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Vandalism and thefts started in 2015 and I do suspect a link to the ACLU and its affiliates and the MB connection there. Added 03/19/2018:  I want to clarify and repeat that I now suspect that the strange antics I have been experiencing are in fact a Muslim brotherhood related issue.  This means not only thefts but also psychic and/or psychotronic attacks- I suspect it might have started in 1999 when I lived briefly in Santa Fe, New Mexico - there were at least two incidents in which I seemed to get confused over days of week and timing - I missed work - it might or might not be “lost time” depicted in UFO abductions and such; was I merely confused or did something happen to me? I also would like people to look into where the ACLU main offices were on the day of 9/11.  I know by 2015 they were a block or two away in downtown Manhattan, within easy walking distance.  We can also ask if any of their offices or affiliates were in any of the WTC buildings.  The proximity should be taken seriously given several indications the ACLU is a Muslim Brotherhood front. 03/22-23/2018 see added 03/23/2018 notes in yellow below In the back of our minds, while exploring the Muslim Brotherhood motif, let us always stay emotionally and mentally flexible about any other conspiracies.  We need to consider layering of conspiracies, with one conspiratorial group used and controlled by another. For example, I consistently pick up some kind of psychic feeling/image about a US Army (or other American military connection) and PP (a generic term used here as Petroleum Power, no matter who is behind this power - American, Islam, Soviet, China, etc).  This sensory/image input suggests to me that we are possibly dealing with a military/petro backed as Mutiny.  Some time back, I expressed this idea in the Veterans section on this web page.  So this feeling has been coming up for me for a long time.  hen I reach out energetically and try to identify the roots of this US military/petro group, it takes me also to possible “white guy northern European groups” although that might not be the extent of it.  when I try to reach out yet further to which countries, it’s weak - probably largely because of my lack of knowledge and expertise - but tentatively at this point what comes up are places like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, northern parts of former Soviet Union…with some of it having an old (ancient) Nordic and possibly Eastern Indian-Aryan feeling to it.  Yet another, different quality imprint of a feeling - more of a conjecture relying on a little reading - is something Central Asian as it had roots to whites.  This latter is weak. Back to the American Army, and for some reason that is the group I pick up more than the Navy, Marines or Air Force - as if some commander (yes, one in particular, but with a coterie of like-minded others around him) in the Army is involved (but keep our minds open as to which branch)- it has to do with dissatisfaction over the perception that military people do all the bad work for countries while the general public stands by and does little - including not even keeping up with the news or what is going on in military engagements overseas.  Also the feeling that military people are not taken care of properly after they are exploited in war.  added note 03/23/2018:  After writing the above, I had flash feelings of the Air Force  and started second guessing myself about an Army only instigator of a Mutiny.  I will also add that something about Army personnel in vans or other vehicles around the WTC area in New York on 9/11 had come up earlier, like being in vans with electronic surveillance and bomb wiring equipment.  Also was reminded of the Bosnia WTC PP businesses - that is, businesses put in the WTC after the war in the 1990s.  I encourage people to look up the names of the businesses related to petro in the Bosnian WTC and follow the trajectories.  I feel core issues are related to petro which has turned people into billionaires and countries unto themselves.  What the rest of the world has to do is figure out how to counter this; perhaps it has something to do with changing currencies so that PP’s can no longer access the world’s goods and services, or something along these lines.  My least favorite subjects were and are business and economics, so bear with me if I seem too ignorant.   But it seems a global knock-out of these power players would be to rip out their means of power - which is largely money.  If they can no longer use their currency to buy guns, bombs, thugs to do their dirty work for them, standing armies, mosques, schools, military training centers, government infrastructure….they go from strongmen to mice overnight.  Something like that happened in the American south when the Confederate bills and coins no longer held value and could no longer buy anything.  When we pick up old coins from the long ago past, they might delight us with their museum-like nostalgic relevance, but they no longer serve as a media for exchange.  