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Law.Justia: New Mexico-Supreme Court-Linda Daniels-State v. Zinn http://law.justia.com/cases/new-mexico/supreme-court/1987/16817-0.html Excerpt:  A jury convicted defendant Johnny Clifford Zinn (Zinn) of nineteen separate felonies, including murder, kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, robbery, fraudulent use of a credit card, and extortion, along with conspiracy and solicitation to commit various of the above crimes. Zinn appeals the jury's verdict and the sentence life plus ninety-six years. For the reasons stated below, we affirm. FACTS [Paragraph 1]  James Scartaccini (Scartaccini) came to know Zinn through Randy Pierce (Pierce) when the latter asked Scartaccini to help find for Zinn a woman who would be willing to perform sexual acts in front of movie cameras for a supposed pornography ring in Farmington. Police investigation carried out subsequent to the course of events discussed herein turned up no pornography ring. Scartaccini had never met Zinn, but Pierce had been living for some time under Zinn's roof. Pierce had approached the seventeen-year old Scartaccini in early January 1986, holding out the offer of $1500 for any "suitable" woman Scartaccini could find. Scartaccini later told his cousin, Thomas Sliger (Sliger), of Zinn's offer, and the latter joined forces with Scartaccini in attempting to find a woman who would accept Zinn's proposal. [Paragraph 2] Scartaccini and Sliger were unsuccessful in procuring a woman for Zinn, principally because Zinn either frightened away or repulsed the women whom Scartaccini and Sliger did manage to introduce to Zinn. Because of this failure, Zinn threatened Scartaccini and Sliger with death if they did not locate a woman by the weekend beginning Friday, January 10. Testimony of other witnesses who observed Scartaccini and Sliger during this time confirmed that the two men appeared terrified of Zinn. Upon Scartaccini's and Sliger's failure to find a woman by Saturday, January 11, Zinn instructed the two men to kidnap a woman, and thus Scartaccini and Sliger cooperated with Pierce in kidnapping a woman from an Albuquerque shopping center and taking her to a motel in Albuquerque, chosen by Zinn. After the victim had been brought to the motel, Zinn arrived and ordered the victim to disrobe. The four men then repeatedly raped and sodomized the victim while taking turns photographing her as she was being sexually assaulted. The photographs were later burned, and no record of them was found by the police. Zinn eventually left the room, placing Pierce in charge of the victim and of Scartaccini and Sliger.  Scartaccini later contended that he had participated in the sexual assaults only at the behest of Zinn, but Sliger admitted voluntarily raping the victim on one occasion while his three accomplices were out of the room. [Paragraph 3] Zinn told Pierce to transport the victim out of Albuquerque.  After loading the victim into Scartaccini's truck, Pierce drove the victim along with Scartaccini and Sliger to find Zinn in order to get further instructions. Following a meeting with Zinn at Jerry's Lounge, Pierce told Sliger and Scartaccini that Zinn had said to take the victim to the Jemez Mountains.  During the drive to the Jemez Mountains, Pierce told Scartaccini and Sliger that "these girls don't *652 come back to Albuquerque." Shortly after that statement, following a phone call from Pierce to Zinn, Pierce told Scartaccini and Sliger that Zinn had told him (Pierce) over the phone to "get rid of her." Pierce found a culvert in a deserted area, led the victim to it, and shot her in the head with Scartaccini's gun. Immediately after the killing, Pierce expressed anger to Scartaccini and Sliger, telling them he had never killed a woman before, and that Zinn would "have to pay" for putting him in a situation in which he (Pierce) had to kill a woman. [Paragraph 4] Earlier, while in the motel room, Zinn had taken the victim's "Amigo" bank card from her purse and had instructed Pierce and Sliger to take the card to a bank's automatic teller and withdraw funds. Their incompetent attempts  to use the card put bank officials on notice, and at one "Amigo" station, a photograph was taken of Pierce. When the victim was reported as missing, Pierce's photograph was shown on television, and a former girlfriend of Scartaccini, who had seen Pierce, Sliger and Scarticcini together before the kidnapping, called the police. On Friday, January 17, 1987, Scartaccini and Sliger were arrested and placed in separate facilities Sliger being taken to the county jail in Albuquerque and Scartaccini to the Juvenile Detention Center in the same city. [Paragraph 5] That Friday evening defense attorney Leon Taylor (Taylor) was retained by Scartaccini's and Sliger's parents  to represent their sons, and thus Taylor went to interview Scartaccini and Sliger separately at the two detention facilities. On Sunday, January 19, Taylor returned to interview his clients more extensively, each man still being held in a separate facility. Taylor later testified that after the Sunday interview he realized that more than kidnapping was involved (the police at this point did not realize the victim had been murdered), and he requested and received a conference with the district attorney. Taylor's first offer to the district attorney was "complete immunity no holds barred, bottom line." After the district attorney considered Taylor's proposal, he responded, as Taylor recalls it, with a counteroffer requiring that Taylor's "information * * * provide a conviction." Taylor and the district attorney then executed the following immunity agreement (Agreement # 1): [Paragraph 6] 1. Your clients (sic) no involvement in criminal activity other than [the case at bar]. 2. Provide us with all information indicated by Leon [Taylor], and information is truthful. 3. Give us one of following: A. Return of [victim] alive or B. Conviction of her killers if [victim] is dead. 4. Premised on your clients' A. Not being the killers and B. Presenting reasonable evidence of duress or coersion (sic) in their involvement of the [victim's murder]. 