McCracken Case Intuitive Notes Intuitive and Personal Input: - goosebumps, a sense of the anguish and grief around the situation which brought tears to the eyes here is something about it that has bothered me since I first read about it while adding it to the New Mexico Police Abuses Victims and Police Abuses Names in the past year or so. I suspect Mark McCracken did in fact kill his wife Melanie, and that an ongoing highlly abusive relationship had been in effect for some time before that, as there are signs Mark was beating her and that she was covering it up, afraid to speak out. I do suspect a conspiracy of like-minded abusive people in the police and agency network in that area which helped to snuff out due process which would have found Mark guilty. Melanie’s mother was so worried about it that she had her daughter’s body exhumed for further forensic analysis. She might have been about to leave him. As I write this today, I have goosebumps, which is often a sign of some connection of some sort - it could include connection to the departed or to something psychically related to the issue in some way. The feeling of goosebumps is strong. They came up while writing this - were not there as I started to write, but there was a nagging or hanging around feeling about this issue. I also have tears coming to my eyes. I encourage those of you to investigate this case further if possible; I know several already have tried. The forensic people suggested either death from suffocation or through an overdose. No signs of strangling, so maybe a specific artery was pressed, it was suggested. Signs of bruises in various states of healing, could be confused with car wreck. What constitutes dosage overdoses from that particular drug is discussed. The dilemma of cause of death caused the judge to dismiss the case; the case had originally found him guilty, but that verdict was p ulled out because someone was in the room who should not have been there; we should look into the context of that issue more carefully if possible - was the person planted there, or was it used as an unreasonable excuse to block the legal procedings? A sense of someone who worked at the facllity as well as a police officer(s) messing around medical admin offices where EMT(s) who were probably murdered thru fake hanging/suicide. It also could relate to evidence at a precinct. Could an over-dose of antihistamine make a person blue? Could a plastic bag over the head create invisible suffocation? Who was the officer who had seen Mark speeding right before the accident - was he a false witness used to cover up something else - to back up Mark’s testimony that it was a car wreck? Was the highway where the accident supposedly occurred in direct route from Mark and Melanie’s house? Is Mark a mixed race - his last name sounds white (ie, Scottish). Does his family have ancestry in the area, or was he a transplant? There is a 1917 case of a McCracken in Valencia County tried for second degree murder - any link to Mark? If so, was there a history of violence in his family? I checked demographics: the small Bosque Farms village with a Great Depression dustbowl transplant history shows about 80% wfhite - you might double-check, but the county seems mostly Hispanic. You might check into gang and cartel crime records for the area with ties to Albuquerque. How many hangings by suicide come up for police-related crime cases? How about those assoicated with drug rings? Isleta Indian Reservation in area: is anyone associated with case part Isleta? 06/07/2017: sense a possible Army or other military involvement with the police in this case. I had been in that area in the second half of the 1980s (Socorro and Las Cruces, going up and down the 25 to Albuq, etc.) and had gone off on some less traveled roads - had run into some suspicious areas - one was guarded with no trespassing signs that felt like military or a similar operation. Bad feeling ever since. That early heightened sensitivity/suspicion might be leading to these concerns about a possible military/police link in the McCracken case. The vibe is cold case investigators should check out state police in the case who were veterans or active duty; any military branch facilities in the nearby Los Lunas area as well as links to Albuquerque KAFB; ties to NM Tech govt. ops. Notice the case carries over past 9/11 and 2001. Some have suggested NM Tech is linked to 9/11. Secretive ops might have been in the regional area at the time. Notice there are mixed Hispanic and whites on this case; however, I am picking up that Melanie McCracken might have had discrimination toward her in her energy field, and that this could be part of the issue surrounding her death and subsequent cover-ups. It feels important to narrow down who is who in terms of racial connections, with an eye on both Hispanic, Isleta and any other Native American link. Melanie looks Hispanic in her photo, but there could be a mix of Native American. The mother’s last name was Grice. I sense Melanie was not standing up for herself as a victim largely because of her Hispanic or Hispanic mix background - this is one reason she did not have self-confidence to fight back, I suspect. 