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ON THIS PAGE - Notes 2017-7:  1-02/25-26/2017 Cable/Internet companies-dream/thought/mood influencing in home 2-02/24/2017 cartel, NM drug section started; added notes 02/27/2017 male sexual abuse/catholic sexual abuse; notes on cartels, stings and the police     02/21-23/2017 sample of links: police NM, OR; gangstalking 02/22-23/2017 sample letter about gangstling warning shelters     02/23/2017 1-02/25-26/2017  Cable/Internet Companies The general ideal here is that we have given cell phone and internet/cable companies too much control.   Human brains as receiving devices for movie-like dreams:  High   Weak-------Medium-------xxx Highxxx -----Absolutely Certain Esoteric technology relating to cable/internet services with add-ons as dream maker/thought-mood influencer/heightened surveillance.  Some techs in on it. Major company which has had associations with Verizon.  Had a psychic flash of men coming to house to work on wiring, etc, possibly related to nearby neighbors as well.  I won’ carry internet and wifi in the house, whether as roaming hot spot service or box-related internet, from this point onward.  However, I feel streaming for dream makers can happen even if you don’t have or request cable or internet service, based on account holder services, boxes and wiring in the general area.  The company employees don’t know about the surreptitious practices, but I pick up a questionable vibe around most vans and trucks as well as certain techs associated with the company.  I think this is a major area of vulnerability for the American public.  Most of the service might be OK; I think targets are the ones with the concerns, although it is reasonable to ask if there varying levels of interference with the American public.  My vote is that it is not worth the risk of having cable or internet in the home or the area. As a neophytic level observation, dream makers are technology which interfere with the brain’s normal processes during sleep.  It also interferes with normal electromagnetic and biochemical processes (ie, salt and potassium osmotically related balances, neurotransmitter chemicals) of the human body.  Implants might or might not be used in state-of-the art technology.  Bodies and brains are being used as receiving devices, much like a television, or radio.  Video is streamed through a person’s brain while the person is asleep.   The images will stem from the person’s known portfolio and psychological profile gleaned from a variety of sources including emails, hard copy correspondence which the police have gotten hold of, phone texts, phone conversations, stolen private papers and more.  They will have psyops related mechanisms, and some of it could be to drive home a point (in Gangstalking section on this website). My suspicion is the dream maker technology is a step up from already present thought influencing technology associated with the same cable/internet technology.  I believe there might be various add-ons  to existing cable/internet service based on the level of retaliation ongoingly being assigned to a target.  More than one cable/internet provider is likely associated with the problem, because this is a rogue government issue, with companies under the sway and also being taken over.  The problem with this issue is that most Americans are not prepared to give up the luxuries associated with these services.  In addition, it could be an area-wide problem linked to an address-area problem.  This means a person might not be requesting cable/internet and no longer using it in the home, but once a link is established with the company - like through temporary hot spot (on the go) service - something has already shifted to create an atmosphere for being targeted because identity and IEP addresses, computer insignia, etc. have been established there.  The hostile energy waves can still be directed at the property, in other words.   Also it possible the same providers can send out the energy to wider areas like downtown areas or through government owned public service properties, like libraries and community colleges.  This wider area influencing might be associated with implants or DNA/gene sequencing recognition unique to a person; it could be associated with cell phones or something carried on something the person has been seen to always have around his or her body (like a wallet, purse, jacket).  It also could be associated with the so-called identity theft protecting ATM, driver’s license or credit cards.  I have also had something come up psychically about possible tiny or invisible drones designed to stay floating near a target’s body, sending filmage back to a surveillance source.   Either the object is too tiny to see, or it utilizes cloaking technology.  It might stay close to the target through some kind of magnetic field. 2-02/24/2017 cartel, NM drug section started; added notes 02/27/2017 male sexual abuse/catholic sexual abuse; notes on cartels, stings and the police Cartels - New Mexico drugs section added to Systems Abuse Section.  Added 02/27/2017: Around this time onward, material has been being added again after a hiatus to the Catholic sexual abuse section, with a subsection on New Mexico started.  A resource excerpt  to Male Sexual abuse was also added: Boy raped for years by men in animal costumers http://www.koat.com/article/prosecutors-boy-raped-for-years-by-men-in-animal-costumes/8659701  I will note that each time I read about male sexual abuse, tears come to the eyes, sometimes a flood of crying, which is inexplicable as I am female.  It happened over a video (DVD) about a Wisconsin based Catholic sexual abuse case involving numbers of blind children.  It happened over the excerpt mentioned here.   I had met a man a few years ago who worked at a coffee shop who was obviously gay.  I picked up in his energy field a situation very similar to this excerpt.  I feel he had gone through the same thing and might be dealing with it in a sexual relationship.  There is a sense of abuse in the energy field, in other words, which brings up psychic images and feelings.  In his case, I psychically saw him dressed up as a bunny rabbit or a girl or some kind of party imagery and basically sexually abused.    