5. Clients fully cooperate, including truthful testimony, in all cases of which they have knowledge. If you agree to foregoing, we will agree not to prosecute your clients. [signatures of Taylor and district attorney] 1-19-86 (emphasis added). Subsequent to Agreement # 1, on February 28, 1986, another agreement was put into writing (Agreement # 2) that essentially presented the terms of Agreement # 1 in a more formal style, but which omitted any wording as to the conviction of the victim's killers. Further, whereas Agreement # 1 was executed by the attorneys for the parties without prior knowledge on the part of either Scartaccini or Sliger as to the terms, Agreement # 2 was executed by Scartaccini and Sliger along with Taylor and the district attorney. [Paragraph 7] After the execution of Agreement # 1, Taylor's associate, Daniel Rakes, met with Scartaccini and Sliger. Rakes testified as to this meeting as follows: I met with the clients at the police substation and I informed them that we had a deal where they would be granted immunity if they would tell the truth and cooperate with the police as to their involvement in the * * * murder. *653 When asked if Scartaccini and Sliger had understood the terms of the agreement, Rakes testified: Whether or not they understood, I really don't know. One of them had just been driving (sic) out of the detention center he was asleep in the back of the police car and brought up and both of them were real hyper and excited and I tried to do my best to explain to them what was going on, but the main thrust of what I had told them was to tell the truth and cooperate with the police. Shortly after Rakes met with Scartaccini and Sliger, at separate times and without the other present, each gave the police lengthy statements detailing the facts of the conspiracies, kidnapping, murder and sexual assaults. The statments were transcribed and later introduced into evidence. The statements, insofar as they pertained to Zinn's and Pierce's involvement in the crimes, did not deviate significantly from Scartaccini's and Sliger's later oral testimony presented both at the preliminary examination and at trial. Likewise, the statement of neither man differed significantly from the statement of the other. [Paragraph 8] At the preliminary hearing, when Taylor was asked by the trial court if it was his understanding that the absence of "conviction of her killers" from Agreement # 2 meant that if the killers were acquitted Scartaccini and Sliger "would still have their immunity," Taylor answered, "That's correct. My clients walk whether these people get convicted or not." When Scartaccini and Sliger were questioned at the preliminary examination as to their understanding of Agreement # 1, Scartaccini said nothing about the conviction requirement, while Sliger acknowledged his awareness of that provision. Both men stated they understood they were to tell the truth. Pierce and Zinn were joined as co-defendants, but Pierce eventually entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to life imprisonment plus thirty-six years. Pierce did not testify at Zinn's trial. The following issues are before us on appeal. I. DID THE IMMUNITY AGREEMENT AND RESULTING INCULPATORY TESTIMONY DEPRIVE ZINN OF A FAIR TRIAL? On appeal, Zinn argues that Agreement # 1, premised as it was on "Return of [victim] alive or conviction of her killers," was an impermissible condition to the grant of immunity in that it coerced testimony calculated to return a guilty verdict against Zinn regardless of the actual facts. This is an issue of first impression in New Mexico, and the parties in their briefs rely on a substantial number of federal and other out-of-state authority. In doing so, the parties do not disagree as to what the law is. Rather, they disagree as to the applicability of the law to the facts of this case. The leading federal authority is United States v. Dailey, 759 F.2d 192 (1st Cir.1985), wherein the government granted accomplices an immunity agreement in which the government promised to recommend a specific term of imprisonment "depending principally upon the value to the Government" of certain desired testimony. Id. at 194. The court held that the agreement did not deny the defendant's right to due process because the trial court had provided the following traditional safeguards: (1) informing the jury of the exact nature of the agreement; (2) permitting defense counsel to cross-examine the accomplices concerning the agreement; and (3) instructing the jury to weigh the accomplices' testimony carefully. By way of dictum the court stated, "[W]e note that at present we can think of no instance in which the government would be justified in making a promised benefit contingent upon the return of an indictment or a guilty verdict." Id. at 201. Case notes go on to discuss various subjects, including validity of using immunity, other immunity cases, whether Zinn was obstructed from a fair trial, etc… http://law.justia.com/cases/new-mexico/supreme-court/1987/16817-0.html Perpetrators Perpetrators - Pierce, Sliger, Zinn, Scartaccini (17 year old boy):  “Wallace Randolph Pierce, 24, of Albuquerque, Sidney T. Sliger, 20, of Los Lunas, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested Friday in the case.  Johnny Zinn, 44, also of Albuquerque, was arrested Monday after one of the suspects arrested with Pierce led police to the body, Conley said. He would not identify the suspect” (AP News Archives, see below). Johnny Clifford Zinn: (44 years old) ”Zinn, the step-son of a prominent local businessman, was the ringleader …was found guilty of first-degree murder and 18 other charges in Daniels’ death.  Zinn died last week at a prison facility in Los Lunas at the age of 74. He was serving a life sentence plus 96 years for the murder(See KOAT below).  Did the main older perpetrator have links to porn filming from his time in prison - through inmates, prison guards and/or organization system corruption? Was sit coming in through his family? Did he bring that into civilian life after his release from prison or from someone like his father’s business networks around Albuquerque, even the state?  What was/were the father’s business(es)?  If this is a connection source for the porn ring, does it relate to the police-prison system?  Rogue government operations (shadow government) are said to be mafia types of enterprises with porn rings and abductions part of it. Later Appeal (See Law.Justia below):  Petitioner-Appellant Johnny Clifford Zinn appeals from the district court's order dismissing his petition for a writ of habeas corpus. We affirm. Petitioner was convicted in New Mexico state court of nineteen crimes including murder, kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus ninety-six years. His appeal went directly to the New Mexico Supreme Court, which affirmed his conviction in State v. Zinn, 746 P.2d 650 (N.M.). (See Law.Justia, 1993, below) Wallace Randolph Pierce: (24 years old)  ”Pierce, believed to be the one who fired the fatal shot, was sentenced to 66 years in prison.” (See Alb. Journal below) Sidney T. Slinger:  (20 years old) Sliger pleaded guilty to rape and was sentenced to three years. Records indicate he has stayed out of trouble since then (See Albuquerque Journal Jan. 2013 below). James Scartaccini - 17 year old.  Knowing what we know about the highly troubled APD in the 1980s and beyond, we can ask if the porn ring involving four murderous, raping thugs was linked to something more extensive, given the nature of the plea bargaining success which involved lost evidence against the protected youngest member of the foursome.  That individual had an Italian sounding last name (Scartaccini - see True Crime Diva below), by the way.  Is there any significance to that?  Italian Mafia, perhaps?  