August 11, 2013 On Whistleblowing We have to consider the possibility that even whistleblowing websites and organizations are sniper-oriented.  Even when recommending people go to a whistleblowing topic seminar, it always comes to mind the following things: 1.  The people putting on the organization or seminar could be out for money and attention. 2.  There might be a large or minor percentage of government agents involved doing “double” activities.  The organization might be coming across as one thing but actually linked to the same old baggage we are trying to fight. 3.  The names provided to these organizations by those who sign up (for DVDs, emails, online blogging groups, etc) might be being watched and placed on a list used for negative purposes - including government surveillance and vindictiveness.  It might be a way to rope dissidents in using sugar-coated tactics - rather than go find them, this kind of thing has potentially “difficult” people come to them. 4.  People in show business/media might have a variety of ties to a number of challenging people and issues in such a way nothing is really “clean.”  What is meant by this is that although on the surface people putting out anti-Big Brother videos and seminars might mean well, there could be a variety of problems inherent in the situation. 5.  There might be other hidden agendas outside of the range of our normal expectations.  For example, if we are given an either- or situation, like good, well meaning citizens versus bad government, we might lose sight of some other variables.  With our focus on one assigned set of possibilities, we might not see something lurking in the sidelines.  Something malignant might  be working around the issues we think are drawing out the truth or the best in us.  There might be yet another third party with tactics and tentacles reaching into us without our realizing they are there. With these things being said, Greening Ways is continuing to place the following  information on this website to encourage people to consider attending.  It has been removed from the front page where it was up for a few days. NOTE: DURANGO, COLORADO. See waronwhistleblowers.com.  Free Press and the National Security State.  Wednesday August 21, 2013 6 pm at the Durango Discovery Museum.  5:30 doors open, 6 pm film.  Trailer waronwhistleblowers.com.  Unitarian Universal Fellowship. Returning to the Psychic Thing:  Please realize that although this writer is not an expert, there seems to be an uncanny ability to sense a lot of stuff even if it is not coming in clear as detail.  Remote viewing instructors and experienced remote viewers would probably understand the stages at which a person is “getting stuff.”  This writer gets certain kinds of vibes which includes knowing when people are in the personal space to the point they are trying to alter reality (outcomes) or influence other people around.  Sensing this other level has taught this writer that a lot of people are mostly unaware of all the things that go on around them - they probably know much more on a deeper subconscious level.  It is likely we all know a lot more on deeper levels.  However, for whatever reason, this writer has had some doorways open so that when people with negative intentions come messing around, this writer often knows about it!  This includes being able to sense when people around the writer are probably being remote influenced!  It’s an amazing thing.   Yet we can only say that this ability is non-expert or non-professional because if you tried to get this writer to sit down and give you a detailed full blown psychic reading on any given topic - forget it.  It’s not going to happen.  It is highly likely that a remote viewing instructor would be able identify the level of non-recall that is going on here.  So part of this writer’s psychic package is truly rather advanced and some of it is still in that foggy novice level.  Included with this type of sensitivity is the awareness of when people who are more psychically awake in certain ways come around this writer by sniffing or messing around, things often are learned.  This is because the people often give off some kind of vibration which indicates their emotional disposition or state of mind.  This can include sending out their biases or petty hatefulness (smear and sneer energy). Some psychics jump to conclusions before they get there, or they see a few things and then jump to conclusions - before really getting to know the person or situation.  Just because a person is psychic does not mean they are profound or wise people.  It does not mean they are good people with advanced states of awareness.  It might mean they have learned a few tricks and see a few more things than most other people do.  What they do with what they see psychically is another thing.  So even if you cannot get a full blown detailed analysis of something (like what they look like, what they are wearing, what country or city they are in, what their names are, what they are ages are, etc.) you still can respect the other types of psychic material coming in.  Some psychic attacks include isolating a person - keeping them away from other people.  Some of it includes attacking finances, jobs, family and education.  If people have access to your emails, your phone calls, your family’s emails (including what they say about you and your personal life to other family members or friends) - Wow. When you add psychic awareness and influencing on top of that, they’ve got you covered.  It is this writer’s belief that if any of this is true - that psychic interference goes hand in hand with physical surveillance - that some of this can go on for years.  