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Shot and Killed July 16, 1989 Note: There are important detailed notes from the parents in Real Crimes. Lois Duncan (Mother of Kait Arquette) Died at age 82 on June 15, 2016 Books: Who Killed My Daughter? One to the Wolves, On the Trail of a Killer Kindle Edition New York Times (2016/06/19) Lois Duncan 82 dies author knew what you did last summer https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/19/books/lois-duncan-82-dies-author-knew-what-you-did-last-summer.html Abq Journal: Quest for justice never stopped https://www.abqjournal.com/794049/quest-for-justice-never-stopped.html Buzzfeed: Who killed Lois Duncan’s daughter https://www.buzzfeed.com/timstelloh/who-killed-lois-duncan-s-daughter Nonprofit Resource Center for Victims of Violent Deaths https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lois_Duncan Links in Arquette section: arquettek1Action7-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUWL9JZMqqI arquettekhttps://www.abqjournal.com/794049/quest-for-justice-never-stopped.html arquettekhttps://cases.crimescene.com/kait/comments.part4.html arquettek2Channel13KRQE-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbsl3K3rljU arquettek3http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/19/books/lois-duncan-82-dies-author-knew-what-you-did-last-summer.html arquettek4http://www.realcrimes.com/Arquette/Kaitlyn_Arquette.htm arquettek5https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/277use/theunsolvedmurder_of_kait_arquette_daughterof/ arquettek6http://truecrimediva.com/nm-police-corruption-series-the-murder-of-kaitlyn-arquette/ Action 7 News - Youtube Clip - Kaitlyn Arquette 07/1989 News clips from Kait's murder including interviews with her sister Kerry Arquette and APD Sgt. Ruth Lowe. Also story of transplant of Kait's organs and interview with transplant surgeon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUWL9JZMqqI Albuq. Journal: (2016/06/17) Writer never gave up on justice for daughter. By Joline Gutierrez Krueger https://www.abqjournal.com/794049/quest-for-justice-never-stopped.html And she Lois Duncan didn’t believe that other families whose loved ones had also been lost to homicide, especially those with no resolution, should fight their battle for justice alone…. In 2004, she joined together with the families of 23 New Mexico homicide victims to demand accountability from law enforcement agencies that they believed had botched the investigations into their loved ones’ deaths. She developed a popular website, Real Crimes, at realcrimes.com, posting more than 40 unsolved homicide cases as a way to give families a voice and to seek the answers that eluded them. https://www.abqjournal.com/794049/quest-for-justice-never-stopped.html Cases Crime Scenes: Everybody links to everybody else, and almost everybody -- Vietnamese suspects; Hispanic suspects; members of APD (some of whom have been convicted of felonies since Kait's murder); Sharon Smith; even Kait herself; link in one way or another to the Roadrunner Lounge on Kirtland AFB, to a nightclub called Beyond Ordinary (run by relatives of Sharon's), and to the auto body shop on Arno where the VW bug fled after the shooting. https://cases.crimescene.com/kait/comments.part4.html Channel 13 KRQE Youtube Clip - Kaitlyn Arquette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbsl3K3rljU Kaitarquette: Kaitlyn Arquette - Corruption http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm 7/16/89: KAITLYN ARQUETTE HOMICIDE (Albq. PD): Kait, 18, was chased down in her car and shot to death. The first officer at the scene, Det. Ronald Merriman, called in a report of an accident with no injuries. Police allowed Paul Apodaca, a man with a record of violent assaults on women, who was at the scene when Merriman arrived, to leave the scene without questioning or even getting contact information. Police then left the scene themselves. Rescue almost missed the scene because there was no one there to wave them over – just Kait all alone in her car with her brains blown out. http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm Real Crimes: Arquette, Kaitlyn http://www.realcrimes.com/Arquette/Kaitlyn_Arquette.htm Excerpt: Private investigation has revealed that Dung Nguyen's criminal group was linked to a small group of rogue cops, several of whom have since been convicted of such felonies as burglary, bank robbery and murder of a witness. Those cops held late night parties at an auto body shop one half block north of the crime scene. That establishment has since been raided by the F.B.I.; Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; APD; and the Department of Public Safety; guns were confiscated, and the owner’s son was arrested for drug dealing. Vietnamese in expensive cars frequented that body shop, which was also reportedly a chop shop for stolen vehicles. When the VW bug fled the crime scene, it went directly to that body shop. A police cover-up appears to have started at the crime scene when the first officer at the scene, APD Violent Crimes Detective Ronald Merriman, ignoring the bullet holes in Kait's car and a blood drenched girl sprawled across the front seat with her brains blown out, called in a report of an accident with no injuries. Statements from Merriman and the second officer at the scene are a tangle of contradictions, and both officers allowed Paul Apodaca to leave the scene without getting his identifiers. Most bewildering of all, both officers then left the scene themselves. The medics who transported Kait to the hospital have stated in an affidavit that they almost missed the scene because there was no one there to wave them over. There were no cops or police cars -- just Kait all alone in her car on an empty street with two bullets in her head. The ambulance driver said, "It was so quiet it was eerie! http://www.realcrimes.com/Arquette/Kaitlyn_Arquette.htm Reddit: The Unsolved Murder of Kait Arquette https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/277use/the_unsolved_murder_of_kait_arquette_daughter_of/ True Crime Diva: Police Corruption Series: The Murder of Kaitlyn Arquette http://truecrimediva.com/nm-police-corruption-series-the-murder-of-kaitlyn-arquette/ boydjames_incidents/cases_poiceabusenm_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Boyd, James. Albuquerque. March 16, 2014 Police Killing and Shooting Links in Boyd section: boydj1https://www.aclu.org/ boydj2http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/james-boyd-shooting/ boydj3http://publichealthnm.org/2016/10/13/photos-protest-against-police-violence-after-officers-trial/ boydj4http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/19/us/albuquerque-new-mexico-police-trial/ boydj5https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/02/05/boyd-f05.html