On this Page 2017-7:     1-02/18-19/2017possible African male cop/fraud claims investigator at risk   2-update 02/19/2017: 9/11 and mean-not-so-green loans to the USA 3-02/19/2017     4-02/18/2017 from earlier this day     5-02/17/2017     6-From earlier notes on 02/17/2017 7-02/16/2017 (disclosure/warning cops, others be extra sensitive to your self-protection when interacting with or in my regard  8-02/09/2017 sensitizing, elusivity, etc. 1-02/18-19/2017 possible African male cop/fraud claims investigator at risk 02/19/2017: There is a mature African American male associated with fraud claims in the Portland, OR area who I have issued a concern for safety to the local police.  He seems to be somewhere between late 40s to mid-50s, married to an African American woman, a family man, a basically honest, warm and friendly fellow.  He seems to wear a business suit.  My first thought was that he works with the police in Portland as a detective. I have people working supposedly on a case in my behalf out of Portland, but suspect they are investigating me and misusing private info I give them for two cases instead in that regard.  A vibe came up this late morning that this man might be in danger because he is working on my case.  I have asked the police to look into two possible related cases for me in the Portland area in which I was a victim both times.  I felt this man might be shot at in a public area while going about his life or the investigation on my case.  I warned the Portland police about this concern today.  I feel I am picking up organized crime issues in Portland - a big city compared to where I live.  I feel there are honest police people there but that they might be into big city antics, big city culture.  Portland has had its share of corruption and lawsuits, some of them involving chiefs of police.  I seem to be getting right in the middle of organized crime energies over there.  I am definitely picking up some stuff. I am going to add a link about NM Sec 10 and Sec 20 here, with excerpt below: PINAC:  New Mexico cops arrest citizen journalist for filing internal affairs complaint (09/28/2015). also in Mike Schmike NM Police Victims http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2015/09/28/new-mexico-cops-arrest-citizen-journalist-for-filing-internal-affairs-complaint/ Excerpt from PINAC:  The Mesilla Marshals violated Mike’s Section 10th protection under the New Mexico Constitution Bill of Rights which states: Sec. 10. [Searches and seizures.] The people shall be secure in their persons, papers, homes and effects, from unreasonable searches and seizures, and no warrant to search any place, or seize any person or thing, shall issue without describing the place to be searched, or the persons or things to be seized, nor without a written showing of probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation.The same seizure probably runs afoul of Mike’s Section 20 protection enumerated under the New Mexico Constitution’s Bill of Rights which reads, “Sec. 20. [Eminent domain.] Private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation.” From everything we’ve seen, the police had a strong motive to hide any activities which violated their jurisdictional right to enforce the law outside their own minute town of Mesilla and into the 50 times larger city Las Cruces next door. http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2015/09/28/new-mexico-cops-arrest-citizen-journalist-for-filing-internal-affairs-complaint/ Today I have added more victim and police names in the New Mexico Police Abuses section.  I have psychically picked up officers going around asking people questions about me.  Several people have already offered comments.  updated 02/19/17: Also had picked up a group of about 3 people or so, some at least who were men, leaving from the Portland area in a small plane or other aircraft possibly to investigate me - or cause problems for me locally; these people have a vibe of something like “mob” but might be operating as  something like “FBI.”  They might or might not have a briefcase with money (and papers on me), which is something I am additionally picking up today while looking back on that.  2-Update 02/19/2017: 9/11 and mean-not-so-green loans to the USA:  I will add that I believe there are post-9/11 funds loaned back to the United States at varying interest rates as another way to suck money out of the USA, and as a form of further dark humor on the part of the perpetrators.  They could be directly related to monies/goods stolen from the affected areas as well as other forms of benefits resulting from that operation.  Companies involved in those types of loans will have mob-like affiliations which include going after bad debts (once the questionable loans are in place) with a behind-the-scenes spy and dagger approach, which can include retaliations, masked thieveries (to try to retrieve assets) and false arrests.  What this means is that international companies associated with 9/11 have turned around and used funds gained from 9/11 to loan back to the United States, then have used mob-related antics to target, punish and steal from so-called bad debts.  