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ON THIS PAGE - Older Notes 2017-5:  02/07/2017 (psychical) Uncle Mike’s death perhaps not suicide     02/03/2017     02/02/2017 Krogers surveillance     01/25-26-30/2017 Naral fighting Trump 02/07/2017 Uncle Mike Psychic impression on Uncle Mike’s death listed below:  xxxWeakxxx-------Medium------ High -----Absolutely Certain The impression is that Mike might have been killed by gunshot(s) to the side of his body, catching him unprepared, and that he did not commit suicide after killing two other people (Ann, his ex-wife and her live-in boyfriend).  I give this a weak rating because I don’t trust the source of the imagery and feelings.  If the material reflects the real world, I suspect  Helpers. Possible suspects:  wife (she carried and used a gun as a fellow FBI agent); other agents planning the attack (motive might have been to get him out of the way for personal promotion); criminals connected to a case or cases he (and possibly his wife) had been working on; it might have been organized crime retaliation.  I do know he and his wife had been working on a case or cases shortly before his death, because they wrote about it in letters to my grandmother or father. Psychic impression of interceptor military link to college Weak------- xxxMediumxxx------ High -----Absolutely Certain This has to do with psychic impressions over the past two days after reconnecting with a college i had taken one graduate level class with.  Shortly after connecting with it, I started having strange and violent/sexual attack material come up in my psychic field of awareness.  One of the perpetrators seems to be a black man.  I do think it is associated with the American military, but I don’t feel all military persons are like this.  I think this is something outside normal activities in the military.  I suspect interception of contact with the school by their associations with the American military, keeping in mind a minority presence in that regard.  These are some of the most negative psychic attacks I have had in awhile.  I think shadow government/organized crime types are hanging around college files in certain ways, targeting certain people.  I have picked up that before and have experienced weird experiences of a similar vein with other colleges.  We are probably dealing with interceptors, not actual college personnel. Psychic impression on general bombing impressions:  Weak------- xxxMediumxxx------ High -----Absolutely Certain I do pick up bombings about to happen.  I give the actual sensory impressions a High rating.  However, I give the overall quality of the impression a weak to medium because I am lacking details that are useful.  What we need to make clear here is the quality of these impressions are good, I do not doubt their legitimacy, but in terms of useful data we can rely on it is not there.  So I can give you a warning like, I feel someone is preparing to attack us, but from that general idea, I cannot tell you too much more.  01/25-26-30/2017 NARAL fighting Trump NARAL  This is an excellent article from Naral.  Please read it.  Thank you. https://medium.com/@Ilysehogue/daily-acts-of-resistance-protests-are-about-what-you-do-resistance-is-about-who-you- are-d914a3f99564#.fzkwru478 Excerpt:  All week, the internet has been ablaze with questions about what to do next in the wake of the massive Women’s Marches that rocked the nation and the world. My own personal channels are burning up with questions of what to do, and there’s been no shortage of answers: Block nominations! Call your congressperson! Show up at the White House for the emergency rally in support of immigrants! Let the GOP retreat know you are listening! There are and will be no lack of protest actions to take in the coming days. These are all important steps, and I give my sincerest thanks to everyone who has gotten involved and made their voices heard. I know it feels like we are shouting into a vacuum sometimes, but together, our collective voices will be heard. Still, the times call for something greater. The first week of the Trump administration has proven that the next four years will present unprecedented threats to women, to immigrants, and to all historically oppressed communities. Even more, there’s an acknowledgement that the fundamental promise of American democracy and the principles our country was founded upon are teetering on the edge of an abyss. Donald Trump - Global Gag Rule, Immigraion Bans The executive orders Donald Trump signed this week could wreak havoc on the lives of millions of Americans for the next years and even decades. Egregious acts like instating the global gag rule that undercuts women’s agency and endangers lives are piled onto immigration bans that threaten to separate families and prevent children from reaching safe places. And he’s making good on his threat to take health care away from millions with his action to dismantle crucial parts of the Affordable Care Act and efforts to limit enrollment in new health plans.  