His chosen lifestyle had come out of abuse and was currently feeling abusive to me.  The other issue is that when I connect with men who are gay or transgender, they seem to sense I am picking up on the real them and not just the silhouette of a gay or transgender person, because the communication seems to get on the level or get real immediately.  I am more concerned for how they got where they are than judging how they are, I think they can sense it.  In addition, I don’t judge the current choices in sexual activity.  I don’t know if they can tell I am heterosexual, as some of it could be they think they are talking to another homosexual person, or at least someone who is bisexual.  The truth is, I am heterosexual engaging with homosexual or transgender people with a sense of understanding which includes seeing some sexual abuse in almost all of the cases.  I would say the exceptions would be in households in which people are raised by functional, stable homosexual people.  Raised in that environment, they grow up with it in a more natural and flowing way, and it is not about abuse there.  I met a woman years ago who had been raised in a homosexual household and she could not imagine it any other way.  That in and of itself is a problem, because it eliminates choice.  However, she was not engaging in a lesbian lifestyle out of a sense of trauma-driven programming. Police system cartel infiltration/stings One way the cartels seem to operate is on setting people up to make them look dirty. In doing readings and picking things up intuitively, there are signs of possible multi-layered police operations to get at assets and to eliminate police people from their ranks.  For example, there might be a  three-layered issue: at the bottom would be the member of the public driving down a highway with drugs and a lot of cash in the trunk to take to Colorado; a police officer pulls him over and takes the drugs and money without providing a receipt; a second police officer pulls him over and the person tells that officer the previous officer took money and drugs without providing a receipt;  this stirs a sting operation.   The second layer then is the sting operation designed to catch the first police officer doing the same thing with a baited car.  When it happens, the police officer is trapped and put into custody with subsequent firings and legal procedings.  The third outer layer, for example, might on the surface look like the good guys putting together a sting to capture two underlayers of issues, as through a sting involving a cop who stole government provided drugs and cash was caught by other police.  We can legitimately ask ourselves if an additional third layer is designed by higher ups with agendas to get rid of that cop, move stolen assets around in an oblique manner, or if an originating cartel is retrieving drugs sent through cartel vine from someplace like Mexico, as well as getting back or stealing any cash involved around those drugs or other items.  Asset retrieval might be a way for members of the public involved in illegal trades or drug purchases to thinking they have a deal, when in fact the cartels plan to get it back using a corrupt police system.  It can be made to look like a simple search and seizure issue but can ultimately be found to be a multi-tiered snag operation. 3-02/21-23/2017 sample of links: police NM, OR; gangstalking Possible Entrapment as retaliation against a police officer for speaking out (2010) Excerpt from Alb Journal:  Albuquerque attorney Alvin Garcia told the Journal the actions taken against Valencia were a product of a "retaliation" against his client "for reporting corruption (within the department) and not participating in cover-ups." "He was warned that things would come back to bite him," Garcia said. "And they have." https://www.abqjournal.com/news/state/03232436934newsmetro02-03-10.htm False Arrests:  APD (12/29/2016) http://www.freeabq.com/2016/12/29/false-arrests-by-apd/ Tampering With Evidence: APD http://nmindepth.com/2016/11/18/affidavit-abq-police-have-illegally-deleted-altered-videos-of-shootings/ Surveillance of Protestors: APD (06/23/2014) http://krqe.com/2014/06/23/aclu-surveillance-of-protestors-by-apd-shows-disdain-for-community/ Evidence-tampering claims could cause problems for prosecutors: APD and Prosecutors (11/23/2016) http://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/evidence-tampering-claims-could-cause-problems-for-prosecutors-albuqueruqe-police- department-apd-city-council-pat-davis/4325522/ NM Police Chief Charged With Stalking (12/24/2015) http://krqe.com/2015/12/24/former-dexter-police-chief-charged-with-stalking/ NM Police Stalker - Silver CIty: Woman abused, stalked and killed by long-term boyfriend, Silver City’s Police Capt. Mark Contreras, who also committed suicide.  Had gone to Police Chief, afraid to use Domestic Violence Shelter because the police boyfriend knew shelter location.  http://www.scdailypress.com/site/2017/01/14/family-seeks-justice-in-cop-murder-suicide/ NM Police Stalker - Santa Fe (2015): Michael Eiskant - Stalked Several Women. Lawsuit Harassment Case.  http://krqe.com/2015/05/06/city-of-santa-fe-to-pay-770000-in-cop-harassment-case/ Police Stalking - An Introduction to Police Stalking by Reidar Visser.  Excellent article.  Excerpt:  The near universal knee-jerk preparedness among large parts of the general population in many countries to do anything the police asks without considering the legal aspects of these actions (i.e being accessory to an act of stalking) is a sad but very prominent feature of many so-called liberal societies today. https://policestalking.