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The philosophy behind this sort of thing is this: we as a society have become so used to business-slick that we have lost the basic organic hand-made clay pot in the process.  The best things in life are being lost to the whizzing hum of the technical-business world.  We have lost that organic or earthy quality of the slower, more carefully wrought hand crafted products and processes.  If things don’t look and feel a certain techy way, we sneer at it as if it is beneath us; we hit the click-click and off we go to something else that has that “perfect” modern look. Although this website is not a work of art by any means, it has some of the same feelings and characteristics of hand-made art; things are left unfinished here and there and so-called finished products may look a little to very uneven and rather home spun and rough.  Things may not look like a “real” website developer or template (wizard) package did the website.  It may look a little too “budget” and “unprepared.” Real life when ground down to the basics of survival and existence rarely looks like a perfect modern product.  Things get tossed and let go until the real “thing” that we need the most is left behind.  Cutting things down to that core state of importance often leaves a lot of superfluous waste behind.  Things we thought we need we find we don’t really need - or even want - at all. So, yes this website is “organic” and often “messy.” Some things are left sketchy or unfinished, or laid out with poorly spelled words or rough grammatical contexts. The other issue of “coming out” on this website - coming out about Personal Voice and standing up against abuse and restrictive behaviors of various kinds may stem from possible early childhood sexual abuse.  The problem with the context of the situation is that it happened so long ago and no one from that time came forward to admit anything, so we have had to rely on personal memories from a very, very young age onward and also a circumstantial issue surrounding one of the suspected perpetrators from that era who many years later was put away for 30 years for intense sexual abuse of a minor, thought to be his granddaughter or another family member.  The personal sexual abuse issue if it occurred, happened in a home day care run by a woman whose husband and three sons were in and out of the house.  The early memories seem to point to mostly the husband (the father) having done most of the abuse, but that there may have been a few times when he and at least two other sons were in the room at the same time.  The son that was put away  for a long time was the one remembered as being “mean” - unpredictable, nasty temper, with a strong anger-strangeness about him. It is wondered if he was part of the Vietnam or earlier wars - if he had come back as a veteran with emotional issues.  Very little is known about the external lives of all of the people in that household - it seems the father might have been part Native American (possibly Cherokee) from Oklahoma, having moved to Farmington later.  It is very difficult to nail much of the details down - both husband and wife have since died and the three sons live somewhere else - the one in jail seems to be in California somewhere.  The question which comes to mind is whether this sort of thing has a wider basis in Farmington from many years ago onward - like a rooted problem in the area within several households crossing several generations and races/cultures.  It is not known for sure what the religious disposition of the father was, but the woman attended a small local conservative Christian church in the area.  One memory seems to be that when told a few times that her husband was “being mean or bad” by this writer as a child, she turned into someone else, refusing to respond properly - becoming angry and acting very strangely.  Part of the need to speak out against abuse and be heard may come from this.  The family was rather poor and there are memories of them having worries over paying for gas sometimes for their car although overall they seemed to do OK as they owned their own home and both pulled in some degree of income (although probably never a lot).  The household used course language (double negatives) which others had to correct - which is why this writer has at least a basic command of the more educated English language.  If things had been left on their own without personal family intervention, this writer would speak in double negatives, too.  The point being made is the daycare atmosphere had rough edges and low education.  In other ways it was warm, friendly and filled with fun.  There are memories of worrying about the husband coming into the room at night or being in any room in the house alone, and a sense of dislike when he tried to hug.  The memories suggest that he and at least two others might have messed with private parts on a bed in one of the boys’ small rooms.  There are some specific memories which go beyond the average tendency to think up or make up a sexual abuse scenario.  In other words, the memories have their own specifics which seem unlike anything ever read before by other people - but this does not of course mean the memories are real or accurate.  The frustration is never knowing for sure.  Apparently the brother in prison says he never molested or raped anyone before the incident that took him to jail, and apparently he says he is innocent of that issue, too, but all of this comes second hand through a friend of the family, so it is hard to say one way or another about what really happened to send him to jail for this offense.  