This means who we are, as much as what we do, is going to be the determining factor in how and whether we will survive this period. Protest is finite. Resistance is durable. Protest actions say “I don’t like this.” A mind frame of resistance works constantly to end systems that leave people behind and leave kids worse off than their parents — and instead work to create something new. Protest is what I do. Resistance is who I am, who I promise to be and what I promise to create. Resistance is Daily And that means resistance is daily. Our daily acts — from where we shop, to what we talk about with our families around the kitchen table, to who we make eye contact with — seed and nurture resistance. It looks different every day. One day, it might be calling your senator. One day, it might be standing up to bullies emboldened by Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric. One day, it might be showing up at a rally. One day, it might be frequenting a business that shares your values.  But every day it means waking up and deciding that you won’t stand for this. Because resistance is a way of life.  In my family and at NARAL, we’ve been engaged in daily acts of #resistance. Every day, we think of a way to live in our values, offer simple acts to demonstrate our commitment to resist the erosion of our democracy, and share those with others. We will continue to do this every day in the Trump era. And we want to know what you are doing! No act is too large or too small. Submit your ideas for acts of resistance or email them to me at actnow@naral.org if you want to be anonymous. We want to share the best ideas from our network with our network.  Getting to Know Each Other We’ve also heard from so many of you that you want to get to know EACH OTHER! So, we’re bringing NARAL members together in house parties across the country — from South Bend, Indiana to Greenville, SC. Click here if you would like to host one. If not, we’ll make sure you have an opportunity to go to one in your town.  In times like these, I often go to poetry for inspiration. One of my favorites is a passage from Marge Piercy  :”What we want to change we curse and then pick up a tool. Bless whatever you can with eyes and hands and tongue. If you  can’t bless it, get ready to make it new.” Protest is cursing. Resistance is making new. Every day. We’re committed to both. Are you with us? https://medium.com/@Ilysehogue/daily-acts-of-resistance-protests-are-about-what-you-do-resistance-is-about-who-you- are-d914a3f99564#.fzkwru478 USA Today: There’s Already a Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump (01/24/2017) http://college.usatoday.com/2017/01/24/theres-already-a-campaign-to-impeach-donald-trump/ Keep at the top-of-mind awareness: Trump came in on a rigged elected via a corrupt electoral college system.  Several presidents over several years have also come in illegally, but the Trump issue marks a particularly dangerous shift in the country.  Many people are commenting on this, but we will need to support the groups who can fight back the most without wasting time because Trump is moving quickly, as expected.  He is operating like Hitler who moved very quickly in his take-over once he came to power in Berlin, Germany.   It is important to educate religionists about the dangers of using ego to support people like Trump.  Forcing people to do Jesus is not the answer.  You cannot force people in these matters.  History shows it never works.  It only causes a backlash and intense resentment; in those case of extremism, it leads to deaths and forced labor.  You cannot force people in their religious tastes, as through laws on anti-abortion, prayer in schools, extreme respect for the American flag, etc.  Giving the USA a piece of what they went through Behind some of this could be Holocaust victims and others once or currently prey to tyrannical systems trying to put all of that onto Americans to say See, we were not the only ones, your democracy can be turned into a Communist, Nazi or Islamic State, too. Notes 02/03/2017  More on local surveillance networks with possible religious group connections Farmington: For any police, legal system network or chain store or across-town surveillance abuse issues, one of the first things to check out is LDS (Mormons) in terms of who is employed or running/managing a business.  If a woman is being targeted, check for family networks involving LDS or other patriarchal religious groups in the Farmington area.  Farmington is a relatively isolated city in the northwest corner of New Mexico, off the main interstate highway drags.  Its relative isolation makes it easier for local groups to get away with system and surveillance abuse, largely because the population has had not had sufficient warning about the problems at hand, or have been entrained to think the police are better than other police groups in the state, or that the police represent “good old fashioned” American religious fundamentalism, complete with red, white and blue orientations.  