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/an-introduction-to-police-stalking/ Portland, Oregon:  False Arrest http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/09/jury_awards_damages_to_three_m.html Portland, Oregon:  False Imprisonment - Stolen Identity Clackamas area http://www.oregonlive.com/happy-valley/index.ssf/2013/11/kimberly_fossen_wins_101500_in.html Differences in Police Treatment Based on Economic Status - Police: “With Whom Can I Get Away With It?”: Excerpt From The New Yorker 02/02/2015:  Gilbert Najar, the director of the police academy in Silver City, New Mexico, who worked for the Albuquerque Police Department for twenty-five years, told me that the department “did policing one way in the South Valley, where there were a lot of immigrant families and people of lower socioeconomic status, and we knew we could violate their rights. But we did not dare commit those tactics in the affluent neighborhoods, where we knew they would file complaints on us.” http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/02/02/son-deceased 02/22-23/2017 sample letter to shelters warning about gangstalking  have added updates showing today’s date (02/23/2017) in various places here as I remembered more things, etc. This is a sample letter you can make copies of to send to women’s shelters and other shelters.  Gangstalking does not just relate to women.  It is important to get all kinds of shelters, including religious ones, talking about gangstalking.  Feel free to improve upon it. SAMPLE LETTER Dear _____, I am alerting you that gangstalking is on the rise and that more people need to know about it.  It seems to combine paramilitary and paranormal tactics against the general public, with certain kinds of women likely targets, as well as others including people with true or apparent emotional problems, minorities, dissidents, activists and so on.  People who come to your shelters might or might not suspect they are victims of gangstalking.  It is a network problem with police likely working with criminals (or they were criminals to begin with). The police, once they know about a Safehouse's location - like coming in to remove a difficult person at the shelter - can in turn become informants and can misuse the information in personal domestic violence cases.  It is important to try to have female police officers, even if they are coming as two or three people, to come to the shelters instead of males.  In addition, it is important to use female workers for tasks like yardwork or plumbing whenever possible at the shelter.  The men who come and go to the shelters can be a risk.  In addition, males who are involved in general shelter operations in the area should not be privy to the names of the women who are attending the shelters. Beyond these issues, please be sensitive to license plates of vehicles owned by women staying at the shelter in parking areas anywhere around the shelter, whether on the shelter's grounds or on nearby streets.   Also be aware of the different ways that surveillance can be misused around a shelter, considering both shelter-owned or hired surveillance and hidden surveillance from others.  Back to gangstalking, police and organized crime organizations are participating in keeping tabs on targets in such a way that it can be almost impossible to figure it out.  You can expect subversive and strange tactics which are hard to detect.  In order to finally break free of what I refer to as elusivity (a way of staying undetected) people are going to have be willing to apply more thought and energy to strange problems.  We need people thinking outside the box. Safehouses are potential disaster zones, frankly.  They collect all kinds of people from all walks of life, many of whom don't give you the full scoop on what their concerns are for fear of a variety of things.  What is more, information can be collected on a victim at the shelter which might be used against that person in certain ways.  Even if the information stays in the Safehouse, personnel might create opinions or exercise judgments based on the notes.  Attitudes of staff could keep that person from real help. I have found a Safehouse that had no understanding or resonance with the topic of gangstalking whatsoever.  There was no real help there.  So what needs to happen is that the concept of gangstalking needs to be distributed widely to the Safehouses around the country so it stops being an esoteric topic outside of the range of mainstream understandings and responses.  The people involved in gangstalking rely on not being known or understood; they thrive on ignorance and non-responsiveness.  Let us push back that ignorance by spreading the word.  It is hard to identify true victims.  Gangstalking victims might not always be able to identify if other gangmembers are legitimate, so it is no wonder that people respond with uncertainty or hostility to those claiming they are victims.  It is difficult to pin down.  Without extra help from experts who know what to look for in gangstalking, the problem can go unchecked for years, with possible death by homicide or suicide the final outcome.  There is likely a need for special equipment and even remote viewing scanning.  It can be daunting to identify true gangstalking victims without real evidence to back it up.  Nonetheless, people need to be aware of the subject and to be prepared to deal with it in a truly supportive and non-judgmental way. Note: Currently I am psychically picking up men saying You can’t prove it regarding their gangstalking, which I believe includes watching emails and bank charges at gas stations and grocery stores.  They continue to stalk purchases made around town.  I also hear at least one Hispanic sounding woman who seems to be connected with minority based agendas. Street theater and dished up recipes Part of the street theater (see gangstalking) uniquely targeting me seems to involve black people. Street theater is best seen as a brew made from a recipe based on your profile designed to bug you. In Police Stalking above, VIsser mentions the idea of sending in handicapped people around a stalked target; that is a perfect example, too.  Imagine stalkers sending in ravens, a cluster of strange, annoying birds.  It could be anything designed to encourage nervousness, paranoia or distraction.  Driving home points like a striking school master in a Catholic classroom 02/23/2017 It can also be to drive home a point, like to punish what they feel is racism; a lack of: religious propriety, gender specific propriety, or work ethic; and having it too easy because of parental help or having too much money (like a famous wealthy singer who was assassinated) or countless other issues.  