James Scartaccini, the one of Linda’s abductors that evidence indicated was her killer, was allowed to plea bargain by testifying against his companions” (see Real Crimes below).  Note:  Pierce seems to be the one who was found to be the actual killer later. Other People Connected to Case Directly or Less Directly: Richard “Budd” Ingram (fiancé):  Authorities have not given a motive for the slaying, but The Rocky Mountain News quoted Miss Daniels' father in its Tuesday editions as saying her fiancee, Richard Ingram Jr., testified against an unidentified man in a shoplifting case five years ago.  The father said a former prison inmate vowed to get even with Ingram for his testimony, which apparently helped send the man to prison.  Pierce had been ordered held on $42,000 bond and Sliger on $35,000 bond. Zinn was being held without bond.  Ingram said he discovered Miss Daniels was missing when he saw her belongings scattered in the driveway of his home. (See below AP News Archive, 1986). Tina Portwood (acquaintance): Attempted abduction at same Albertsons of Tina Portwood, an acquaintance of Linda Daniel’s.  (See True Crime Diva below).  We need to ask more questions about the timing of the unsuccessful attempted abduction, the nature of the acquaintance with Linda, and give consideration to family, UNM and other networks or relationships to see if the attempt was linked to something the criminals knew about the two girls rather than just being isolated events or about seeking “just someone” for porn filming Ex-girlfriend of Scartaccini - (paragraph 4) recognized Scartaccini  (see Law. Justia  State v. Zinn above) Justice System  Jacquelyn Robins, Chief Public Defender, Kerry Kiernan, Asst. Appellate Defender, Santa Fe, for defendant-appellant.  (See Law.Justia State v. Zinn, 1987, below) Hal Stratton, Atty. Gen., Patricia Frieder, Asst. Atty. Gen., Santa Fe, for plaintiff-appellee  (See Law.Justia State v. Zinn, 1987, below) Leon Taylor, an Attorney hired to protect two related perpetrators::  Leon Taylor seems to have been hired by Scartaccini ‘s and Sliger’s parents (See Law.Justia State v. Zinn, 1987, below) and/or Scartaccini ‘s grandfather (See True Crime Diva below) to protect Scartaccini and Sliger with resulting immunity and missing evidence.  Daniel Rakes (paragraph)  worked with Leon Taylor (see Law. Justia  State v. Zinn above) District Attorney Steve Schiff Judge William Deaton:  The judge addressed that concern when he gave Zinn a life sentence.  “The sorrow of the Daniels family blends with the sense of loss and rage felt by a community now more watchful, less trusting and noticeably closer to that code and personal fear too often a part of living in a big city,” said Judge William Deaton. Bob Schwartz, Prosecuting attorney (See Alb. Journal, Jan 2013, below) Police Lt. Bill Conley, Albuquerque police (see AP News Archive)   Robert Romero, Lead Detective (see True Crime Diva) Damon Fay. Retired Albuquerque Police Detective from Linda Daniels case:  “The clock was running and we wanted to find her alive,” said Damon Fay, a retired Albuquerque Police detective who worked on the case. “The days started clicking by and we started to worry about that.” ….“Off went a lot of debate about what to do, especially for the young woman by herself and just going about her business,” Fay said.”  (See KRQE below) Locations, Sites, Landmarks, Businesses Murder Site: “Her fully clothed body was found early Monday in a culvert in the Jemez Mountains, about 90 miles northwest of Albuqerque, police said.” (AP News Archive, see below) Canyon Motel:  No longer in business, but do police reports show an investigation there, including talking to motel staff, owners, checking out the room where Linda is reported to have been raped and tortured at knifepoint?  Did they check receipts?  Were there any video cameras in the check-in office or on the grounds at the time?  Are there any such notes or other ones on the Canyon Motel left in the police reports from that time period?  Is there any particular reason the criminals chose that motel and not another one, ie, past stays, family members owning or working there, etc? Albertsons:  Albertsons at that location is no longer in business in Albuquerque, but were there cameras in the store and/or parking lot at that time in use, and if so, did any show footage of the criminals, Linda Daniels getting groceries, the acquaintance who was confronted by the same group, etc?  Any notes left from police investigation on this?  Jerry’s Lounge (Paragraph 3) ATM timing/machine locations:  The criminals were moving to different locations to withdraw money using Linda’s ATM card.  We are told about two from a resource below (see True Crime Diva).  Were there any other ATMs used?  What did they use the money for?  Did they stop at any convenience stores nearby to get cigarettes, beer, food, gas, etc?  Were there any households in the areas near the ATMs they stopped at as they were moving around - their own, someone else’s?  A check between ATM locations, addresses of perpetrators and addresses of any known friends, family members, drug suppliers, etc. might be considered.  It might reveal something about the “networks” - see below.  Also we need to ask if other victims were being targeted.  See below True Crime Diva for timing and locations of ATM usage. Northeast Heights:  In reference to the location where Linda Daniels was first spotted by the perpetrators looking for an abduction victim, why were they hanging around that area of the city in the first place?  Can this tell us anything about a more long-term extended porn ring network in the city of Albuquerque at that time?  See AP News Archives below for a possible round-about way of suggesting the ex-con in this crime might have been associated with an ex-con vendetta against Linda’s boyfriend.  Are they the same ex-cons?  If not, did the ex-cons know each other?  Was there any connection to that event and this one involving Linda?  Was Linda targeted because someone had a vendetta against the boyfriend? Comments apparently quoted by Killers in Case Summary Pierce told Scartaccini and Sliger that "these girls don't *652 come back to Albuquerque." (Paragraph 3) (Note: The emphasis of “girls” is artificially highlighted to give emphasis to the plural usage in a case apparently only dealing with one female victim - Linda Daniels.  This needs to be double-checked for typological errors and against other evidence of testimony.) Other What kind of drugging substance(s) used on Linda Daniels to subdue her:  Was an autopsy done which determined the type of drugs used to subdue Linda Daniels, apparently to keep her quiet in the motel before her rape.  If it was a sedative of the same type used by the father (prescribed by a doctor or with records at a drug store) of the boyfriend, for example, it would indicate she might have been drugged by the boyfriend first before the crew took her off to the motel, which would change the story, showing she had in fact come into the boyfriend’s house before being taken off.  