NAMES NM POLICE SECTION (Last Name Letter) A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 Campa-Castillo C2 Champlin-Christesen C3 Clifton-Currell D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P QR S T W UVXYZ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Campa Joseph, Las Cruces Candelaria Lawrence, Albuquerque Candelaria Samuel, Albuquerque Capehart Daniel, Farmington/Bloomfield Carabajal Stephanie, Las Cruces ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARIES C1 BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Campa, Joseph Las Cruces, LCPD/Officer. See also Officer Isaiah Baker who is included in lawsuit, Incident 2013/01/05. Lawsuit settled with City of Las Cruces paying $1.4 million to victims Jillian and Andrew Beck Case(s) (2014/09/23) BECK v. BAKER No. CV 14-67 KG/WPL. United States District Court D, New Mexico https[colon]//www[dot]leagle[dot]com/decision/infdco20140924h20 Articles Las Cruces News (2018/02/25) City settles Las Cruces Police Brutality case, $1.4 million. By Carlos Andres López https[colon]//www[dot]lcsun-news[dot]com/story/news/crime/2018/02/25/city-settles-las-cruces-police- brutality-case-1-4-million/365390002/ Excerpt: The Becks' lawsuit centered on allegations that two Las Cruces police officers — Isaiah Baker and Joseph Campa — violated the couple's civil rights when they responded to a dispute involving the Becks and a neighbor…During the trial last February, it was revealed that Beck had tried to lift her head off the ground to call out to a neighbor. But as she lifted her head, Baker slammed her face onto rocks, her attorneys said. An image of Beck's bloodied face was presented as evidence during the trial. Her nose and wrist were broken and fractured. When her husband then attempted to help her, he was detained by Campa. He testified that he believed his wife was "choking on her own blood," according to his attorneys. During the trial, a police audio recording of the incident was played for the jury. In the recording, Baker can be heard saying "she got thrown" and she got a "face full of rocks," Strickland said. A female officer then said "cool" in response.The Becks were then placed under arrest. 2018/02/25--https[colon]//www[dot]lcsun-news[dot]com/story/news/crime/2018/02/25/city-settles-las- cruces-police-brutality-case-1-4-million/365390002/ Photograpy is not a crime dot com (2017/02/17) New Mexico couple awarded 1.6 million in police abuse [later dropped to 1.4 million] https[colon]//photographyisnotacrime[dot]com/2017/02/17/new-mexico-couple-awarded-1-6-million-in- police-abuse-case/ Candelaria, Lawrence Albuquerque, APD, Identification Tech, Older 1998/04/25 was charged with intent to distribute narcotics-compromised his brother Leonard Candelaria’s arrest warrant-conspiracy to traffic heroin-brother eventually booked heroine. Narcotics (heroin) conspiracy to traffic, Victim NA Real Crimes 1998/04/25 Excerpt from Real Crimes: 4/25/98 Lawrence Candelaria, Identification Tech at APD, (processes fingerprints and takes mug shots), was charged with intent to distribute narcotics. Earlier in the year, Candelaria compromised an arrest warrant when he warned the target, his brother Leonard, that police were about to search his home. When a second warrant was served, police found heroin packaged for distribution. Lawrence Candelaria was arrested for conspiracy to traffic in heroin; Leonard Candelaria was booked for possession of heroin. (From Real Crimes) Candelaria, Samuel Albuquerque, APD/Narcotics investigator. Retired after 22 years. Information on book and experience. Victim NA Information Samuel M. Candelaria co-author of the book Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles and Investigative Technologies for Law Enforcement (CRC Press 2003). He has been published in several law enforcement publications to include Law and Order magazine and Police and Security News. Samuel M. Candelaria retired after serving 22 years with the Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been instructing in the area of narcotics investigations since 1991 with various law enforcement training programs. After his retirement he started his own law enforcement consulting and training company. He instructs for a number of DEA Field Divisions, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLTEC), the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT) and other law enforcement agencies. He has instructed law enforcement officers throughout the country. Samuel M. Candelaria is a retired 22-year veteran police officer of the Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He worked narcotic investigations for 17 years, working in an undercover capacity for 6 years. He worked drug interdiction assigned to the Albuquerque Drug Enforcement Administration’s Interdiction Detail for 11 years. The detail focused on all forms of public transportation, to include airport, bus, and train interdiction and also hotel and parcel interdiction. Capehart Daniel Farmington/Bloomfield, Officer, NMSP, Sex/Drug/Indicted/Prison. (2018) Distrib. meth/marijuana. (07/2018-first court case) FMN/BLOOMFIELD. Drugs, sexual misconduct. Daily Times (2018/07/02 charges-daniel-capehart/753102002/ Albuquerque Journal Justice dot gov Carabajal Stephanie Las Cruces. Las Cruces PD. Officer at time of DWI charge 10/25/2019. 