Long ago Roman emperors stamped on their surfaces stare out into eternity with faces that seem flat and non-impressive, but in their day they likely wielded power across vast areas. The feeling is the plan was for them to be the core group left over in the world after the “disease” of fascism was let loose on country after country - in this case, a variant called the Muslim Brotherhood, an offshoot of the KGB and East German Stasi.  Wiping out country after country like leprosy, the military/PP core was left to stay focused on extracting petro from the remaining oil reserves in the world and creating a strong core infrastructure - when you tap into that energy, things get back to normal - when you tap into infected countries - and the USA is indeed one of them - you sense a kind of skewed energy.  I have referred to this as quirky.  hen I say something feels quirky, I am referring to a type of influence which has a Mad Hatter controlled tea party in Alice in Wonderland quality to it.  It is the land of The Arabian Night’s Effect, or like going through a Halloween Haunted House set-up with skewed mirrors, strange lights and noises, unexpected twists and turns in the hallways, strange creatures popping up here and there out of nowhere, disfigured or exaggerated features and a sense of losing direction (not knowing for sure where you are in the house).  There might also be a sense of lost time, like have you been in the zone 15 minutes or an hour? As an added note, I suspect some of our homeless veterans have been targeted by extraordinary subversive attacks either or both overseas and at home. My other concern is that some American personnel in knowingly coopting with PP have come home feeling dirty and no longer have a pure connection to a variety of things: national security, telling the public the truth, a belief in the American Constitution, etc.  They go around with their energy fields like twisted weasels and foxes with tails between their legs, their mouths shut, their hearts hard.  The process turned them into something akin to hardened criminals.  I feel we have some of these people in every city and town in our country.  The PP link disenfranchised some of our most able men and women from having a sincere link with country and its non-military citizens.  So these secretive hardened hearts among us, along with the injured vets among us (including those who are victims of extraordinary largely invisible attacks) are together weakening the normal knowledge and experience bank of military people.  It weakens and misaligns our military and national security knowledge centers. 03/21-22/2018 some editing 03/22/2018 I think it is possible Muslim public figures in America are using something akin to “sex magic” or “charm bracelet”around their public photos and their persons - what I mean by this is that I feel there might be an extension of the idea of a zone of influence around their auras purposely contrived.  An analogy is walking into a room and suddenly feeling a certain emotion; in this case, you “walk into” a person’s aura when you see them on the internet and find your emotions are shifting.  What I am possibly feeling here is that they are encouraging obsessive elation and support for their designated leaders.  It’s like walking into a net or a trap.  I suspect it is being created on deeper levels of meditation and influencing.  The other possibility, or an additional influence, might be that these people already have that adoration from followers in their space, and it operates like a contagious net - certain feelings are magnetized because of energetic imprints around them in their energy field (aura) left by followers.  People new to such ideas will say, how can you be trapped or influenced just by looking at someone’s photo on the internet?  My answer is that if indeed it is happening, it’s about rings of energy as layers embedded around a person; if we think of photos that show an aura’s colors, the extension of that is webs of energy designed to impact our moods, thoughts, place of focus and more.  This energy net of influence might drive you to think this is a wise, charismatic, spiritual and fatherly man, someone who knows best and is looking out for our interests.  So instead of looking at a photo, the analogy is that you have just stepped into a room with hidden equipment sending out vibes designed to shift your thoughts and intentions.  I think such things could help create blind obedience.  No matter how it is done, whether psychically or psychotronically, I suspect they are doing something along these lines to transform critical thinking into something more malleable. 03/22/2018 added:  changing energy - in addition to auric fields, I feel that part of the remote influencing being performed by the Muslim Brotherhood might be about changing energy of people’s first intentions and their ideas. One on one and group to group influencing - ie, Muslims coming in to political and national security organizations and not only bringing in changes through words and legal backing - but transforming the energy in various ways.  this includes the concept of neutralizing as wipe-out, like using a combination of trigonometric waves to black out other waves.  It links to brain waves and bioenergetic fields. 03/20/2018 I have shifted from being someone who was supporting the following groups: -Americans United -ACLU -EFF -Planned Parenthood -Some Democrat political groups  To: a State and Church Separationist “Other” voter (non-partisan) with aspects paralleling several key concerns of thI have also added an Islamic Names of Terrorists list in the Islam section. 