On top of all this is the sense that perhaps there has been some kind of hidden governmental abuse - something so elusive and difficult to cover.  It is thought one way to tie down any of the possible abuse issues is to have a group of objective remote viewers from around the country or world look in on these things independently to see what they come up with; if all the viewings or psychic readings come from just one company, organization, or person, it leaves room for bias and flaw.  To finally know the truth about any or all of this would be so welcome; part of the problem is not knowing.  Not knowing is a type of nagging wonder which keeps the door open to the topic and possible wounds in a way that knowing one way or another could remedy.  The problem is without direct confirmation or proof from the perpetrators themselves or evidence from the scenes, we all have a very hard time nailing something like these issues down.  Professional protocol-driven remote viewing seems to be about the only way some kind of resolution might arise.   If enough experts independently came up with the same sorts of things one way or another, we might have some general idea about what to suspect. Whatever it is to be said ultimately about any of these issues, the writing comes in its own way and in its own timing; what is written about follows some kind of inner flow and infusions from the spirit world or world of intuitive guidance.  For example, sometimes books jump out for attention n addition, part of what is going on seems to be this writer goes back in time, feels th energy and sends energy into that space - like healing energy, or knowledge.  So not just psychically looking in, connecting as a healer with that touchy-feely energy.  The energy feels cold, like the people are emotionally and mentally cold.  It was said the vibe ran back through to the Revolutionary War days but what was meant was that it went back in time to as early as the 1600s or 1700s.  It’s not about the Revolutionary War itself per se, it was, again like the Civil War a general time period being referenced.  Some have suggested people like Thomas Jefferson might have been into metaphysical things.  Again, this writer does not know much about these things.  All that is being picked up is a vibe.  The feeling is that with awareness, no matter what it is, we can push back tyranny and abusive subversive programs, including those with long historic lineages, with energy.  We have the power to push back other people’s psychic bad stuff if we ourselves are prepared to tap into that energy and see and feel it for what it is.  We don’t even have to consciously know fully what it is or all the details to work the energy.  You can let your subconscious mind take over without getting into a major analysis about who or what it is.  You can just feel it and work with the energy to help shift it so that it is not so self-serving and harmful to other people. GENERAL NOTES 07/28/2013  More on Tom Brown Note: some more Tom Brown material was added today to yesterday’s 7/27/2013 section. There are several websites out by Native Americans warning people about false shamans.  It is likely Tom Brown hits at least some of those lists, because anyone who is white who connects with shamanism, medicine man stuff, etc. gets put on them.  Some of these websites are very useful and informative.  They help us get a perspective.  They remind us of the Native American point of view and their right to privacy and sacredness according to their own beliefs.  At least one website warns people that some of the false shamans are so corrupt they have been known to rape and kill people once they get them off alone for a “healing.”  And also at least one suggests that real shamanism or medicine work occurs within the context of the tribe’s spiritual and social values and way of life, and it is not a matter of money.  One author on this website in the Books section were also put on at least one of the false shaman lists - Michael Harner.  It should be pointed out that some of these people seem to have connected with something quite real, regardless of whether it is “real” shamanism.  It seems that so much of Native American culture was lost in the apocalypse of western domination that many or most of the tribes have themselves lost touch with real shamanism as it was originally used.  What we are usually finding today is probably a mixture of things with very little of it really pure.  However, this does not mean that certain sacred things have not been retained by Native American groups and it is believed that if these people want to be left alone and don’t want people prying, this should without fail be honored.  What they choose to share is up to them.  They have enough encroachment into everything over the years that enough is enough was enough a long time ago. Some of the labeled false shamans might be connecting with Native American spiritual guides, and they might be tapping into material from the past.  These things can be very hard to pin down and prove.  It does not mean it is not real, but it does mean that we have to be careful about this sort of thing.  What might seem like one thing might be something else. Remote influencing/psychic attacks: A few ideas on what happens: 1.  Guru-style invasion: hitting the third eye or certain chakras; seeing through the person’s third eye, hooking into one or more chakras (including and in addition to the third eye) 2.  Mental implanting of thoughts and ideas - telepathic invasion 3.  Landing in the seat of the personality - taking over the personality 4.  