New Mexico Police Abuses Victims Index. Not comprehensive, growing. See also Victim Incidents/Cases where a few victims are given more focus. Sources are in Summary of Website Source Links and might not be fully listed On this page: A Anaya, Jeanette Arquette, Kaitlyn Arthur, Leon Casey B Bascom, Nikki de Baca, C Beck, Jillian Boyd, James Bradford, Michael Brock, Dexter Bourgeois, Dawn Burque Media C Cage, Russell Chavez. Michael Chavez, Reynaldo Chavez, Tara D Daniels, Linda Lee Duran, Ramona E Eckert, David Esqivel, Benedict F Ferrell, Oriana Fitzjerrell, Paul Adam Flynn, Ross G Garcia, Michael Grant, Jacob (Detective) Gray, Kristopher Guerrero, Diana H Haar, Stephen Hawkes, Mary Hildebrandt, Fred Holquist, Diane Houston Sisters (see Stephanie and Crystal) Houston, Crystal Houston, Stephanie J James, David Jane Doe/ACLU (probing incident) K Klunck. Peter L Lamkin, Kevin Lancaster, William Leckman, Lane Lindsey, Curtis Louis-no last name (donation/citation issue) M Mackey, Ross Lee Martin, Jeremy (detective) Martinez, Sal McCracken, Melanie Media, Burque Miller Sisters Mike, William Mitschelen, Jacob Moldov-Taylor, Harriet Murphey, Stephane N Noah, Jessie O O’Keefe, John Ortiz, Isaac Osborn, Toni P, Q, R Pino, Troy Ramirez, Manual Reyes, Teresa Rhoten, Kippy Rogers, John Robinson, Van Romero, Nathan S, T, U Salazar, Steve Mike, “Schmike” Shane, Jackie Sherman, John Smith, Moriah Tanner, Donovan Tapia, Marlene Teupell, Katherine Torres, Christopher Tortolita, Kenneth Wayne Tsosie Tyrone Trujillo, Tye V-W-X-Y-Z Venegas, Gabino George Vihel, Josh Waddles, Sheldon Yontz, Karen Young, Timothy See: book - One to the Wolves: On the Trail of a Killer By Lois Duncan Where applicable below, green highlighting means victim and red highlighting means police. See also: Stolen Lives The mission of the Stolen Lives Project is to assemble a national list of people killed by law enforcement agents from 1990 to the present. Through grassroots efforts, over 2000 cases were documented in the second edition of the Stolen Lives book, which was published in 1999. Although just the tip of the iceberg, these 2000+ are evidence of a horrifying national epidemic of police brutality. The victims of police violence were part of our society, but rarely are their lives or names publicized, or the real circumstances surrounding their deaths investigated and made known. The Stolen Lives Project aims to restore some dignity to the lives lost. Though their lives have been stolen from us, we will not allow them to be forgotten. Interested in working on and/or contributing to the Stolen Lives Project? See the Call for Volunteers. Contact the Stolen Lives Project: A_thegoldenriverdotnet_systemabuse_nmpoliceabuses_nmvictims A Anaya, Jeanette. (11/7/2013 Incident/death ) Santa Fe. Shot/killed by NM State Officer Oliver Wilson. KOAT, Infowars, Santa Fe New Mexican Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Arquette, Kaitlyn. (07/16/1989 Incident/death ) Albuquerque. 18 year old shot/killed, called drive-by shooting but possible retaliation for upcoming whistleblowing of an Asian insurance fraud ring involving police Real Crimes (a primary source here), Good Morning America, People Magazine, Real Crimes (a good source) Arthur, Leon Casey 2/14/02: Albuquerque Tribune: Two APD officers shot Leon Casey Arthur to death outside a motel when he allegedly make a “threatening approach,” brandishing what officers say they thought was a weapon. The item in Arthur’s hand was a hairbrush. B_thegoldenriverdotnet_systemabuse_nmpoliceabuse_nmpolicevictims B Bascom, Nikki. Killed on 2016/10/21 in Silver City. 2017 Las Cruces Sun 2017/11/17 Lawsuit: Silver City hired violent cop who later killed ex. By Russell Contreras department/876309001/ SC Daily Press 2017/01/14 Family Seeks Justice in cop murder. By Christine Steele. Excerpt from SC Daily Press Christine Steele on 01/14/2017: Ex-girlfriend abused, stalked and killed by Silver City Police Capt. Mark Contreras, 41, who then shot and killed himself. Family has sought legal action. On Oct. 21, 2016, Bascom’s mother, Karri Dalton — who has taken Bascom’s children to live out of state — filed a lawsuit against the town of Silver City, the Silver City Police Department, Grant County, and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, through the Albuquerque civil rights law firm Kennedy, Kennedy & Ives.The lawsuit alleges that the Silver City Police Department hired Contreras despite a known history of violence, including domestic violence, and after his hire, did nothing to address reports of abuse of Bascom at Contreras’ hands, and in fact, promoted him to the rank of captain after he allegedly threatened Bascom’s boss, Dr. Darrick Nelson, with a gun at Walgreens. “The Silver City