That certain groups might be assigned to certain victims for many years - that their personal life history and file is as well known as a member of a family’s.  It is also considered that vamping occurs as a result of these two things - like having a bunch of ticks assigned to an animal for blood.  They suck off energy and money.  They keep people in a suspended state of no-progress, not too different from being kept in isolation in a room. What happens with this writer is that bits and pieces of information come in almost every time a psychic comes around psychically.  It has been heard that when people remote view others, it’s more invisible, you don’t know they are around spying on you.  This writer is not so sure about that because it is a very frequent thing that psychics of all types are picked up around this person.  It seems like it’s always known when people are looking in on this writer.  Perhaps that is mistaken.  Maybe there are times people are looking in and it is not known, and it is only the less careful ones who are always known about.  In other, maybe the more professional polished remote viewers are looking in without this writer having a clue, while the less advanced psychics are the ones this writer always picks up on. What does all of this mean to you, and to the rest of society?  If you are already psychically awake, the message this writer is trying to convey is no matter how advanced you are, you still have room to grow.  Don’t let arrogance get in your way.  On the other hand, if you are not into the psychic thing and don’t really know what all of that is, or tend to stay clear of it, this writer is suggesting you start learning about it.  Some of you not really into the psychic thing have a lot of potential, possibly even more than this writer talking to you now. The reason for this is that a lot of what is going on today, in this writer’s opinion, is “out there.”  It seems likely that a lot of reality is being messed with by people with advanced psychic ability.  If we don’t have more people awake and tuned in to this, we won’t have any way of protecting ourselves as  a whole. Staying close to the idea of The Environment is a good way to stay closer to the psychic issues discussed here.  They go hand in hand.  Why?  Because “the environment” is that thing that feeds, waters, and houses us and gives us air to breathe.  We need people to be closer to the roots of our basic survival.  From there, a growing correct sensitivity is developed.  If the psychic thing is not closely connected with the Earth and its survival, then it starts getting warped and off base.  The psychics who do psychic work from a state of business and economics, or with an eye on taking power from other people, or lording it over others - hey, you know?  It creates a war zone because then no one is safe.  You always have to watch your back.  And then these types are looking for the next take, and the next, and the next - they don’t care about the planet, about tomorrow, or anything.  It’s just about what can they get out of somebody today.  There are a lot of psychics in the media industry who are still part of the jingle of it all.  They might be saying the right things, but if you feel the vibes, it is still that magnetic buzz getting everyone excited and willing to play along - because their emotions are involved.  Turning things into another whizzing package like Hollywood may stimulate people into action, but are they being taken down another false road?  At what point do we activate ourselves without Hollywood types of glamour?  When will we realize something can be real and worth our time even if it does not come across as money or being completely polished, professional or together?  Some of the victims of the government might not have money and might be so drained and diffused that at first glance you might think they are not worth listening to.  Do we only listen to the people who have tons of credits and authority behind them?   Many of the victims of the government control programs might not be together enough to show up in a suit or a nice dress and show off their continuous satisfactory job histories.  Some of them may have been broken financially and in spirit by the time the average citizen gets to see them.  It’s important to realize that not everyone who has a whistleblower story to tell is going to be doing well in today’s society.   They might be having problems because the secret government programs have been sniping them for years, perhaps since childhood.  We are going to have to redefine success by opening up an even playing field for everyone, including these victims.  People who tell themselves they are fine and have hung in there might possibly be part of the problem in ways they are not aware of.  It could be they played the game without realizing they were playing it - so that they were left alone.  it could be they have alters working out on other levels.  The most likely scenario this writer feels is happening is that part of our etheric bodies are having experiences on other levels so that part of our energy and attention is always drained off.  This could account for partial memories.  It has been suggested by remote viewers that advanced psychics know how to work multidimensionally, as with parallel or multiple realities.  It is this writer’s opinion that no matter if people are working in that manner or not, your Self here in this body, right now, can work on those other levels and help rebalance the energy.  Even if you are not getting “it” in terms of data or details -you can still on some level sense the whole package and start returning things to normal balance.  