jesus was just a man like the rest of us and that it is not a good idea to latch onto another human as your personal savior or the savior of mankind.  I do feel that turning to a Higher Power is a good plan.  I also feel that if we need to think in terms of a second coming, I would consider the idea of a reawakening to our psychic and spiritual gifts; this might be aided by several gifted people on the planet who have had real world spiritual experiences that take them into deeper feelings of genuine love and compassion as well as more detailed knowledge than we normally have.  In this regard, we all have the potential to become guru-like.  We might be saved from the Jesus Saves types by learning how to have a spiritual connection with God and the universe that takes us outside the ego-driven antics of humans.  When we can do it ourselves, we don’t need other people telling us how to live our lives.  This is a very old argument but still holds true.  Many people have come out o freligious conformity and dogma when they become psychically awake and move to deeper meditative levels.  Then they learn how to be sincerely helpful people because they are more sensitive to how other people truly feel inside and how all of life is very fragile.  I feel a true spiritual master does not require people to hang onto his shirt tails like zealous children, but gives people the tools to do it for themselves.and does not think they are better children for protecting “good old Jesus” from slander or disbelief.  We have some people in the Christian community who tell themselves they ar being good people if they are willing to take up a gun or punish anyone who disrespects Jesus - or they will act out in other ways like trying to sabotage that person until they “find Jesus.”  This is a very crude form of spirituality and it can be argued it is not spiritual at all.  In fact, I should not have to be telling people this.  It should be obvious to people.  I will add that sabotage comes in many sizes and shapes from certain Jesus Saves types - if they feel you won’t listen to them or follow their ways, they do these nasty, sneaky things to get at you.  It’s a type of anger and ego retaliation.  Men and their testosterone get involved in protecting Jesus and trying to get women to “see sense” to the point it is a real battlefield.  Also people who convince themselves they know the light better than other people seem to act out in a variety of ways if their hook is Jesus-guns-man head of household.  You cannot reason with people like this.  They keep trying to act like inclusion is proselytizing and that being a nice man or chuch leader is taking away personal power from a woman by making her feel inadequate, incompetent and genrally stupid.  The less educated the men are, the more likely they are going to stubbornly insist on this brand of Christianity and the more they refuse to read other forms of literature than the Christian bible, the more dangerous or at least obnoxious they become.  Their version of inclusion is to invite you to their church without trying to be your friend without the religious thing.  They cannot be a friend without insisting on a religious curve - their curve - on the relationship.  They don’t know what real inclusion looks or feels like because it is all one-sided.  They feel that inclusion is getting everyone on their page.  It is a very self-centered approach.  They keep trying to use a course sales pitch on religion and Jesus Saves similar to making auction calls about horses and cattle at a barn sale.  They think using a sales pitch is being a good person.  The truth is, real spirituality is spoken without words through the acts of sincere kindness, generosity and empathy without needing to receive personal attention or even thanks from the other person.  When you can learn to do something for someone without demanding a “thank you” I say you are on your way to true spirituality.  If you feel you need to see signs of appreciation for your act of Christianity, you probably need to go back to the drawing board of true generosity of spirit.  If you keep trying to hook somebody into your religion, it is probably more about you than the other person.  When you show signs of slowing down, being patient and really listening to the other person without twitching over getting your religious message out, you are getting closer to the real thing.  If you are sitting there while the woman is talking and you are a guy, and you are thinking about how generous you are to give this woman attention, and about how you are steering her to the authority of man and church, then you still have to go back to that True Spirituality drawing board.  When you can sit still as a guy and become present with that woman and empathize with her ideas and condition, then you have moved out of the ego into a universal spiritual space that does not require a gender to guide or steer anyone else.  There is a spiritual quiet that does not need to grab or possess in order to be a caring friend to someone else.  And if you need sex, by God, just simply throw in the towel and say so to ourself.  Perhaps you cannot possible feel spiritual and calm for someone else until you get your sexual needs taken care of.   Sometimes the religious agitation is a disguise for sexual energy that needs to go somewhere productive.  