The racket extends to harassing people (people they have loans with)  using Stasi* types of tactics, sometimes working through the policing systems and sometimes outside or alongside them. *See Stasi: "Worse than the Gestapo." —Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi hunter, from  http://www.nytimes.com/books/first/k/koehler- stasi.html New Mexico Police abuse material added to that section As I have read more today on New Mexico police abuses, I have discovered problems inherent in the San Juan County system (update 3-02/19/2017 see https://www.sjcounty.net/elected/county-sheriff/chart - it’s out-dated) (around Farmington, New Mexico) back around Shane Utley’s time of employment and his joint lawsuit with a few others against Sheriff Christesen in 2014.  As I read the material, I have been moved to further question that department’s integrity. I do sense a questionable Native American presence around Christesen in one way or another - either for him or against him, something pulling strings.  I have added more notes on whistleblower revelations and a lawsuit over freedom of information act hindrances in Albuquerque,  and have found a departing DA’s (Dec. 2016)  letter about crime lab and DNA evidencing problems including a concern over lack of responsiveness to reform mandates.  I have added a case about a young teenage police intern having been raped by a much older police officer who took her “for a ride”, and yet another case about an apparent drug addict in Rio Rancho having been suffocated while officers pinning him down were joking around; after they realized he was dead, they gave each other fist congrats, almost like street gang salutations, and acted like his life and death did not matter.  Their attitude before, during and after the death incident was one of emotional detachment.  Many of these cases involve unbelievable sums of money in court cases. I have also added a section on Mexico’s cartels invading New Mexico police systems. Some of these topics were added to the New Mexico Police abuse section main page, others to the victim/and-or/police names. It is amazing New Mexico is even still around after all the lawsuit money dished out.  Where is New Mexico finding the money for all of these hefty lawsuits?  This is a critical question.  Most companies would be long gone by now after all of that.  Why doesn’t New Mexico ever learn?  Farmington - are you listening?  Gangstalking is probably one of the most serious problems in the state of New Mexico, yet has had almost no visibility. The ongoing controversy over psychic material As you go over my notes about “psychic visions” here in the Commentary section, realize that many Americans still find the psychic thing unlikely, and look for signs of mental illness when it is discussed.  This is unfortunate but a reality we must face.  I foresee a time in the distant future when everyone will be psychically open.  These experiences about being blocked over the psychic world are temporary for the human race, but might last a whole lifetime in this current era.  I decided some time back that I prefer to be myself than to fake it; in so doing, I dig into a certain personal power and reflect inner strength.  I find that the derision that is sent out over these “psychic notes” is kind of like water off a duck’s back; I certainly pick it up intuitively and sometimes I hear entire bits of conversation, but it is not hitting my inner self.  I have complete self- confidence now that I am in fact having a type of real world experience; it took years to reach this space, but now little shakes my confidence that I am being psychic and having real psychic experiences.  The only question left is whether it is artificially enhanced by some sort of still little known technology.  The experiences don’t daunt me anymore; I just flow with it.  I am facing a conservative crowd in Farmington, New Mexico and yet changes will occur in this community.  The liberals will find satisfaction in the long run Many of the liberals like myself around the country are going to have an impact after the Trump election; it is just a matter of time before we see ultimate results.  The fact of the matter is, the liberals will ultimately have more personal power because they are real.  The Christian fundamentalism is…well…fundamentally flawed, so ultimately it will not be grounded enough to fight the rebound.  In the meantime, the liberals will clean up their act where there were problems.  They will  be more keen about helping their own find jobs and develop sustainable existences, and will be more open and kind to the liberal-central types like myself who tend to lean a little closer to the middle between liberals and conservatives. As far as police corruption in Farmington, New Mexico goes: yes, it’s here but overall, I think there is an old-fashioned quality for city and nearby areas reflecting the expectation for legitimately acting police system.  What this means is that honesty, respect, service to the community as well as constitutionally abiding behaviors will win the battle over corruption in this area.  People here do know what real police work looks, feels and smells like.  Although some corrupt business leaders and officials will continue to try to tweak agendas through the police systems, the people as a whole will win out. Religious fundamentalists in the area need to keep their religion to themselves.  They should not try to force it on other people by using the police for their agendas.  The police should not hire personnel with marred backgrounds (like domestic violence, child abuse or DWIs) or obvious signs of religious, cultural or gender biases.  If these biases show up once hired, there needs to be a strong stopgap system, including warnings, penalties and firings.  Area officers need to be trained to stay neutral - that is, to keep their religious beliefs at home.  