2019/10/31-News Maven article/arrested and charged with DWI after blocking traffic. 2019/12/5-KRQE article/DWI dismissed. Articles News Maven (2019/10/31) New Mexico cop blocked highway traffic during drunken stupor. By Keith Palmer. drunken-stupor-MBZg8P8xrUqpdWNQnUwvpA Excerpt: This cop fell asleep at the wheel, blocked traffic, and was swerving between lanes Las Cruces Police Department Officer Stephanie Carabajal, 26, was arrested and charged with DWI on October 25. Carabajal blocked traffic with a truck and was found sleeping while the vehicle was still running in Las Cruces, New Mexico. A Las Cruces police officer received a 911 call of a possible drunken driver late at night, The Las Cruces Sun News reports. The officer learned from a witness that a blue pickup truck was stopped at an intersection and a woman was asleep and blocking traffic. The witness woke up Carabajal, who then drove off, according to court documents. The witness followed Carabajal onto U.S. 70 and told officers she was driving 10 mph in the right lane and was swerving. drunken-stupor-MBZg8P8xrUqpdWNQnUwvpA KRQE 2019/12/5 DWI dismissed against New Mexico police officer. By KRQE Media. Excerpt: She was charged with aggravated DWI. Prosecutors say they have temporarily dismissed the charge so they have more time to collect evidence and can re-file, a common thing in criminal cases. Carbajal remains on paid administrative leave. Carillo, John Arthur Albuquerque. APD. Officer. KOD 1987/02/22 during a domestic violence call in which a physicist who worked at Sandia Labs followed him upstairs and pulled a gun on him; officer not wearing protective vest.Officer Carrillo was shot and killed while he and another officer were investigating a domestic dispute. Articles ODMP https[colon]//www[dot]odmp[dot]org/officer/2837-officer-john-arthur-carrillo The suspect, a physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, was arrested and charged with murder and several counts of attempted murder. He was found guilty after two trials and sentenced to life in prison. Officer Carrillo's tape recorder was on and recorded the whole incident, refuting the suspect's defense that he fired on the officers in self-defense. The suspect's appeal for a new trial was denied in 1995; Officer Carrillo had served with the agency for 6 years. He was survived by his infant son, parents, and six siblings. https[colon]//www[dot]odmp[dot]org/officer/2837-officer-john-arthur-carrillo. Real Crimes Excerpt from Real Crimes: “Criminal Case: State v. Charles William Holman, et al., Sex Club of Albuquerque: A list of people involved in this party/prostitution club included police officers, state legislators, lawyers, and judges.(From Real Crimes) Carlos, Louis Espanola/prev. Santa Fe, Espanola PD/Former Chief/prev. SFPD-longterm officer and captain , Excessive force lawsuit, VIctim Cody Lee, Rio Grande Sun-2019/04/25; Taos News-2018/05/24 Articles Rio Grande Sun 2019/04/25 You’re gonna be licking that concrete excessive force claim. By Tabitha Clay. http[colon]//www[dot]riograndesun[dot]com/news/you-re-gonna-be-licking-that-concrete-excessive- force-claim/article_7b681c18-66aa-11e9-b470-f732d52d760c[dot]html Excerpt: The Española Police Department is facing a tort claim of excessive force following an arrest made by now-former chief Louis Carlos just weeks before he left the Department. Española-based attorney Sheri Raphaelson is representing Cody Lee, 27, of Española, in the suit, and claims that Carlos used force without adequate reason during the arrest. Lee, who is a participant in the ReRoute law enforcement assisted diversion program, was arrested by Carlos March 6 for an outstanding warrant, on orders from Municipal Judge Stephen Salazar. http[colon]//www[dot]riograndesun[dot]com/news/you-re-gonna-be-licking-that-concrete-excessive- force-claim/article_7b681c18-66aa-11e9-b470-f732d52d760c[dot]html Taos News 2018/05/24 Chief followed unlikely path; [sworn in as chief in Espanola earlier in month] By Sami Edge The New Mexican https[colon]//www[dot]taosnews[dot]com/stories/new-chief-followed-unlikely-path,48377? Excerpt: During one of the many times his father had beaten his mother, Louis Carlos says, he walked outside and stared up at the sky. "God, why is this happening to us?" he thought. The beatings were brutal, Carlos says, and he carries some scars himself. Once when he tried to intervene, his father hit him with a boot, shattering his left elbow. This time, he was crying in the driveway when the Doña Ana County sheriff's deputy arrived. "He tells me, calmly, 'It's going to be OK,' " Carlos says. "I remember feeling safe. He left an impression on me." Even 40 years later, the memory is poignant for 47-year-old Carlos. The encounter, he says, is the reason he wears a blue uniform. It's the reason he's spent his career climbing the ladder of law enforcement administration. It's the reason, ultimately, that he's now adorned with a badge that says "chief.""What he did for me, I want to do for others," Carlos says of the Doña Ana deputy. Formerly a longtime officer and captain in the Santa Fe Police Department, Carlos was sworn in earlier this month as the police chief and public safety director of the city of Española. He's the fifth person in nine months to run an agency plagued with extensive turnover -- and complaints of sordid behavior -- at the top. His mission, he says, is to reform the department: to rebuild ties with the community, limit use of force and end bad behavior…He remembers a cycle of violence in which his father -- a heroin addict, Carlos says -- would severely beat his mother and then flee to Mexico for a while. He'd come back, Carlos says, and the cycle would start anew. https[colon]//www[dot]taosnews[dot]com/stories/new-chief-followed-unlikely-path,48377? Carr, Brandon Albuquerque, Officer, APD, 2009-Officer Involved Shooting of Vet Rodrick Jones. 