So investigate who is connected to what religious group when investigating police abuses in Farmington and the outlying small towns in the area.  Also realize Albuquerque and Santa Fe connect to Farmington’s business and government in certain ways, so it can be happening in Farmington, but have networks back in these two cities pushing the buttons.  I feel there is a mixed bag in Farmington, with signs of better behaved police officers, but that there are otherssneaking illegal acts on the side and who would be abusive.  Male cops and attorneys in Farmington need to realize that it is not a man versus woman world, with men needing to run operations against women as if they are a hostile species or country.  The misguided idea from one attorney I spoke with in Farmington in the past year is men have no rights compared to women and minorities. Albuquerque:  Please see this website on Police Abuses in Albuquerque.  This is an excellent article which makes some good observations about various concerns and also fleshes out the cultural issues as a background to police corruption. Washington Post:  Albuquerque’s Long History of Police Abuse Cover-Up and Scandals.  By Radley Balko.  04/14/2014 Excerpt:  As of 2012, no shooting by an Albuquerque cop had ever been found unjustified by a grand jury, leading critics to labeled the process a “sham.” And residents have become fed up with the APD, with hundreds taking to the streets in protest after the shooting of a homeless man. The thing is, for longtime Albuquerque inhabitants, this probably all sounds familiar. Back in the mid-to-late 1990s, the city went through a similar scandal. I wrote about it in my book. (see , Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces, by Radlo Balko, 2013) Excerpt:  The city’s police offices also have a record of using “less lethal force” in ways that violate the Constitution, including a pattern of using Tasers on people who posed little to no threat to the police or the public, and in ways that made things more dangerous, such as on a man who had doused himself in gasoline. Excerpt:  The city gives its police officers insufficient training on interacting with people suffering from mental illness or suffering some sort of mental crisis Excerpt:   One particularly poignant example concerns the city’s police union. In 2012, TV reporter Christina Rodda filed a lawsuit against the city and against Officer Stephanie Lopez. According to Rodda’s lawsuit, she was covering a rave at a club called Tumbleweeds when she caught Lopez on tape getting rough with a teenager. Lopez then demanded that Rodda hand over the tape. Rodda initially objected. Lopez then confiscated the entire camera. If she had taken the camera because the video was evidence of some kind, she should have tagged the camera and taken it to the police station. Instead, according to Rodda’s lawsuit, Lopez took the camera home. Three days later, the camera was returned to Rodda’s employer, KOB. The incriminating video had been deleted. Rodda was able to recover the file with the assistance of a specialist. Lopez then had Rodda arrested. The charge — “criminal trespass” — was summarily dismissed by a judge.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/04/14/albuquerques-long-history-of-police-abuse-cover-up- and-scandal/?utm_term=.64fe519d7302 02/02/2017  Kroger surveillance (psychical) Weak--------xxxMediumxxx------ High -----Absolutely Certain Russian - Middle Eastern - certain Israeli - American Veteran issue.  I would say this is part of the composite that has been taking over our country.  This would be part of the Russian hacking of American election.  Weak-------Medium----- XXHighXX ------Absolutely Certain I feel some group with agendas of taking ovr the country are in our open circuit surveillance systems in chain stores like Krogers, Safeway, and more.  I invite technically advanced computer and surveillance people to check out how we are being scrutinized by illegally operating groups in the chain stores, with networks running across town.  I have just written a letter thru the Krogers online contact section - fuel points/shoppers card section - letting them know of concerns about surveillance in their stores.  I am absolutely certain I am feeling watched in the chain stores, as well as Mom and Pop places with linked open circuit cameras in their business locations.  There is a distinct vibe.  I can hear voices in a telepathic or psychotronic type of way, which means it seems to be a kind of electric or radio wave echo.  I can also psychically pick up their thoughts, feelings and intentions, even their projected actions.  I gave this section a “High” rather than an “Absolutely Certain” simply because I do not know exactly for sure who is doing it.  But it came up today that a Russian-Middle Eastern component might be part of it.   I continue to feel that these things are tied to prison systems.  