Although we can never leave some of our beliefs fully behind, there are certain protocols to follow while on the job.  Officers in the Farmington area need to be on alert to the dangers of religious fundamentalism, and to report it to management or outside civil protection/legal agencies if it gets out of hand.  No member of the public should be targeted for not fitting into tight religious expectations.  (See the quote added in the area above this Commentary section by the Rev. Dr. Neal Jones from the organization Americans United.) Religionists need to call a black spade a black spade in the dirty cop business I would like to see more religionists get actively involved in studying police abuses and scandals in New Mexico by taking responsibility for much needed reform.  I have seen a tendency for religionists to assume the police are one of them, one of the good old boys, real Americans, like apple pie and American flags.   The truth is New Mexico police tend to be destroying this image bit by bit with every scandal discovered.  People in the local area of Farmington often seem to believe the city and county cops are better than in places like Albuquerque; the truth is, Farmington does in fact have its share of corruption.  Cops are not your Mormon, Catholic or Protestant church elders - they are task-specific personnel needing to stay religiously neutral Religious dogma can give the people the wrong idea that it is OK to use a heavy hand, like the extension of a disciplining father (strong male figure) in the home.  People cannot use male police officers as authoritative father figures to grown people; In this regard, it is as if they are sending a spanking king in to set that woman straight or knock some sense into that boy.  You must let the  judicial system figure things out and make the judgments (that is, an honest, fair and non-contrived judicial system).  Some people are trying to use police officers as Father Knows Best - or as a religious leader in their home church.  Further, some people are trying to use the police system as an extension of the United States military.  This is not the correct way to think of the police force in Farmington and its small outlying towns (or in any other area).  4-Notes from earlier today 02/18/2017: I do pick up the energy and thoughts of one of the stalkers.  He is male.  He has emotional  problems, probably does drugs or alcohol.  The stalkers seem to be a mix of whites and minorities.  Some of it is minority related, some of it is religious, some of it is male-first male stuff.  I sense some of it is minorities in post office mail rooms and also places like fed ex.  There has been a strange vibe around fed ex for some time.  I think they are watching mail come into the town and mail going out, so it is a city- wide issue.  The minorities might be linked thru family.  I feel there might be a drug ring associated with these issues.  I do not have a drug or alcohol history, I think some of the retaliation is because of that.  I have been outspoken several times over the years about drug free lifestyles.  I think it makes drug users and drug dealers mad.  They might be getting into mail away from the mail rooms away from cameras as well as around mailrooms.  I think they are trying to both see and control what is coming and going in the mail.  I would give this a rating of “high” on the psychic scale.  I might have dropped a paper in a parking lot under a vehicle with someone who picking it up.  The person started to try to return it to me as apparently there is an address on it but decided to see if he could do something dishonest with it, but still might return it. 5-02/17/2017 02/17/2017: some added later material to today’s notes More on women cops edited 02/25/2017 Women cops In general, police jobs are hard.  The public does know this.  Women who take on policing careers are walking a difficult line.  Men can be and often are difficult on the job and in the public forum, but not all are.  Some will stand up for women in general and female police officers in particular, because they do know what women go through.  getting through the training programs are not easy, I have heard.  In general, both male and police officers need to remember that corruption piles up - it is best to stop it before it goes too far.  I had an ex-woman psychic tell me years ago that the police are not what I think.  I had other psychics tell me basically the same thing.  It took me a long time to believe it.  Now I am aware police corruption is more prevalent than I had ever imagined in my earlier years.   Women police officers might be facing a number of stresses which might discourage Constitutionally based policing styles.  No one wants to see either male or female police officers injured on the job.  Blue lives do matter.  However, if playing it safe includes developing a mafia-like network working against the genera public, things have gone too far.   Sometimes the technical training of women is not adequate in terms of compensating for societal tendencies to teach young girls more about dolls and being pretty than how-to and survival skills.  Some women might have more practical training than other women.  What is important is that each female individual is treated with care and respect in terms of her chosen livelihood, training and ongoing education.  It is important to learn both technical skills (self-defense, how to use a gun) as well as how to think and respond to different challenges.  