Although not likely, given what we have been told, we need to consider how much of what we assume is based on the plea bargained story of one of the suspects, and on the boyfriend who apparently found her car door open and groceries strewn on the driveway.  We would need to ask who else was a witness to that apparently abandoned car - whether others of his family were at home, whether neighbors remembered seeing her drive up, etc.  This was back in the day when there probably were not cameras on the residential streets as part of “neighborhood watch”’ programs, but it can be asked.  If the small porn filming group was connected to a larger network with habits of abductions and drugging victims, perhaps a tendency of using a certain drug could be established, although it is more likely, given the apparently amateurish approach of the four males that this was more of an issue of using a drug on hand.  It might be worthwhile to see if any of the males had a history of drugging ex-girlfriends or others.  Although the issue of what drug was used to subdue Linda might be a weak point, and there might be inadequate autopsy reports in this regard, it is still an important point. Any other non-disclosed victims?-Do we have the names of all the perpetrators, did anyone slip by the police reports, were there additional activities up in the Jemez Mountain area where Linda’s body was found?  Was anyone in that area involved?  Although we are told the perpetrators were passing through San Ysidro on the way to Farmington and were told to basically get rid of her, we need to consider whether anyone else in the San Ysidro or Jemez Mountainn area  of her demise were involved, someone Hispanic.  Although there are those in that area truly sympathetic to the story and her body’s found location under the bridge, I am coming up with a possible Hispanic connection that is not on the up and up in that area, although this is weak.  I also pick up possible other victims, although they might have been linked to a more extended porn ring outside the scope of the four who killed Linda Daniels.  I also have felt some kind of ghostly energy around the bridge where she was found that suggests possible other deaths there or in the area and witchcraft associations with the bridge itself, but this is a weak psychic impression. Farmington porn ring connection?  Police apparently found no porn ring (See Law.Justia State v. Zinn, 1987 below) If there was a link to Farmington in this case, what was Johnny Zinn’s connection, if any, to Farmington? Suspicious plea bargaining.  Plea bargaining for information in return for protection of a perpetrator of rape, killing, etc. puts things in a different zone in this case.  In Albuquerque police corruption cases, we often see the police officers directly involved in the robberies, murders, drug or gun sales, etc.  In this case, we are finding one criminal getting off and another one with a low sentence time.  We are given the impression that if bargaining had not occurred, the police would not have gotten certain pieces of critical information while a fourth perpetrator was still at large destroying evidence.  There is almost the sense of bullying - with what seems to be a corrupt attorney pulling the strings.  If the police had not bargained, would the fourth perpetrator have never been caught?j  Would Linda’s story never have been told?  Would she never have been found?  There are too many things we don’t know from just reading a brief summary of the situation and proceedings of the plea bargaining situation.  We are told the person being protected was given an attorney who negotiated and that the young man indeed “got off the hook” complete with lost evidence and a later found sperm sample on a DA prosecutor’s desk.  What was really going on with all that?  Other scenarios possible? Weak psychic impressions suggest a hint of other possibilities not mentioned by the police or news stories.  I could be wrong about any or all of these concerns.  Whether or not any of it reflects reality, it takes us back to “How do we know what we know?” by shaking loose any complacency resulting from relying too heavily on the information released through plea bargaining or from only one or two witnesses like the fiancé.  The fiancé’s account about finding the car door open and groceries strewn on the ground by the car was supported by results of a police investigation which proved Linda was truly abducted.  This seems to have come clear when her ATM card was being used at two different locations with a photograph from one of them showing one of the men with a cap, identifiable t-shirt emblem and a green station wagon.   I suggest that if you know someone with a proven psychic track record, that you connect with them and have professional readings done on this case.  One of the issues to focus on would obviously be the plea bargaining and lost evidence, the apparent hanging suicide by the youngest male Scartaccini  a few years later and the business connections of related families of the perpetrators.  Although far-fetched, we need to ask if additional or alternative scenarios are possible to the small pieces of information we were given.   For example, what are the family networks to all people associated with the crime?  What are the business networks?  Had Linda been confronted with doing some kind of filming, pornography or otherwise, before this event?  UNM connection:  For example, as one possible scenario had it come up at UNM through a poster on a departmental bulletin board, professor, or from direct confrontation by one of the males who abducted her?  Did she know any of the males beforehand, even briefly or by sight?  Why did they try to do the same thing with a person she knew at Albertson’s later - was there a connection to something at UNM?  Fiancé:  Although seemingly unlikely, did Ingram have anything to do with Linda’s connection?  We are told the men were looking for someone to put into a porn film in return for payment (See Alb. Journal, Jan 2013, as well as other sources).  This is the most likely scenario.  However, to cover investigative bases, we should not assume anything, and there might be missing pieces left out of the information given us or not known at the time.  For example, did Ingram, the fiancé,  have any connection with UNM, her professor(s), programs?  Was he a fellow student at UNM?  Did he work, if so, where?  Was his father at home at the time of the event?  What did his father do?  How about his mother?  Had Linda met with an older man to discuss filming, either at her fiancé’s house or somewhere in a nice home in the general area?  Was this man a business man, a professor, her fiance’s father?  Did other people disappear around that time period?  