Police Department retained, promoted and protected Contreras despite an ongoing pattern of domestic violence and sexual assault allegations,” the lawsuit states….According to Schauer Ives and police reports, Nikki went to Contreras’s boss Silver City Police Chief Ed Reynolds to report Contreras’s behavior and to ask for help. Reports indicate he referred her to a shelter for battered women, but Nikki didn’t feel comfortable going there because she knew that as a police officer, Contreras knew the shelter’s location. Bourgeois, Dawn. (2014) Santa Fe. Victim of Santa Fe police brutality who speaks out. Video clip in Santa Fe dot com podcast (05/07/2014). and a988-4c325771224e.html Burque Media - See O’Keefe, John Edward. Excerpt from PINAC: “Citizens and journalists shouldn’t have to resort to filing a lawsuit every time they want a public record from the Albuquerque Police Department, APD should stop wasting taxpayer money defending against these lawsuits, follow the law, and give people access to public records,” said Andy Christophersen, the founder of Burque Media. release-footage-of-police-shooting-man-to-death/ Also see: Albuquerque - on NM police entrapment) Excerpt from KRWG.By Jeff Proctor-New Mexico IN DEPTH (05/22/2016): The reverse sting has raised legal and ethical concerns from Albuquerque’s public defenders, prosecutors and a Metropolitan Court judge since the document authorizing it spilled into public view on May 13 when the Burque Media blog published it. de Baca, C. (09/06/2015) Rio Rancho. Police officers killed man then fist bumped. Excerpt from the Daily Beast: Assed, a lawyer for C de Baca’s family, said conversations suggest a fundamental lack of concern for C de Baca’s life. “He’s telling him essentially that Mr. C de Baca has passed, and he’s like ‘I don’t care, I’m asking how you’re doing,’” Assed told The Daily Beast. “It’s really telling if you look at that particular part of the video.” Assed said C de Baca’s family is preparing a civil suit against the three police departments involved in the arrest. But Assed said his primary concern is not the officers’ attitude on camera, but their treatment of C de Baca during what should have been a routine arrest. bumped.html Beck, Jillian. Las Cruces. (01/2013) See NM Police Names Isaiah Baker. Excerpt from Photography is Not a Crime: The jury awarded Andrew Beck $100,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 to his wife. The jury also awarded $1 million in punitive damages to Jillian Beck “based on Officer Baker’s willful, malicious, wanton and reckless conduct,” their attorney said. The officers never faced criminal charges involving this incident. Boyd, James. (Incident/death 3/16/2014) Albuquerque. Shot/killed by officers Dominque Perez/Keith Sandy. ACLU, Public Health NM, Huffington Post Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Bradford, Michael. 6/6/01: From Real Crimes: Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputy Tom Luján and other unnamed deputies, seized and arrested Michael Bradford, 16, as he and his sister Robin, 15, waited for their mother to pick them up after a concert. There had been fights at the concert, but the Bradford children were not involved. Deputies arrested and handcuffed Michael, threw him onto the hood of a squad car, kneed him in the groin, knocked him to the ground and kicked and beat him until he lost consciousness. They grabbed Robin, tore her shirt off, and called her a “whore.” A civil rights suit contended the assault occurred "because Michael was a young black man close enough for officers to grab." The charges against Michael were later dropped. The Bradfords’ civil suits claiming excessive use of force, false arrest, malicious prosecution and negligence were settled out for $45,000. Brock, Dexter. (05/21/2005) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: Albq. Journal: The Department of Public Safety paid $300,000 to settle a tort claim by black former State Police officer Dexter Brock. On May 22, 2000, UMSP officers forced Brock out of his squad car with mace, dragged him across a parking lot, handcuffed him to a telephone pole in the dark, and photographed his humiliation, while calling him “nigger” and other racial slurs. Police say the officers were disciplined, but won't say who they were or what the punishment was. C_thegoldenriverdotnet_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse C Cage, Russell. (01/28/2003) Age 20, Bloomfield. Suspicious suicide, suspicious police investigation Real Crimes, Farmington Daily Times Chavez. Michael. Farmington. In connection with officer Christopher Blea. Farmington Daily Times Chavez, Reynaldo. (2015-16) Albuquerque. Excerpt from Photography is Not a Crime 01/10/2016. Chavez is seeking