Taking over a large part of the body, running the operation of the body and the personality, as in the above point #3 5.  As part of several of the invasion points listed above, the control centers while shifted to another party may have a level of fusion to the point the invaded host has no idea something else has come in.  EMDR  and other therapy for trauma: need to see therapy that allows a continuum rather than wiping out the memories of pain; need to retain the memories and lessen their traumatic effects at the same time; consider the possibility that so-called therapies being run through the psychological arenas might have a hidden governmental objective to further dissipate recall of traumatic events rather than creating a truly supportive and healing environment.  Healing can occur with both memories intact or restored and ameliorative effects.  Regaining your memories can be a type of validation for the trauma and confusion or impairments which later showed up.  If a person is not functioning on all fours and is not sure why, and then has memory recall while also receiving assistance for the trauma generated by the events which lead up to the partial or full debilitation, it can open doors.  When people realize there is a reason for their issues that is not their fault, it can be very helpful.  So getting rid of the memories to appease the trauma seems to not be the best answer.  Keep your memories and also learn to work with the pain of the original events so the body and emotions are not in overload anymore.  Memories can be very useful; this is why working with other psychics can be helpful because since they are not part of the same trauma, they can look in and objectively, detachedly, find what ails you and help you bring it back into a balanced focus while keeping an eye out for your system responses.  Where they find system overload, they can send in, or have others send in, healing energy and support.  Emotional support and talk therapy can also be very helpful, as well as body and rhythm related therapies (massage, drumming, art therapy, etc.) as mentioned elsewhere.  Working with teams of experts can also be helpful so that one provides acupuncture, one massage, one drumming instruction, one counseling talk therapy, and one energy therapy.  Biologists on board who can check your blood chemistry, DNA stats and other things also can be helpful, if not vital.  Learning to check out our DNA for intrusions and changes might be an increasingly useful tool; many of the abduction materials, both UFO and governmental cover-up, seem to indicate we are being genetically messed with.  Learning to identify what is going on with our DNA, if anything might be a vital first step in targeting therapy.  We need to learn to provide services outside of the revved up scope found in today’s world - all the prices are way up high compared to what they really need to be.  The accelerated rate of costs seems to be connected to the invasion of the subversive group.  Learning to re-price things back to an “old-fashioned” standard of livability is going to be a key way of pushing back the tyranny.  It means stepping out and away from the system and doing your own thing in terms of providing services and setting prices.  When they see you do this they will try to invade.  The invasion feels like an energy which puts in a layer over the original base structure.  It creates a different reality or illusion.  It masks the real thing.  Part of it seems to come from electronic devices like cell phones and cable/internet modems and wiring, things that come off telephone poles, wiring in the walls, devices placed in hidden areas around streets and neighborhoods.  The other way they get to us is through telepathic energies by keeping a constant watch on everything going on in a household and around it.  Some of these people who spy on us are very psychic.  Just realize their limitations are in their philosophies and orientations; they can just go so far.  A lot of this brand of psychic energy has a sexual component - people move their sexual energy through their bodies and energy fields in such a way they send out energy of power over other people.  The difference between the narrow orientation of the dominating subversive people and those working with broader principles is that sexual energy that is sent into spiritual centers of the body and its energy fields has more to work with.  It goes outside of the range of the tyrants.  This is how you shift the energy and also can sense some of what they are about and what they are doing, even if you don’t get all of it all of the time.  Spiritual energy fused with sexual energy is a transforming counterpoint to the comparatively dense and dully focused system abusers.  When you understand this, you help shift yourself and others from a state of victimhood to self-actualization.  Patience in both healing work skills training necessary when working with traumatized people Patience is called for when working with trauma victims.  People looking for action and results in people who have been traumatized are not good teachers.  Performance mentalities which demand output within only certain standards of excellence does not work with people who have been overly sensitized from traumatic events and remember, even short does of abuse or terror can send people into a biochemical and bio-electric trauma.  The traumatic event could have been seconds or a few minutes long, yet still pushed the wiring of the body into trauma.  Patience in training people to do anything once they have been traumatized takes these things into account. Men have may have more of a tendency to encourage competition and rapid learning in training scenarios.  