What this probably means is a shadow government criminal justice system working closely with black box prison systems, both states-side and overseas, handling surveillance, dispatching of personnel, working paranormal or paramilitary ops which include what is listed on this website as Etheric Doubling, as well as other things.  Additional comments in general on the above topics: I have encouraged Krogers to consider all ways that surveillance could be mishandled in their chain stores, including the misuse of their own cameras as well as those of gangs and others who could put hidden cameras around.  Also, I have encouraged them to consider hacking.  I will add here on this website in these notes that the haacking could be coming from the groups mentioned in this section for 02/02/2017.  I also let Krogers know I suspect the state of New Mexico, with its high police corruption statistics, should be considered suspect in the sense personnel involved in surveillance could come from that pool of illegality.  i also let Krogers know I am worried about gangstalking.  In addition, I let them know private firms where surveillance is outsourced could be part of the issue, with one group to be on alert for are veteran owned surveillance firms.  I did let Krogers know I have started a section on this website which tracks police names associated with criminal acts.  I have asked personnel at Krogers to work with the public to fight surveillance abuse and to consider the quality of people working behind the scenes - whether hired directly by Krogers, in the police and detective pool of operants, or in an outsourced private firm.  I want people reading this to keep at the top of mind awareness that the city of Farmington, New Mexico is well known to have Trump and Pence supporters, with religious fundamentalists and “red, white and blues” dominating the visual domain of the city’s streets.  They likely have people working in surveillance in the chain stores.  Turfing is one way to keep someone who is voicing out against the surveillance.  This is a way to keep people outside those overly watched areas with agendas not disclosed to the public. 01/31/17 Weak--------xxxMediumxxx------ High -----Absolutely Certain Summary:  Hawaii seems to have a strong undercurrent for surveillance abuse.  I have picked it up on the island of Oahu and cannot speak for the other islands.  I think part of it is coming from Hawaiian native families, but it is likely connected to international groups and the same surveillance abuse on the mainland of United States.  There seems to be a link to Obama, 9/11 and an old Anti-American theme that has been running at least since the Viet Nam era, if not before, like around the Pearl Harbor event.  I feel certain Russians in Hawaii might be part of the issue. 01/30/17 Might not always get it done, but will try to add the weak to absolutely certain scale on future psychic inputs. Psychic Feeling about below listed item:  Weak--------xxxMediumxxx------ High -----Absolutely Certain Item:  picking up air lift, possible drug op involving a police officer, seems to be in SW Colorado.  Might be linked to a medical supplies in the aircraft.  I am feeling it is a smaller craft, would choose plane rather than helicopter.  This man is smooth, intelligent, poker faced and is cautious about handling his energy and thoughts around known psychics so as to be sort of invisible.  I suspect he has had martial arts training.  He is not chronologically old, but he comes across as having an older persona.  -xxxWeakxxx-------Medium------ High -----Absolutely Certain Item: had also tentatively picked up something around medical supplies and airflight possibly around the Valle airport in the past year. 1/30/2017:  Islamic witchcraft: watch out for it.  Witchcraft seems to be concentrated focal points using the energy of the ether.  I am not apprised of Islamic witchcraft, but I am psychically picking up the possibility that some people linked to radical, violent Islamic groups are using witchcraft.  It’s in the air.    I do not use witchcraft.  I was never really drawn to it.  But this does not mean that it is not effective.  I pick up energies that suggest it can be effective.  Some of it might be related to psychotronics.  It is hard to tell sometimes what is going on.  If Islamic witchcraft and/or psychotronics are part of what is the problem in having certain Islamic groups in this country, it needs to get out on the table in the public forum.  Trump cannot make unilateral decisions without consulting the public and the two houses.    I do pick up the possibility of one of two things: psychic interference because of people getting inside emails, personal computers or whatever.  The other possibility is that it is who one writes to without influencing from third party surveillance mongers.  Someone Islamic could be getting my emails directly or they could be “watchers.”  I sense that Islamic witchcraft is something that needs to be investigated.  I know nothing about it.  I just feel that whoever is doing it has Islamic ties.  And because recently I was picking up “prisons” we need to ask if they are linked to prisons overseas or in the states.  