boydj6http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/10/12/497660078/albuquerque-police-shooting-trial-ends-in-a-hung-jury boydj7http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/01/10/albuquerque-police-public-records-clerk-sues-chief-for-ordering-him-to- withhold-public-records/ ACLU: Police Abuses in New Mexico James Boyd (2014) https //www aclu org/ Please see the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico’s own newspaper The Torch (Volume 49, No. 2, Summer/Fall 2014) with articles on police abuses in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as police abuses throughout the rest of New Mexico and beyond. It provides an excellent review. The headline article “A Culture of Violence” by Micah McCoy discusses how on March 16, 2014 the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) and SWAT team killed a reportedly mentally ill man (James Boyd) living alone homeless in the foothill area below the main mountain range above Albuquerque. The man was shot in the back and video footage shows that he was well surrounded and not carrying anything capable of doing any real damage - he was not a real threat - and in the moments before his final killing he was giving himself up. People did rally against this event only to be tear-gassed. After discussing this sordid event, the article discusses how the APD has had a reputation for violence since the 1970s. In a separate article, ACLU-New Mexico Executive Director Peter Simonson discusses further how APD has had several cycles of violence, with the last one having begun in early 2010. Since that time, APD officers have killed 27 people and shot 40 - “a rate which far exceeds the frequency of officer-involved shootings in larger cities.” Currently the Department Of Justice (DOJ) has intervened and is attempting to promote court-based changes referencing the use of force. A couple of issues which might block or slow down implementation are money and APD fighting back. The APD does not seem to want to take responsibility or use discipline on their own for the deaths of civilians and other bad behaviors. https //www aclu org/ Huffington Post: Police Shoot Homeless Man During Camping Arrest. By Sebastian Murdock. (3/24/2014) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/james-boyd-shooting/ Excerpt: Video Clip of incident can be found in article. New helmet camera video released by the Albuquerque Police Department on Friday shows the moment 38-year-old James Boyd turns his back to officers and then gets shot dead. Despite overwhelming criticism to the shooting, the department says its officers were justified, KRQE reported. Boyd was shot on Sunday, March 16. Police Chief Gorden Eden said officers approached Boyd, who was sleeping, to speak to him about illegally camping in an open space, according to the Albuquerque Journal. According to authorities, Boyd began arguing with officers for more than three hours before the fatal shooting. Graphic video released by the department shows cops yelling at Boyd to “get on the ground” moments before he’s shot.“Don’t change up the agreement, I’m going to try to walk with you,” Boyd says in the video. The suspect then picks up his belongings as if ready to leave. As he starts to head down the hill, an officer can be heard saying “Do it,” before Boyd is hit with a flash-bang device.Visibly disoriented, Boyd drops his bags and appears to take out a knife. That’s when two officers, Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy, fire multiple rounds into the man. Boyd can be seen dropping to the ground, where he lays still. Officers yell at him to drop his knife repeatedly. When the suspect doesn’t answer, police fire multiple bean-bag rounds at the man, then release a K-9 officer on him.Blood can be seen splattered on rocks near Boyd’s head. The man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead a day later. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/james-boyd-shooting/ NPR: Boyd Trial Albuquerque Police Shooting Trial Ends In A Hung Jury. By Rebecca Hersher 10/12/2016 Excerpt: In a photo taken Oct. 6 during the trial, former Albuquerque police Officer Keith Sandy, demonstrates his position during a 2014 shooting. His attorney, on a table, plays the part of James Boyd, who Sandy and another former officer are accused of murdering…"District Judge Alisa Hadfield declared a mistrial after she polled jurors individually to confirm they believed further deliberations would be futile in deciding whether the officers were guilty of second-degree murder. No vote was taken on a battery charge against Sandy," the newspaper reports. Special prosecutor Randi McGinn said it will be up to incoming District Attorney Raúl Torrez to decide whether to retry the two in connection with the 2014 shooting death. http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/19/us/albuquerque-new-mexico-police-trial Photography is Not a Crime: Albuq. police records clerk sues chief for ordering hiim to withhold public records. (01/10/2016) Excerpt: After the shooting death of a mentally ill man, James Boyd, which made national headlines, Chavez received numerous records requests seeking email correspondence, a list of personnel involved in the incident, forensic ballistic reports, audio and video tape as well as many other requests pertaining to the murder of Boyd. The video involving the shooting death of Boyd can be seen below. Chavez’s lawsuit also alleges that, “Defendants individually and collectively reviewed responsive information and instructed Mr. Chavez to withhold or delay production of certain materials to requesters without a lawful exception allowing such withholding or delay.” Chavez says the department was “tactically coordinating” which records requests would be fulfilled and which ones would be delayed, or not fulfilled at all, so certain requests would not be granted to the media. In other requests, Chavez was instructed to give them so much material that the requester would tire from sifting through it all, and never actually find what they were requesting. Also implied in the lawsuit is that, “Upon information and belief, responsive material, including video footage, relating to the shooting of Mr. Boyd remains unproduced to requesters.” But perhaps even more alarming than withholding unseen video footage in the Boyd case are claims that APD monitored following protests against the officers who shot Boyd and that, “APD deployed as many as four detectives dressed in plain clothes to observe the protesters. One of these detectives surreptitiously recorded various citizens.” http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/01/10/albuquerque-police-public-records-clerk-sues-chief-for-ordering-him-to- withhold-public-records/ Public Health NM: Photos Protest