GARY WEBB Personal Comments If murdered: 1. Gary’s motorcycle: why and how did it break down the day he died and who was the youth who gave him a ride? Did the young man have anything to do with his death; does the young man know anything about his death; does the young man know the police involved in investigating his death and/or working his or Gary’s area 2. Did ex-wife get any money from his death - life insurance/will, etc.; was she vengeful for affairs? Is she being steered as to behavior and what to say about Gary’s death? Did he see the affairs as flings or things he was not emotionally committed to?  3. Was there police retaliation/assassination? Police in his neighborhood as part of their regular beat? Is there a certain strain of police alert to people looking into Gary’s death, even on a national network level? How do we penetrate the mindset and self- serving agendas of the police?  What are they being told in training schools about why they are being told to do what they do? What is the rationale there that convinces them to behave and proceed? Will a loss of income from that group pool draw them out?  Was this a white man’s murder of a white man?  Or is there a Black undercurrent to go wipe out a white boy who they felt had it too easy, as  separate from the African American community who supported his revelations of drug sales to S. LA? Did Gary expect they were coming after him for something he had done recently?  Was it a payback? Had he tried to get away with something under the scenes and kind of expected to be punished like a small child? Is there any connection to this and abuse from his Marine father in the past?  It could be a hit man was ordered from out of the area but that local people knew about it and abetted. 4. Was/is there duplicity on part of drug dealer/informer Ross? Hidden connections? Is he a government agent?  When you psyche into him, can you find his center?  He seems to have stuff buried down deep, and is very bright. 5. Did Gary get any phone calls or make them while in his house dropped off by the man who took him home after his motorcycle died? I seem to pick up the energy of phone calls.  Perhaps it is public record and I read about it somewhere already.  Phone records? 6.  Was Gary into something not generally known?  Something not above board? Any connection to the Marines and the military?  Any child abuse from Marine father? Any abuse from the Catholic aspect in his life? 7.  Who bought his house, just sold, as he seems to have been moving things over to his mother’s?  What is going on around the money of the sales proceeds? Was there equity? 8.  Who exactly investigated the death scene and who was the coroner?  Why are we told the DEA said it was definitely a murder?  Was the investigation handled professionally and thoroughly? 9.  Are there still people to this day who get nervous if certain signs of checking into Gary Webb’s death are underway?  It feels like maybe so. 10.  Gary apparently was in Eugene Oregon in 1999 at a Methodist Church  for a lecture; are there any friends from that crowd who might have additional information?  Any foes?  It seems possible there is something shadowy left lingering from that Eugene encounter from possible foes, maybe he was not aware of it. 11.  Was he truly depressed and in a state of mind to act on suicidal thoughts?.  12. Consider looking into magazine Esquire (business deals, agreements, advance payments for articles, relationships etc.) and any connections to comparatively mild seeming related organizations like Color of Change, ACLU, etc. for anyone with reverse discrimination or an issue over whites who might have wanted Gary dead, especially if it relates to MKultra, the Mossad, 9/11 and the Iran-Contra affair. Some of these people might be spreading rumors on the internet about Gary’s death to confuse the issue.   ------------- pasted section below again 7/18/17:
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