The military might have a shaming approach to certain training approaches.  People raised in a shame-based training atmosphere or in an atmosphere in which any skill taught was taught grudgingly or without patience in the air will have a hard time teaching others in a patient manner.  Performance-geared training with a high intensity about it is not good for people who are overly sensitive in the first place, and sensitized through trauma in the second place.  A little intensity can be a good thing in learning; too much can cause problems in performance, retention and recall People need a little intensity in the air to learn, it helps promote change but heavy doses of intensity in learning formats should be avoided.  Performance anxiety can be a real issue, found in everything from text anxiety to learning new things around other people in a group context.  If people have been traumatized in group contexts through the governmental abuse systems, they might have trouble working in group situations later.  Low self esteem might have been generated by the sexual abuse and verbal/emotional attacks found in those abusive scenarios.  Psychics need to learn to find where someone has been abused in that way in order to figure out a way to help them come out of it so they can be trained in a way that works with their bodies and emotions.  Part of the abuse might also have included telling the victim to keep their mouth shut and to not seek retribution from the government.  In those parts of the body/emotions hooked into that way, the ability to speak or respond normally might GENERAL NOTES 07/25/2013  HANFORD - COLUMBIA RIVER, OREGON Allen Pinkerton Book: Healing the West, p.45, Excerpt: “I know a little bit about Hanford.  They do discharge acceptable levels of radiation into the Columbia River system.  Is this acceptable level of radiation really acceptable?  It is maybe acceptable for this generation of people that utilize resources out of the Columbia River.  But what about succeeding generations?  I think we are trying to cover it up by saying it doesn’t exist when we bury it.  It is just saying, ‘Let’s not contend with the problem right now.’  We should contend with this problem right now.  Like any other resource, we need to be involved with the restoration, protection of resources right now, rather than pass it on to the next generation to worry about it.  Why don’t we accept a little bit of pain right now, so that five or six generations down the line, they have to suffer pain a hundred times of what we have to suffer now?  We are a comfort-seeking species.  There is an ecosystem of sustainable resources that have got to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of all mankind.  Nuclear waste is a major issue.  Bury it, get it out of sight, and it will go away.  It is not going to go away.  Half-life of nuclear waste is 10,000 years.  So all we are doing is passing that problem on to some generation thousands of years down the road for some catastrophic event to occur that will expose people to radiation, or it will seep into the aquifer.  There is a lot of farming.  Herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers....go into the Columbia River system.  And we eat the salmon that comes out of the Columbia River system.  So it is affecting us.  It may not affect me because I don’t look sick right now.  It may not affect me in my lifetime.  But it may affect grandchildren or great grandchildren.  They say acceptable levels, because we don’t look sick right now.  We got to think further ahead than a five-year plan....” The above picture is of the Columbia River in Oregon. (Photo by Greening Ways.) Allen Pinkham, p. 45 in book Healing the West  GENERAL NOTES 07/23/2013  ORAIBI PROPHECY ROCK Note 05/29/2016: The inclusion of Oraibi Prophecy rock: Not sure if it’s “legit” but the concept behind it, no matter its validity, seems worthy: the path of the lower mind versus the path of th ehigher one, the path of planting versus machinery and destruction.  Some people might be taking “green” and the path of planting to a hyper-environmental approach which includes killing people and world control - this website does not support extremist positions like that.  However, the concept of using increased personal awareness, self-discipline and nurturing the earth and self are part of the main tenets behind the website.  Regarding Oraibi Prophecy Rock, see also: http://thenewhumanity.blogspot.com/2008/01/hopi-life-plan-aka-prophecy-rock.html GENERAL NOTES 07/27/2013 INPUT ON TOM BROWN, JR. Here are a few of the books Tom Brown has written: The Way of the Scout (1997), The Tracker (1979),  Grandfather ( 1993) Field Guides to: Living with the Earth (1984), The Forgotten Wilderness (1987), Wilderness Survival (1983). At one point, a number of Tom Brown’s books were included in the book section on this website.  With some changes to the website, some of it has disappeared for awhile, along with some other things, but it is being worked on to get back some of the older material. Tom Brown is a controversial figure.  Never having met the man personally, this writer found his books at first to be quite applicable and revelatory; then later upon reading some countering material on the internet, it was decided that the man is someone with question marks needing to be placed around him.  For one thing, apparently his discussion of “Grandfather” being a major influence in his life has little or no evidence; apparently no one ever saw him.  