Staying emotionally and mentally flexible is desirable.  Some of the people being dealt with will hit, spit, strike with knives that are both thrown or thrashed with, shoot, lie and manipulate.  People will treat female officers differently from male ones.  After awhile, it can wear on any gender of person, but in some cases the women have it harder.    More on snitching at womens violence protection shelters These added notes are about snitching mentioned earlier today on violence protection shelters for women in the Four Corners Area in general, not listing which one is referred to.  The one being referenced is not suspected of having hidden cameras in the back rooms.  Rather, the concern is about parking lot surveillance being used surreptitiously to capture faces and license plates for the information to be used by the following:  FBI or other police system agencies; males with agendas about not liking people they think are getting a free ride or similar attitudes toward people on welfare; religious fundamentalists who try to control women in various ways.  How watched We need to ask about snitching and feeding information by shelter managers or helpers to the following: local male fellow church goers; the police; NSA or services like the FBI; DEA or others dealing with SWAT.  Husbands, boyfriends.  Friends in the police force. Most shelters work under stressful conditions Low and/or uncertain funds; some are volunteers, some do not make enough to live on.  Shelter workers can be threatened by the very people they are trying to help.  People try to sneak drugs and evade the law there.  I saw one woman using a wig to be anonymous.  ONe woman was removed by the police for addictions best served elsewhere.  I have heard of at least two suicides in a shelter. Americans United magazine Church and State On another issue entirely, I strongly encourage people to get hold of the organization Americans United, au.org,  magazine Church and State; I love the magazine and feel much is learned from it.    I think a small donation of $25 is all it takes to start it up.   Also see it online here:  http://au.org/church-state/february-2017-church-state.  One of the issues:  AU Files Supreme Court Brief Denouncing Detention, Torture of Muslims - top federal Dept Justice and immigration officials - former attorney general John D. Ashcroft, former FBI director Robert Mueller and former ccommissioner of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service James W. Ziglar.  p. 16 Church and State magaize Feb. 2017.  I strongly support AU’s actions in this matter. There are  But that donation amount will get you started with receiving regular magazines.  The February 2017 issue is so critical regarding the Trump problem, offering good insights.  One of the things I like is the legal case education the magazines provide covering issues regarding unfair religious discrimination.  This includes gay, lesbian and transgender protections from religious fundamentalists, like discrimination against transgender people over things like school or other public bathroom usage, states fighting the Johnson Amendment and more.  They usually cover laws and cases which are relevant to the issues, which is so helpful to people who did not take law classes.  I also value the professional and level-headed approaches to the subjects; they are an educated and classy group.  One of my favorite magazines covered the history of the United States showing our founding leaders were not supporting a “Christian Nation” but true church and state separation.  More On Christesen and Shane Utley: Farmington come clean Whether or not Utley is fully guilty, I feel strongly that the man and those who know him have more to say about the rogue group gangstalking targets, misusing surveillance and more in Farmington.  Also I feel these witnesses need to be very careful because it is dangerous for them to speak out.  Apparently Utley is proven guilty through various means; however, I feel we need to pay attention to the atmosphere of possible retaliation because he did have a lawsuit against Farmington Sheriff Christesen.  Because this is a Farmington area issue, I added more material on Christesen and Utley’s wife (Beth Utley) on the Police Abuses NM section.  I feel this probably is a hornet’s nest that has been festering.  It is likely a way for men and women who are both innocent and who have had “dirt” to come forward and starting talking about the rogue police group in Farmington.  I think there are truly people in Farmington police systems who do in fact know better, they do know how the police should really operate, and they do know that some people have been targeted unfairly and with excessively aggressive surveillance and other forms of system abuse.  These people can start a citizens watch group in the Farmington area and take back our Constitutional rights.  Some people might get in trouble, but at least they will come clean.  They will feel better once they come clean - they know it and I know it.  I can sense it.  It is time to take our power back in this country; we don’t want any one religious or political group to have too much power; things need to be out in the open with a fair playing field so we are all safe.  At any given moment the playing field can change, and what has happened to other targets could whip around and happen to you or your family.  