For example, blacks or whites can be punishing other races for what they feel is racism using gangstalking tactics.  They can “send in the ravens” to people of opposite color as a form of punishment-ridden psyops.  The psychic vibe around them has often been their comparing what I received in life from parents compared to where they grew up, which seems to have been something like poor villages or areas in third  world countries; this indicates an international anti- American problem when I psychically pick up that particular group of people doing the stalking.  Some of the stalkers have felt like women trying to demonstrate religious propriety, which includes a feeling of female based martyrdom for so-called submission according to “God’s plan.”  This self-acclaimed holy submission is filled with worms as the females feel self-pity, and that is one psychological basis for stalking.  “Because I am just a poor woman doing Gods work, taking all kinds of bullshit from male leaders, I will show other women how to be submissive to God’s plan, too.”  This martyrdom seems to create a kind of hysteria in which the women don’t take charge or responsibility.  It seems to be a cultural problem which programs these particular women to never shift gears.  It is the same old repeated patterns year after year.  They don’t pull out of it, they stay subjected and subjecting, filled with fear and rage, taking it out on other women while following the rules of men leaders in their midst.  This vibe has been coming up for years. Influencing the ravens, like a Hitchcock thriller zoned in from a twilight They are doing something apparently with remote influencing by bringing in black people to process paperwork for me, to be shown in a leadership position, to be in some kind of position of power in reference to my circumstances, and to make comments which suggest I would be in a secondary role (like being hired as an assistant for that person).  Another example would be sending in women with high-pitched voices or dyed dishwater blonde hair around a man whose ex-wife had those characteristics. I would give this psychic impression a “high” rating.  I am certain the experiences are being contrived through something like remote influencing.  I feel the people behind it are angry blacks with agendas against whites.  The actual blacks I meet up with as a result of the influencing are usually just nice and normal people.  They don’t know what is going on.  What causes us to come together is the remote influencing, not the blacks themselves.  I feel we are dealing with influencers on a power trip - implacable, vindictive and chess game playing blacks.  These people will try to say I am someone who dislikes their positions in jobs or authority; that is an overly simplistic way to respond.  We are not denying the right to have the jobs.  We are not denying the right to be in positions of authority.  What is suggested is that we need to face the reality that racism is more complex than assuming certain behaviors are an obvious sign of racism.  Think of the various hard core black nationalists and other minority extremists with anti-American agendas It is very likely we are dealing with a fundamentalist anti-American black group doing the remote influencing, but I feel we are dealing with more than one thing, so it’s not just certain blacks.  I don’t have issues with blacks per se; I base things on the vibes for the most part, but there are times I play into old themes between blacks and whites like a needle caught in a groove of an old record.  To voice a concern that something like this is happening should not be misconstrued as discrimination or any other racially related issue.  We have had things so triggered in this country that a white cannot even voice a concern over blacks for fear of tipping the scales.  I refuse to be bound up in that false world.  I want to have a relaxed and equal back and forthing with blacks and other minorities without being forced to a narrow idea of properness.  My general approach is to not discriminate but if I feel discriminated against I will speak up against minorities over that.  That is just how my personality is; a minority is not going to change it while acting victimized by the entire white race.  I would be the first to help blacks protect themselves in areas where people are being killed without due cause.  I have listed many victimized blacks from police abuses on this website, not because they are blacks but because they are fellow human beings caught up in a serious societal problem. Racially driven vendettas I am talking about gangstalking which can come from more than one racial group for different reasons.  The best thing to do is try to pick up the vibes and see if you can sense what I am talking about.  I think misery and unfair treatment can make anyone angry, vindictive and desperate for healing without knowing how to fix the issue.  I think with this particular minority group, which could include other minorities, not just blacks, the people became stuck in their anger and their pain, causing emotional immaturity.   The vendettas are crafty but not profound, not full of maturity or seasoned wisdom.  The bad energy will tend to try to suck energy from people, to hollow them out.  It is a type of black magic or voodoo, intensified hateful energy.  The sanity of getting over it, no matter how bad it’s been No skin color, white, black or otherwise, should act like that.  They need to get over their anger and shift into true healing.  Some things that have been done cannot be forgiven or forgotten; we are not asking blacks to forgive those certain whites and others who did the bad thing; forgiveness is purely voluntary.  We are not asking blacks to forget, either.  What we are asking for is the willingness to concede that all races and colors, religions and creeds make mistakes.  All skin colors can discriminate and abuse.  We all have ancestral horrors, some of them irretrievable disasters - not just mistakes.  But we have to try to move on in terms of our own healing and development.   I think blacks sometimes look for ways a white person is racist.   