monetary damages for conspiracy, breach of contract, spoliation and violations under New Mexico’s Whistle Blower Protection Act. Named in the suit is Albuquerque Police Department Police Chief Gorden Eden, Assistant Chief Robert Huntsman, Legal Counsel Kathryn Levy, and the Executive Director of its Administrative Support Bureau William Slausen.According to the suit, Chief Eden constantly ordered Chavez to find ways to avoid releasing public information to requesters such as the media, private individuals and bloggers.The suit specifically states Chavez was ordered to, ” deny, withhold, obstruct, conceal, or even destroy records.” to-withhold-public-records/ Chavez, Tara. In connection with Levi Chavez. Cutting Edge News D_thegoldenriverdotnet_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse D Daniels, Linda Lee. (Incident/Death 01/12-13/1986) Albuquerque. Associated with Lead detective Robert Romero, Lt. Bill Conley. Porn ring crime w/ questionable plea bargaining defense attorney, DA prosecutor. Albuquerque Journal, AP News Archive, NY Times, True Crime Diva, Real Crimes Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Duran, Ramona. (Incident/Suspicious Death 12/13/1998) Albuq. From Real Crimes: “12/13/98: Ramona was found dead of a drug overdose in the apartment of Thomas Green and Ricky Pike…At the time of her death Ramona was on supervised probation and enrolled in an out patient substance abuse program with regular testing. Her probation officer has stated that Ramona remained clean. Ramona had told family members that she feared for her life because she had fingered certain VIPs in the drug trade and police had leaked information that she was a snitch. Police will not allow Ramona’s family to view the scene photos or to speak with the officers at the scene or to the men in whose apartment Ramona died…” Real Crimes: E_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse E Eckert, David. (2013) Deming. Probing Incident in connection with police Bobby Orosco, Robert Chavez, Officer Hernandez, and Hidalgo County deputies David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez and Patrick Green. Huffington Post Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Esquivel, Benedict (12/07/1999, homicide, police investigation problem) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: 12/7/99: (Albq. PD): Benny, 14, was the victim of a gang-related shooting in 1992. He was shot in the neck and survived seven and a half years as a quadriplegic before he died of complications from respirator use. Benny’s father, Juan Esquivel, says two girls came to the hospital immediately after the shooting and told him the names of the killers and the motel where they were holed up. Juan gave that information to Det. Ronald Merriman, (see “Kaitlyn Arquette Case” and “Curtis Lindsey Case), who told Juan he hand- delivered the information to the APD Gang Squad. No investigation was done, and police now claim they never received the information. After Benny died, police told reporters they would reopen the case as a homicide and start tracking down witnesses. They now claim that the case is too old to investigate F_thegoldenriverdotnet_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse F Ferrell, Oriana. (2013) Taos. Police shooting mini-van with children. In connection with police Elias Montoya. Raw Story see also Victim Incidents/Cases Fitzjerrell, Paul Adam . Age 25. Gallup. Possibly shot, listed as suicide. In connection with suspects Gallup Police brothers Mike and KC Brandau, with Mike apparently primarily listed. Real Crimes Flynn, Ross. (03/2015) Las Cruces. Severely beaten by two police officers Richard Garcia/Danny Salcido. Excerpt from Las Cruces Sun-News (06/2/2016): The incident happened more than 16 months ago at the Las Cruces Police Department headquarters and spawned two criminal cases against former officers Richard Garcia and Danny Salcido, who are both facing aggravated battery charges. They are accused of beating a handcuffed man inside the holding cell. Both have pleaded not guilty. Another Deadlocked Jury/Mistrial in New Mexico: (07/01/2016) http://www.lcsun- G_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet G Grant, Jacob (Detective). See Police names Lt. Greg Brachle. Shot by fellow officer who had already shown repeated signs of violence. City settles $6.5 m lawsuit (see KRQE 03/30/2016 below). ABQ Free Press, 01/13/2016 Gray, Kristopher. (09/02/1995) Farmington. Suspicious death, unprofessional, incomplete, inaccurate police investigation/report. From Real Crimes Guerrero, Diana. Las Cruces. See NM Police Names Michael Garcia. mexico-police-settle-3-million-lawsuit-hiv-positive-detective-rapes-woman-ride-along/ H_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ H Haar, Stephen.