03/01-02/2018--03/02/2018:  incident in Sedona added Back to Arizona -Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Sedona, Williams, Valle areas: Yavapai and Coconino Counties XXXHIGHXXX--My psychic intuition says to check the following for corruption and hidden networks: -Hidden networks around large construction and tool supply chain stores.  They watch both in stores and follow people in cars around town.  Most workers and managers in these stores don’t know what is going on.  Check for mafia types who are either intrinsically linked to suppliers out of China and other non-American overseas companies as well as people exploiting existing systems.  I suspect they are linked to stealing stuff purchased from their stores by knowing customer addresses and also following them home from the stores.  I think there are communication networks.  Retaliation for what they feel are excessive returns includes following/watching them around the area and “abscondings” (see this website) seems possible.  I would first check a New Mexico Mafia or similar type of thing; what I am picking up is a hostile policing underlayer which could include false arrests.  I think Yavapai and Coconino Counties are using sloppy policing behaviors in terms of not following professional and legal protocols - operating like a vigilante system in the Old West. People have a right to: -immediately upon arrest, being advised of their rights; being fully informed of what they are being arrested for the reading of rights needs to be clear, slow enough to be absorbed and truly understood; it needs to happen right away. -when an arrested person asks for evidence like camera footage it needs to be available and not kept hidden from that person or the public.  An example is a black couple (or male and female friends, sister/brother, etc.) were sitting next to me in Starbucks in Sedona.  I overheard the man indicate a health food store acted like he or they had shoplifted.  He did not seem to know I was listening as I had ear phones on and looked distracted in my computer work.  He felt people in the store were lying.  He wanted to know why they would not show him the surveillance camera footage of him supposedly shoplifting.  The woman seemed mostly quiet on the isue, but confirmed there seemed to be lying.  Then the couple indicated they felt jumpy about the town of Sedona in general, that people in the town seemed to be lying.  they indicated the thoughts about leaving the town because of this lying.  Shortly after this some police showed up and handcuffed the couple, saying they were being arrested for shoplifting.  I did not hear the police read them their rights.  The couple were then taken inside police car(s) waiting outside Starbucks.  I otld the police what I had overheard, that I felt something was off here, to please not be discriminatory and to please be evidence and ethics based.  The police seemed to be shrugging off my concerns.  I wrote the area media about this within a copule of hours of the incident. My point here is that any of us could wind up in a situation like the above.  We need to start getting very, very clear about our  rights. I had been picking up vibes this sort of thing is in the air around the Cottonwood general area - I realize now that includes Sedona fifteen miles away. I am also picking up a numbed out public in these areas - people are not tuned in or prepared to push back.  Some might think the police are not like that.  I am concerned about ignorance and sloppy work in terms of habitually not doing things according to protocol. Once things are a habit because no one speaks out, it becomes part of company (police) culture. FEBRUARY  02/27;02/19-22; 02/27/2018 Moved Satanism and Dracula to Psychical. Moved Catholic car anti-abortion material to Human Issues/Anti-Abortion Examples * from notes in 02/23/notes moved to the above sections A Course in Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney: Civilization Jihad in America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENiSQF-aJ8&list=PLF834C7965BEA6BCC&index=4 The Threat Doctrine of Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0xw5hPWVQ&list=PLF834C7965BEA6BCC&index=3 02/19-22/2018, cont. added Super 8 notes 02/22/2018 Shadow government - Shariah conspiracy - global, national, local Infiltrations: from Understanding the Threat dot com and elsewhere: cab companies, motel management, media and beyond Local level - New Mexico and Farmington area - certain Native American and Mexican American networks working with Muslim Brotherhood; a sinister Power Plant network trying to keep power plant alive in San Juan County (farmington area) -certain-people dangerously jumpy over jobs going away.  Grandfather ex-power plant supervisor.  His 18 year old grandson who was killed not too long ago seems possibly mishandled by policing/prison system in this area.  I suspect leaving city council person is linked to the police problem. I feel grandfather is not directly linked to suspected power plant (attempted job-preserving) dangerous network. Farmington, New Mexico Police not taking cases in properly, not following up, not tracking them after originated.  