They feel the white’s behavior shows signs that he or she does not see the racism.  The issue here is that by becoming too hateful and vindictive toward whites, initial empathy and sympathy can be destroyed.  Some whites had not empathy or concern for the plight of blacks through history to begin with, but some whites did.  Blacks can start punishing that white person for no real reason other than the white didn’t seem sympathetic enough, was not genuine enough or had a history possibly linked to American slavery. The voices that are not quite voices, the voices that are channeled (some updates 02/23/2017) For years, I have heard psychically derogatory comments directed at me, You always try to have the last say and the equivalent of You think you are so smart.  We want to know where you are.  You have a mental illness . The latter was heard psychically and also came out of someone’s mouth as a channeling. There is also a religious type of scolding, like both Catholic and Protestant school masters disciplining an errant child.  There is mixed psychological background for it: part of it is the people doing it tell themselves “it’s for your own good” or it is “to teach you proper behavior” according to main values:  work ethic and religious authority.  But the other psychogical basis for the behavior is retaliation, control, shaming and power tripping.  They are not doing it for your own good because you are going downhill because of their behavior and something that they are doing to your energy using psychotronics: you cannot finish anything, you cannot concentrate, things are being sabotaged for you to be able to have that good work ethic that they beating you up over on a psyops level.  The issue is more about them and not the target; the only real lesson they are teaching is one to themselves about the sense of power in being a bully who has an unfair advantage through technology and networks in the community.  The networks can involved good ol’ boy girl and gal religionist cowboys in a cow town in the Southwest, but it can be any kind of network.  One of the most consistent themes is to take out people they figure have it too easy or who has an attitude of staying separate from them.   I remember who has channeled certain messages along these themes out loud or through email correspondence.  The message is coming from the other people, not the actual people saying it or writing it in an email.  One person doing it will be warned about channeling, only to repeat the messages over and over again across a period of many years as if on autopilot.  I will psychically be hearing similar or identical messages, along with feeling the perpetrator’s vibes, around the time they get someone to say or write it for them.  The channeler will not seem to have a sensitivity to what is going on.  There is one family member who channels their messages constantly and even to this day, knowing that she is channeling, it still is extremely irritating and frustrating, which is part of perpetrator’s defiance and provocation.  Along with street theater, there is a deliberate attempt to spur upset feelings and anger.  It is possible this main family member who does most of the channeling has been messed with during operations at the time of her countless medical visits to all kinds of doctors and facilities over the years, some of whom are whites, some persons of other racial descent.  One of the reoccurring themes in gangstalking is the idea of secretive, illegal medical procedures doing something to people.  This family member could very well have been “hooked up” during an unknown medical procedure so that she channels in autopilot sort of way, with no apparent ability to self-evaluate, ask questions about the possibility of gangstalking and to pull out of a provoking broken record about “you have a mental illness” or “you need real hep”  or the general notions behind the perpetrators idea of a so-called work ethic.  There is no work ethic in policing systems that abuse the public.  There is no work ethic in people making money off others by spying on them and identifying their weak points in order to steal from them in various ways, including manipulating how funds are moved around in a family’s private life.  There is no work ethic in long-term, never-ending surveillance and stalking.  To act like such behaviors are in the name of Jesus or Mohammed is ridiculous.  The people doing this have ego issues with religious associations; there is something they tell themselves inside their heads that if they win over someone through these stalking programs, then God or one of spokespersons in human form is on their side.  The sense of elation that comes through these stalkers if they feel they have gotten something over a target is very obvious.  One of the things they channeled through a man to me over the phone about ten years ago was You always want to have the last say.  This picks up the energy of the competition or battle that they project very well.   Also, I have sensed a type of electronic, radio or alternate frequency channeled through other people.  They obviously have hold of some kind of technology: it is not mysterious, but most people are clueless such things can happen.  This is similar to flashing guns as if they were magic around the early historic Native Americans who at the time only used bows and arrows.  People do not generally know about this technology, so they don’t know that channeling (talking) through people is possible.  We have to get past the ignorance.  It is really not that big of a deal.  Do not let the technology intimidate; the people misusing it on us are not that profound Or we should put it this way:  it is a huge deal, very serious and awful, but we should not let technology intimidate us.  They have a few tricks under their belt: Whoopee.  Don’t give them too much power because of that, but at the same acknowledge the existence of the technology and their use of it.   Sensitized individuals pick it up when no one else can in the room.  Tesla had helpers I suspect the technology has been around for awhile; I think there were experiments around electromagnetics and electricity which went underground fairly quickly.  