This could be internet dis-information, but at least one of the websites which had carefully put material together providing alternative views of Tom Brown suggest this.  They also indicate the man comes across as aggressive, rude and possibly materialistic (money oriented).  In addition, apparently he used other people to write his books and at least one of the authors became so disillusioned and disgusted with the man that they did not want to have anything further to do with him.  Grandfather was supposedly a mentor who stepped in to Brown’s life early on and was an Lipan Apache who had been part of a group which had managed to stay clear of the white man’s encroachment and dominance.  This hidden and unknown tribe, Brown suggests, stuck to their old ways and avoided technical things.  This Native American elder took Brown under his wing and taught him the old style approaches, including physical (hunting, tracking), psychic (psychic tracking), and spiritual (dropping the small self and finding the broader non-personality based connection to Creator whose essence is that of purity).  This Higher Self would be able to shift into other levels and knowings.  In addition, there would be a connection to the animal self found in the body and its connection to nature so that a person could spring out like a wolf or other wild animal based on the power needs of the moment.  The heightened primal responses could pull a person out of a bad situation or push back an attacker.  Also included the training was learning how to be so quiet and part of nature that the animals don’t know a human is there. Psychic abilities included being able to fight and communicate with people out of body. Having said all this, the books themselves seem to have some light around them and the information about survival in the wilderness and approaches toward nature make sense.  Some of the stories about Tom Brown’s antics against hoodlums in New York and in the southwest desert against a bear seem far-fetched, like tall tales.  The survival books show sketches of various styles of self-made structures and the advice given in the books seem to have a realistic and practical bent.   The man has been around (if he is still alive, have not checked lately) for many years - it seems like his first stories came out in Reader’s Digest in the 1970s or thereabouts.  His field school in New Jersey has been functioning all these years.  If he was a total flake he would not still be in business, more than likely. Tom Brown suggests that one of the most important things right off the bat is to stay calm and to not over-exert by wasting energy.  The next thing he suggests is to build as quickly as possible a very small body sized shelter which will block the cold and give a person a sense of security.  He also gives ideas for conserving water.  Things like this seem small but they are already the first steps in training a person to handle a crisis without freaking out.  By having some kind of strategy and mental template for order, a person can redirect an otherwise chaotic mind toward survival from the first stages of finding one’s self away from modern conveniences.  If you are out in the wilderness without any protection or gear, you are totally vulnerable to animals and the elements.  You need to address these issues before you get to that point so that when it happens you have some sense of direction. Also added later on 7/27/2013, as well as making some changes to the earlier material below: We Americans as a group are all experiencing what the Native Americans, African Americans and others felt - the sense of conquest, domination and loss of identity and self-worth.  We are experiencing it through the tyranny of our government today which is an extension of the exploitative expansionism of the mid-1800s.  The family members - the lineage of rich and powerful people - is coming through what is happening to all of us today.  Those same mentalities then are with us today, it’s just that who is getting dominated is shifting to include anyone who is not part of the hidden complex.  You see, whites and minorities both are in the hidden complex; it is no longer an issue between the Big Bad Whites and the Minorities - the minorities now are of mixed blood; what sets them apart from the dominating group lurking behind the scenes is philosophical orientation. Here is what is coming up intuitively - variety of topics 1.  Mormons in their darker side have a sophisticated well-practiced method of control (supervision, mind control, emotional abuse).  There is a dryness to the thinking processes - the pink has been taken out of the compassion centers, leaving a dull, cynical, hateful orientation with real world savvy - it can come with a strong business sense and modern technical knowledge and skill.  There can be enhanced intuition and comfort levels with certain types of psychic activity because it is built into the Mormon bible to deal with the metaphysical in ways considered very foreign and strange to many Christians and other groups.  Not all Mormons have this cynicism and there are those who are much more in their hearts.  Don’t lump all Mormons into one thing, as has been mentioned repeatedly on this website regarding any category of people. 2.  A lot of the problems we see today in the governmental/military/business abuses were already starting in and around the 1850s or 1860s and centered a good deal around the western expansion and military controls over this and the Native Americans.  The 1840s, 1870s and 1880s might also be part of this.  The sense of horses, cavalry, attitudes from the soldiers toward the land and the people comes in.  