(1/15/98) Albuq. From Real Crimes: 1/15/98: Police released a statement that Steve was found dead in the street with a shotgun lying next to him. In truth, he was found inside the residence of a man who is reportedly an APD snitch. Steve’s mother, Carmen Haar, found a note in Steve’s pocket warning him about a contract and naming the alleged snitch… APD homicide Det. Damon Fay (see “Melanie McCracken Case”) told Carmen that APD would not charge Dally, but would forward the case to the DA’s Office. In Sept. 02, Carmen contacted the DA’s Office to inquire why charges hadn’t yet been filed. She was told the DA’s Office had no file on Steve’s case. As of today, Dally still has not been charged. Steve is the third of Carmen’s children to be murdered.” Real Crimes Harper, Larry. (9/2/98) Albuq. From Real Crimes: The family of Larry Harper was awarded a $200,000 settlement in a federal lawsuit claiming excessive force by police after family members called police to the Elena Gallegos picnic area for aid in subduing Harper, who was threatening to kill himself. After assuring the family that they were there only to talk to Harper, the APD SWAT- team shot Harper to death. “They told us the officers were only carrying ‘non-lethal rounds,’” said Larry’s brother, James Harper. (From Real Crimes) Hawkes, Mary. (Incident/death 04/21/2014) Albuquerque. Shot/killed by APD officer Jeremy Dear. Abq Journal(3), CBS Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Hildebrandt, Fred. (11/10/2001) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: 11/10/01:Albuquerque Journal: APD MISTREATED MENTALLY DISABLED MAN - The sister of Fred Hildebrandt, a mentally retarded man, is suing Albuquerque police for leaving her brother shackled for almost five hours at his home. The Albuquerque Police Department said they hasn't reviewed the July 16 shackling incident so could not comment. Real Crimes: Holquist, Diane (11/20/1999) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: “Albuquerque Tribune: A boot mark across the bridge of her boyfriend’s nose, due to a beating by Albuquerque Police Officers, caused Diane Holquist to call a special meeting of the Police Oversight Commission. Holquist charged excessive brutality that went unpunished when the officers were cleared by a police internal affairs investigation. Holquist attempted to enlist the help of the Commission to mandate that all officers involved in internal affairs complaints take lie detector tests. “It is the last chance for citizens to be assured of credibility from the police force,” she said. Holquist had gathered over 1,000 signatures on a petition seeking mandatory lie detector tests. The Police Oversight Commission did not have the power to help her in this matter.” Real Crimes: Houston, Crystal. (04/15/2001) Socorro. From Real Crimes: (Socorro PD): Crystal was found dead in her home, severely beaten with blunt force injuries to her legs, arms, neck and head, just 14 months after the death of her sister, Stephanie (see “Stephanie Houston Case.”) Crystal’s blouse was pulled up over her head, her bra had been torn off and her pants were pulled down around her ankles. The OMI listed the cause of death as undetermined because Crystal also had some drugs and alcohol in her system. A prison escapee, who had been in Crystal's home on the night of her death, was found in another city with Crystal's car after trying to cash Crystal's checks, but police said that without a definitive cause of death they could not arrest him. It took until June 2003 and extensive pressure from the media for the state lab to ship DNA evidence that had been submitted to the state crime lab at the time of her death to a lab in California to be processed. Final DNA results are still pending, though preliminary tests match the prison escapee. A special prosecutor has finally been appointed after the Socorro District Attorney refused to prosecute. Houston, Stephanie (02/27/2000) From Real Crimes: STEPHANIE HOUSTON HOMICIDE (NM State Police): Stephanie died when her jealous and abusive boyfriend, Patrick Murillo, ran her over with his truck after he saw her dancing with another man. OMI urged that the death be investigated as a homicide. Within days, scene investigator, Mark McCracken, (see “Melanie McCracken Case”), was telling the media that NMSP had fully investigated the case and Stephanie caused her own death because she was falling-down drunk. In truth, they had questioned no witnesses, done no reconstruction, and the toxicology test showed Stephanie had consumed about one beer. Stephanie’s father, Bill Houston, conducted his own investigation, questioning witnesses and accumulating information. In July 2002, Bill was charged with stalking because