There is indeed a right way and a wrong way to do police work, and most of you in Farmington do know the right way. Psychic Attacks In the chest (some kind of long-term ongoing energy hook) I continue to feel some of the psychic or psychotronic attacks are hitting me in the center of the chest region.  It would not surprise me if I have some kind of implant, even if it is microscopic.  I think this is one way the cults are messing with people and it might have origins with Catholics. 6-From earlier notes on 02/17/2017: More concerns about a rogue group bullying dissidents or others in the Farmington area I do have concerns that the Farmington, New Mexico area has a rogue group in the policing networks.  It might be SWAT with some of it tied to the DEA; there also might be a link to the FBI.  I don’t know for a fact.  I have been picking up a vibe for some time now, and seeing things with other types of psychic ability, like clairvoyance and clairsentience.  I sense these people are very dangerous and working outside the normal law.  I feel they are linked to religious conservatism and good old boy anti-female networks, but that some women are involved.  The Problems with Certain Female Police Officers I would like to see more women in the police systems fighting system abuse including surveillance abuse, police corruption involving personal vendettas, retaliation and other forms of stalking and backlash against members of the public as well as against other police people.  When women police or police system agents are involved, several different things are going on, part of it is religion, some of it is deferring to the male domination system, some of it is competition or deriding other females as part of a power issue.  I have sensed the possibility of lesbian retaliation against straight females as a power issue.  I also have sensed racial issues going both directions, with whites against minorities and minorities against whites.  There can be minority officers connected to gangs and religiously related cultures.  I also have sensed male cops and overseers sending in women officers to a woman for various reasons - in my case, it would be specifically because I have indicated on this website that I usually trust the honest male cops more than many women officers to do their jobs right according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The more honest women cops will generally do their jobs according to protocol adequately enough, but you won’t see deep thinking and intensive investigations.  They will work according to middle of the line standards but you won’t see them going above and beyond.  Several times I have noticed women in the policing systems don’t have a strong enough core identity to think for themselves, push back, solve problems creatively and engage in ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) or Americans united  types of thinking (pro- Constitution and Bill of Rights, human rights).  By and large, women in the policing systems have issues.  I find more ethical men  among the policing systems in terms of standing in their boots with a certain sense of self-confidence, which creates a better space for thinking for themselves, although the system is filled with both corrupt men and women so you have to filter out the corrupt ones, no matter what.  This is a a pro-womens rights website, and I support the work of women police officers, but many years of watching them operate causes me to feel generally more comfortable working with the more equal minded and honest men in the policing systems because we seem to get on the same page more quickly by getting to the point; the women connected to police networks are largely followers with ego issues.   I also feel they are largely used by male police officers against other women as part of a hidden agenda. The women might not realize they are being used against other women.  I feel female police agents (like plains clothes detectives or those in secret services) are more likely to be quite corrupt, while street-beat female officers are more likely to be honest enough, but inadequate in terms of thinking outside the box and pushing back against corruption involving system abuse.  Female officers need to be encouraged to have a strong sense of identity in order to push back against the male crowd as well as certain agendas found in police retaliation circles,  and to think creatively.  Women police people can definitely be part of the problems in police abuse systems and not part of the solutions.  Identification Switching I am psychically sensing a possible id switching on the part of police officers being thought of as being ones to send in toward me as a response to this commentary section today.  Id switching could include badges and card identification.  Switching officers, in other words.  I am also sensing them thinking of sending in a female police officer(s) to my door as a response to this commentary since I indicated having a better sense of trust and rapport with the more equal minded and honest male officers. Farmington, New Mexico Rogue Groups - General Locations of Problems In the Farmington, New Mexico area, I have psychically felt a rogue group in the policing arena around the San Juan College network; around the anti-abortions signs in general all over town on all the main streets; in front of the  Planned Parent clinic on 20th street where a white older man often with a beard and long hair, sometimes with his hair cut, stands day after day, year after year with an anti-abortion sign on the parking lot’s sidewalk closest to the street.  