Is this a conspiracy or mere negligence? This includes cases handled locally although they are supposed to connect with another city and state.  Leaving old, dated and currently erroneous notes in their electronic  sytem.    Not being able to track hard copy voluntary paperwork explaining the reason behind the two cases.  added 02/22/2018: Winter 2015 Super 8 Airport: Portland, Oregon Back Long-Term Parking Lot -Vandalism, Theft, Likely Identity Theft (Possibly used later in Comcast and Century Link cases); driver’s side window broken -glass all over front seat, etc; camera, leather backpack, old non-functional laptop; small TV, solar flashilight, etc. stolen; boxes of personal files, old credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. in car - had planned to store car and its household contents in a secure, gated, pin entry storage facility nearby down the road and could not get in the gate in time for plane flight - had to make last minute plans on where to park vehicle with changes in plans to come back earlier than expected and deal with car; hotel staff seemed to be the one who had taped up window -Car parked in first row closest to hotel front entrance and near main parking lot closest to hotel; was at the end of the row nearest a fence or divider on one side with no one parked there, someone parked on the other side -Incident occurred apparently same day I had first put the car in long-term parking;  -Zone of influence atmosphere-psychic feelings before and likely during incident-precognition, feeling of being stalked, feeling of electronic harassment; one of feelings was a cop or agent used an electronic device first to get into car, felt thi s person standing around the car looking in; did police tell hotel staff I was being “investigated” and that they needed to make the car look like a vandalism, so they broke the window after already getting in?  Were the police/agent(s) MB?  On the later fraud/id theft, were the police trying to pretend I had actually opened the Comcast and Century Link accounts, giving themselves to not take the investigations seriously? Had psychic feelings on plane that it might be being broken into -Super 8 did call police - police would not investigate until I called to report case -Super 8 shuttles driven by people who could fit the description of Muslim or Eastern India (or a mix) - looked and sounded possibly Middle Eastern-one of them had told me of a brother who had worked in a transited airlines company- it could have been Continental, but don’t hold me to that; for those of you in the know, is Portland a high risk area for MB (Muslim Brotherhood) activities? Taxis, shuttles, hotels/motels?  Storage facilities? Port area extraordinary satellite or other surveillance?  ATMs of banks being watched in this or other ways?  Psychically picked up bad vibes around ATMs in general around Oregon. -there was some kind of undercurrent around the Super 8 front desk main manager - seemed to be a Hispanic person - female - I discovered her voicemail message after I had learned of the incident - she seems to have only called once or at least only left one message - she had not been proactive in making sure I was contacted directly and that we had firm communication about what had happened; also around shuttle driver who took me to my car after I got back - that is when I found car had been broken into Earlier 02/19/2018 notes: I put each together individually when I received the collections notices (Comcast, Century Link) in the mail specifically to avoid this level of confusion.  Each small packet of papers was brought into the front public service desk behind glass windows straight ahead from front door (not to left) in main office on Airport Drive.  Who read the paperwork?  Why does each subsequent officer act almost like they doubt I brought it in, questioning who I gave the papers to?   Series of different officers across two cases involving fraud/identity theft out of the Portland, Oregon area. Likely linked to vandalism of my car at the Super 8 in Portland Airport area. Portland Police would not take the case reports from me because I did not live in Portland.  Farmington Police seemed reluctant to take the report.  One officer indicated it would likely go to the bottom of a pile.  Each subsequent officer, sergeant or detective did not know what was going on from the previous officer who handled it and I had to relate the situation again and again.  Detective (female) last one assigned to case.  Detective department above courthouse.  Was told by a sergeant she was the one assigned to case.  Waited for her to get back with me.  Had to call police department for her -another officer called back first.  More than a year had passed on first case (Comcast) and several months on the second case (Century Link).  This detective had gotten a text from an officer earlier that day after I had called.  When she called me, she knew nothing about what was going on and reeated the erroneous “waiting for paperwork” in the electronic system.  After I explained the situation yet again to this new police person, she did get a report from the Portland Police showing the case had been closed because of lack of leads.  She tried to give Portland the two cases taken in by Farmington police.  