of his efforts to acquire information about Murillo. In May 2003, an investigative reporter exposed NMSP’s mishandling of the case, accusing them of glossing over possible domestic violence and failing to follow fundamental investigative techniques including never conducting an accident reconstruction. The case was then reopened and in Dec. 2003, Murillo was indicted for vehicular homicide Real Crimes: I_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ I no names J_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ J James, David. (08/19/1998) Rio Rancho. From Real Crimes: 08/19/98 The City of Rio Rancho settled with Bob and Frances James for an undisclosed amount after four police officers shot their son David to death as he stood on his parents’ front porch. Officers said they believed David was brandishing a gun. In truth he was holding a ceramic cross. From Real Crimes. Jane Doe. ACLU and unnamed woman win lawsuit for probing incident. Mr. Conservative, El Paso Times K_thegoldenriverdotnet_systemabuse_nmpoliceabuse_nmpolicevictims K Klunck. Peter. (01/271989) Albuquerque. In association with APD officer Matt Griffin/others who shot him in back. From Real Crimes: 1/27/89: PETER KLUNCK KILLING (Albq. PD): Peter was shot by three members of the APD ROP Team – Robert Valtierra, Paul Heatley, and Matt Griffin -- on the day he was scheduled to appear in court and had told people he was planning to “blow the lid off APD.” Friends assert that Peter had been involved in criminal activities with Officer Griffin and now wanted out. Police released a statement that Peter was shot in the chest in self-defense. In truth, he was shot three times in the back. Officer Steve Nakamura, who did not fire at Peter, said Peter was unarmed. “These guys shot him in the back and I don’t know why!” he told his sergeant. From Real Crimes L_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuse_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ L Lamkin, Kevin. (11/06/1996) Albuq. From Real Crimes: “11/06/96: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield stopped motorist Kevin Lamkin and informed him there were warrants out for his arrest. Lamkin presented paperwork that proved the warrants had already been cleared up, but Ahrensfield allegedly crumbled them up, resorted to name-calling and abusive handling of Lamkin, and arrested him anyway. Lamkin’s case against Ahrensfield was settled out of court for $2,000.” From Real Crimes Lancaster, William. 7/9/00: From Real Crimes: Albuquerque Journal: APD Officer Robert Middleton chased pedestrian, William Lancaster, 18, and ran over him with his police car, causing numerous broken bones and brain damage. Lancaster was suspected of planning to shoplift a six-pack of beer. Leckman, Lane. 01/09/2004: Albuquerque. Albq. Journal--The Police Oversight Commission found APD Officer Jay Rowland guilty of using unreasonable force during an unwarranted attack on Lane Leckman during an anti-war demonstration on March 20, 2003. Lindsey, Curtis. (02/16/1985) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: (Albq. PD): Curtis was stabbed in the back in broad daylight. He stumbled across the street to a 7-11 store and collapsed on the floor. APD Officer Ronald Merriman (see “Kaitlyn Arquette Case” and “Benny Esquivel Case”) was dispatched to the scene, as was the Fire Department. The medics later testified that Officer Merriman refused to allow them to treat Curtis until he finished interrogating him. Curtis bled to death at the scene. Curtis was schizophrenic and used marijuana as a type of self-medication. His father, Victor Lindsey, says APD shrugged off the murder as “just one drug addict killing another.”from Real Crimes Louis ____ (last name withheld): (2016) Santa Rosa, Guadalupe County, Incident involving New Mexico State Police near I-40 Officer trading citations for donations. Hot Headlines KOB: Officer accused of Trading CItations for Donations NM State Police. By Jen French. Santa Rosa (11/2016) guadalupe-county/4321446/ Excerpt: On Memorial Day, a state police officer [officer name not provided] pulled Louis [last name withheld] over near Interstate 40 in Guadalupe County. Louis asked KOB to not reveal his last name to protect his privacy. "I do believe it was a very innocent thing that I didn't put my blinker on,” he said. The officer told Louis he’d let him off if he paid $75 to the non-profit Professional Counseling Services and wrote the request with a P.O. Box address on a scratch sheet of paper. guadalupe-county/4321446/ Hot Headlines: (If KOB link above is not working, you can use this) M nmpoliceabusevictims_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_(mackeyross_update02/20/2017_ M Mackey, Ross Lee. (2005) Hobbs. See Police Rodney Porter. Police beating of black man, cop with racist brutality past. racist-brutality-past-is-the-arresting-officer.html Martin, Jeremy. (2014) Santa Fe. See police names. Martinez, Sal. (05/28/93) Albuq. “Informants told Sal’s mother that Fowler was a drug supplier for a VIP in law enforcement and had many friends at APD. Since police refused to arrest Fowler, Sal’s parents sued him for wrongful death.”from Real Crimes McCracken, Melanie. (Death 08/05/1995) Bosque Farms. Suspicious death In assoc./w/Mark McCracken, a New Mexico State Police sergeant. Real Crimes, NBC Dateline" winning the Edward R Murrow Award for investigative reporting.