The more real you as a guy become with a woman, and the deeper you become, the easier it will be to ground that sexual energy with her and for the relationship to go somewhere beyond a forced artificial space.  In addition, I feel true spirituality does not leave other people hanging until they give into the Jesus Saves mentality, but that truly spiritual people can and do help others without waiting for signs that the  other person is a member of the club.  We have too many people pretending to be really spiritual with the Jesus Saves stuff but they would not walk across the street to help anyone who does not at least give lip service to being a Christian.  The Jesus Saves thing is a crude replacement for the real deal as the people convince themselves they are being good people and will be in favor from God for following a certain brand of religious authority. This approach toward religion gives them permission to be mean to others and to be sociopathically distant from their problems until the people give in and say “Jesus Saves.”  It’s a warped system.  You see, real spirituality is about your actions and your behavior says more than your words and labels.  If you are helpful and kind, this says more than if you go around telling people you are saved.  In addition, this brand of Jesus Saves Christianity often encourages men to treat women like shit and to go around acting like superior assholes.  Beyond that, there is often domestic violence and child abuse associated with the cheesier forms of hard-ass religion.  So if I sound a little gritty today, bear with me, but I just feel like spitting it out.  As a side note, to say it yet again: right wing religionists of various categories love their anti-abortion signs; currently there is a particular group or groups acting like hotlines or clinics for women to turn to in lieu of abortion; those clinics are not real and are likely associated with cults.  The people putting up the anti-abortion signs often feel superior in showing off their compassion for potentially killed babies.  The truth is, the men supporting these things are often wanting women to defer their personal power over to men and authority driven churches.  The women supporting these signs seem to often have a guilt thing going with religion in general which can be a type of obsession, especially if they are nuns in the Catholic church.  Other women putting up these signs or allowing men to do seem to have a hands-off approach to other women “getting it” from the guys - they don’t a darned thing to help when other women are being abused.  They also often keep their mouths shut when children are being abused by a church orientation.  The churches get their hands on these kids and major mind control comes into pass - the women with these kids are often treated like second class citizens if they don’t have husbands.  The church and others take over their lives and feel it is their job to steer the women and kids in a one-sided religious approach.  The anti-abortion thing also plays mind games on people: it’s a manipulative ploy to use an excuse for bad behavior if the other people kill babies. In other words, if a woman kills a baby through abortion, then the anti-abortionists use this as an ope door excuse for THEM to do bad things.  It’s a game of chess for people who are already dong bad things; they trap abortionists into a no-win situation of “GOTCHA!”  Seriously, there is a mentally calculating thing going on with this.  It’s like, “If you have an abortion, then I can kill trees or beat up the environment.’  If you have an abortion, I can be mean to women.”  “If I live in a society that legalizes abortion, then I can do evil things, too.”  Certain men of a particular type of predisposition play hard ball with this in a variety of ways that is very disturbing.  It’s not about the babies - it’s about them: guaranteed.  It’s an excuse to act out, sometimes in the most horrible of ways.  These cults could be associated with subversive paramilitary programs that are privately beating up on women and treating them like worthless objects.  This is happening in the MKULTRA negative system and could be linked to police officers and others who are closely associated with religionists in a community; they like the religionists to expose women to a no-supportive system in general so that seeking real help only offers more abuse and dead ends.  There is also likely a subliminal programming message connected to the images and words of these signs, as well as their obnoxious presence. Facebook - why I don’t use On a side note, I don’t do Facebook because I think it is part of the Big Brother problem.  I think too many people use it blindly. Blog On Psychotronics From Other Website (health-forums.com) This is an old quoted blog from 2007 which was placed as a link on the Psychotronic page of this website.  I decided to go ahead and include it because it has some information that I feel is important.  From what I have been reading, physical implants of this nature (ie, in the nose) might not be the most used procedure in current times, but I have personally psychically sensed the brainwave thing talked about in this clip.  I know pretty much what this person was talking about, and this is the first time I have read a description which matches my own experience.  I realize there are some spelling and grammatical errors in this blog, and that the manner of expression might not come across as professional, educated or entirely balanced, but I think there could be something legitimate in what was being expressed here.  