Portland rejected them flat out, saying the Portland vandalism case had been closed, so they could not accept these separate but likely linked cases.  Not being treated as three separate cases.  She seemed to downplay the rejection b Portland.  She gave me an FTC id theft packet, one that looks similar to one I had filled out both over the phone and online.  Again, finally got feedback on Portland Super 8 car vandalism case from late 2015,  Comcast case after over a year and Century Link case after several months. Woo Woo stuff I suspect someone in the Farmington area is using the shadow network to try to send some kind of police (possibly corrupt) to front door - ongoing psychic impression across recent years.  They are still doing it-it is precognition - vibe in the air-they want to do it, are thinking about it - seems linked to real estate companies, locksmiths, possibly certain newspaper people-maybe  power plant - maybe casinos.  There might be a Mexican American and Native American link in real estate company over this. 02/19/2018 Muslim Brotherhood in America:  A Course in 10 Parts by Frank Gaffney -  this free online course seems to be on the mark.  One concern is listed below in 2/18/18 on possible tainted film footage. 02/18/2018 Commentary 02/18/2018- Islam-Muslim Mafia page The Golden River thinks there is a good deal of truth behind the Shariah Islamic global/American conspiracy supposition or exposition. However, please watch for possible tainted film footage evidence.  One place I am having red flags go off is over at least two videos viewed so far in which FBI leaders are shown cooperating with Islamic extremists - the videos seem possibly tainted with voice-overs, fake filming, cut-out filmage with added in fake material, etc, etc.  There is a funky energy, in my opinion, around that as well.  One group doing this fakery might be members of the religious right, but we can ask if others are involved, as well.    One place I picked up the possibility was in this link in this section showing an agent speaking Arabic: Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within - Overview.  American agent (or military person) speaking Islamic greeting to Islamic people starts approx on track 59/14:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul2hpEOngyo&list=PLF834C7965BEA6BCC&index=1 I suspect embedding of Islamic material in counter-terrorism efforts using invisible fingers tactics.  Beyond this, perhaps dark humor is present in anti-Islamic tainted filmage. 02/06/2018 Psychical section - given its own section - I think this is a key issue in certain forms of Psyops: Gaslighting We need to consider gaslighting as associated with mafias.  I am beginning to suspect the  Muslim Mafia is using gaslighting, and is intertwined with certain Hispanic and Native American groups in the Southwest.  I suspect they are to be doing is voice-to-skull electronic harassment, so unsuspecting family members or others channel repeated gaslighting types of messages (ie, you are crazy, you need real help).  It includes consistent invalidation of what someone says or thinks, how they say it, how they make decisions. XXXHIGHX  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give my suspicion which includes psychic intuition, about a 9…that gaslighting is in fact being used on targeted individuals. 2018/02/04 No Parking Overnight  - Welcome Flag to the chain of growing Gestapo Cities Stay clear of Gestapo Cities with ordinances about not parking overnight anywhere on the city streets in the city limits - even residential areas or older, less beaten side streets -  Flagstaff, Arizona has shifted to this unbelievably controlling mentality sometime in the past decade - not sure when the full transition occurred, but nailed it down yesterday with an area cop who told me to call City Hall as some of it had shifted to their jurisdiction.  Last year I  received a warning note (not a ticket)  on my windshield saying in the winter months there is no street (curb-side) parking at night so, forewarned and needing to possibly park a vehicle for longer than a week, called the police to get the scoop on where in town was still free, not overly policed on- street curb parking. The charming, relatively laid back, mixed socio-economic zone city I used to love is shifting to a corporate yuppieville with few remaining niches for the economically challenged or offbeat road hippie.  They keep scraping away at remaining pieces of vacant land to put up large corporate controlled (or connected) businesses.   Gestapo cities can feel secular fascist (includes the homosexual community) and/or religiously rich-fascist. The police are often very economically oriented and see things in terms of whether you have funds to pay for things or not.  Some of this is a broader Arizona problem.  