Against Police Violence After Officers Trial (10/2016) http://publichealthnm.org/2016/10/13/photos-protest-against-police-violence-after-officers-trial/ Excerpt: On Wednesday, Oct. 12, activists gathered in front of the courthouse with signs, chanting, beating a snare drum and giving speeches through a bullhorn. It was the day after the trial concluded for two officers charged with second- degree murder for shooting a killing James Boyd, a homeless man with mental illness, in 2014. The jury was deadlocked, and the judge declared a mistrial, which leaves the door open for ex-officers Dominique Perez and Keith Sandy to be retried. “I’m going to talk to Raul Torrez, the new DA, and they’re going to have a retrial,” demonstrator David O’Malley said. “These people should not walk for murdering people, especially the mentally ill.” http://publichealthnm.org/2016/10/13/photos-protest-against-police-violence-after-officers-trial/ WSW: [Boyd]: Albuquerque, New Mexico police murder case moves towards trial. By D. Lencho 02/05/2016 During the same week, special prosecutor McGinn filed two motions. The judge ruled in favor of her motion to compel William J. Lewinski, a professional “expert witness” who uses pseudo-psychological explanations in court testimony to justify police misconduct, to hand over his financial records to the prosecution. Lewinski’s fee for servicing the police is $1,000 an hour https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/02/05/boyd-f05.html Danielslinda_incidents/cases_poiceabusenm_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Daniels, Linda Lee. Albuquerque Resident. Died January 1986. Suspicious Lost Evidence and Plea Bargaining Scenario (See Website Notes Jan 2017 for a review of the case) Albuquerque Journal: A Crime That Shocked Us All. By Joline Gutierrez Krueger 01/18/2013 https://www.abqjournal.com/161355/a-crime-that-shocked-us-all.html Excerpt: [See article for photo with insert “This bridge on N.M. 126 is where Linda Lee Daniels was slain in 1986.”] Linda Lee Daniels was 22, an anthropology major, and on the last night of her life she had gone to an Albertsons at Menaul and Juan Tabo NE – not far, coincidentally, from where Curry lived at the time – to shop for Sunday night dinner fixings for her fiancé. She likely hadn’t known she was being watched by two men and a teenage boy trolling the area in an old station wagon. She likely hadn’t known they had followed her for nearly two miles back to her fiancé’s home near Tramway and Indian School NE. Daniels’ fiance found her Mustang parked outside his home that evening, the driver’s-side door ajar, a trail of groceries in the driveway. We learned later that the men – Sidney Thomas Sliger, 20, and Wallace Randolph Pierce, 24 – and a 17-year-old high school dropout named James Scartaccini had been on a mission to find a woman to star in their pornographic video. Masterminding the far-fetched endeavor was Johnny Zinn, a 45-year-old ex-con who had promised them as much as $1,500 for procuring a woman.The men had snatched up Daniels and taken her to the Canyon Motel on East Central, where for hours they took turns raping her at knifepoint. Johnny Zinn, ringleader in the crime, is serving more than 100 years in prison. Randolph Pierce, who is believed to have fired the fatal shot, is serving 66 years. The next day, Zinn ordered them to drive Daniels to Farmington, supposedly to meet the film crew. Near San Ysidro, plans changed. Her disappearance had caused too much publicity. She had to be eliminated. The men veered north, went past Fenton Lake on N.M. 126 through the narrow Calaveras Canyon toward the Seven Springs State Fish Hatchery before stopping at one of three small bridges. Daniels pleaded for her life as she lay facedown on the frozen earth, before gunfire echoed through the canyon. https://www.abqjournal.com/161355/a-crime-that-shocked-us-all.html Albuquerque Journal: Notorious Murderer Johnny Zinn Dies in Prison. By Joline Gutierrez Krueger 01/28/2015 https://www.abqjournal.com/533009/notorious-murderer-johnny-zinn-dies-in-prison.html Excerpt: Zinn had been serving a sentence of life plus 96 years after being found guilty of first-degree murder and 18 other charges in Daniels’ death…Pierce, believed to be the one who fired the fatal shot, was sentenced to 66 years in prison. Sliger pleaded guilty to rape and was sentenced to three years. Scartaccini, given a controversial immunity deal in exchange for his cooperation, served no prison time. He hanged himself in 1990. https://www.abqjournal.com/533009/notorious-murderer-johnny-zinn-dies-in-prison.html AP News Archive: District Attorney to File Murder Charges (01/21/1986) http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1986/District-Attorney-To-File-Murder-Charges/id-914cf7e5eec56841b32cee8a6e824f94 Excerpt: DISTRICT ATTORNEY TO FILE MURDER CHARGES ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ An unidentified suspect in the abduction of a 22-year-old University of New Mexico student has led police to the remote mountain culvert where she was shot to death and her body was dumped, police said. Murder charges would be filed today against two of four men arrested in the death of Linda Lee Daniels, who was abducted in front of her fiance's Albuquerque home 10 days ago, District Attorney Steve Schiff said. Her fully clothed body was found early Monday in a culvert in the Jemez Mountains, about 90 miles northwest of Albuqerque, police said. ''If they hadn't led us to the body, we never would have found it,'' said Albuquerque police Lt. Bill Conley. He said Miss Daniels apparently died of a gunshot wound to the head on Jan. 13, the day after her abduction. Wallace Randolph Pierce, 24, of Albuquerque, Sidney T. Sliger, 20, of Los Lunas, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested Friday in the case. Johnny Zinn, 44, also of Albuquerque, was arrested Monday after one of the suspects arrested with Pierce led police to the body, Conley said. He would not identify the suspect. Pierce and Zinn would face murder charges, and Schiff said Monday that he would determine whether prosecutors can seek the death penalty in the case. Sliger and the youth would be charged with kidnapping, he said. Conley said Miss Daniels was killed at the place she was found. He said investigators don't know if she was sexually assaulted and refused to say how many times she was shot or what caliber weapon was used. Published photographs of Pierce taken by a bank camera as he used Miss Daniels' automatic teller card on the night of the abduction were instrumental in breaking the case, Conley said. Pierce also was charged with fraudulent use of credit cards and theft of credit cards, Conley said. The Albuquerque Journal, citing unidentified police sources, reported in its Tuesday editions that Miss Daniels was held captive in an Albuquerque motel room and raped repeatedly. Authorities have not given a motive for the slaying, but The Rocky Mountain News quoted Miss Daniels' father in its Tuesday editions as saying her fiancee [sic] [sic[]Richard Ingram Jr., testified against an unidentified man in a shoplifting case five years ago. The father said a former prison inmate vowed to get even with Ingram for his testimony, which apparently helped send the man to prison. Pierce had been ordered held on $42,000 bond and Sliger on $35,000 bond. Zinn was being held without bond. Ingram said he discovered Miss Daniels was missing when he saw her belongings scattered in the driveway of his home. http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1986/District-Attorney-To-File-Murder-Charges/id-914cf7e5eec56841b32cee8a6e824f94 KOAT: Mastermind of Brutal NM Murder Dies in Prison - Johnny Zinn was serving life plus 96 years. By Nancy Laflin. 