[12/30/04, McCracken won't stand trial.] See Notes 2017-3 where more details are covered. Miller Sisters. 1990s Albuq. April and Spring (Separate cases but probably related cover-ups/issues) “April: 05/25/1997: APRIL MILLER DEATH (Albq. PD)” Real Crimes Mike, William. (2012) Farmington. In connection with Sheriff’s Deputy Terry McCoy. Mitschelen, Jacob. (2014) Albuquerque. history-of-police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Moldov-Taylor, Harriet. (10/01/2003) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: HARRIET MOLDOV-TAYLOR RAPE AND HOMICIDE: Harriet, a disabled woman who lived alone, was found unconscious, in a diabetic coma, and bleeding from her mouth and rectum in her apartment. She died three days later. The OMI report described deep vaginal tears and ruled the cause of death strokes and blood loss caused by a violent sexual attack. APD refused to accept the possibility that anyone would enjoy raping a woman who was disabled and overweight and insisted Harriet’s injuries had to be self-inflicted. They have threatened to file a complaint against the first doctor who examined Harriet and are trying to convince the Medical Examiner to change her report to mesh with their own speculations.” There is a special section written by a friend of Harriet’s on Real Crimes. Murphey, Stephane (Raped/strangling death 04/15/1999) Rio Rancho Police bungling delayed investigation, verdict, DNA evide. eventually caught killer, David F. Bologh Noah, Jessie. Los Alamos. Fire fighter as victim of fire dept. captain. In connection with Aaron Adair. Abq Journal O_nmpolicevictims_nmpoliceabuses_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_(okeefe 02/19/2017) O Ortiz, Isaac. (03/27/1996) Albuq. ”03/27/1996: APD Officer Andres Lehocky was sued for allowing or ordering an attack dog to bite and maul Isaac Ortiz. As with the two previous suits, this lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money.”… Real Crimes: Osborn, Toni (10/30/2003) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: Albq. Journal: Albuquerque police and Bernalillo County Sheriff's deputies chased Toni Osborn, a 5-foot tall, 50-year-old activist, who had been circulating a petition seeking the removal of the mayor. They pinned her vehicle against an embankment, sprayed her with Mace, and sicced a police dog on her. The dog pulled Osborn half out of her vehicle and, once she was on the ground, remained locked on her arm while she was handcuffed before being taken to the hospital. "They (the police and dog) practically took her left arm off. They beat her. Her face is swollen to twice its size," said her husband, Loyd Osborn.” Police explained they’d been told that Osborn was “armed and dangerous.” Osborn, who was not armed, underwent two surgeries to save her arm. O’Keefe, John Edward. (01/13/2015 Shot and killed by police) Albuquerque. Includes ACLU related freedom of information act lawsuit. Excerpt from PINAC -12/20/2015: On January 15, 2015, Burque Media requested all body camera footage from officers regarding the shooting of John O’Keefe. O’Keefe was shot and killed by Albuquerque police officers on January 13th.Police did release some body cam footage, but it did not include the actual shooting. However, that video shows several other officers standing around O’Keefe’s body who should have been wearing cameras. sued-by-aclu-for-refusing-to-release-footage-of-police-shooting-man-to-death/ Case over John OKeefe’s death: records-lawsuit.pdf P, Q, R Pino, Troy. Santa Rosa.New Mexico State Police. Possible or likely suspicious police involvement and cover-ups. from Real Crimes Ramirez, Manual. (10/12/1990) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: 10/12/90: Armed with a warrant obtained thru false information, Narcotics Detective Stan Gloria, Lieutenant Hughes, SGT Bartram (sic- Bertram), Officers R. Vasquez, R. Jeffrey, W. Jones, E. Sauer, B. Snow, A. Lehocky, Lieutanant Bourgoine, S. Gray, S. Rodriguez, H. Terry, T. McWhorter, C. Lopez and four US NAVY SEALS went to the home of Manuel Ramirez, at about 4:30 a.m. There they attached a