Much of the city relies on parent-supported NAU students to help pay the high cost rents, while lower cost room rental scenarios might cater to college age people. As mentioned earlier, the homeless shelters are mostly controlled by a highly religious fundamentalist group with networks running across the city’s social services, counseling, bus systems  and jobs JANUARY   01/30;   01/29;   01/28;   01/26 01/30/2018 CBS: Combat veterans coming home with CTE (2018/01/07) 2018/01/07--https://www.cbsnews.com/news/combat-veterans-coming-home-with-cte/ And when Dr. McKee autopsied Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez who killed himself after being convicted of murder, she found the most severe case of CTE ever, in someone under 30.Now she's seeing a similar pattern in deceased veterans who experienced a different kind of head trauma -- combat blasts. Of the 102 veterans' brains Dr. Mckee's examined, 66 had CTE.Sharyn Alfonsi: I can understand a football player who keeps, you know, hitting his head, and having impact and concussions. But how is it that a combat veteran, who maybe just experienced a blast, has the same type of injury? Dr. Ann McKee: This blast injury causes a tremendous sort of-- ricochet or-- or-- a whiplash injury to the brain inside the skull and that's what gives rise to the same changes that we see in football players, as in military veterans 2018/01/07--https://www.cbsnews.com/news/combat-veterans-coming-home-with-cte/ 01/29/2018 Understanding the Threat dot com:  FBI Leaders Aiding and Abetting Terrorists  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHwGE4AmhJ8  Is the above film real?  Paul Abbate/FBI-intimidated or in willing complicity? Pay-offs?  Blackmail? Beatings by Muslims behind scene?, Drug addictions with Muslim handlers? Low self esteem? Is it an artificial video-a stagecraft with broken up film shots??? Are they beating him between shots? http://www.executivegov.com/2017/01/paul-abbate-to-serve-as-fbis-criminal-cyber-response-services-branch- executive-asst-chief/ https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/pressrel/press-releases/paul-m.-abbate-named-special-agent-in-charge-of- the-counterterrorism-division-washington-field-office 2018/01/28 Names have been added to the New Mexico Police Abuse section over the past 60 days or so.  In the process of working on these criminal cases involving police officers, questions have arisen and there has been a shift in my thinking. -Anti-American Islamic contigencies are targeting our police both internally and externally; we must always consider whether our police are being set up.  This is not to excuse bad cop behavior, but to get at the truth.   For more info, see Muslim Mafia on this website -is there a strange DOE/Department of Energy (and other military training) link to police officer training designed to treat the American public as the enemy http://krqe.com/2015/02/25/u-s-rep-lujan-grisham-wants-military-style-training-for-apd-stopped/ http://krqe.com/2014/10/07/boyd-shooter-welcome-to-rop-mistakes-now-cease-to-exist/ -are some of the victims (ie, James Boyd, Christopher Torres) in fact being targeted for some reason other than what we are being told; is there too much emphasis on their mental illness and not enough on what has been happening to them or what they were involved in (ie, Boyd thought he had been a secret agent - what if there is something to that) -We must follow the trail of money behind the millions paid out in lawsuits involving the police to try to identify racketeering and other Two Horns antics; can include faking, changing what has happened, changing names, etc -Certain New Mexico police whistleblowers might have something up their sleeve -Certain New Mexico 2-4+ year college campus minority groups/clubs/departments might be connected to actual anti- American warfare, not just resistance.  Old Communist and nationalist socialist influences seem likely, some with ties to Vietnam itself or the era.  Some of it could link to Native American (like Dakota) prophecies about a return of control by native and oppressed people. 2018/01/26 Book Saudi Islamo-liberals vs. neo-jihadis: Though the “Sahwa Insurrection” failed, it has bequeathed the world two very different, and very determined, heirs: the Islamo-liberals, who seek an Islamic constitutional monarchy through peaceful activism, and the neo-jihadis, supporters of bin Laden's violent campaign from: Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia (2011) By Stéphane Lacroix, George Holochl Excerpt found on Amazon: Amidst the roil of war and instability across the Middle East, the West is still searching for ways to understand the Islamic world. Stéphane Lacroix has now given us a penetrating look at the political dynamics of Saudi Arabia, one of the most opaque of Muslim countries and the place that gave birth to Osama bin Laden.The result is a history that has never been told before. Lacroix shows how thousands of Islamist militants from Egypt, Syria, and other Middle Eastern countries, starting in the 1950s, escaped persecution and found refuge in Saudi Arabia, where they were integrated into the core of key state institutions and society. The transformative result was the Sahwa, or “Islamic Awakening,” an indigenous social movement that blended political activism with local religious ideas. Awakening Islam offers a pioneering analysis of how the movement became an essential element of Saudi society, and why, in the late 1980s, it turned against the very state that had nurtured it. Though the “Sahwa Insurrection” failed, it has bequeathed the world two very different, and very determined, heirs: the Islamo-liberals, who seek an Islamic constitutional monarchy through peaceful activism, and the