Given they attempted to abduct an acquaintance of her, were there other more successful abductions? Business connections:  I do sense the possibility of business related networks involving porn, witchcraft or the dark occult and old family historical ties to Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico.  I sense there might possibly have been other undisclosed victims in addition to Linda Daniels.  I sense a certain kind of “spirit” energy around the bridge where she was found, as if other deaths had occurred around there.  One thing that came up was a possible later witchcraft orientation around the bridge because of her, not as part of murders with her, as if a cult might have sprung up because of her body having found there.  Whatever the situation, it also came up that this witchcraft type of energy might be associated with a Hispanic Catholic historic church somewhere in the general vicinity, but I also feel there were some sincere or well-meaning people in that area who felt genuinely bad about what happened and want to treat the site with respect.  If there was in fact another few deaths associated with the Linda Daniels homicide by the same group or linked larger operation, I feel perhaps one of them was a Hispanic female who had some psychic ability and was spunky. News groups:  Although it seems news is coming in on LInda Daniels around that time and afterward, I pick up a strand of negative energy associated with one particular news group in particular and possibly ranging into  a few other group reporters with the latter perhaps associated with a type of cover-up or non-disclosure.  Networks.  Police/Attorney/Justice System Complicity with “Networks”: “The police and the DA prosecutor “lost” all evidence against Scartaccini, including his sperm sample, which was later found on the DA prosecutor’s desk.  Scartaccini served no time at all.” (See Real Crimes below).   Albuquerque was witnessing high levels of police corruption at the time, as well as at certain particularly intervals since then.  We need to imagine a “network” - whether it is “the” Mafia, a mafia, a gang with a well known name, and to get a sense for a type of business-mafia network in Albuquerque.  The police who are complicit with this network have a certain feeling for and knowledge of who is behind a certain criminal activity; in this case, they might be called on to fight or investigate part of their own criminal network - “one of them”, so to speak.  In the process, we might be finding a “mixed bag” in the police investigation team assigned to Linda Daniel’s case, with part of the investigation “legit” and part of it playing into or appeasing the power mongers attached to the defense side or to a problem business-justice system corruption.  Leon Taylor:  What do Albuquerque residents today remember about the attorney Leon Taylor* involved?  Someone not familiar with Albuquerque won’t know in what context this particular Taylor shows up, so locals with long-term knowledge of the area would need to be contacted.  Also those legal cases Taylor is recorded to have participated in would be useful.  Is the last name Taylor in this case associated with Mormons, or not?   What was this man’s reputation?  Was he mob related? *In the state of New Mexico and beyond, Taylor often is associated with prominent and/or widespread Mormon families, but it is also a last name that is almost as common as Smith, so we have to be careful about profiling, targeting or discrimination based on just a last name.  EXAMPLE:  Thomas C. Taylor: As an example of one possibly unrelated Taylor:  Tommy (Thomas C.) Taylor is a name of a 3-term mayor, 6 year (? this might not be accurate) member of House of Representatives in Farmington New Mexico; Taylor is a graduate of Brigham Young University [well known largely Mormon university in Utah0 and the University of New Mexico [Albuquerque]…and the former owner and operator of Farmington Lumber and Hardware…and a Latter-day Saint https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_C._Taylor.    See  also http://4cornersed.com/tom-taylor/  Any gunshots heard in the neighborhood where Linda Daniels was reported to have been abducted from her fiance’s parents home, or in a nearby northeast residential district?  I keep psychically picking up a possible gunshot related to her situation around that area. I wonder if that was the killing bullet. Extra unnamed bullies around the four?  In the case  (see Law. Justia  State v. Zinn above) we are told the younger males were scared of Zinn, but was there anyone else around the group pulling its strings and who might have stepped in and killed off any remaining living victims, if there were more than one?  It could be a leak-through from modern times, something going on with me psychically now, something in my space now, but I am picking up a kind of military police involvement which causes me to ask if anyone from that group was in the military or ex-military, perhaps most likely Pierce? the military police thing could be something from 2017, but I need to bring it up since it comes up while looking in on Linda Daniels.  Any base connections to the porn aspect of this case?  Did police go out to the Jemez area, find at least one victim (if one or more than one) still alive, and shoot her?  One of the four said “let’s kill these bitches”  sounding like plural victims (see Law. Justia  State v. Zinn above) 01/25/2017 More on Linda Daniels Going back to the case of Linda Daniels (see Archives 1 below) I am going to clarify some things here that have come up since putting together that section over a period of several days in the past month.  -the neighborhood where she was abducted: I will reconfirm that a sense of activity in that area which might include a gunshot and violence stays pretty strong.  I don’t have an explanation for it but my body feeling knowing thing suggests activity in that general area, whether or not she actually ended up raped in the motel described in the incident.  There is a proximity thing.  Whether it was inside or outside the boyfriend’s house, driving in the area, or at another house, I sense something in that regard.  Possible prostitution and military connection to motel -A police military concern injected itself into my notes on Linda.  I felt uncomfortable about it, feeling it was unlikely and even was concerned it had to do with something in my space at the time I was looking into her situation back in 1986.  I feel I do in fact have “watchers” in my space in current times, but I also want to add this.  When I refreshed my viewing and went back into look, what I possibly picked up is a prostitution thing connected to that motel where she was reported as being taken and raped, tortured and filmed.  I sense other women around that space, it feels possibly linked to the main military base which is KAFB not too far from Central.  I don’t know if this Canyon Motel at that time was known for catering to drug dealers and prostitutes, I don’t know if it was Eastern Indian owned and/or managed, but there were dives like that in the 1980s along Central.  