cable to a tow truck and pulled the wrought iron front door off the Ramirez residence, while other personnel simultaneously broke all of the windows of the Ramirez home. As Ramirez reached for a handgun, (which wasn’t loaded), the collection of officers entered unannounced and dressed in black and shot Ramirez twice in the chest. They ransacked the family home, while Ramirez lay dead in his living room and his grieving family sat in the back of an APD Patrol Car. No drugs were found in the residence until 48 hours after the break in. The Ramirez's infant was injured in his crib by flying glass. Ramirez’s widow filed a lawsuit against the City in 1992 and received a $275,000 settlement. Rhoten, Kippy. (06/28/1998) Albuq. From Real Crimes: 6/28/98APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield was alleged to have punched motorist Kippy Rhoten in the face five times after pulling him over to tell him to turn his car stereo down. A Metro Court judge ruled Ahrensfield innocent, but the City Attorney’s office ended up paying a settlement of $20,000. Real Crimes: Rogers, John. (2014) Bloomfield. Above Top Secret Reyes, Teresa. (07/01/1998) Albuq. Missing 17 yr old daughter, mysterious circumstances. From Real Crimes: “07/01/1998…Since APD refused to investigate, Teresa’s mother, also named Teresa Reyes, sought help from other sources…Mrs. Reyes wrote to the police chief, begging his assistance. He didn’t respond. She, then, appealed to the Police Oversight Commission, and the police finally came to pick up the napkin. Three more years have now passed. Mrs. Reyes says, “Every time the phone rings my heart starts to pound, and I tell myself, ‘Maybe the police have been able to trace that phone number!’ But it’s never the police. I don’t think they remember who we are.” Real Crimes: Robinson, Van. (1980) KaitArquette Also see section Victim Incidents/Cases Romero, Nathan. Albuquerque. from Real Crimes: S, T, U Salazar, Steven. (10/02/1997) Albuq. From Real Crimes: 10/12/97: APD Officer Brad Ahrensfield stopped at a scene where a vehicle was stopped on a median, used pepper spray on the passenger, Steven Salazar, and allegedly kicked him in the stomach when Salazar refused to lie on the ground. The incident was settled for $10,000. Real Crimes: Schmike Mike. Las Cruces. One Police Officer involved: Mike asked the officer for his name and badge number which he revealed to be “Salas #315. complaint/ Shane, Jackie. (05/15/2003) From Real Crimes: 5/15/03: APD Officer Bryan Killinger was fined $15,000 for unlawful detention and excessive force against a bicyclist, Jackie Shane. Killinger did a U-turn in front of Shane, almost causing an accident. When she called out to him to use a turn signal, he grabbed her by the head and pulled her off her bike, throwing it to the ground and stomping on the rear wheel. He, then, hit her, handcuffed her, and threatened to file false charges against her. Sherman, John. (Death 12/27/1998) Age 41. Rio Rancho. Sandoval County. From Real Crimes: Questionable death, police not investigating properly, bad autopsy the lead detective was indicted on 18 charge Jan. 17, 2003, the new sheriff, J. P. Trujillo agreed to reopen John's case and then discovered that his predecessor had removed all information from the case file. Real Crimes Smith, Moriah. (02/26/1999) Albuq; From Real Crimes: “2/26/99APD Officer Andrew Lehocky released his police dog, Bart, on an unarmed teenager, Moriah Smith, who was hiding in a school yard after a boy she met at a party fired a gun and frightened her. Bart was supposedly sent in to locate Moriah and “guard and bark” to let Officers know where she was hiding. Instead, Bart ran into the schoolyard, located Moriah and immediately attacked her. Bart never bothered—or was ordered not—to bark. The attack left Moriah with four deep wounds that required three surgeries and a skin graft. Lehocky stated his supervisor, Sgt. Tom Garduno, told him, "Good job. I'm glad nobody died." A federal jury subsequently found Lehocky liable for the Moriah Smith attack. Lehocky was ordered to pay the $50,000 necessary to partially remove scars. Lehocky contended that Moriah must be a “bad” girl because his dog, Bart, would only bite “bad” people. Tanner, Donovan. (2011) Upper Fruitland (Farmington area). Native American. Police beating by San Juan County Deputy Dale Frazier Tapia, Marlene. Probing Incident (2011), In connection with officers Jennifer Stepp, Blanca Zapater. The Blaze (2013). See also Victim Incidents/Cases Teupell, Katherine. (06/25/1998) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: “6/25/98 Katherine Teupell was awarded a $235,000 settlement for claims against the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department and the