neo-jihadis, supporters of bin Laden's violent campaign.Awakening Islam is built upon seldom-seen documents in Arabic, numerous travels through the country, and interviews with an unprecedented number of Saudi Islamists across the ranks of today’s movement. The result affords unique insight into a closed culture and its potent brand of Islam, which has been exported across the world and which remains dangerously misunderstood.Aztec, New Mexico high school shooting The Daily Beast: NM School Shooter Had Secret Life on Pro-Trump White-Supremacy Sites. By Brandy Zadrozny/Ben Collins (12/15/2017) https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-mexico-school-shooter-had-secret-life-on-pro-trump-white-supremacy- sites?ref=scrolll  EXCERPT: For years before William Edward Atchison killed two students and himself, he lived a shadow life online—one full of crude alt-right memes and praise for school shooters.  :“It’s a shame he wasn’t on our radar,” San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen told Fox News last week. “I don’t think he had anything so much as a traffic ticket.”And yet online, the 21- year-old New Mexico resident lived a prolific life as a white supremacist, pro-Trump meme peddler who was most known for his obsession with school shooters. For a half-decade, Atchison spent most of his days online, repeatedly posting threats of violence and cries for help.When users saw posts from Atchison, who went by dozens of names like “Adam Lanza” and “Future Mass Shooter” on both larger platforms like YouTube and racist communities like The Daily Stormer, they would often ask how his manifesto was going.Despite local law enforcement’s claims that he wasn’t a known threat, and a visit from the FBI in 2016, Atchison spent most of the last half-decade glorifying school shooters on alt-right websites and posting plaintive appeals for help in fixing his life, according to hundreds of posts analyzed by The Daily Beast. https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-mexico-school-shooter-had-secret-life-on-pro-trump-white-supremacy- sites?ref=scrollll http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/iac--thedailybeastIAC (InterActiveCorp) is an American media and Internet company, that owns over 150 brands across 100 countries,[1] headquartered in New York City.[2] Joey Levin, who previously led the company's Search & Applications segment,[3] has been the company's Chief Executive Officer since June 2015.[4]wikipedia 2018/01/24 Links between prison system controllers and various companies, mafias, airports, ports, shelters, isolated police training centers Let us follow the links between prison system corruption and prison corporations, Muslim and other mafias, strange police multiagency antics, gangstalking, things happening at airports and ports of call, police training centers in remote areas or just outside normal city parameters (like DOE in Albuquerque, NM area mountains), private plane hospital and medical drug runs, Native American controlled federal parks and corporations, police state types of  networks around state parks etc.   Prisons Identify whetherhomeless and domestic violence shelters are linked to prison system networks. Surveillance and policing system corruption in this hypothetical scenario entails a culture designed to keep people down.  Targeted individuals are given the treatment as prison culture retaliation in those shelters (ie, no peace for the weary).  It’s like human plays on beng in hell - the network acts like now you are in no man’s land.  ln this scenario, it occurs when a target is facing unemployment and poverty because of network based electronic and surveillance/influencing harassment.    The point here is to consider prison systems central to system abuse.  See them as the possible hub of various operations, rather than as a sideshoot.  Gather up all documentation possible on prison system corporations and corruption and focus on the entitites involved. Taser With that, follow links to surveillance and taser types of corporations.  Follow the trail of taser and related products.  There is at least one competitor to Taser who indicates contracts might be rigged. Example: http://nmindepth.com/2017/03/24/competitor-abq-rigged-new-body-cam-agreement-for-taser/ http://nmpoliticalreport.com/3300/state-auditor-apd-taser-contracts-likely-violated-state-city-law/ Watch where the products originate, patents, manufacturing plants, how many things are made in China or other overseas locations, is there a German link, etc.    There is already some of it  in the New Mexico sections and in taser section.  ACLU Follow ACLU cases, money being made from lawsuits, watch for Two Horns antics, list ACLU attorneys involved across the nation and by state cases, look for links to Muslim Brotherhood.  We don’t want torture in our prison systems, overcrowding, rapes, general neglect, medical neglect, etc.  and if ACLU is helping to alleviate these issues, great, but if there is a more sinister side to their networks, we need to address it openly.  The book by Gaubatz and Sperry indicates the ACLU is part of the Muslim Mafia.  This website has also provided some other alternative views on the ACLU.  