Apparently a lot of it has been cleaned up since then.  It is in that parking lot of that motel that I seem to sense possible other victims who might have both been associated with prostitution or were simple brought there.  The links to the military base seem to be strongest for me personally there, and whether or not military police were involved there or anywhere else in connection with the case, I would at least follow the trail of pornography and prostitution as it connects through that motel or ones like it in the area at that time.  As far as a military police officer killing off a remaining victim, I have to tell you that particular scenario needs to bee given a “weak” designation, as I still think I might be dealing with extraneous material.  Still asking: other victims? But what we can ask is if there were other victims as well as Linda Daniels, if pornography and prostitution linking businesses in the area, the military and possible behind-the-scenes payment of police systems are linked to the case.  If so, possibly - and this is weak - perhaps part of Linda’s story and one or more of the other victims got mixed in in the case report, letting Linda remain as the spotlight since she had already gotten a lot of media coverage while the other or others remained unknown.  It could have something to do with family members or contacts associated with one or more of the perpetrators, which might then lead to their family members and business connections.  This is weak, but it comes up as a possibility.  And I will repeat that one of the possible victims does feel Hispanic, kind of thin, maybe more athletic or wiry.  I suspect she did end up at that motel.  I am also sensing hands behind the body, almost like handcuffs as from a police officer.  There is almost a vibe of a mix of being caught or charged with prostitution or drugs, while being abducted and then taken somewhere.  One thing that comes up is: was anyone female missing from Los Lunas around that time?  One of the perpetrators was apparently from or living there at the time. Timing, Forensics of Linda Daniels’ death If one of the victims was still alive and a police officer sent to look for the bodies shot her to cover up a network, we would ask ourselves how many victims were connected to that situation, who might have already been dead when dropped at the spot out in the Jemez Mountains area, and was anyone still alive.  Although much of this is weak and confused, I would encourage people to get hold of other types of investigators and see if any of it makes sense in one way or another.  Someone might have been abducted and killed partly for purse, for money, while other victims were getting a more direct assault of the nature described for Linda.   We would need to see the evidence for the signs of torture and to become clear on the caliber of bullet in her head; we would need to be clear that there is indisputable evidence of a link between a gun owned by Pierce or one of the others and what was in her head.  She evidently was found dead frozen.  We would also want to make sure blood and any pass-through bullets were found at the reported place of murder there in the Jemez Mountain area.  Was there a legitimate investigation of the apparent death site, were any bullets found in the area, or was it lodged in her head?  If there were more than one victim, Linda might have been killed first and dumped, while others might have been alive - it is one possibility, although it could be wrong.  Again, we are told she was still alive,clothed and told to lie down under a bridge where she was apparently shot, probably by Pierce.  I do get a strong connection with killing around Pierce - I think that part is correct, I think that part of the report is probably true.   News Group I will add that years ago I had a bad feeling around one of the news groups in the Albuquerque area, could not put my finger on it, I worked there one night to wash windows as a temporary from an employment agency.   I distinctly remember a bad feeling.  As I go through these news reports on crime cases, it came up again around the Linda Daniels case - almost like one the surface they are putting out normal news but underneath, there is this is business network thing that I keep mentioning for Albuquerque.  Maybe it is something else, maybe the site of their building is on top of an old grave or something.  Albuquerque had a violent early history between the Pueblo peoples and the Spanish.  There was also violence between the Pueblos before the Spanish got there, but once the Spanish arrived, they brought a particularly negative energy to the violence that occurred, and I believe it hovers in the etheric energy and grounds around certain parts of Albuquerque.  It is like the area needs a major spiritual cleansing and releasing.  So when I say this one particular news group has a building site with possible bad energy, it might connect with this old history of Albuquerque.  Also, old business and family networks might have links that go back to those times.  For example, there could be old Catholic torture practices or witchcraft.  This witchcraft can take various forms and it can also be in the Pueblos because they were influenced by the Church.  We also need to remember the mixed groups that were coming over from Spain as early as the 1500s and the native groups coming up from Mexico and perhaps South American into New Mexico.  Some of those indigenous groups  might have had connections with the Aztecs and various sacrificial rituals which could have become mixed in with the Spanish and Pueblo groups.  Included in that early history might be old Islamic links from Spain.  My experience with New Mexico is that it is a place where certain cultures are retentive of their past.  They do it on purpose.  They like to keep things the way they were, keep old relics, and perhaps old rituals and so on.  If there is a psychic energy in the grounds and etheric fields around certain places in Albuquerque, please of deep pain and violence, it is possible it could be encouraging negativity in living people who are also more likely to continue rituals and other trends of the past.  The two can possibly reinforce each other, in other words.  Both the Pueblo peoples and the Mexicans later learned habits of secrecy; first, the Pueblo peoples were being secretive from the invading Spanish; then the combination of Native Americans, including Pueblo people, AND the Spanish descendants, now largely Mexican-Native American mixes, became secretive from the intrusive and often dominating whites who came into the area later.  Secrecy is a common underground theme in New Mexico. Old historic links to occultism and religion Pornography in certain cases in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well in interlinking areas (like nearby extant pueblos), might have a link with the witchcraft and Catholic abuses which came in from Spain and indigenous groups coming in with the Spanish in their push north from Mexico, Central and South America.  