ON THIS PAGE - 2014-1:      12/01/2014     11/29/2014 Charles Rehn Psychotronic Attack Symptoms     09/24/2014 Nazi Interdimensional Summary of Links on this Page 2014-1: http://www.charlesrehn.com/charlesrehn/books/aconversationwithamerica/essays/psychotronics/ symptomsofpsychotronicattacks.htm   12/01/2014 [note 02/13/2017, reminder about “this is an old note: see update near [former] top of page above”)] This website adds diverse and controversial links, some of which might be wrong, untruthful, insincere or incomplete in terms of information provided. Some of the websites might be thought of as conspiracy quackery. In some cases, questionable websites are added because there is a point of view or approach which is deemed interesting or insightful, whether the information is actually correct or not.  In that case, it seems to spur the creative juices, thereby encouraging problem solving flexibility.  But those websites might also be malicious in their efforts to confuse the public by adding to the cacophony of misinformation.  In no instance does this website endorse any of the websites provided as links.  Use common sense.  Also realize we might think a certain approach or group is wrong only to discover later they were right.  Sometimes people who are deliberately lying wind up leaking a piece of the truth despite themselves; one way they do this is through their slant.  Sometimes a false slant can lead us to what they really think or know.  I think there are a number of linked groups out there pretending to be different voices when they all are saying the same thing.  If you see a few of those groups together, it might become easier to catch the trends.  One way I might have done that is by being on several newsletter email lists; after awhile, it seems that the same people are saying the same things across different groups; there seems to be a voice or tone coming through representative of one mindset.  I don’t know for sure these groups are linked, but I suspect it. 11/29/2014  This section from Charles Rehn’s website has been added to the psychotronic attack section of this website. Please consider the added possibility that surveillance can include a form of telepathic and machine-connected influencing.  Imagine people watching you around town go from one store to another - watching what you buy and how much you spend.  Also imagine that if they have a financial connection to any of the stores and their profits, that these people are telepathically sending in messages to get you buy to something.  As hard as it is for some people to believe that anyone would be around to carry on that level of detail and up front/personal surveillance, please think again.  Image, then, the possibility that you are being tracked or stalked through a combination of universal surveillance equipment (all connected to the same main central viewer) and a network of people around town.  Imagine a government/police/business network that runs itself much like an organized crime network and that the people involved all feel they have a financial and power benefit in this system.  We tend to think of the businesses we spend money at as distinct companies (albeit corporate owned) and we might not consider the possibility that things have shifted around us so much in this country that profits and ownership have become quietly centralized for certain groups in the know.  Psychotronic Attack.  Charles Rehn: Symptoms of Psychotronic Attack http://www.charlesrehn.com/charlesrehn/books/aconversationwithamerica/essays/psychotronics/ symptomsofpsychotronicattacks.htm Excerpt:  Most people being subjected to Directed Energy/Electromagnetic Attacks, and Psychotronics, never know that they are being affected.  Most often, they believe their health is failing, they are suffering from a mental health disorder, or they become depressed. Sleep is interrupted, and they experience physical symptoms that doctors normally dismiss as "nothing", inexplicable, not bad enough to worry about, worthy of expensive testing or of the nature that you might require anti-psychotics and observation. The use of Psychotronics has definite patterns, although the level and intensity of abuse varies greatly. If quantified, it would be easy to say that certain people are being harassed to induce suicide or to be sure their credibility is destroyed, so that testing may continue without fear that authorities will intervene.  It's important to remember that these tools are used for covert psychological operations. Even if they are used for  so-called "experimental purposes" for reasons of national security - to train Psyops agents - the people writing the "scripts" for these operations are very creative in finding ways to destroy people's lives, and influence them, disguising that influence as the result of something else. This is yet another example of  a dialectic. For example, I could use one of these weapons to give you a headache to disrupt your ability to concentrate. You would simply think it was a headache. An electronic attack would have been performed while you were distracted into thinking it was something that was a fairly normal event. Like, lying about the circumstances leading to the Iraq War. All of the evidence was reasonable and rational, if the source was being honest. Except it wasn't. (AKA the Diabolical people).  