Albuquerque Police Department for their use of a “We don’t do blue” policy in dealing with an officer accused of beating his wife. Teupell alleged police extended “professional courtesy” to her husband, Scott Finley, a member of the Sheriff Department’s elite Crime Suppression Unit. Teupell testified she fled from her home with her children, 6 and 2, still in pajamas, on the night of Oct. 18, 1993, after Finley beat her. Teupell said that when she threatened to call police, Finley responded, “Go ahead and call. How can you break the law when you are the law?" Although the APD officer who responded to the call confiscated Finley's police revolver, other officers who took over at the scene returned it.” (From Real Crimes) Torres, Christopher. Albuquerque. Shot by APD. Cutting Edge News (Incident 5/10/2011) Excellent New Yorker article on Christopher Torres, his parents, Albuquerque’s police abuse problem, with a commentary on the city of Albuquerque: (02/02/2015 issue by Rachel Aviv) Tortolita, Kenneth Wayne. (01/29/1992) Albuquerque. From Real Crimes: “APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued for violating the civil rights of Kenneth Wayne Tortolita. Although no further information regarding this case is ...”[note: it appears Tortolita has a criminal record, incl. sex abuse, showing up on sex offender site here: - ] Tsosie Tyrone. (01/06/1996) Age 20. Gallup area. Navajo Tribal Criminal Investigators, Suspicious death on roadside; police would not investigate properly. Real Crimes: Trujillo, Tye. (2013) Farmington. The incident happened all the way back in 2013 when three Farmington police officers overheard Tye Trujillo say “fuck” several times while they were dining at the local IHOP. After demanding to restrain Trujillo from speaking, the New Mexico cops then arrested the man for his speech. Trujillo was charged with the all too familiar contempt of cop charge “Disorderly Conduct”. $25,000 lawsuit over false arrest for saying a dirty word in public. (2015) V, W, X, Y, Z Venegas, Gabino George. (01/14/1998) Hit-and-Run of bicyclist, apparent police non-invest, cover-ups. Albuq. From Real Crimes: “1/14/98: The NM State Police reacted with hostility to the sister’s questions and attempted to intimidate her by accusing her of interfering with the investigation. In truth, there was no investigation. NMSP ordered MVD not to comply with that legal request. The family filed a tort claim notice against NMSP, as they suspected investigators were covering up for a fellow cop. Police promised the family and their attorney that, if they withdrew the tort claim notice, NMSP would thoroughly investigate Gabino’s death. The family withdrew the notice. The case was not further investigated. The family’s PI believes that he has now identified and located the car that killed Gabino, but the DA’s office won’t agree to reopen the case. “ Real Crimes: Vihel, Josh. (1/10/98) Albuq. From Real Crimes: 1/10/98: APD refused to interrogate the Leonard brothers, explaining that the DA advised against it. Josh’s parents filed a civil suit against the Leonards and insisted on taking the case to court in order to learn more about what happened. In a deposition, Chris Leonard stated that he had several friends and a cousin on the police force. (For personal reasons, this family does not wish to be interviewed. Real Crimes: Waddles, Sheldon 5/13/92: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued when his police dog attacked Sheldon Waddles, a peaceful demonstrator at a rally (and the son of a local fire chief). The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money. (From Real Crimes) Yontz, Karen 5/3/03: Karen Yontz was chased down in her car and shot to death by two Albuquerque Police Officers who suspected her of robbing a bank. Yontz was a longtime criminal investigator with both the Attorney General's Office and the District Attorney's Office in Santa Fe and a former Bernalillo County sheriff's deputy. At the time of her death, Yontz was building a case against Municipal Judge Charles Maestas, who was facing 28 criminal charges of trading judicial favors for sex with women who appeared before his court. She was also investigating the Russell Cage case (see above). Young, Timothy US News Second Anal Probe Lawsuit Being Filed Against N.M. Police 2014/07/28-- 2014/01/14-- settlement 2013/11/06-- 2013/11/06-- a-mans-body-same-exact-police-dog Updates: 2020/06/05 Nikki Bascom - more 2017 case material added; updated 01/15/2018 added Young, Timothy; 03/08/2017; _updates_Chavez, Reynaldo. 02/18/2017; Beck, Jillian; de Baca, C-02/18/2107)_(Burque Media-02/19/2017) (Bascom, Nikki--2/21/2017)(Bougeois, Dawn-02/22/2017); Guerrero, Diana02/18/2017.
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