01/28/2015 http://www.koat.com/article/mastermind-of-brutal-nm-murder-dies-in-prison/5061778 Excerpt: Zinn, the step-son of a prominent local businessman, was the ringleader. The men who abducted Daniels took her to a motel on Central Avenue, where they raped her at knifepoint. For the next week, police were tracking the men after they used Daniels’ credit cards. The men, including Zinn, panicked. They took Daniels to the Jemez Mountains, where they shot and killed her. Zinn was found guilty of first-degree murder and 18 other charges in Daniels’ death. Zinn died last week at a prison facility in Los Lunas at the age of 74. He was serving a life sentence plus 96 years for the murder. http://www.koat.com/article/mastermind-of-brutal-nm-murder-dies-in-prison/5061778 KOAT Channel 7 News: Youtube video clipJohnny Zinn Dies in Prison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYHjFnvo7ik KRQE: Man at Center of Brutal Murder Dies in Prison. By KRQE Staff 01/28/2015 http://krqe.com/2015/01/28/man-at-center-of-brutal-murder-dies-in-prison New York Times: Albuq. is Shaken by Crimes, excerpt on Linda Daniels. No author listed, Special to the New York Times 05/04/1986 http://www.nytimes.com/1986/05/04/us/albuquerque-is-shaken-by-crimes-of-violence.html Excerpt: But the crime that has particularly unsettled residents was the abduction, rape and murder of Linda Lee Daniels, 22, a college student whose frozen body was found Jan. 20 in the mountains northwest of the city. She was kidnapped Jan. 12 from the driveway of her fiancé's parents' home as she was unloading groceries from her car. Four men were arrested in that case. A recent preliminary hearing in Miss Daniels's case ended after a week of testimony. Two of the four suspects and other witnesses described a pornography ring operating in the state, and the two suspects, who had struck a plea bargain with the prosecutor, told what happened to Miss Daniels. According to the testimony, three of the four sighted her in a supermarket parking lot as they were looking for women to appear in a pornographic movie. They followed her to the finance's home and abducted her. The men then drugged and raped Miss Daniels in an Albuquerque motel room, witnesses said. She was killed, the prosecution says, after her disappearance was publicized in the press. Many residents have identified with Miss Daniels's vulnerability. 'There's No Safe Place' http://www.nytimes.com/1986/05/04/us/albuquerque-is-shaken-by-crimes-of-violence.html Real Crimes: Linda Daniels http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm Excerpt: 1/12/86: LINDA DANIELS ABDUCTION AND HOMICIDE: Linda was abducted for use in porno films, raped, tortured, and then shot to death. James Scartaccini, the one of Linda’s abductors that evidence indicated was her killer, was allowed to plea bargain by testifying against his companions. The police and the DA prosecutor “lost” all evidence against Scartaccini, including his sperm sample, which was later found on the DA prosecutor’s desk. Scartaccini served no time at all. http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm True Crime Diva: Thanks to True Crime Diva for her work on the Linda Daniels issue and for bringing her story to my attention http://truecrimediva.com/the-brutal-rape-and-murder-of-linda-daniels/ Excerpt: On January 12, 1986…Linda Daniels was spending the evening with her fiancé, Richard “Buck” Ingram at his parent’s home on Robert Dale Drive, Northeast, a comfortable neighborhood off Tramway Boulevard and Indian School Road….When Linda failed to come home Buck went outside and saw her car sitting in front of his house. The driver door was ajar and the groceries that Linda had just bought were scattered all over the ground…the store receipt showed she had paid for groceries at 7:22 pm. At 8:04 pm Daniels’ bank card was used to withdraw $50 from an ATM at Juan Tabo and Lomas and again at Eubank and Candelaria…Lead detective Robert Romero feared the news coverage would scare off the suspects….James Scartaccini, 17, was spotted at the same Albertsons as Linda by school acquaintance Tina Portwood. He was in the parking lot with two other men and seemed pushy and nervous…tried unsuccessfully to get Tina in the car…[Sliger and Pierce were the two other men] http://truecrimediva.com/the-brutal-rape-and-murder-of-linda-daniels/ Ferrelloriana_incidents/cases_poiceabusenm_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Ferrell, Oriana. Taos. 2013 Note from River Gold 12/29/2017: This website stands with Oriana Ferrell (some records show Farrell) - no matter the issues in this particular situation: speed limit reason for pull-over (reckless driving), run and chase, what seems likely to have been later discovered drug related items in vehicle …officers should not shoot at a van full of kids. The possible exception to this is the tall, athletic, almost young adult looking 14 year old son - one photo shows him holding something in his hands in a position that almost looks like a gun (photo 2 top right hand corner image muted - Santa Fe New Mexican- 11/19/2013 http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/experts-question-taos-minivan- shooting/article_dd57289b-9895-5d16-a2f9-aa8829b3d36e.html Perhaps sthere are better photos which show what he was holding - even if he was carrying a gun and it is not being revealed to the public, the police could have caught these people later in a more controlled situation less likely to exacerbate violence and danger to the kids. Consider this: Latinos pull over Black in Taos, NM - any connection to these issues? (There might be Pueblo/other Native American/Latin American mixes in Taos police force) SPLC: Latino Gang Members Southern California are terrorizing and killing blacks (01/16/2007) https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2007/latino-gang-members-southern-california-are-terrorizing- and-killing-blacks