November 2018:  11/04; 11/03; October 2018: 10/25; 10/26; 10/24; 10/21 September 2018: 09/04;   NOVEMBER 11/04/2018 Anti-American material is included here on this site not to engage in/incite false belief but to help investigators and others connect the dots and to know what is being said. Various sides and ideas are presented.   Many federal agents are astute about things that go bump in the night. In all times and places, no matter which country, certain financially strong groups try to dominate the rest of the people.  Conspiracy stories that pack the blame on the USA without trying to help Americans figure out what is really going on in a sincere and authentic manner should be observed cautiously.  At first there seems to be a nugget of truth and interesting insights, but as you read on, the agendas start rearing their ugly heads.   Early populism in the United States starting in the mid to late 1800s had surprisingly modern attributes.  Our attention should be drawn not so much to the populists themselves, but to the related forces in the political movements of their times. The populist movement came in with other forms of activism; going carefully over the historical resources we find hauntingly similar voices and subversive elements today.     False flags might be coming from royalty affiliations tied to things like stock markets and natural resource development, ships, navies, piracy.   These would best be seen as largely unseen forces that, like bed bugs, have been with us awhile.  I don’t think tearing down the USA is the answer.  To get blacks, whites, and everybody else talking to another we might have to charter a new constitution and bill of rights so that people feel they all have a say in current times even if many of the ideas and ideals of the US Constitution are re-applied.  This might bring peace to the diversity so people who felt disenfranchised or taken advantage of in history can feel like a new people starting fresh.  People would see we are all people working together. Part of the issue is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights said one thing but people’s actions did something else.  There was a two-facedness. A lot of conspiracy material is out there on Masonic groups.  My suspicion is that historical links relate to early alchemy and science, the passing on of divination rituals.  You want to pay attention to orders with long retention of history and culture.  Different Fourth Position groups are saying different things.  Not all seem to be bombastically negative about the USA.  THe one I posted yesterday writes of several false flag in American history. What we need to do si separate out the American people from any surreptiious royalty/religious order groups.  I would call the Masons a religious order  Ultimately it might all go back to the roots of Asian martial arts groups  Occult driven martial arts groups could indeed wreak havoc on the planet, especially ones with a royalty and religious tie.  In this case a Eurasian link would be with Chinese or Mongolion ancestors. Martial artists can indeed reach levels of psychic influencing, that if done in orders or packs, and including mysticism, could be dangerous.    11/03/2018 This past two months has been intense for me across different fronts.  It also has been a time of insight and apparent or real growth (growth can be in the eye of the beholder, or otherwise subjective). I have gleaned the ongoing sense of despair, horror, sadness and frustration military veterans of various kinds face when dealing with the VA for medical assistance, some for the rest of their lives.  Although many veterans - both combat and non- combat - have made major strides in improving governmental medical benefits, many problems still exist in the bureaucracy.  Non-combat veterans - or at least veterans who might have served in high risk areas but did not face direct combat and combat-related injuries - are voicing frustration and outrage over not being properly serviced in VA medical offices.  This can include delays in appointment times - not being able to be seen in a timely manner.   There might be formal memos by the VA itself behind the scenes indicating certain veterans or certain types of medical complaints should be put off - that is, purposeful flack is deliberately set up.  A pre-meditated cog in the system is designed to cause these people to back off and give up in seeking medical help because the government does not want to spend the money on them.  The other issue is that of combat veterans suffering from severe PTSD long after those particular battles and combat zones are over.  This can include high sensitivity to certain issues, trouble dealing with certain people situations at work or in family relationships, an abuse of various substances, ongoing feelings of futility and more. Physical impairment often is part of the issue, along with psychological issues.  