There also could be a link to Santeria, Islam and Catholicism through these mixes.  If you can kind of pick it up as a vibe, you can start there before trying to nail down the separate identities of the groups involved.  This is one reason La Raza can be an issue in New Mexico.  Although we are told the four men were involved in a plot to abduct a woman for a porn film after there were earlier rejections by other women, and that a porn ring was not involved, my psychic feeling is that whether or not an official porn ring was connected, there were links through family and through the military to the men involved and their association with the motel on Central.  The military is also known to have connection with witchcraft.  If you have family members involved in porn in the mainstream community with ties to the military, there can be a nexus there between civilian life and military life.  If any of it is linked to a ritualistic approach toward Aztecian-style sacrifice, it could be difficult to nail down the involved parties because their way of thinking in that case is not just about sleazy porn, but connected to the metaphysical.  You can expect to see both in New Mexico - people doing porn just for porn, with at times added violence - but also as connected through family, business and even military networks as part of a metaphysical control game.  It probably started as an appeasement to the gods - in the sense of if we sacrifice victims to the overlords, maybe they will smile down on us and give us profits, children and happy lives.  A pagan form of pact.  When you add a Catholic element to that, including a molesting/raping priest issue, it could be mixed in with Jesus images and saints, the idea that we are sinful and the sin is mysterious because we don’t know how we are going to be reprimanded.  So a kind of dance is set up with sexually secretive and abusive Catholic priests, Jesus and the saints mixed in with old pagan beliefs to try to offset the mysteries of life, to try to control things so we are assured of not going to hell, or to show in some cases we are not afraid of hell.  The metaphysical dance can also include tweaking energies so as to have money and prestige - to have a nice car to drive around in to show off, or have a nice house in a nice area to show one’s power and prominence.  It gets mixed in with fear and superstition. In some cases you can have witch doctors involved.  Not everyone in Albuquerque is on the same page.  You would have to look for old historic families in the area to start picking up these vibes I am talking about.  But all of that just covers the ethnic side of things - you will need to add  in to this picture the idea of angry and emotionally deprived rough white people on top of that.  Certain kinds of white males who missed out on the softer and gentler sides of life, raised on shallow and negative ideas about females, seeing women as objects, only concerned with easy, quick forms of gratification, no real empathy for how others feel, including women, no personal vision of their connection to the big picture of life…you add two and two together and something like what happened to Linda Daniels happens.  The background of Albuquerque helped to provide a feeding ground for the four men involved in the case.   Albuquerque still has a seedy side I can tell you even today people riding buses in Albuquerque, including bus drivers, are jumpy about things.  Riding buses gets you down and close to the heartbeat of a city in a way riding around in cars never does.  You hear stories, and some of the stories you hear talk about people lost and dead through serious drug addictions, a van with tools as a man’s only source of livelihood stolen from a Walmart parking lot and the idea police might be involved in car thefts of that nature.  You get nuzzled up to by a black man wearing an almost feminine fur coat smelling of heavy cologne who surely is a prostitute or pimp.  You see people talking quietly to themselves, or downright shouting or singing on the streets.    The seedy side of Albuquerque is easier to ignore behind the wheel of a car or by living in nicer areas, but it is still there.  There have been improvements since the time of Linda Daniels in the 1980s, but Albuquerque still has issues. 4-Sources KOAT Channel 7 News: Youtube video clipJohnny Zinn Dies in Prison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYHjFnvo7ik Albuquerque Journal: A Crime That Shocked Us All. By Joline Gutierrez Krueger 01/18/2013 https://www.abqjournal.com/161355/a-crime-that-shocked-us-all.html Excerpt: [See article for photo with insert “This bridge on N.M. 126 is where Linda Lee Daniels was slain in 1986.”]  Linda Lee Daniels was 22, an anthropology major, and on the last night of her life she had gone to an Albertsons at Menaul and Juan Tabo NE – not far, coincidentally, from where Curry lived at the time – to shop for Sunday night dinner fixings for her fiancé.  She likely hadn’t known she was being watched by two men and a teenage boy trolling the area in an old station wagon.  She likely hadn’t known they had followed her for nearly two miles back to her fiancé’s home near Tramway and Indian School NE.  Daniels’ fiancé found her Mustang parked outside his home that evening, the driver’s-side door ajar, a trail of groceries in the driveway. We learned later that the men – Sidney Thomas Sliger, 20, and Wallace Randolph Pierce, 24 – and a 17-year-old high school dropout named James Scartaccini had been on a mission to find a woman to star in their pornographic video.  Masterminding the far-fetched endeavor was Johnny Zinn, a 45-year-old ex- con who had promised them as much as $1,500 for procuring a woman.The men had snatched up Daniels and taken her to the Canyon Motel on East Central, where for hours they took turns raping her at knifepoint.  Johnny Zinn, ringleader in the crime, is serving more than 100 years in prison. Randolph Pierce, who is believed to have fired the fatal shot, is serving 66 years.  The next day, Zinn ordered them to drive Daniels to Farmington, supposedly to meet the film crew.  Near San Ysidro, plans changed. Her disappearance had caused too much publicity. She had to be eliminated.  The men veered north, went past Fenton Lake on N.M. 126 through the narrow Calaveras Canyon toward the Seven Springs State Fish Hatchery before stopping at one of three small bridges.  