I do pick up that there might have been others around Tesla involved in Tesla-like experiments around that early time period.  I feel that group of people, as well as possibly Tesla himself, were part of the later black box projects used probably during the Holocaust on Jewish victims during experiments, as well as later on the American public although the usage on the American public might go back even further in time.  There are indications that perhaps some of it had already started during World War I.  For some time now I have been picking up some people around Tesla back in his general neck of the woods, around where he was from.  I think Tesla was part of a group that thought like Tesla and was into advanced experimentation.  Perhaps the people associated with that group are behind some of the issues of takeovers we are dealing with today.  That region of Eastern Europe had some very mysterious energies.  I pick it up pretty strongly.  A mix of various religious orientations, an old pagan theme mixed in with Jewishness, Catholicness, gypsies - close to Italy - an ethnic mix with some regional tendencies.  I continue to psychically pick up an older male in the rogue policing system stalking me, which I have mentioned several times before on this website.  He and others seem to be in my email accounts, watching and reading emails come and go and then interfering on a psychic level (which is likely psychotronic).   I call this third party email interference. The stalking includes wanting to control absolutely everything.  The man I psychically sense the most has some kind of problem; he is a real jerk.  It still confuses me, that third party email interference.  It happened again in the past couple of days.   I pick up the energies instantly but I am not always good at figuring out who the vibe belongs to under certain circumstances.  I have had  successful and accurate feelings about how people were responding to me through email; I have had validation about picking up correctly the feelings and intentions of those on the other side of emails.  But there still are a number of times the vibes are so strong that it is distracting and I misidentify who the vibes are coming from - at that point, it is often third party interceptors but not the actual intended recipients.  It might take me awhile after that to figure it out.   I would just love to work with other psychics who can get in the middle of this particular third party interceptor issue and provide some additional information about exactly who those people are and where in the world they are.  Some of them feel local.  I feel they are trying to create a wall of silence and non- support around a target’s life, which includes messing with others around that person based on what is read in emails. I strongly encourage people to use psychics because there is no other resort other than having the high cost technology to find out for sure we are hooked up.  I have repeated this message constantly over the years on this website.  Americans have a right to protect themselves from people sneaking and abusing us from behind the scenes.  The psychic thing can cut through the chase and get to the nitty gritty of who, where and what. -------Medium------- High -----Absolutely Certain They are reading this website on a daily basis and responding behaviorally through their actions and plans according to what I write.  The give out a vibe. They are very defiant people, and as I mentioned before, they look for vulnerabilities, loopholes, and so on.  One thing I read about APD (coming from an officer) was that they would generally pick on the poor people in Albuquerque they figured could not fight back; they would leave the rich people up near the mountains alone.  This matches my psychic impressions about their ways to a “t” - see The New Yorker article excerpted above.  These men don’t do anything all day except sit around picking on victims.  That is ALL they do, folks!  I am totally serious!  Wise American people will take warnings like this seriously….and go get yourselves a darned good psychic.  These people are screwing with our lives, causing problems and then blaming the victims once things fall apart.  They are doing false arrests based on dishonest approaches to surveillance and evidence gathering.  They are breaking into cars to get at people’s papers, for one thing; I have psychically picked up that they look in my car at any given opportunity, even if they are not actually always breaking into it.  A constant sense of being watched driving around town, constantly invading personal space and privacy.  I do sense these are older guys with major problems.  They are often drinking and on drugs, thick headed, looking for easy, quick solutions, grabbing hold of superficial ideas that come to their heads to blame a target and cause problems for that target. I know many of you are leery of dealing with psychics; the truth is, if we don’t start nailing these guys while they are doing these secret things behind our backs, they are going to destroy our country and those of us who they feel do not fit in.  Just remember, they are extremely defiant bull-headed people.  The defiance is something you can count on.   It is part of the criminology. I am putting together information about the legalities of protection from false arrests, false imprisonment and illegal search and seizures.  I have added some names to the police abuse New Mexico section in this regard.  New Mexico and Oregon both have serious past records with false arrests.  In some ways, Oregon is similar to New Mexico because the state started out being kind of like the “wild west”, just like New Mexico.  Several common police abuses between the two states.  Apparently black ops and illegal drug operations  are funding the lawsuits against the states; there is no way the states would stay afloat without undisclosed back funds to cover lawsuits over bad police practices.  What these people are counting on is a numbers game; they figure most of the time most of the officers will get away with their bad police practices - that their unions and cronies in government will cover their asses.  