Is there a normal place to be?  Is there anything that is really normal?  What is normal>?  It is this writer’s feeling that yes, there are certain centered states of existence that are normal - it’s where things should be.  When you sense that space, you are closer to the Creator or the Universal Mind.  When you start messing with that center space, things start going too far off - and you can sense it.  That is where we are at today - it feels like too many advanced psychics have messed with too much - and things are out of balance.  They are not just messing with Planet Earth, they are messing with the fabric of existence. One way to help stop this and turn it around is by becoming more psychically awake yourself.  If more people are truly sensitive in the right ways, they will back off from the predatory (me, me, me) approaches.  They will take a more family and community approach for peace and well-being.  They won’t need to attack everyone’s pocketbooks and to suck energy for personal gain because they will be living satisfying and happy lives.  They will be enriched by their daily lives filled with meaning with others and won’t have to drain everyone else so that they can feel bigger and more powerful.  A large part of what is going on is energy draining or sucking which leaves certain people unable to focus on their economic and personal survival.  They might be going after the bigger energy dishes on the planet first - the ones with more power and life force - the people who are more mundane or better at fitting into the system might be left alone - hence these might be more of the ones we see still doing pretty well on jobs and with paychecks.  The attacks might have hit the most psychic and creative/energy endowed people on the planet first - because they were the biggest threats and because they had the most “stuff” to drain from.  Just like oil and gas people search land bases for more petroleum, there are likely people who searched and still search the planet for powerful and creative people to steal life force and ideas from.  The ideas might have come from lifetimes of pain and struggle - but these thieves dip into all of that in a few hours or days and whip out the “juice” for themselves.  They make use of the power (life force), creativity and lifetimes long experience only to turn around and do what the oil and gas people do - make more money, plunder more reserves and leave a wake of more pollution and toxins n the environment.  The people with a tendency for plundering suck things dry and leave a wasteland behind - whether it is the planet, human beings, or both. We need to learn to recognize the tendency for people to have a cocktail party at our expense. 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Fight does not stop here: Let Section 215 die and USA Freedom Act must be strengthened.  SEE:   https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/05/aclu-v-clapper-and-congress-how-second-circuits-decision-affects-legislative     AND   https://www.aclu.org/blog/speak-freely/why-todays-landmark-court-victory-against-mass-surveillance-matters    AND Case 14-42, Document 168-1, 05/07/2015, 1503586 listing parties involved:    https://www.epic.org/amicus/fisa/215/aclu/Opinion-2nd-Cir.pdf 5/11/2015 commentary on ACLU police abuses NM in its newspaper The Torch; ACLU SWAT commentary 5/10/2015 See new Trajectories in the Psychic Section 4/29/2015 Polachek’s modern MKULTRA  info on his website reviewed;  NARAL’s discussion of the falsity and dangers of self-proclaimed anti-abortion clinics 4/26/2015  New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich’s email response to a civil group letter complaint about continued illegal and unwarranted surveillance on the general American public  AND SEE link  below re: “There’s huge momentum on our side in the fight to stop the $45.2 billion mega-merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which would give the combined company unprecedented control over Americans’ access to broadband Internet and cable television.”  Please sign petition.  http://act.credoaction.com/sign/comcast_merger 4/24/2015 see new  GMH’s genetically modified humans and Abduction Potentials 4/23/2015 see  new Grids in the Psychic Section.  4/17/2015 please see new Chatter  in the Psychic Section 3/11/2015 Lost Boys - Child abuse of males.  Colorado Springs and other places in Colorado undergoing police state spying (as was placed on front page for several days recently) 2/27/2015 Daily Kos Goergia bans box - another view on Christians 2/25/2015 recommend Jeffrey Grossman’s work on solar, water purification and more; recommend Henry Stevens work on UFOs and Nazis 2/22/2015 Journalists Japanese Kenji Goto and American Israeli Daniel Pearl beheading killings Al-Qaeda.ISIS 13 years separation; 2/21/2015  Recommend David Ruderman’s Jewish Intellectual History 16th to 20th Century (The Teaching Company) Parts I and II (DVD) 2/12/2015 DEA spying on Americans - cars 2/7/2015  Letter from Tom Udall in response to eff.org group effort letter voicing concerns about surveillance abuse. 2/1/2015    https://www.eff.org/  Electronic Frontier Foundation - online, cell phone, speech protection and rights;  Stop Patriarchy Organization:  “WOMEN are not bitches, 'hos, punching bags, breeders, or sex objects—WOMEN are full human beings!”   http://www.stoppatriarchy.org/ GENERAL NOTES 08/11-13/2013 Deep Green Resistance partly updated 07/14/2016 The book Deep Green Resistance by Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay, Lierre Keith (2011) has some interesting data and ideas about shifting from a planet-wide eating ourselves out of house and home mentality to one that is more tribal.  