Loss of limbs, eyesight, brain damage, hearing loss…exposure to diseases and harsh combat zone chemicals… Other insights have included more awareness of what exactly goes on in domestic violence and general homeless shelters….how wrong things said in these contexts can create fear and severely negative responses…tempers flare…these too can be like post-mortem sites of the human soul.  The horrors of the experiences of shelter patrons before coming into these places hang on like past war zones. I have also learned that some kinds of high blood pressure can be reduced through meditation and mindfulness.  I now suspect psychic (energy) hooks (deeper level, subconscious or barely conscious level) can exacerbate it.  In a psychic hook high/blood pressure related issue, identifying the source of connections with people tying into the “wound” (or tech implantation) can help reduce their involvement in your psychological arena as well as reduce the blood pressure.  On a subconscious level, because the people hold animosity toward you, the energy tie can increase emotions and thus blood pressure, especially if the person or people are in attack mode through the following: vindictiveness - see Vengeance Quotient section OCTOBER 10/26/2018 Some corruption in psychological diagnosing - for funding - in certain counseling centers --certain diagnostic labels will generate more governmental funding -gaslighting in counseling centers to get people to accept these diagnoses--also wrong or unnecessary medications prescribed in these scenarios--I suspect Arizona might be a high risk state in this regard 10/25/2018 Some of the domestic violence and general homeless shelters might be compromised in the following ways (not a complete list): -links to dysfunctional religious groups or other orders/organizations and links to network crime -funding driven corrupt counseling systems -certain people in shelter management and donation control trying to get hands on known funds a shelter patron brings in 10/24/18 Have added section Human Behavior/Veterans/TBI--give new sections like this time to develop-this is an acknowledgement that on psychic level or otherwise intuitively there is something “up” with this subject 10/21/2018 Certain food service business entities might be harboring and controlled by Muslim Brotherhood and similar anti-American groups including a Hispanic coalition.  New page added: System Abuse/Food Corps-Global A corporate petroleum link during earlier stages of Iraq War after 9/11: bombing bridges, RR lines, using Americans with criminal pasts - explosives might have been learned doing pipelines SEPTEMBER 09/04/2018 Muslim Mafia: not “wild-haired conspiracy story” - and not just the stuff of radical right Christian conservatives  --Red/Green coalition ie, homosexuals and communists, etc.- possible interweaving of complex themes (ie, neo-Marxism) outside the normal mindset of mainstream America; hard to do the doublethink of homosexuality liberalism with Islamic Communism with a God (Source: Frank Gaffney Muslim Mafia video series etc.--see Muslim Mafia section on this website) --La Raza connection --perhaps historic network of various types of minorities  going back hundreds of years --strange infiltration of Christian* groups--takes creative approach to see through it --Gestapo antics being played out behind scenes in USA like Islamic total state control countries (ie, Saudi Arabia)--ie, student loans, loans by large corporations of or largely comprised by members of foreign countries to Americans-- gangstalking--hidden retaliation like vandalism and theft-these corporate international connections are dangerous to Americans-don’t play by rules inherent in Constitution -strange psychotronics to get a target to pay up on those loans - channeling (voice to skull) - repeating the messages across various platforms and people, same messages over and over no matter where you go (ie, taxis, buses - two of the most pronounced) institution and Bill of Rights -certain kinds of genuine giftedness and ability get mixed in with the occult and going after power in a kind of defensive/offensive way *Christian religious right: In addition to Muslim Mafia, Christian  Nation types might take laws into their own hands, exact revenge or  punishmment; it could be over a set of pet peeves - unemployed, student loan recipients, homeless, gays, women, minorities, non-Christians--here find attitudes discussed elsewhere on this website: not likeing low lives or users; ie, if I have to work my butt off and pay taxes then this damned scumbag should have to, too - and in this space, find people willing to brea the law, do violence, operate as vigilantes, use networks to block people, use aggressive and invasive surveillance, etc.  Find macho male types going to teach certain kinds of women a lesson; etc.some of the elite Christian leaders can know about metaphysical psychic attack.Somrthing passed down generation to generation.  elga Druxes (Editor), Chip Berlet (Contributor), Kyle Christensen (Contributor), Glen Duerr (Contributor), Robert D. Duval (Contributor), Justin D. Garcia (Contributor), Freya Klier (Contributor), & 12 more  
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