The truth is, they are working against the clock and much of what has already taken place with other police problems is catching up with these guys; it is just they don’t know it yet - kind of a delayed response system.  They do not know they are history yet, so in the meantime, they will continue being thick-headed, grossly mean and dangerous. I have got some of these dangerous jerks on my tail; I would really appreciate it if you would please help me fight these guys.  They are very sneaky. I am alerting a number of Safe Houses in the area and soon in the country about gangstalking and letting these places know why most of them are currently inadequate for helping gangstalking victims.  We need to overcome hurtles of ignorance and bypass fears of the unknown.  Gangstalking is a form of paramilitary operation against the civilian population using a variety tactics, including relatively unknown technology and psychic or psychic-like attacks and invasions. The civilian population has purposely been raised on milktoast; that means, it has been spoonfed what is normal. I would like to see Oregon help New Mexico get past the ignorance about gangstalking.  Oregon has the benefit of being north of California, but it is also a victim of that fact because of the gangs that have most certainly come up from there.  I have had several Oregon people tell me of the problem with those gangs.  I tried to stay out of areas where the gangs were when visiting Oregon over the years but I think the gangs found me anyway. I have the hope an the belief that we can stop organized crime.  I believe we can do it with a sense of awareness and direction. We have to start by recognizing gangstalking.  Once we overcome that hurtle of ignorance, we will be on our way to stopping the broad problems of international warfare which includes mafia-type operations and traitors among us.  Several of these gangstalkers are American military men with emotional problems and vendettas.   They never grew up.  02/20/2017 I am probably not going to add much more material on the Portland issue mentioned recently after this morning’s insertions.  I will add the following long list of notes for today: -possible third party mail interception while corresponding with a Portland police officer later realized to have a female sounding first name and spelling - if it was a third party and not the officer, it seemed to be female on a power trip wanting to cause trouble for me, even by sending police to the house locally; after I wrote back warning I was picking up that from a woman police officer, and that it was not acceptable to act like that in policing systems, and that the cause for concern for safety mentioned in the first email was an African American male who I at first thought might be the police officer involved (I had not noticed the female sounding first name before sending the first email), the bad energy backed off -I feel there are people in the policing situation looking for vulnerabilities and seeing the situation as a “sides” thing - looking for ways to win or work the situation - like looking for slips for their gain.   If they feel I have told them something they can use to their advantage, they kind of wonder to themselves why I made it so easy for them (like something that has come up over those stolen items from the car). We need to ask if it is the actual police people on the case in Portland or third party interceptors, or anyone else privy to the situation.  I had wondered along the way if the items had been taken by police and stored in an evidence room at a police station, with the items possibly retrievable from there.  It could be that the problem is in non-private emails being intercepted over these issues, not the actual police themselves.  I had had strange psychic feelings around the car before the event that someone wanted to take things from the car and had been feeling followed and watched.  I had a vision at the airport and up in a plane of an officer standing before the car with an electronic device that could manipulate vehicle locks and that he had broken into the car that way.  If there is any truth to that vision, he might have broken the window to make it look like a vandal .  However, I am also picking up emotional and scattered energy around the stalkers like from a low grade thief, so I am not sure who actually broke into the car. -strong sense last night of a police officer in that general Portland area possibly getting shot during a hold-up of a convenience store that sells liquor, felt he was seriously injured or killed, not sure why that entered my field of awareness, but sometimes it has to do with someone who has been connecting with me over an issue in my life (perhaps these cases in Portland).  The issue around this is I feel the vibe of liquor around the place as if that is an important related point, and felt what seemed to be a police officer getting shot in the torso area of the body, maybe more than one hit, I am wanting to say he was hit in the stomach area.  What was unusual about this is I was almost feeling it like it was my own body, felt the impact to a certain degree, felt the man’s bodily response.  So far, this is not a typical psychic experience for me. -before I learned of the fraud case by mail (an issue in Gresham, OR - close to Portland and part of the metro area) in the past ten days or so, I was having psychic connections with Oregon, mostly Newport.  