We are told by conspiracy theorists that there are black box prisons in this country, not just overseas.  They could be hidden just about anywhere, including on bases.  So look into Islamic witchcraft and prisons and see if that takes you somewhere psychically.  One group that repeatedly has seemed to have a witchcraft rebound attack is one I write to from time to time; as soon as I write to them, I start picking up a witchcraft attack.    The Islamic seeming witchcraft seems anti-female, as if coming from a man. This is similar to as soon as I wrote a govt. official over the weekend, I felt an Abscondings and Send in the Troops energy building up - the Exclamation Point thing.  We have to ask is it who I send emails to, or is it someone intercepting the emails?  But the energy was different.  Sending in the Troops/Abscondings/Exclamation Points had a different vibe than the response in energy world after I sent the email to a type of human rights or American rights group.  So we have to ask is it about who gets the emails or is it about inerceptors of emails.  It is really critical for those of you who are professional psychics to pin this down for me.  What happened in the past was I would get confused and would think it was who I wrote to.  It happened over and over.   Now I use caution and I go, OK after I sent that email, it felt like the recipient, who could be several people in a group, not just one person, responded in energy world with a witchcraft type of attack.  But because I have had mistakes over in the pst, I now say, well, maybe it was an interceptor, either from my end or their end.  I could have watchers on my end and they could have watchers on their end.  ANother possibility is they hae a spook in their group system.  It could be I am dealing with a hidden network of spies and infiltrators in their group.  So all of these things should be checked out by those of you who have better detail than I do.  Part of the lack of detail is that for me the psychic attacks or whatever the attacks are have gone on so long that the energy fied is kind of raw, so to speak.  ANd when it is happening to you, you lose objectivity .  Different energies, different people, but similar results which seems to be to get me subdued or backed off.  I think I am one of those targets who has been dealing with this problem for decades.  I would like to know when it started.  My psychic impressions started around 1995 but there were a very few things before that which suggested some opening up.  That would be between 1989 and 1993 more than likely.  I was feeling energy around one paricular man in that early period which I attribute to the beginnings of my opening awareness.  Here is why Trump is making mistakes.  Some of it is obvious.  But what needs to happen are open discussions in the House and the Senate regarding the secret service material backing Trump’s decision to go after Islamic people and to put a wall up between the USA and Mexico.  And in the case of rigged elections and corrupt electoral systems which brought Trump in, it means he has yes men and yes women appointed.  We cannot trust who he appoints.  Cyborgs I sense cyborgs among the Russian group coming in with Trump. Cyborgs can be thought of as planned people with implants.  The Russians never grew up The Russians never learned democracy.  Even though the old Soviet Union was officially disbanded in 1989, and part of it was, the Russians, along with certain American allies, continued Communist practices.  People get confused between fascism and Communism, and the truth is, these two things are part of a continuum.  Fascism tends to rework society illegally toward certain ends using fixations such as nationalism, but might use religious fixation as a temporary ruse on the way up.  The Russians never learned!   The Soviet Communist government took over from a dominating tsarist regime in Russia in 1917.  Shortly after that, many people were killed and imprisoned.   Anyone who was connected to religion was blacklisted and often killed or sent to horrible labor camps.  In many ways, what happened in the Soviet Union was like Nazi Germany - but it went on much longer.  After it broke up, there was hope.  New information about the old Soviet regime was uncovered.  Many secrets were exposed.  But the many years of mind control left a scar on the people so they did not know how to be free; that is, some of them retained the old bossy order, not believing that people can govern themselves.  That is why they still have state controlled news media and utilities - they don’t trust the people to make good decisions and to take care of their own needs. The country never learned how to be a democracy and is still going around the world trying to be somebody. Certain Americans and Russians have made pacts privately without the the agreement of the rest of United States.  These pacts are to create a Russian-American continuum, largely displacing the Constitution of the United States.  