I feel strongly that clinic has surveillance cameras by the religious fundamentalists in town and that people coming to the clinic are watched very, very carefully, that license plates are identified and certain police, including women police officers, are sent after that person who visited the clinic.  I found myself followed by a woman police officer with a bike on the back of her car shortly after only visiting the clinic briefly, less than five minutes, in the past week.  I felt the same old bad vibe about a rogue group, felt myself on an energy level followed, looked up and saw that police car right behind me.  The rogue group will include religious fundamentalists, including women, as I mentioned above, but I strongly feel they are not all religious fundamentalists - they could be simply conservatives of a certain nature. I also strongly psychically feel that not all the police officers in the area are part of the rogue group, but they might not know fully what is going on or they might want to keep their jobs and not ask too many questions. See Utley case in New Mexico Police Abuses Section There was an article recently about Utley in Farmington stealing bullets from the policing system to use in a sawed off shot gun for SWAT.  I feel that material needs to be checked across both lines of the controversy, because there could be a rogue group connection in one way or another - either with Utley part of it or Utley on the other side of it, being picked on. More Exclamation Points and Sending in the Troops vibes I feel Exclamation Points are building up and that Sending in the Troops could occur around this time period - See Gangstalking Section in Psychical or Systems Abuse.  The dramas are building up.  I do feel there is a military connection.  .  I feel these awful people are thinking of coming to my door again - this happens at intervals in Farmington - or that they could break in while I am away and  go through/steal some of my stuff, plant cameras, send older men in with condoms to rape and try to leave no trace - the rape is not sexual, it would be a sneer/violence attack against women who fight their ways (they would do the same thing to a gay man, for example, as a statement of violence).  I feel I am watched coming and going to my house and what I am doing around the garage area.  I feel the rogue group is looking for opportunities to cause me problems.  The energy around this group, again, is extremely volatile.  Some of them are not particularly educated and that is part of the problem; their ignorance makes them bold and cutting through so-called “red tape” with a sense of no tomorrow; they take risks like they are bullies in a local gang.   They also need to realize religious fundamentalists for the most part will NOT back them off and could be part of the problem.  Snitches and Rogue Surveillance, Overseers in Homeless Shelters and Women’s Violence Protection Shelters (see todays later notes above) I feel homeless shelters, including  women’s violence protection shelters, have agent snitches feeding private info disclosed during intakes, etc. to groups like this.   I have psychically picked up a man with a bad attitude toward women and also anyone who is a so-called “leech of society” overseeing a particular womens violence protection shelter in the general Four Corners Area.  I have also psychically picked up an older male cop having conversations with women personnel in a women’s violence protection shelter in Flagstaff, AZ.  These men should not have access to who is in the shelter and what is going on with those women but I strongly feel they do.  Men should not be overseeing women’s shelters, and police officers should not be apprised of who is in the shelter because police officers can be part of the stalking problem.  The only reason women in shelters should be made known to police is if a problem comes up or if a background check shows a problem.  I have found two shelters that do not deal well with topics of gangstalking, including police network stalking, and that they seem ignorant of the problem.  Women need to understand that there are indeed stalkers working outside the law among the police networks; that there is no question whatsoever about this. 7-02/16/2017  disclosure/warning to protect safety when interacting with me Added note 02/24/2017 to 02/09/2017 note: This warning is to helpful cops or others who try to help me: become more sensitive to protecting your boundaries from “weirdness” or violence: the watchers are sensitive and alert to who comes around as part of the control game and wall of silence.  I psychically pick up heightened activity after some - not all - people make contact with me or when I initiate contact with them. Warning:  Anyone who has contact with me needs to be tuning into self-protective intuition.  I seem to be a person who has some answers, whether consciously or subconsciously, about what is going on in the United States and globally.  I want each of you who has had some form of contact with me to be on your toes in terms of self-protection.  What is happening is you are being “touched” or “awakened” by this material and the energy that comes with it.  Quite a few writers with psychic ability have also mentioned that people are being connected with on a deeper level through their written material.  It is not just what you read, it is the energy that connects with you as you read it.  The very fact you are making contact with this material…and me…can seem like a threat to these people who have hidden agendas that are hostile to free speaking, free acting peoples.  