These small groups would be like democratic biotic communities.  In contrast, The Golden River and Greening Ways part ways with the potentially violent Machiavellian approaches suggested toward the end of Deep Green Resistance.  For change to occur on an environmental level , people need to receive economic benefit in the process.  Education is vital, but the key root to change is in economics.  If people cannot make money at it and have housing/transpo costs that leave room left over for savings and perks, many people will not do environmentally sound things.  People need to make money in industries that are good for the planet and themselves (like through jobs and product sales).  In addition, people need to save money when employing environmentally positive projects.  The savings part is about tax credits but also about excess left over after the basics are paid for.  If people are making just enough to get by, it won’t work.   Lofty dreams for environmental change will not happen until people feel it squarely in their pocketbooks one way or another.  Increased awareness and sensitivity can help on a number of different fronts, like sensitivity to damage, pollutants, potential outcomes of behaviors or choices as well as basic insights into what kinds of education will be effective or received well.  I suggest returning many of the low education jobs sent overseas back to the United States and putting those jobs in environmentally low key Mom and Pop styles of low key yet efficiently structured bioeconomic spheres.   These facilities would organically flow with the natural world and natural human lifeways.  There would be possibilities for upward mobility yet always an entry point for those with low education, undeveloped skills and mental, emotional and physical challenges. Entry level jobs should not be seen as grunt work. Small low cost housing in nature-oriented surroundings and small agro-gardens close to work might be considered part of the employment package.  There would be input-output analyses, with variant level outputs discharged for intermediary inputs or useful secondary products.  Alchemical and transmutational ideas, knowledge and skills would make using/reusing and working/reworking various types of inputs and outputs possible.  Creative thinking as well as developed technocity would treat any project like a banquet of materials and energy dynamics moving along some trajectory toward varied planned objectives. The book suggest that renewable energy sources like solar and wind are a crock because industrial processes go into making solar panels which can in turn deplete the planet.   Toxic chemicals often go into batteries, and the extraction and production of these chemicals might not be handled properly at the industrial level.  It is further suggested that wind farms are not outputting as we would hope.  This relates to variable energy loads because turbines are dependent on wind in such a way that in high times the grids they feed into might be overloaded and at other times left insufficient.  Birds are often killed in flight by rotating turbines high in the sky.   It is also suggested that these wind farms are connected to the petroleum industry and would not be able to stand on their own without it.  The writers also indicate that things like solar and wind are often more expensive than petroleum. Although this website encourages renewable energy on certain levels, please understand that it is realized this in and of itself might not be the ultimate fix, at least not the way most industrial processes are set up today.   As the Deep Green Resistance authors suggest, some of the renewable supporters have taken a technofix approach which tends to overlook certain important issues.  We need to always look at where our fixes are coming from - how they are made, what resources they are using, and what kinds of pollutants are likely to result during both the creation and later disposal processes.  As indicated elsewhere on this website, we have to look at inputs and outputs as well as the intermediaries on both sides of the production platform. What goes in and how it comes out at the other end should be looked at with meticulous detail.  We need to analyze the pros and cons of where we get the base materials for our products, and then we need to pinpoint all the outputs as products and by-products.  As part of this, we need to identify those secondary outputs as potentially usable in other ways, even if at other facilities (or by local groups or individuals) and as toxins or pollutants.  If they are not usable immediately, we need to figure out if the pollutants can be chemically turned into something else so that they are usable or at least neutral to the environment (like water).  If the production trail for solar panels is hard on the environment, we need to look at this honestly and respond appropriately.  If wind turbines are tearing up land areas which would better be left pristine, we need to address that.  If grid integration is not truly functional in the sense that we do not see self-reliant energy levels usable outside of the petroleum complex, we need to address that, too. Small organic farms which provide communities with affordable healthy food is an important step in the process.  The problem with this is that currently most organic food is more expensive than what you find in the general grocery stores; most people opt for chemically driven food rather than pay the higher costs of organic.  We are told in books like Organic Manifesto (See BOOKS) that part of the problem is that the government subsidizes big crop agriculture and that this is why the prices are lower.  