06/08/2017: Isleta Pueblo connects with Bosque Farms on the north side. Is there any link to Isleta in this case? I pick up the possibility of the older casino (1980s perhaps up thru 2010 when the newer Hard Rock Cafe one was created). There might be a tie to a mafia there. In addition, to add to the earlier comment about discrimination in Melanie’s energy field, I found I needed to add minority related squirmishes and discriminaton against their own. Why? Because of conflicts over things like marrying whites, mixed bloods, one minority subgroup competing with another, jealousies, feeling snubbed and more. There can be old historic fights between certain groups within the matrix around the Isleta, Bosque Farms and Los Lunas area that those of us new to looking in on Valencia County would have no way of knowing. Read up even briefly on the history of either Bosque Farms and Isleta Pueblo and you find a unique and diverse history through time. The area has its own space, in other words, not something easily gotten into by just reading Albuquerque Journal newspaper articles. In addition, I sense the link to Bernaillo County (Albuquerque) and further south making the matrix even more complex. I think there is a military link here, as metnioned previously. Since writing that excerpt on the miltary yesterday, I had a psychic image of another country’s military secretly infusing its people in this general area (the Valencia County matrix). It could go down through Socorro and up through some of the hill-mountain country found between Socorro and Las Cruces especially off the 25. Right or wrong, I sensed forced recruits and some kind of anti-American link with some historic ties to old land grant conflicts - areas which were considered part of Mexico first taken over by the United States - but also linked to Latin American countries beyond Mexico. I even sensed a different type of uniform. I also sense witchcraft, like witch doctors or dark shamans. The old issues around Catholicism always come up as a possible problem - Isleta has its own link with long-term priests. Isleta was on the southern most side of the string of pueblos encountered by the Spanish early on as they originally came up from Mexico into New Mexico. Lots of mixing with other pueblos and the Hopi in Arizona. I have read blogs indicating stresses and strains over quarter blood types trying to enter Isleta politics - concerns found across all the Native American tribes, but definitely present as an additional cultural undertone perhaps not easily identified as motives in homicide cases. Are we dealing with Sergeant Mark McCracken only in his and Melanie’s bedroom, or are we dealing with a secretive and malicious network involving itself in other people’s relationships out of a culture-wide sense of control, prejudice and malice, perhaps associated with subversive anti-American military types and mafia-laden casinos? Do some of these networks apply especially secretive attacks at white or white-mixed blood cops? Do they do their best to make white cops dirty so they won’t rat on their secrets in the area? Or do white cops who are already corrupt gravitate to these areas? Are there all kinds of dramas and schemes playing out around white cops, especially if they marry one of their own? Do the men go after the wives of these cops? Are there old relationships still playing out from junior high, high school or early college in these marriages? What about the drugs? Who is buying the drugs, who is selling, around these cases? The other thing I would add is to look into any family like a father and grandparent of McCracken who might have been in business, govt or police in the area. I am not hearing if he was local or anything about his family in the sources I have read so far. Sometimes male social clubs develop between men who have all abused their female girlfriends or wives; in some ways it can run across racial, cultural and/or religious lines, in other cases it seems to just run across gender lines - male networks despite their race. I’ve seen it happen over and over across various cases. The men see themselves as “fighting the bitches.” When it’s a Hispanic majority, we can look to possible machismo, with correlatives to a Catholic sex abuse link with latent fears of homosexuality or mixed feelings about it. In that space, we can look to homosexuals who hate women or see themselves as in competition with them. If there is a white Mormon link, similar issues can abound, just following Mormon trajectories. I realilze this sounds entirely bigoted and overly generalized (stereotyping) but frankly, these things happen in the real world. When we add gangs or cartels to the situation, we wind up with added trajectories to the male dominated abuse and networking problem. Sometimes women help the sinister network for religious or racial reasons. Sometimes there are payoffs in bribes or threats of retaliation keeping people in line with certain racial groups. A group mentality toward women that they are not worthy or do not deserve fair play can operate as a bullying scenario - the idea that women deserve the abuse, are somehow dirty or naturally sinful, or that they are not much better than second class citizens can operate as a group think issue across a span of people - especially in small towns or cities where everyone knows everyone or is related to them. There can be unspoken and spoken rules for proper conduct. THe idea of “let the man handle it” can intrude into police investigations in which men are investigating harmed women. The idea might be “the woman is not important enough for all this attention and government related investigative and tral funding.” As we go back further in time, these tendencies might have been stronger; trying to look into the cultural ways and views from the lens of the current era might keep us from better insight. Long-term locals might be able to look back and remember who was who, like who the main players were. Sometimes people with money have loaned money or given gifts to various people across town, people who might be behind or on hand to call in favors from. Relatives might be called on to help another relative. 1917 Sidney McCracken second degree murder case - any relation to the much later Mark McCracken? NM Comp Comm: 1917 McCracken case - any connection to Mark McCracken?
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