I felt something was up, and/or I was being drawn back to Oregon with Newport coming up in my inner vision and feeling. - a general sense of a small Asian woman in that general area who might have been connected to my two cases in Portland, she might be a gang member and/or a member of the police force, like a detective - a sense of a possible Catholic connection running across racial lines, with a possible Asian-Jesuit link (the latter is weak) there could be retaliation and street gang material associated with this - a sense of a white cop who is Portland native or long-term Portland, like from youth onward, who might be a gang member who knows the streets of the general area associated with my second case in particular (a fraud issue connected to an address in the Portland metro area); this cop might be one of the ones who was getting on a plane or aircraft in one vision earlier - I don’t get a good image of him but a general sense of his appearance - he seems to be fair and blondish, I lean toward taller than medium height not sure it is appropriate to say “tall”--he might have an ethnic connection in that whiteness, ethnic white, maybe European ancestry with cultural ties to gangs -the continued sense that there is an Asian and Canadian link to the coastal northwest, including Portland -I was having images of someone recently, in past few days or week,  holding papers such as were in my car at the time of the vandalism, including a Western Union sheet showing address, phone number - I had gotten a small amount of cash through Western Union shortly before the vandalism - could have been seen in a grocery store and followed - somebody seems to know about that and was going back this past week to look into it - this indicates someone has an original or a copy of the receipt.  How? -my stuff seemed to be hanging around somewhere relatively intact for some time, making me feel we might bget it back; however, in the past couple of days I feel it might have been gotten rid of, maybe through a dumpster - I could be wrong and it could be the stuff was gone a long time ago - one item was an old television with a scratch on the front - flat screen LCD type of 20 inch TV used as a backup monitor as well as TV- it might still be around.  Another item stolen was a camera and a good quality leather backpack with stuff in it.  Also an almost see-through plastic eyeglass case with two found small arrowheads in it wrapped in tissue and with a note about the finds.  A solar flashlight was also taken - papers in fileboxes could have been taken, making it easier for identity theft. -also have had the sense of a male police officer (or detective) or a male civilian linked to my case down around Water Street if that is a street name in Portland - I could be mixing it in with Seattle - but near the water and there was some kind of psychic link there. -have had two psychic impressions of violence either considered for me personally or happening to someone else around a boat, a private boat most likely, like someone owns or lives on a boat.  The images are confusing, because at first I was seeing it around Navajo Lake in the San Juan County, NM area - the second image was around an area with boats in the Portland area - what makes this further confusing is I was recently drawn to an article online about a girl in 1961 in the Bermuda area or so who had been found drifting on a small raft; her parents and brother had been brutally killed (lots of blood) by the owner of the boat and she had barely managed escaping alive.  It would be easy to dismiss this as a simple subconscious link to that article, but I am thinking there is more to it than that.  Perhaps someone who had died on a boat recently was in spirit form and drew me to that article - I definitely felt drawn to the article - or perhaps my subconscious mind was making the link.  I have had feelings around possible violence on small boats or houseboats involving a male who might live on it or much spend time on it some years ago.  I feel the violence might be associated with a rope of some kind, as well as other weapons, and an angry man.  I seemed to hear in one of the scenes - like the one around Navajo Lake - “I will cut you up.”  He also seems to come back and apologize for “being unkind to you the night before” as if he has mood swings.  I cannot explain one vision being in the New Mexico area and one in the Portland area unless the subconscious mind was having trouble and picked the most likely place felt at the time.  I do feel there is something going on with a man around the water areas, down lower, around Portland.  I am not as familiar with Portland as other parts of the Oregon coast, but have driven around the industrial area and have been around the suburbs.  I do not remember street names well over there. -I had briefly stayed in the area near Clackamas several years ago and had considered finding a permanent place and did apply for a few jobs; I don’t see the experience as “having lived in Portland” but I have felt some people investigating me remember that issue better than I do; in fact, the psychic feeling of them getting into that old space (investigating, going over things) is what reminded me of having stayed in that area for awhile.  I would not have remembered it otherwise.  It seems to have come up over my saying to the police and the company involved in the fraud issue that I had never lived there.  I stayed in the area considering living there, but never felt it was permanent in my own mind.  I might have stayed at a motel; I cannot remember where I stayed, but if I drove back around that area, I might remember more.  I am guessing it was around 2003 or so.  I did have a feeling come up of a possible lost memory over an abductions of me there;  I  give this “memory” a weak rating as I cannot vouch for it and it seems to have come up over someone else looking into the issues psychically, with possible telepathic transference.  If I have been abducted, according to these images, it was not pretty, it might have involved an Asian male with a strange eye irregularity, a certain facial deformity associated with one eye.  It might have been associated with meeting someone to look at a rental, or filling out an application form at a storage unit, or something like that.  Again, I cannot vouch for this “memory.”  There is also a feeling that old papers filled out from that time might have been still around and used either as identity theft or to get into my private business. -Even though Portland is not considered a “huge” city, I strongly pick up “big city antics” now in a way I did not when I was younger going through the area; I was very naive in the early years and was too trusting, too open.  Whether or not any of these “memories” about a possible abduction that has been forgotten are real, it is possible I was taken advantage of at some point, particularly in that Clackamas general area.  
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