I used to think it was mostly a liberal versus conservative issue, but had concerns pop up early on as I was picking up some suspicious vibes, am suspecting we need to take this issue about ACLU and other topics listed here by the horns.  Also some New Mexico coverups about environmentally related disposal issues comes up as linked to some of this (ie, radiation and heavy metal disposal from mines and lab facilities). 01/19/2018 Excerpt from CAIR Muslim Mafia 2009 David Gaubatz reacts to critics by attacking and smearing them. For example, it launched a months-long smear campaign against conservative TV personality Glenn Beck to drum him out of his chair at CNN. Memos written by CAIR officials reveal they monitored his show every night for several months. They assigned an “oppositional research” team to prepare “hit sheets” on him, painting him as an “Islamophobic” bigot. They prepared a PowerPoint presentation to intimidate his bosses into firing him. They even dispatched representatives to Atlanta to complain to CNN executives about him.2 Several other prominent talk-radio and cable-TV news hosts— including Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly—have been targeted and remain on CAIR’s “right-wing” hit list.3 CAIR views any critic as a threat, however, even liberals. When Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) questioned the group and its ties to terrorism, CAIR debated whether to “go all out against her” as well.4 CAIR’s smear-the-messenger attack machine is well known. Its M.O. is to change the subject from the facts it doesn’t want the American public --from Muslim Mafia 2009 David Gaubatz This is already dated - nine years later - but I suspect this is still going on 01/21/2018 Excerpt from book: Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America (2009) P. David Gaubatz, Paul E. Sperry; published by WND (World Net Daily) “Political correctness has darn near beaten common-sense police work to death.”  —Ben R. Furman, former FBI counterterrorism chief, Detroit1” The radical front group is even prouder of its engagement with federal law enforcement. It’s a relationship based for the most part on threats and appeasement, however, with CAIR charging cultural insensitivity or outright discrimination, and federal authorities bending over backward.  to prove otherwise. On its Web site, CAIR clucks about senior FBI officials attending its annual banquets, and senior CAIR officials huddling with FBI brass at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington. “CAIR has established a status of enviable prestige within [the] highest echelons of the ‘Washington establishment,’” the group brags.4 While CAIR has been known to exaggerate, its boasts are all too true in this case. In fact, CAIR’s hostile information campaign against the feds has been so successful that both the FBI and Homeland Security have invited it to conduct sensitivity training seminars for their agents, a dangerous disinformation campaign designed to desensitize police to the threat from Islamic terrorism. How did this happen? After 9/11, the PC-addled FBI—the organization that’s supposed to be on the front line in our domestic defense against terrorists and their supporters—made outreach to CAIR and other dubious Muslim groups a top priority, and even tied seniorlevel performance bonuses to outreach activity. In perhaps the ultimate concession, headquarters recently proposed sending agents on field trips to area mosques allied with CAIR and its sister group ISNA for cultural awareness education. The FBI also offered to sponsor special summer camps for Muslim youth, internal bureau documents reveal. “The FBI praises CAIR’s dedication in representing the heart of the Muslim American community,” the agency gushed in one congratulatory letter to CAIR.5 from Muslim Mafia 2009 David Gaubatz 2018/01/04 Muslm Mafia Cups of Hands - Whistleblower Holders One possibility is that an ex-CIA agent was captured and tortured overseas or while in prison, or has been threatened in some way, maybe had something in his past used against him.  The other possibility is they are using his loyalties to a historic and genetic tie to a root country - a tie that might link him to minority issues found in the Muslim Brotherhood - or, on the other hand, he might be discriminated against for having those ties, since they might be of a pan-Eastern Orthodox persuasion and caught up in the battles between the various groups associated with that (ie, Bosnia).  The loyalties to that country might not predispose him to terrorism or hit man activities per se . However, by being held in the cup of the hands of groups like  theACLU or Roots Action, he might be being dominated by anti-American subversive groups.  One of the things I think they like to do is to take over a group of whistleblowers and make them theirs, taking over their messages to the world.    They can be using bribes, intimidation, and more. Infiltrated College Campuses Look for ex-FloridaSenator Graham’s input on Islamic operatives (Saudis) on college camuses.  I give this an extremely high priority rating.  I have picked up vibes and experienced at least one thing I feel might be associated with this issue.  Read up on how minority related departments are doing things.  I think there is enemy surveillance on campuses.
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