LA TImes: (07/07/2016) http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-ramona-hate-crime-20160707-snap-story.html LA TIMES (02/03/2017) http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-fugitive-captured-racial-killing-20170203-story.html For recent legal update, see article in US News -12/27/2017 below. Do not fire at people with children in the car. Although the officer said he was aiming for a tire, and that no bullets hit the van or people inside, even a blown tire can cause an accident and serious damage to the occupants inside. There was a better way to handle this. Ferrell is an African American woman. Part of her fear likely stemmed from then recent news stories of other African Americans being shot at and killed when unarmed, during pull-overs, when called to a scene erroneously (ie a boy playing with a toy gun), etc. It sounds like possibly the mother and children were calling 9/11 and wanted to get to an actual police department rather than deal with this particular officer, who was scaring them. Marijuana dot com: Cop Crimes OPINION Blog Site Feb 2005 - Ovid Duke (listed as banned on the website-notice this is informal commentary, ideas expressed should e checked with actual legal experts) The law says that we have the right to drive to a safe place if an officer wants us to pull over. This means any lighted area with witnesses or even the police station if you can. How many of you think you can? I myself believe that I would be run off the road and several officers would beat me to death. Knowing this would you exercise this right? If you call any of the law enforcement agencies they'll just tell you to call someone else and days later you'll still not had an answer. No law agency will supply you with tools to inhibit their reign of terror. https://www.marijuana.com/community/threads/cop-crimes.160147/ Recent article: US News: Court Sides with New Mexico Officer in Minivan Shooting. By Susan Montoyal Bryan (12/27/2017) https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2017-12-27/court-sides-with-new-mexico-officer-in- minivan-shooting Original issue from an earlier article: “Ferrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Taos News. Her son was charged with battery of an officer. Ferrell will be tried in April.” Original issue from an earlier article: “Ferrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and p Opinions from experts: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/experts-question-taos-minivan-shooting/article_dd57289b-9895-5d16-a2f9- aa8829b3d36e.html Summary of Links - Oriana Ferrell ferrello1http://abcnews.go.com/US/mom-mexico-car-chase-calls-cop-terrifying-individual/story?id=20975118 ferrello2http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/03/oriana-ferrell-interview_n_5760072.html ferrello3http://www.koat.com/article/mother-from-taos-traffic-stop-breaks-silence/5058838 ferrello4http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/12/07/new-mexico-cop-fired-for-shooting-at-minivan-full-of-kids/ ferrello05http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/fired-taos-sergeant-argues-discipline-for-police-misconduct-has- been/article_e2ae00c4-7ffd-5591-839f-5ad40502c8f8.html ferrell06http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/experts-question-taos-minivan-shooting/article_dd57289b-9895- 5d16-a2f9-aa8829b3d36e.html ferrell07ttps://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2017-12-27/court-sides-with-new-mexico-officer-in- minivan-shooting ABC NEWS: Mom-car chase terrifying individual. By Suzan Clarke Gillian Mohney. (11/22/2013) http://abcnews.go.com/US/mom-mexico-car-chase-calls-cop-terrifying-individual/story?id=20975118 Video from the police dashboard camera shows the woman and the officer arguing, and when the officer goes back to his car to check paperwork, the woman drives away and is pulled over again by the same officer. When the officer goes to the car a second time, he opens the door and demands that Ferrell get out of the car, yelling "Get out of the vehicle right now!" She refuses, and the officer tries to pull her out of the car as her five children, ages 6 to 18, start screaming from inside the vehicle. After a few moments, the woman's 14-year-old son tries to engage the officer, who pulls his Taser and orders the boy back into the vehicle. The boy complies. The officer again tries to get the woman to leave the vehicle, telling her that she is already facing charges for leaving the scene from the first time he pulled her over. The woman eventually complies, but when the officer tells her to turn around and face the minivan, she tries to run back into the driver's seat. The incident quickly escalates -- with the woman's son engaging the officer. Only after the officer aims his Taser at the boy does he run back into the van. When backup arrives, the woman and her family are locked inside. The officer takes his baton and starts to hit a window of the van in his efforts to get the family out of the car. At that point the woman starts to drive away, and another officer who came on the scene fires three shots at the back of the minivan. The woman leads the officers on a 10-minute chase before stopping in front of a hotel and turning herself in. Both the woman and her 14-year- old son were arrested. Ferrell was charged with five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Taos News. Her son was charged with battery of an officer. Ferrell will be tried in April. http://abcnews.go.com/US/mom-mexico-car-chase-calls-cop-terrifying-individual/story?id=20975118 Raw Story: Taos, NM New Mexico Cop Fired For Shooting at Minvan Full of Kids. By David Ferguson (2013) http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/12/07/new-mexico-cop-fired-for-shooting-at-minivan-full-of-kids/ Excerpt: a spokesman for the New Mexico State Police confirmed Friday that Officer Elias Montoya was stripped of his badge on Friday after a disciplinary hearing headed by State Police Chief Pete Kassetas….On October 28, an officer stopped African-American driver Oriana Ferrell for speeding, saying that she was going 71 miles per hour in a 55 zone. During the traffic stop, Ferrell — who was taking the kids on a family vacation from Tennessee — panicked and drove away, fearing for the safety of her five children from the white officer. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/12/07/new-mexico-cop-fired-for-shooting-at-minivan-full-of-kids/ KOAT: Mother from Taos traffic stop breaks silence. By Regina Ruiz. (09/03/2014) http://www.koat.com/article/mother-from-taos-traffic-stop-breaks-silence/5058838 Excerpt from KOAT: TAOS, N.M. —The mother behind the wheel when an officer shot at a minivan full of kids has broken her silence, saying she thought of Trayvon Martin during the incident. For the first time, Oriana Ferrell explains she didn’t think she was getting at ticket when she pulled away from an infamous Taos traffic stop. Once the dash-camera video went viral, people wanted to hear from Ferrell, who drove off, leading police on a chase through Taos. “I started feeling very unsafe,” she said. “I thought, ‘This guy is creating things to maybe create a ticket.’” The video captures Ferrell driving off after getting pulled over -- the officer said she was speeding. “He gave me my license back. I think, ‘It’s over, let’s go,’” she said. “So I started pulling out slowly, like we do for many traffic stops.” When the officer caught back up, he tried to pull Ferrell out. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, she said she feared for her life and the lives of her five children inside the van. “I was just feeling more and more unsafe,” she said. “I started thinking about children who have been shot, families who have been shot at. I started thinking about Trayvon Martin.” At one point, Ferrell’s 15-year-old son, Zeke, got out and tried to help. “I got out of the car because he had his hands on her,” he said. New Mexico State Police showed up as backup, and windows were bashed. State police Officer Elias Montoya fired three shots at the van. “Even if I was speeding, that doesn’t require being shot at -- at any point -- even if he thought I drove off,” said Ferrell. http://www.koat.com/article/mother-from-taos-traffic-stop-breaks-silence/5058838 Hawkesmary_incidents/cases_poiceabusenm_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Hawkes, Mary. Albuquerque. April 21, 2014. Police Chase, Killing and Shooting Summary of Links associated with Mary Hawkes on this page: hawkesm1https://www.abqjournal.com/457652/cellphone-search-led-police-to- hawkes.html?utm_source=abqjournal.com&utm hawkesm2https://www.abqjournal.com/796554/lawsuit-reveals-more-details-in-hawkes-shooting.html hawkesm3http://www.abqjournal.com/503875/news/lawyer-albuquerque-officer-in-shooting-fired.html hawkesm4_http://www.cbsnews.com/news/albuquerque-police-fatally-shoot-19-year-old-woman/ ABQ Journal: Lawsuit Reveals More Details in Hawkes Shooting. By Ryan Boetel (6/2016) https://www.abqjournal.com/796554/lawsuit-reveals-more-details-in-hawkes-shooting.html Excerpt: The lawsuit filed by the family of Mary Hawkes has revealed new details about the night APD officer Jeremy Dear shot and killed the 19-year-old woman. Officer Sonny Molina was the first officer to encounter Hawkes in the predawn hours of April 21, 2014. …About 40 minutes later, officers saw Hawkes scale a wall at the trailer park and run east across Wyoming near Zuni. Dear gave chase. He said he was running at her when she turned and pointed a gun, and he opened fire.Dear has said his lapel camera came unplugged and didn’t record the shooting. He immediately started talking about how his camera was unplugged to officers on the scene and also to Molina when they were instructed to sit in a police car. Police Chief Gorden Eden arrived at the scene later that morning, and when he checked on Dear’s well-being, Dear told the chief his camera was unplugged and didn’t record the shooting…The Hawkes family’s lawsuit, which was filed in state District Court and is seeking damages for Mary Hawkes’ death, was critical of the police investigation.It pointed out several inconsistencies in officers’ statements. For example, one officer said he was in his patrol car when the shooting happened, but lapel camera footage showed he actually was about 30 feet away from Hawkes and Dear when shots were fired.The lawsuit also said there was no DNA evidence, fingerprints or blood on the firearm that police said Hawkes was holding at the time she was shot. https://www.abqjournal.com/796554/lawsuit-reveals-more-details-in-hawkes-shooting.html ABQ Journal: Warrantless Cell Phone Search Led Police to Mary Hawkes. By Nicole Perez (9/5/2014) https://www.abqjournal.com/457652/cellphone-search-led-police-to- hawkes.html?utm_source=abqjournal.com&utm_medium=related+posts+-+crime&utm_campaign=related+posts ABQ Journal: Officer who shot Mary Hawkes fired for insubordination. By Nicole Perez (2014) http://www.abqjournal.com/503875/news/lawyer-albuquerque-officer-in-shooting-fired.html Excerpt: Albuquerque police officer Jeremy Dear, who fatally shot a 19-year-old woman suspected of stealing a truck in April, was fired Monday for insubordination and untruthfulness, according to Albuquerque Police Department Chief Gorden Eden. http://www.abqjournal.com/503875/news/lawyer-albuquerque-officer-in-shooting-fired.html CBS: Mary Hawkes Albuquerque Police Fatally Shoot 19 Year Old Woman. By Crimesider Staff (4/22/2014) http://www.cbsnews.com/news/albuquerque-police-fatally-shoot-19-year-old-woman/ Excerpt: The most recent incident took place around 6 a.m. Monday, according to KRQE. Chief Gordon Eden said police were looking for the woman, Mary Hawkes, who they suspected of car theft. Eden said an officer started running after the suspect. "The suspect stopped, turned and pointed a handgun at close range," Eden told the station. "The officer fired at the suspect." Hawkes, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene…[KRQE] reports that the victim was the daughter of former Belen, N.M., police officer and retired Valencia County Judge Danny Hawkes, and that Mary Hawkes was arrested at least twice in the last year for shoplifting and underage drinking. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/albuquerque-police-fatally-shoot-19-year-old-woman/ Robinson, Van_incidents/cases_poiceabusenm_systemabuse_thegoldenrivernet_updates_ Robinson, Van. Albuquerque. Incident in 1980 Kaitarquette: 1980 http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm Excerpt: 9/80: APD Officer Joseph Polisar, (who later became Albuquerque Police Chief) was assigned to investigate the death of his friend, Phil Chacon, killed in the line of duty during a bank robbery. Polisar’s two-day investigation led to a civil rights suit against him and two other officers for planting evidence and coercing witnesses in an attempt to convict Van Robinson, a black male. In 1985, Robinson was acquitted, and a Federal Grand Jury awarded him $75,000. (Before Polisar was made police chief, the findings against him were reversed.) http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm Jane Doe. NM ACLU, University Medical Center of El Paso, Texas Tech Mr. Conservative: Cops sexually harass woman in New Mexico - Stripping, private part body probing for drugs, etc. By MRC. (2013) http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/11/27079-cops-sexually-harass-woman-in-new-mexico/ Excerpt: She is represented by “Laura Schaur Ives, Legal Director for the New