The Russian controllers never bought into the essence of unique individuality or human rights, seeing the state as the prime mover and shaker as the decision maker of other humans. The Communist-Religious Cult The religious community’s desire for obedience and submission to authority, if flexed by ego, can encourage people like Hitler at the start, although Hitlers will eventually squash the religionists once they are no longer useful.  The softer side of religion does not fit in with either Communist nor Nazi regimes.  Communists on their way up might not make pretenses toward religionists, squashing them at the get-go.  Communists who are also religionists - like an Illuminati type of cult - might use other types of religionists on the way up, sneaking in the back door, but the ultimate issue is state control and eliminating individuality and personal choice or power.  The cult seems to want an addictive attachment to hero-like leadership and mythic spiritual figures. Trump and his group represent the latter - a Communist/religious cult.  Tyrants coming in the back door He came in by exploiting the egos of religionists and those of the working class white who felt pushed back by the non-religious groups,  minorities and women’s rights sectors of the United States.  Without question, with complete certainty, Trump represents a type of Hitler sneaking in the back door, but possibly aided at first by ex-Holocaust types of victims who were used on the way up.  The same group that brought in Obama brought in Trump; they are members of a Communist-religious type of cult and they are dangerous.  The Christian whites and military rebels who worked with Russia and rigged the electoral college need to realize this is the United States, we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we will uphold them. Building the wall between Mexico and the USA is a disgusting act and it has made clear to me all of the pitfalls in holding an attitude toward our friends and neighbors to the south of us.  A wall is not going to stop a war, and could encourage one.  It is an extreme act of waste of money and human energy.  Instead of building walls, we should be building friendships, creating a sense of allies and mutual nurturing.  We should work with our neighbors to fight drug wars.  We should introduce an attitude of mutuality and commerce. We should work together to fight global problems.  Trump seems to be trying to manipulate a chess board, and things might not be as they seem. His actions are so unusual that people don’t know how to respond, and in the interim of the pause, valuable time can be lost in terms of removing him from office.   Making women look bad I suspect Hillary Clinton has been abused since Trump illegally won the election campaign - things have been going on behind the scenes that they don’t tell the public.  They keep showing photos of her in a non-flattering light.  They tried to make women look bad as a whole because of that, using Trumps’ wife to indicate what a real woman looks like - holding up the specter of a larger- than-life younger beauty queen as a national role model.  AOL’s news seems to be pro-Trump, by the way - it keeps flashing photos of Trump and his wife in a positive light. The fact is, women of all shapes, ages, color and sizes are an important part of this country and should not be treated with disrespect or made to look like lost rag dolls if they are not beauty queens.  The Russians, with their tendency for the bombastic, never learned - they never really grew up.  This is not a slur toward individual Russian people; we are talking about the country as a whole here.  There are many wonderful, intelligent and sensitive Russian individuals.  Trump’s wife is likely a Russian controlled, genetically planned, cyborg type of special agent using the distraction of physical appearance as part of the game.  She is probably a pride of the Russian people after years of careful plotting.  Despite this, she is a human being with feelings and should not be objectified.   Chaos Part of their chess game has been to instill chaos in the USA so they could send in a savior who would bring all of that chaos under control.  The people doing this are a Communist-religious cult, mixing both Communism from the Soviet era, parts of Nazi fascism and religion.  Communist-fascist qualities stem from the pre-Nazi and pre-Soviet days because they came from the same group, with links to the USA, England, Germany and the Soviet Union.  They were likely business conglomerates with ties to the mafia even back then.  They were into eugenics and mind control, including how to manipulate the masses.  The electoral college made it easy for these people to dominate our country, as well as computers, bank to bank connections, the Internet and more.  Microchips planted in various things make it impossible for people to check or know what is going on; the high technology is out of the reach of the common man. 
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