You might have one or a number of these symptoms, and it may mean something, or it may mean nothing. That's the problem. You'll need to decide if the things you're feeling actually seem "normal" or if it seems unusual.  There are many symptoms that go with these that will tell an experienced person whether you're dealing with an attack, or if something else should be considered. The problem is, finding an experienced person.  These symptoms do not occur in a particular order.  http://www.charlesrehn.com/charlesrehn/books/aconversationwithamerica/essays/psychotronics/ symptomsofpsychotronicattacks.htm 09/24/2014  Nazi Interdimensional: Bad Science/Weird Stuff?  See also The Mossad Did It  Question: Can we go on an imaginary thought trip for a moment and consider a few things here? Are the Nazis shapeshifters in time and space?  The concept of the metamorphosis of a latent butterfly popping up in another human after being laid as an egg-worm: perhaps one link to the Monarch theme in the CIA.   Do the Nazi metaphysical and science dealings (including the experiments on living subjects during WWII camp abuses) lead to a multidimensional and multispacial orientation?  Is it possible one way to nail them is by learning to recognize their energy? Do we learn to recognize the people and influenced situation by getting past outer appearances?  Is there a feeling to a Nazi invaded human or space? What if we know a Nazi by his or her vibration?  Perhaps we can sense it in their photos and in the swing of events.  For those of you into Star Trek (Star Trek had at least one show I remember which got into this theme of shifting bodies) and general “real” sci fi....you probably already got it.  My ideas are not that uncommon in sci fi and fantasy genre, but when we take it beyond that....well.  It can be hard to go there for some people. So I will spit it out: Reincarnation: What if Nazis knew how to reincarnate consciously?  What if several of the more advanced and elite of the leadership in Berlin during the final attacks near the end of World War II evacuated their bodies using reincarnation as an escape channel?  What if it was part of an emergency escape plan? What if Nazis project their energy into other bodies and control the bodies?What if Nazis know how to jump bodies? What if they abused and mind-controlled Jews during the WWII forced labor camp days to the point that surviving Jews had locked up programs in their heads and became Nazi controlled subjects after the war?  What if Nazis learned how to project their souls or awareness into the Jews they were experimenting on during the WWII camp abuse experiments?  What if they learned how to take over their bodies?  What if Nazis are master chameleons of the outer forms, able to put on new costumes while continuing the same behavior and focusing on the same goals no matter what they are wearing?  What if they treat bodies like garments in a Shakespearean play? What if the Zionists today are Nazis?  What if the two faces of Israel is about Nazis running invisible fingers of psychic/pscyhotronic control through the Jewish community? What if the Mossad tells itself it did things like 9/11 to: even up the score for Jews over WWII; to push Americans against Iraq and other countries in the Middle East; to teach Americans what it feels like to live with terrorism; to compete with and undermine the USA’s power so as to stop Israel feeling like a second sister or underling to that country; to pay Americans back for their original contribution to the Nazi regime (through secret affiliation and big business); and to also pay them back for their post-war ineffectiveness in capturing and punishing Nazi war criminals while also using Nazis to further their science/technology programs....but that the Mossad is in fact a Nazi controlled operation?  What if the Nazis did not want to let go of control of the Jews after World War II and considered them “theirs” to the point they turned Jews against themselves to become exactly like the enemy they feared, hated and felt victimized by? What if the early Nazi regime carried a certain Jewish strand of metaphysical presence?  What if its roots include Jewish Kaballic knowledge?  What if one strand of Jewish community from that era was fighting other Jews, trying to remove them as competitors?  What if they were hiding in the deep layers of the Nazi system? What if Nazis used psychics and remote viewing to see into the future and to influence it?  What if, as some sources suggest, it had a detailed post-war plan far into the future? What if we can literally feel Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s peering over at us today and we can see them as if they are still alive, like looking through a two-way telescope, their eyeballs blinking up at us, our eyeballs blinking back at them? What if Nazis wanted to make Jews look like them, to make them be the stooges, or to get back at Jews for “making”  Nazis look bad in history?  What if they are working through the Mossad to force all Jews to lose face to the world?
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