Mexico Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union” who told the story on her behalf. Ives states that the woman was on her way to El Paso, TX from Juarez, Mexico when she was stopped in the port by border patrol agents. “A dog alerted to the woman” resulting in them bringing her into the facility where they asked her to strip down to perform a search. During that time, they directed her to spread her genitalia and cough. When nothing was discovered, female agents proceeded to further the search by sticking their fingers into her vagina in effort to find the illusive drugs. Since nothing was found during the already invasive searches, agents then transferred the woman to the University Medical Center of El Paso. Ives described the incident be stating, “First, medical staff observed her making a bowl movement and no drugs were found at that point”. She continued by saying, “They then took an X-ray, but it did not reveal any contraband. They then did a cavity search and they probed her vagina and her anus, they described in the medical records as bi-manual–two handed. Finally, they did a cat scan. Again, they found nothing.” After giving the account of the story, Ives claims that they never retrieved a search warrant, and the woman specifically did not give consent at the hospital. http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/11/27079-cops-sexually-harass-woman-in-new-mexico/ El Paso Times: ACLU/Woman Settles Suit Over Cavity Search. By Aeileen B. Flores (2014, 2016) http://www.elpasotimes.com/story/archives/2016/07/21/aclu-woman-settles-suit-umc-over-cavity-search/87386298/ Eckert, David. Deming. 2013 Huffington Post: Deming, NM David Eckert Enema Colonoscop Drugs Traffic Stop. From KOB-4. (2013) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/05/david-eckert-enema-colonoscopy-drugs-traffic-stop_n_4218320.html Excerpt: A New Mexico man is alleging abuse after authorities conducted three enemas, a colonoscopy, an X-ray and several cavity searches on him simply because he appeared to clench his buttocks. David Eckert’s attorney recently filed a federal lawsuit on his behalf over the Jan. 3 incident, in which police and doctors co-opted an “unethical,” 14-hour series of cavity searches, KOB-4 reports…. Eckert is suing the City of Deming, Deming police officers Bobby Orosco, Robert Chavez, Officer Hernandez, and Hidalgo County deputies David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez and Patrick Green. He’s also suing Deputy District Attorney Daniel Dougherty and the Gila Regional Medical Center. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/05/david-eckert-enema-colonoscopy-drugs-traffic-stop_n_4218320.html Tapia, Marlene. Albuquerque. 2011 The Blaze: Albuquerque, NM Anal Probing Controversy Yet Another Lawsuit In New Mexico. By Oliver Darcy (2013) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in-new-mexico-alleges- shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Excerpt: The American Civil Liberties Union last week filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a New Mexico woman who alleges that a corrections officer sprayed mace on her vagina during a routine 2011 strip search. According to the lawsuit, Marlene Tapia was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center on November 22, 2011 for a probation violation….Two officers, Jennifer Stepp and Blanca Zapater, then allegedly took her to the shower to conduct a strip search. That’s where Tapia says things took a turn for the worse. According the lawsuit, she was ordered to “bend over at the waist while fully nude so the corrections officers could see her genital area.” http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in-new-mexico-alleges- shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Noah, Jessie. Los Alamos. 2010 ABQ Journal: Fire Captain Plants Bathroom Camera. By Mark Oswald (2010) Excerpt: Los Alamos police have charged Fire Department Capt. Aaron Adair, 36, with voyeurism and tampering with evidence. A criminal complaint filed in Magistrate Court on Monday says Adair admitted hiding the camera in the towel dispenser in an effort to capture video of firefighter Jessie Noah. http://www.abqjournal.com/news/state/2302614state10-23-10.htm Costales, Sam. Albuquerque. 2009 ABQ Journal: Ex-APD Officer Sam Costales Wins Lawsuit Against APD By Scott Sandlin (2009) Excerpt: SANTA FE — Retaliating against an officer who spoke out against perceived misconduct by sheriff's deputies will cost the city of Albuquerque close to $1 million. A federal jury in Santa Fe awarded $662,000 Wednesday to a former Albuquerque police officer who claimed management action and inaction hounded him off the force after 23 years because he breached the "blue wall of silence" about police misconduct. A Santa Fe jury of six men and two women deliberated for a day before returning a verdict in favor of Sam Costales, who said he was forced to quit because of retaliation he suffered after testifying for the defense in the trial of Al Unser Sr. in 2006. "This is a great victory for me and all police officers," Costales said after the verdict was returned late Wednesday. "Maybe officers won't be afraid to come forward now. ... This is one small step in a big process." Jurors found Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz had violated Costales' First Amendment rights to free speech, and the city, through the Police Department, is liable for the damages. http://www.abqjournal.com/news/metro/26224624341newsmetro11-26-09.htm FARMINGTON & VICINITY Rogers, John J. Bloomfield. 2014 Above Top Secret: Family of Bloomfield,NM man (John J. Rogers) shot by police claims shooting was unprovoked (2014) http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1029874/pg1 Farmington Daily Times: John Rogers case http://www.daily-times.com/four_corners-news/ci_26425361/family-bloomfield-man-shot-by-police-claims-shooting Free Thought Project: Family of Man Killed by New Mexico Police Say He Was Unarmed. By Cassandra Fairbanks (2014) http://thefreethoughtproject.com/family-man-killed-mexico-police-wednesday-unarmed/ Excerpt: “They said there was a struggle, and the officer pulled out his gun and shot him in the head, while he was still gurgling, they put their cold, steel boots to his neck.” his son told the Daily Times. John J. Rogers, of Bloomfield, New Mexico was shot and killed by police outside of his home on Wednesday when officers were called to the home to check on someone who may be suicidal. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/family-man-killed-mexico-police-wednesday-unarmed/ Chavez, Michael. Farmington 2013 Farmington Daily Times: Attorney warned Farmington officer would 'get somebody shot and/or killed' By Ryan Boetel (2013) http://www.daily-times.com/ci_22991415/attorney-warned-farmington-officer-would-get-somebody-shot?IADID=Search- www.daily-times.com-www.daily-times.com Excerpt: FARMINGTON — A local attorney sent a letter to Farmington police last year warning that one of its officers was going to shoot or kill somebody. And last month, that officer, Christopher Blea, shot and injured a burglary suspect, Michael Chavez. On Nov. 28, Victor Titus, a partner at Farmington's Titus and Murphy Law Firm, filed a tort claims notice against Farmington police and five of its officers, including Blea. A tort claims notice tells a public agency that someone may file a lawsuit against it http://www.daily-times.com/ci_22991415/attorney-warned-farmington-officer-would-get-somebody-shot?IADID=Search- www.daily-times.com-www.daily-times.com Tri-City Tribune USA: Michael Chavez has put the city of Farmington on notice of an impending lawsuit, after being shot in the back, foot and elbow by Farmington Police Officers when he fled from a routine traffic stop. http://www.tricitytribuneusa.com/michael-chavez-to-sue-city-after-shooting/ Mike, William Farmington March 2012 Summary of Links associated with William Mike on this page: mikew1http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/29/nation/la-na-nn-police-abuse-new-mexico-20121129 LA Times: New Mexico traffic stop case of police abuse, lawsuit alleges By John M. Glionna (2012) http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/29/nation/la-na-nn-police-abuse-new-mexico-20121129 Excerpt: [New Mexico lawyer Arlon Stoker] has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque on behalf of an elderly Native American couple and their three grandchildren who were pulled over at gunpoint in March by six New Mexico law enforcement officers searching for a car thief. The stop took place near the small community of Farmington. The driver, William Mike, who is 67 and suffers from chronic kidney disease and diabetes, was ordered to kneel on the cold, wet pavement while he was handcuffed, according to the suit…Stoker said in the lawsuit that Sheriff’s Deputy Terry McCoy followed the Mikes for several miles before, with five other officers, performing a felony stop, in which police use their vehicles for cover and use their speaker system to give suspects orders. The suit alleges not only police abuse of power, but deprivation of rights, unreasonable use of force, false arrests, unlawful search and wrongful detention and assault and battery. http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/29/nation/la-na-nn-police-abuse-new-mexico-20121129 Tanner, Donovan. Upper Fruitland. March 17, 2011 Summary of Links on Donovan Tanner on This Page: tannerd1http://www.navajotimes.com/news/2011/0411/041411beating.php tannerd2http://amarillo.com/news/latest-news/2012-10-25/ex-deputy-nm-gets-probation-flashlight-beating tannerd3https://casetext.com/case/tanner-v-san-juan-cnty-sheriffs-office tannerd4https://www.abqjournal.com/26619/updated-san-juan-county-deputy-fired-after-videotaped-beating.html Case Text: Tanner v San Juan County Sheriffs Office. https://casetext.com/case/tanner-v-san-juan-cnty-sheriffs-office ABQ Journal: San Juan County Deputy Fired After videotaped Beating. By Assoc Press (4/25/2011) https://www.abqjournal.com/26619/updated-san-juan-county-deputy-fired-after-videotaped-beating.html Navajo Times: Police beating caught on video. By Erny Zah (2011) http://www.navajotimes.com/news/2011/0411/041411beating.php Excerpt: Lawyer files notice of lawsuit against Farmington, San Juan Co. law enforcement agencies A St. Patrick's Day beating of an Upper Fruitland, N.M., man by a law enforcement officer that was recorded on the deputy's in-car video camera has caused internal investigations and is the basis of a lawsuit…On March 17, San Juan County Deputy Dale Frazier beat Donovan Tanner, 22, of Upper Fruitland, with a flashlight. Frazier, who has since been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation, used a Maglite flashlight to hit Tanner five times across the face and head. As a result, the San Juan County Sheriff's Office and the city of Farmington have launched internal investigations into the incident and Farmington attorney Arlon Stoker has filed a tort claim notice, informing the city and the sheriff's department of his intent to sue on behalf of Tanner…Meanwhile, San Juan County Sheriff's Capt. Tim Black would not comment about the ongoing investigation into Frazier's actions…Farmington Mayor Tommy Roberts said so far the investigations haven't provided evidence that the beating was racially motivated…"I think the NNHRC press release was unfair in its portrayal of this event being brutality by a Farmington police officer," he added. The release sent by the NNHRC stated "Navajo human rights officials responds to video of Farmington police brutality on Navajo witnessHowever, Stoker said he added the city of Farmington to his tort of notice because a Farmington city police officer, Misty Taylor, stood by and "let the beating happen." http://www.navajotimes.com/news/2011/0411/041411beating.php Amarillo: Ex-Deputy NM Gets Probation Flashlight Beating (10/25/2015) http://amarillo.com/news/latest-news/2012-10-25/ex-deputy-nm-gets-probation-flashlight-beating Excerpt: The Farmington Daily Times reports (http://bit.ly/VqScCr ) the 57-year-old was captured on his patrol car's video camera striking Donovan Tanner with a flashlight in March 2011. He had detained Tanner and his brother as they walked away from a Farmington brewery where they had argued with a group of men. The executive director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, Leonard Gorman, said the video heightened concerns among American Indians about police treatment. "As my office sees it, Navajo Nation residents are very concerned about law enforcement in all border towns," Gorman told the Daily Times. "There is a very strong need for recognizing that these incidents do exist and that there is a need to make deliberate and strategic efforts to address these kinds of incidents." The video released by the sheriff's office after the incident shows Frazier ordering Tanner, now 24, and his brother to stand near Frazier's patrol car and answer questions about the argument. Frazier can be seen pinning Tanner to the hood of his car. http://amarillo.com/news/latest-news/2012-10-25/ex-deputy-nm-gets-probation-flashlight-beating SANTA FE Anaya, Jeanette. Santa Fe. Police Chase, Shooting and Killing. November 7, 2013 anayaj1http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/officer-involved-shooting---dashboard-camera/youtube_fe33ada8- 7f27-11e3-a392-0019bb30f31a.html anayj2http://www.koat.com/news/new-mexico/new-mexico-state-police-officer-involved-in-fatal-shooting-back-on-the-job/- /9153762/23066642/-/h2siaa/-/index.htm
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