Daniels pleaded for her life as she lay facedown on the frozen earth, before gunfire echoed through the canyon [Calaveras Canyon]. Scartaccini led authorities to her body Jan. 20, 1986….Scartaccini, given a controversial immunity deal in exchange for his cooperation, served no prison time. He hanged himself in 1990….Bob Schwartz, whose flashy star in the legal community began to rise with his role as lead prosecutor in the case, died last year. https://www.abqjournal.com/161355/a-crime-that-shocked-us-all.html Albuquerque Journal:  Notorious Murderer Johnny Zinn Dies in Prison. By Joline Gutierrez Krueger 01/28/2015 Excerpt: Zinn had been serving a sentence of life plus 96 years after being found guilty of first-degree murder and 18 other charges in Daniels’ death…Pierce, believed to be the one who fired the fatal shot, was sentenced to 66 years in prison. Sliger pleaded guilty to rape and was sentenced to three years. Scartaccini, given a controversial immunity deal in exchange for his cooperation, served no prison time. He hanged himself in 1990. https://www.abqjournal.com/533009/notorious-murderer-johnny-zinn-dies-in-prison.html AP News Archive: District Attorney to File Murder Charges (01/21/1986) http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1986/District-Attorney-To-File-Murder-Charges/id-914cf7e5eec56841b32cee8a6e824f94 Excerpt:  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ An unidentified suspect in the abduction of a 22-year-old University of New Mexico student has led police to the remote mountain culvert where she was shot to death and her body was dumped, police said. Murder charges would be filed today against two of four men arrested in the death of Linda Lee Daniels, who was abducted in front of her fiancé's Albuquerque home 10 days ago, District Attorney Steve Schiff said.  Her fully clothed body was found early Monday in a culvert in the Jemez Mountains, about 90 miles northwest of Albuqerque, police said. ''If they hadn't led us to the body, we never would have found it,'' said Albuquerque police Lt. Bill Conley. He said Miss Daniels apparently died of a gunshot wound to the head on Jan. 13, the day after her abductionWallace Randolph Pierce, 24, of Albuquerque, Sidney T. Sliger, 20, of Los Lunas, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested Friday in the case. Johnny Zinn, 44, also of Albuquerque, was arrested Monday after one of the suspects arrested with Pierce led police to the body, Conley said. He would not identify the suspect.  Pierce and Zinn would face murder charges, and Schiff said Monday that he would determine whether prosecutors can seek the death penalty in the case. Sliger and the youth would be charged with kidnapping, he said.  Conley said Miss Daniels was killed at the place she was found. He said investigators don't know if she was sexually assaulted and refused to say how many times she was shot or what caliber weapon was used.  Published photographs of Pierce taken by a bank camera as he used Miss Daniels' automatic teller card on the night of the abduction were instrumental in breaking the case, Conley said.  Pierce also was charged with fraudulent use of credit cards and theft of credit cards, Conley said.  The Albuquerque Journal, citing unidentified police sources, reported in its Tuesday editions that Miss Daniels was held captive in an Albuquerque motel room and raped repeatedly.  Authorities have not given a motive for the slaying, but The Rocky Mountain News quoted Miss Daniels' father in its Tuesday editions as saying her fiancee, Richard Ingram Jr., testified against an unidentified man in a shoplifting case five years ago.  The father said a former prison inmate vowed to get even with Ingram for his testimony, which apparently helped send the man to prison.  Pierce had been ordered held on $42,000 bond and Sliger on $35,000 bond. Zinn was being held without bond.  Ingram said he discovered Miss Daniels was missing when he saw her belongings scattered in the driveway of his home. http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1986/District-Attorney-To-File-Murder-Charges/id-914cf7e5eec56841b32cee8a6e824f94 KOAT: Mastermind of Brutal NM Murder Dies in Prison - Johnny Zinn was serving life plus 96 years. By Nancy Laflin. 01/28/2015 Excerpt:  Zinn, the step-son of a prominent local businessman, was the ringleader.  The men who abducted Daniels took her to a motel on Central Avenue, where they raped her at knifepoint. For the next week, police were tracking the men after they used Daniels’ credit cards.  The men, including Zinn, panicked. They took Daniels to the Jemez Mountains, where they shot and killed her. Zinn was found guilty of first-degree murder and 18 other charges in Daniels’ death.  Zinn died last week at a prison facility in Los Lunas at the age of 74. He was serving a life sentence plus 96 years for the murder. http://www.koat.com/article/mastermind-of-brutal-nm-murder-dies-in-prison/5061778 KRQE:  Man at Center of Brutal Murder Dies in Prison. By KRQE Staff 01/28/2015 http://krqe.com/2015/01/28/man-at-center-of-brutal-murder-dies-in-prison/ Law. Justia: Cases (Original Case) - Linda Daniels - State vs. Zinn 746 P.2d 650 (1987) 106 N.M. 544 STATE of New Mexico, Plaintiff- Appellee, v. Johnny Clifford ZINN, Defendant-Appellant. No. 16817.Supreme Court of New Mexico.December 2, 1987. http://law.justia.com/cases/new-mexico/supreme-court/1987/16817-0.html Law. Justia: Cases (Appeal) - Linda Daniels - Johnny Clifford Zinn U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 989 F.2d 508 (10th Cir. 1993) March 18, 1993 http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F2/989/508/461620/ Real Crimes:  Linda Daniels http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm Excerpt:  1/12/86: LINDA DANIELS ABDUCTION AND HOMICIDE: Linda was abducted for use in porno films, raped, tortured, and then shot to death.  James Scartaccini, the one of Linda’s abductors that evidence indicated was her killer, was allowed to plea bargain by testifying against his companions. The police and the DA prosecutor “lost” all evidence against Scartaccini, including his sperm sample, which was later found on the DA prosecutor’s desk.  Scartaccini served no time at all. http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm True Crime Diva: Thanks to True Crime Diva for her work on the Linda Daniels issue and for bringing her story to my attention Excerpt:  On January 12, 1986…Linda Daniels was spending the evening with her fiancé, Richard “Buck” Ingram at his parent’s home on Robert Dale Drive, Northeast, a comfortable neighborhood off Tramway Boulevard and Indian School Road….When Linda failed to come home Buck went outside and saw her car sitting in front of his house.  The driver door was ajar and the groceries that Linda had just bought were scattered all over the ground…the store receipt showed she had paid for groceries at 7:22 pm.  At 8:04 pm Daniels’ bank card was used to withdraw $50 from an ATM at Juan Tabo and Lomas and again at Eubank and Candelaria…Lead detective Robert Romero feared the news coverage would scare off the suspects….James Scartaccini, 17, was spotted at the same Albertsons as Linda by school acquaintance Tina Portwood.  He was in the parking lot with two other men and seemed pushy and nervous…tried unsuccessfully to get Tina in the car…[Sliger and Pierce were the two other men] http://truecrimediva.com/the-brutal-rape-and-murder-of-linda-daniels/
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