Obviously, any part of this could come from earlier personal contact with movies, television, books and discussions of the old days from elderly family members.  Undoubtedly, front loading and contamination of psychic imagery is possible.  Nonetheless, the material has a kind of immediacy about it and it came in from almost nowhere.  Nothing has been read or watched recently to trigger this other than there was an informative cultural sign read in the Oregon desert about a skirmish between that area’s tribes and the American soldiers which wounded and later killed one of the Native American leaders.  There was a sense of that man’s wound with him trying to travel with it and also a sense that he felt so betrayed by the Americans over a treaty that was violated.  There was a very real and peculiar sense that seemed to be coming out of this.  It was like getting a first hand feeling of what one of the Native Americans felt during that era - if it has any bearing on reality, it was something any of us would feel in a similar situation.    Earlier it was said it was the Civil War era coming in, but it’s more the sense of growing military controls in that general period of time which includes both the Civil War itself and the western expansion. Something in the mind set of the military started coming in during that era in such a way that traces of it are still with us today.  The country started becoming jaded that early on toward the environment and people.  The seeds of big business and personal control of the country was coming in - the attitude of “manifest destiny” reflected in the way anything that stood in the way of personal expansion was walked all over.  They were doing something in the back rooms of the political offices which set the tone for everything that came afterwards, and some of this very well might have included psychically related material partly from the Masons and partly from the Native Americans.  They probably learned a lot from Native Americans both as captives and as scouts.  While using one Native American group against another, they learned much about the inner spiritual workings of the tribes which they then used for their own western style personal gain.  What they learned from the Native Americans they used against them. In addition, the South might have learned some things about psychic material from the slaves.  Although we don’t find much  in the written materials from those days - everything has an ethnocentric tone to it, always showing things from the white’s point of view - but it is likely that certain types of psychic information came in from these groups which although not recorded officially in the records, impacted the whites.  It might even have been subconsciously, where they were picking stuff up from these other peoples vicariously.  Trace the energy back to the Revolutionary Days, and there are some threads of this problem back then, too - possibly coming in through the Masons - but it could be more than that, or something else.  But it starts to look like “us” in the Civil War days.  It’s almost like that era is right around the corner - not so far back, not so distant in time. 3. What impacts of the NSA are felt at the local level in Farmington?  Are the police and other investigatively related personnel willing to speak out against the violations to our privacy and civilian rights felt in previous administrations and to an even higher degree in the Obama one? 4. Violation of the Separation of State and Religion in Farmington?  Why do the Farmington police have at least two police officers every Sunday across from the a large church on the Pinion Hills Bypass - managing traffic coming out of the two big churches on that corner. Is it coming from divisions within the police force, or the city infrastructure?*   Why are city funds used to pay Farmington police officers to handle private church traffic when they could be used elsewhere in the community - their salaries going to other more serious crime or traffic related situations?  If the City of Farmington is not paying those police officer to mostly sit in their cars idly while the churches are in session only to handle traffic when the people come out of the parking lots, who is paying their salaries?  Are the churches paying for this traffic support from the City of Farmington Police Department?  If the City is paying for this, is this a connection between State and Religion the general public should be made more clearly aware of?  Is the City of Farmington sponsoring and endorsing the two large churches at that corner?  Is there a connection between one or both of the churches and governmental privileges?  Is the City of Farmington trying to express governmental power and prestige by endorsing police traffic escorting for either of these churches?  Why is it most people drive by and don’t think to speak up and ask questions about this apparent City/Police favoritism of these two churches?  Most churches in the area do not receive that kind of traffic support benefit every to the tune of two mostly idle police officers on duty.  Older article: Son of city manager charged with murder - Farmington Daily Times, June 2011: (see http://www.krqe.com/dpp/news/crime/son-of-city-manager-charged-with-murder). “The 17-year-old son of Farmington's city manager bludgeoned a local doctor to death with a pool cue, hid his body in a wood pile, then went to Burger King and shopped with the doctor's credit card, according to authorities.” San Juan County sheriff's officials say John Mayes has been charged with first degree murder, aggravated robbery and other charges in the death of Dr. James Nordstrom, whose body was found behind his home on Friday. According to an affidavit that was filed with the arrest warrant, Mayes told police he was running away from home Thursday night when he saw the man's secluded house and went in.” 5.  