I want you to stay safe and be smart.  Feel out what is around you, start developing your intuition.  For example, if you feel a kind of thud or heaviness about going into a house, car or area…start training yourself to let that be OK and don’t go there, don’t push through the barrier.  On some deeper level people seem to have a sense for these things.  Sometimes, however, it is less your own self- protection and someone else’s “electronic fence” - in other words, a type of energy being sent out to keep you from going there for various reasons.  Start learning how to feel when it’s a barrier for you and a barrier against you.  Sometimes it can be both. 8-02/09/2017 sensitizing, threads, ropes, elusivity, use psychics against gangstalking, lemons out of lemonade, Cyborgs, Trump/Russians Tentative Conclusions on Psychic Attacks: Organized Crime and Sensitized Targets To summarize yesterday’s notes, I will simply say that I think what has been going on with email interceptions by third parties is a type of organized crime with international anti-American extensions.  From what I have read in gangstalking material, there might be a type of sensitizing in which a target is puposely awakened to the presence of the perpetrators as part of the stalking game.  This sensitizing is what gives a target added psychic ability even if that person was already naturally sensitive.  People investigating gangstalking should take seriously this concept of a sensitized victim.  I suspect it relates to the ideas behind post trauma syndrome.   Certain kinds of trauma can cause a person to be more sensitized to certain stimuli.   Sensitizing can lead to over-sensitivity to certain things.  A gangstalking victim might be displaying certain post-trauma syndrome symptoms even if we cannot seem to find actual trauma.  Trauma could have occurred in childhood and from adult experiences in ways that are hard to identify, but we might be able sense a triggered individual by their responses and tendencies.  A triggered individual might be catching drifts based on this sensitizing.  Ropes, threads, elusivity As I mentioned in yesterday’s notes (which have been archived in the recent notes area, along with some others notes that were in this section) one way to think of the organized crime network is as a single line of rope consisting of several different threads twisted together, each thread a different color but adding strength to the rope.  You can think of this organization as both a singular and a plural, a recognizable entity but also consisting of different groups.  The tendencies to stalk targets run the same across the organization, but there are different nuances based on who is actually handling the stalking at a given moment.  In addition, there will be years of stalking by the same people,  yet with newer or different people over the years.  Also, part of it could be associated with turf or geographic location, using the notion of cells.  Their main thrust is elusivity.    To combat gangstalking, plan on using psychics as well as other experts This is the reality that Americans need to digest.  You  need a combination of excellent standard investigative experts, other kinds of experts, including computer scientists with programming skills, but you will also demand….psychics.  I cannot imagine how I would ever have figured all this stuff out if I had not been sensitized in some way or another so I could pick up on at least certain parts of the game that they play.   When you join a bunch of focused investigators together to fight this elusive and deadly game that they play, you will need to include some psychics to pick up the various nuances.   You won’t be able to do a whole lot without the psychics.   Making lemonade out of lemons So in a way, if they sensitized me as part of the gangstalking game, the same sensitizing risen up and turned around to bite them. We all might as well make use of it, as far as we can, to get back at these people.  It’s a double-edged sword, a mixed blessing as well as hell.  In some ways, it has been a nightmare for me, this is true, having caused a diversion from original path - but in making lemondae out of lemons, I have gained an awareness of the world which I would not have otherwise. My views on Cyborgs My views on cyborgs, by the way, are leaning away from their possibility.  I still need proof.  There are people discussing cyborgs as if they are a reality.  I have not been provided undeniable evidence of their existence.  I threw out the idea that Trump’s young wife might be a cyborg.  What I was really trying to say is that she might be hooked to Russia in certain ways that go beyond what would normally be covered by national security.  She might also be known as a distractor in remote viewing circles, something purposely used to draw attention away from other more critical issues.   Russia could be using the young woman in a variety of ways.  I had a psychic image of her as a young girl and maybe not too long ago in time being abused as part of a possible handling program.  I give this imagery a rating of Medium.  Tyrannical governments abuse people to use them later as their agents or ploys. Russians and Americans had been working together before Trump. Some of it was out in the open, some of it was not.  I have been psychically picking up the American contingency aiding Putin for some time now.
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