We need to work on this issue in a focused and meaningful way so that local organic growers can have a decent income while also providing affordable food to their communities.  We need to see a reduction of natural food stores trucking in organic food from places like Mexico, too.  There needs to be a stronger commitment between these chain natural food stores and local growers.  When you see one of the chain stores selling you organic squash and other things from Mexico, speak out.  Ask them why they are not buying closer to home.  If their answer is that there is not a sufficient supply, start working locally to correct this problem.  It takes integration and planning to keep food on the table year round; part of this process could be the better use of greenhouses in the area.  There are growing numbers of organic farmers and self-sustainable groups growing in Farmington and Durango, as well as in other parts of the country.  Learning how to work with these groups if you are a newcomer is an important transitional educational tool.  In addition, learning how to make these groups work together more effectively will be an important next step. We don’t just need to work on organic farming, however.  We also need extremely strong protective clauses against further destruction of our natural areas.  Too many people see an open area with wilderness as wasted space, just waiting to be used.  They don’t have that internally driven sense that our planet has already had enough exploitation and ruin.  We need to learn either to reach these people and cross the communication gap, or we need to work firmly around them, not permitting them to influence further open land  (like BLM or state or federal protected wilderness) mishandling.  Right now, and for decades, we have people on two sides of the fence.  The main way that we can get people off the old style of consumption is to give them another type of paycheck, one that is as good as, if not better, than the one they had before.  People will go where the money is. Well-meaning philosophy will not counter the basic desire for money which has driven our planet for quite some time.  The traditional biotic and subsistence strategies that Deep Green Resistance suggests are agreed with, but we need to start coming up with intermediary ways for people to make money immediately in a manner which is not so capitalist, industrialist and anti-planet driven.  Our new approach in life should be to start giving people jobs in career fields that are truly good for the planet and people at the same time.  We have a lot of folks talking “green” and “sustainability”, but as this book’s authors pointedly suggest, a lot of it is short-sighted and feel-good cushioning.  People will wear Global Warming Flip-Flops for decades before getting down to the nitty gritty of our actual predicaments - they use the equivalent of fly swatters when they should be using cannons and cannon balls.  People dingle with dallies rather than hit the hammer on the nail square on.  We have to have our arrows of change shoot at real targets and not become distracted by semi-useful approaches. One of the ways for people to get out of the “feel-good” solutions is to work more on intuition and heightened sensitivity.  Because this writer is sensitive to the environment from this standpoint, it was very easy to sit down and read Deep Green Revolution and know exactly where the writers are coming from.  When you can sense how pollutants coming out of industrial facilities feel when you breathe the fumes from an extrasensory standpoint, you listen more readily to what those fumes mean in terms of chemistry and human health.  When you later learn about what they are dumping in the waters and soil, you respond more readily to information about how this kind of thing is impacting all of us on a broader level.  When your tuning mechanisms are not shut down or closed off, you are more open to acknowledging that your own concerns are legitimate - so when you receive validating input from others like these authors, you put two and two together even more quickly.  People who are shut off or in denial will only hear parts of the messages about planetary degradation and they will put up all kinds of shields to prevent real solutions.  We have to learn to sense when people like this are closed off so that we can identify how we need to respond.  We cannot let other people’s lack of sensitivity, awareness or blocked off states hold the rest of us back.  The more that you are awake and aware, the more you have a suggested responsibility to pass on not only what you know, but how you perceive, to others.   Your ability to be sensitive and awake is just as important as any encyclopedic levels of information you carry in your head.  How you are able to transmit your awareness to others will depend on your ability to sense where others are coming from.  It also includes identifying people in your group who would be better able to go in and talk to certain other groups or communities to encourage land reform and anti-pollution laws - making an honest assessment of your weaknesses and strengths in communication styles with certain types of people is part of the process.  Some of us work better with certain types of people.  Send in the people who have a better feeling or understanding of the cultural or social groups whose behavior and approaches you want to change.  It is not necessary that you do all of the educational forums personally.  Use what works to best get the message across.
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