If people start checking into this material about hidden governmental abuse and/or childhood abuse of the writer, we need to have checkers checking the checkers.  In other words, if there is useful hidden information here in the past or subconscious mind of the writer, it is important that we watch for selfish exploitation by those who would tap into the information privately and use it for personal gain without ever disclosing what they learn to the public.  This writer considers anything that comes in around these topics of personal connection something to be respected, deserving to come out to both the writer and public.  Any connections to any abuses which might be useful should be made available to all - not just the psychics tapping into it for personal ambition.   Psychics should be checking each other out as well as the information at hand.  We need to know who else is tapping into the pie around these topics - who else is fishing in the fishing hole. 6.  Be on guard to the misuse and misunderstanding of psychically related material.  As mentioned elsewhere, many people are very confused, misguided and ignorant about most psychic things.  In addition, be on alert to sneer and smear campaigns which could be coming from a variety of directions - not just abusive governmental places.  People who don’t like threats to their way of life, their religion, or their business can also be working an anti-psychic orientation.  Ignorance can have a louder voice than non-ignorance because the ignorance drives arrogance.  People who are more stimulated by creative and diverse thinking tend to pipe down from emotionally driven hype; it’s the people who are working within a narrow framework who squeeze the ignorance through a small pipe out their vocal cords.  There is less room for the diverse thinking to spread out and dissipate into multi-formed thinking processes; with less to work with, the channels are narrow and push out as through a small tube of tooth paste. The true thinkers are more likely to respond carefully and to keep an open mind as to other possibilities even if they realize they don’t fully have all the answers or don’t understand something.  It’s people who have gotten into the habit of lazy thinking and charismatic or emotionally charged behaviors which draw people’s attention to the first, easiest concepts.  Sometimes the first choices are in fact the right choices, but sometimes it is something entirely different than the most obvious or plausible explanation.  Being able to work with the concepts of the immediately likely and at the same time the more elusive possibilities are a sign of a more seasoned or matured personality.  Unfortunately, sometimes the gusto of emotionally driven simple responses hooks the average man and woman so they get sucked in or pulled along.  We have to defend ourselves from people who take the first easy answers and broadcast them in high drama form to persuade large numbers of people to go along with them. 7.  Not using Facebook or Twitter for a reason - these are open tickets for CIA driven espionage - it makes it easy for the government and anyone else to tap into people’s lives.  People should not put their children’s photos on the internet, by the way.  It encourages all kinds of problems.  Having your whole set of family, friends and interests out for public display is like asking for it.  It also neutralizes some of the sacred energy which should be reserved for private home, family and individual.  The internet and its negative side tends to suck energy out of the sacred if we just “give it away.”  Giving out our deeper parts to people who will not handle the material respectfully is a kind of trashing of self.  On the other hand, the positive side of the internet is that real messages that need to be relayed can get through to the right people who will handle the material respectfully and as teaching tools.  There will be those who will make use of the information as is, and will add to it personally and by getting the messages through to yet others who will enhance the information for the greater good of all of us, which includes, again, both the individual and the broader continuum.  We must always honor the dignity of the individual as a Self while also honoring the group.  It’s when we make everything about the group while washing out the Self (identiy) that we hav problems.  We need to respect both the one and the One, the I and the We.  We want this material and material like it from others on the internet and elsewhere to get to those people who can help with The Solution, which is getting out of governmental abuse structures and restoring the human dignity of both the individual and the common good. 8.  The surveillance, as mentioned elsewhere, by the hidden governmental complex, is not just physical watching.  It more than likely includes remote influencing - telepathic and energetic involvement with the lives of the victims - getting in the middle of situations with family, friends, and business as well as less known individuals who are met along the way.  Invasion includes vendettas on a psychic level in ways the majority of Americans do not realize or are not yet prepared to emotionally get a handle on.  We have to start education the public on what is possibly in the world of the psychic so the abusers of the system don’t have the upper hand.  