I am not too sure about the response to this blog (posted below) but decided to include it here mostly because I have ongoing concerns about Masons myself, something which came up yet again in the past couple of days.  I think the general Masons don’t know what is going on; I feel it is a group back behind the scenes.  I sense a strong psychic world there with an old history which feeds back into what I have read over the years.  I do think this same group connects with the Mormons and others in the world today; whether it is the Illuminati or not, I cannot say.  However, I will say this: every since I heard about the Illuminati, I have had a recoil reaction in the sense that I was not feeling like I was hitting a core spot or in-ness.  What that means in my own iconography or personal symbol system is that it is almost like the actual name or spirit of the thing behind the Masons is something else, not ‘Illuminati.’  Perhaps this has something to do with my own past lives, soul group, or current life history on a more subconscious level.  In other words, the term ‘Illuminati’ has never resonated for me.  I could be wrong.  It could represent something quite real, it’s just like when I hear the word and go seeking the energy connected to it, I seem to go somewhere else, to some other pocket of energy.  I feel this is a definable and recognizable energy.  I do feel the Nazi thing connects with this. From website retrieved 3/14/2014; I have done a small amount of editing of typeos, misspelled words and grammar, but not a lot. http://www.health-forums.com/alt-support-schizophrenia/brain-implant-victims-psychotronic-mind-control-torture-sexual-abuse-voices- 21833.html 07-15-2007, 02:44 AM #1 Prisoner of Wars Guest [Regarding] Brain Implant Victims (Psychotronic Mind-Control) Torture, Sexual Abuse & Voices: Doctors & special interest groups implanting adults & children Secretly during surgery in order for research, extermination & exploitation (Voices, Electric Shocks, Unnatural Physiological Rewiring, Maiming, Torture & Sexual Abuse) When I was younger, I was walking home from school when a shady looking fellow passed by and directly blew smoke into my face. When I got home my nose/sinuses flared & began to stuff up with mucus. That night it got to the point where I could not breath through my nose. I was sent to the hospital where they (A Chinese & 2 Jews) immediatley decided to perform surgery to remove "adenoid flare up". And that was the end of my life. I have been a slave/prisoner of these kooks evere since and have only found out recently what this entails. First: Yes you do have a "brain Implant" (Material piece of technology) in your head (Inserted Through the nose or back of throut) most likely from a surgery you had along time ago. It uses low "radio" frequencies hooked up to a computer that translates them & sends/receives into thoughts, emotions, pyshcical/mental actions, ect.  It can do pretty much anything with/to your body/mind. Second:You have been targeted. Reasons differ.  Third: The best thing for you to do is to move back to your country of nationality/ancestry, become a citizen of that country & cancel the other citizenship. Get in contact with organisations against these implants/mind slavery. Fourth: DO NOT go to a psychiatrist. They WILL diagnose you with schizophrenia. IF YOU HAVE THIS DIAGNOSIS ALREADY, GET IT UNDIAGNOSED (Court of Law) Fifth: The people around you DO NOT know what has happened to you. The implant in your head is effecting them because the people on the computer (who implanted you) are sending the people around you things through YOUR own brain, making it look semi-natural. They are also BLOCKING other people from NATURALLY contacting you. The people around you are ignorant of your predicament. SIX: You are being what they called, "suicided" (Job Sabotage, Social Sabotage & Mental/Phsyical Sabotage) Seven: These people are sick criminals, twisted doctors, professors & even special interest organizatioons and "students" & GOVT. Eight: People "in the know" will not help because they are 1:Ignorant & have a false sense of security and of what is REALLY happening to you and the capabilities of the technology. 2: Threatened with being "hooked up" (hearing tons of voices) & 3: Are the sick perpatraitors. This IS BLOOD FUED (Racial Holy War) Nine: TRY AND REMEMBER WHEN THE LAST TIME YOU WENT UNDER (sleep) FOR SURGERY WAS. Buy yourself what is called an "ENDOSCOPE" (4 millimeter video model if you can afford it). Use this to view your sinuses and back of your throat & adenoid area. You should see the scar tissue where they made the incision. Once you have found the area where they inserted it get an ULTRASOUND of the area or an MRI. You should see a tiny implant about the size of an tylenol/advil/M&M. TEN: Find someone to pull it out, however you should have it done awake, with freinds/family watching & video taped the doctors every move. If this is not feasible you may perform the surgery yourself. In addition to the video endoscope (4mm) you will also need a "rhino- scope" (4mm) w/ scalpel and tong/clamp attachments & some liquid novacain. The best way to pull it out is first breath some vics vapor rub. Turn on & insert your Endoscope while video-taping. Then dip a small piece of medical cloth in the novacain & clamp it in your rhino-scope. Insert that and numb the area you will be performing on. Insert a dry peice