Spying includes handling people personal lives in a detailed and intimate manner in ways most of us do not realize.  We think they cannot possibly know that or would not be that interested.  Think again. 9.  Some of the remote viewing companies are part of The Problem, not The Solution - they hand over details on how to exploit the environment in mining, oil and gas and other resources.  They tell people where the water is so big industry and ruthless government enterprises can take over, squeezing out the little guy.  They hand over secrets to people who exploit the information for personal gain at the expense of the broader domain.  There are yet others who use their psychic gifts to help others, often at no or little charge, while remaining anonymous.  We need to open the psychic field to everyone who will listen so we even up the playing field. 10.  This writer’s family may be constantly monitored and influenced by these governmental pariahs lurking behind the scenes - family behaviors may in part of majority stem from telepathic and remote influencing.  This is a whole world in which many Americans don’t “grok.”  The term ‘grok’ comes from a book Stranger in a Strange Land and means a type of “getting it with resonating understanding.”  When you grok something you have nailed it within your personal cognitive-emotional system to the point you live and breathe it without a slowed down rhetorical bit-by-bit analysis.  You have it in full and you work with it fluently. be impacted.  Part of the body’s wiring might have been shut down.  This means that if something comes up that triggers something connected with that abuse the person might have an avoidance reaction.  It might feel like energetic and biochemical shocks in the body so that discomfort is louder than following through with a plan.  The person might want to do something and is on the way to doing it until that point that a trigger sets in which sends that biochemical/energy reaction at which point the person drops everything, pulls back.  Some have suggested neural-linguistic programming connected with things like electric shocks, drugs, and physical hands on abuse as part of the later triggering.  Good communication would be for the victim to tell helpers and healers: “I am feeling that charge right now.”  Describe what it feels like and what it seems to connect with, and what the emotions are.  For example, it could include feelings of shame, embarrassment, self-loathing, hatred toward something, anger, sadness.  Being able to talk about the inner feelings can help psychic healers better tune into what is going on for the individual and also follow the energetic path to the source.  Edgar Cayce suggested there were lines of energy running between people in such a way that a psychic could follow the lines.  You can follow the lines of a person’s sense of victimization to the perpetrator and set of events; then you can turn around and tell the victim what happened and help that person recover their memories in a therapeutically responsive manner.  When people know they are not alone, that people really do care, and honestly do want to get to the bottom of things - that it is a “we” - that the problem is “ours” - not just the victim’s - it makes all the difference.  But real helpers don’t put on a face of caring; they really do care.  And they don’t project their own needs and issues into that person’s problems.  They walk with that person as if the situation is theirs, too, and they do it honestly and without a superior attitude like “I am helping you, so you need to feel grateful.”  Don’t lay trips on people you are helping.  Be the real deal, or get out of the picture and let someone else step in to helpto be read. *Regarding the references to Masons - it’s not really not known for sure what the vibe is being picked up; Masons are thrown up as one possibility given what has been read over the years in terms of their connection with subversive programs, including a possible Illuminati connection.  However, it almost seems to be a small group of mixed types kind of doing the same thing, or it could be another group other than the Masons*.  There is not enough information coming in to identify what it is.  It feels like some people who were engaged in psychic things and mesmerism and who held a tightly organized knot among themselves.  Some thing that has been read and thought about by this writer is the concept of an ancient Egyptian connection; apparently the Egyptian leaders knew how to exploit the slaves and lower workers by abusing them and breaking them up into alter personalities.  Later apparently the Spanish Inquisition did some of the same things.  This writer does not have enough information or proof on any of this, but it comes up as a possibility that some of the ideas that have suggested that the Masons might be connected to that kind of thing might be true.  The Illuminati idea is believed by quite a few people; this writer always kind of hesitates everytime the topic comes up.  It’s almost like something else might be the explanation, that the Illuminati thing does not quite resonate.  However, maybe there is really something it.  It’s kind of like an itch that cannot be scratched, a feeling of something else that is hard to put the finger on as to what is going on with this subversive stuff.  Part of this writer’s psychic apparatus does seem to be touching base with whatever it is, but cannot quite identify it.  So at this point it is more like a vibe.   I  
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