of cloth near/under the Incision point for blood. Have some "quick-clot" (US Marine Soldier Medical Powder) on hand just in case. Begin to make small incisions into the scar tissue until you find the implant. If the implant has wires attached sever them with the scapel, you can pull them out later, Remove the implant with the Rhino-scope tongs. Veiw this implant under a micro-scope and record all the information/data on it. ELEVEN: Conragulations, you are now free from all the pedophile, criminal, homosexual, atheist, communists in the world, however, They will most likely retaliate by whats called "hooking you up" Prepareto experience tons of voices 24 hours a day, BUT, this will fade away over time and certainly is a small price for freedom because THEY CAN NO LONGER ACTUALLY HURT OR INJURE YOU OR DO ANYTHING EFFECTING YOU PHYSICALLY WITHOUT THE IMPLANT. Sticks, stones & implants may brake your bones but words will never hurt you. Note: Do NOT tell your doctor/psychiatrist (They are NOT your friends) you have a "brain implant". Just say you got some small object shoved way in your head when you were younger & never got around to getting it out or something to that effect. Remember the implant is most likely up the back of your throat inside near the base of your brain. Response to above blog on website  below retrieved 3/14/2014 http://www.health-forums.com/alt-support-schizophrenia/brain-implant-victims-psychotronic-mind-control-torture-sexual-abuse-voices- 21833.html 07-18-2007, 03:58 PM #2 Michael A. Pereira Guest Re: Brain Implant Victims (Psychotronic Mind-Control) Torture,Sexu...THEY put my chip up my sinuses in the Sixties. Just before that THEY put me deep into "perinatal matrix three", Hell itself, with large doses of LSD. It is obvious that this was for an expected Iko Awo (spirit slave) "brainwashing" effect.  Later, I saw the chip myself in a flouroscope. It was a little rectangular block. The doctor who discovered it for me soon "died". In October of 2005 the chip was found by an MRI. It was first called a brain tumor, then it was said that my immune system ate up that brain tumor, and the whole thing was hushed up, almost. Lower ranking employees gossiped about it all over the hospital. From August 10-12, 2007, there is a "Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations, and Mind-Control Conference in Windsor Locks, Conneticut. It says that speakers include survivors of alleged Masonic abuse, satanic cults, and the CIA mind-control program MK-Ultra. I'd like to go there and speak.  All my life I just had nothing but trouble with the freemasons.  When we were little kids, twins, Tom and Frank, and I were up to all  kinds of mischief one Saturday, and we burst into a door that turned out  to be a masonic initiation. Frankie yelled out, "It's a rodeo", and THEY chased after us. We got away, but the next week THEY searched every grammar school in town and found us. THEY demanded that we be punished, but we weren't.  Later as a teenager, my friend Sandie and I were walking through Boston and a homeless guy, rare in 1959, told us how he had been a freemason but that his life was ruined after he leaked their secrets at a cocktail party. He was sober as a judge when he told us those secrets. In 1962, an important term paper was due. I did my "Superstiton in America" and in it revealed the masonic secrets. I got a 98% for it. After graduation I went into the Army. The instructor who graded that term paper sold it in Boston's vast term paper black market. It fell into the hands of a student who's father was a freemason. He showed his father, his father showed his lodge, and detectives were sent out to hunt me down. THEY caught me, put me through that hell, and shoved that chip up my sinuses. Rather than "control" me, it has inspired me to be the worst enemy of freemasonry and the white right hand path. I will fight to the death! But, perhaps we can reach an agreement if this chip is removed and a settlement of five million dollars should do. http://community.webtv.net/mpereira/TheSecretsofthe 16-BILLY GRAHAM EVENT in Farmington Related topic The sorority crowd was the same feeling I had when I was invited to a Billy Graham function at the racetrack in Farmington; I think it was his son, not Billy Graham himself; wow, huge numbers of people, filled a huge auditorium.  My sister and I both thought separately the son looked the devil, that he had an evil looking face.  We compared notes afterward when driving home, and we both had come to the same conclusion he looked satanic.  Whether or not by grandfather had the highest Masonic designation possible, we can confirm he was a Mason because of the emblem on his grave marker.  I think most Masons do not realize there is something else going on beneath the surface.  It is possible once a person signs up, their name goes in a roster that goes to an international organization.  Those leaders who get hold of the rosters are the ones who work on people behind the scenes using occult magic.  People can be messed with and hooked in ways they are not aware. It is possible some of the members like my grandfather hear some things along the way, they might suspect this or thatand so on.  Masons might help each other be successful members in society, making money, having property and material signs of success.  Masonic markers are on the area libraries, including the one in Aztec.
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