2012-Fired Cop cleared in Death of Jones- Fired 18 months after he fatally shot Roderick Jones in back, Victim Roderick Jones (shot and killed 2009/11) Abq Journal 2014/11/17 Five of 17 officers fired at APD were let go due to use of force violations. By Ryan Boetel / Journal Staff Writer https[colon]//www[dot] violations[dot]html Former APD officer Brandon Carr was fired 18 months after he fatally shot Roderick Jones in southwest Albuquerque in November 2009. Jones was shot in the back, and it’s not clear if the fatal shot was fired inside the home Jones was suspected of burglarizing, or when he was running away from officers. Carr has been the only APD officer fired in connection to a shooting since Ray Schultz became the police chief in 2005, according to Journal archives. APD officers have shot more than 75 people since 2004, and 37 people since 2010. 2011/06/28 City To Pay Family $950,000 In Officer-Involved Shooting. By Jeff Proctor. https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/39402/city-to-pay-family-950000-in-officer-involved- shooting[dot]html 2012/03/30 Fired Cop Cleared In Death of Vet. By Jeff Proctor. https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/97370/fired-cop-cleared-in-death-of-vet[dot]html Carter, Russell Albuquerque. APD SWAT. Detective. Previous tactical officer 2002, K9 unit; Several police-related shootings. Incurred a felony after a bar room brawl in Arkansas during DOE training. Jeremy Robertson shot and killed while Carter was in now-disbanded Repeat Offender Project. Articles Albuquerque Journal 2017/01/17 Police release officers names additional details from recent police shooting 2017/01/17--https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/929725/police-release-officers-names-additional- details-from-recent-police-shooting[dot]html Excerpt: The police identified the officers as Sgt. Eric Brown and Detectives Russ Carter and Nava Marquez. Carter has been involved in multiple on-duty shootings over the years…Carter has been with Albuquerque police since 1997. He became a tactical officer in 2002, and has been honored by the department for his work in the K9 unit. A lawsuit filed against the city alleges that Carter has fired his weapon eight times in the line of duty, not including the recent shooting. The lawsuit was filed by the family of Jeremy Robertson, who was shot and killed by two SWAT officers in 2014. According to that lawsuit, Carter shot and killed a dog in 2000; shot at a vehicle in 2003; fired his weapon on two occasions in 2005; fired his weapon during a SWAT standoff in Pecos in 2007; shot Jay Murphy Sr. in 2008; shot Gary Atencio in 2012; and shot at Jeremy Robertson in 2014 while he was assigned to the now-disbanded Repeat Offender Project. Celina Espinoza, a police spokeswoman, said according to internal affairs records Carter has shot at people four times, dogs twice and a vehicle once. Carter was charged with a felony in 2008 after he got into a bar fight while on a Department of Energy training session in Fort Smith, Ark. Carter and other officers “are representative of a culture of aggression at APD,” Laura Ives, an attorney for the Robertson family, wrote in the Robertson lawsuit, which was filed in 2nd Judicial District Court. 2017/01/17--https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/929725/police-release-officers-names-additional- details-from-recent-police-shooting[dot]html (Carter R cont.) 2016/02/18 Family of man shot killed by police is suing city. By Ryan Boetel 2015/04/25 Detectives say they had no choice in shooting fleeing suspect. By Ryan Boetel 2014/0/25 Two Officers in Latest APD shooting. By Nicole Perez and Ryan Boetel https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/434801/swat-officers-idd-in-tuesdays-shooting-involved-in- others.html 2014 Detective shot out tires after suspect ran started car drove aggressively at officers. By Argen Duncan https[colon]//www[dot] drove-aggressively-at-officers.html Cop Block 2016/11/19Records Supervisor claims Albuq. cops illegal altered, deleted shooting videos https[colon]//www[dot]copblock[dot]org/168578/records-supervisor-claims-albuquerque-cops-illegally- altered-deleted-shooting-videos/ Excerpt: Another incident involved the June 2014 shooting of an informant named Jeremy Robertson, who was suspected of violating his probation. The affidavit said surveillance video recorded from a salon showed “the tell-tale signs that it has been altered and images that had been captured are now deleted https[colon]//www[dot]copblock[dot]org/168578/records-supervisor-claims-albuquerque-cops-illegally- altered-deleted-shooting-videos/ KRQE: 2016/02/12 Lawsuit APD targeted needlessly killed man fleeing from police. By Madeline Schmitt Excerpt: A new lawsuit says the Albuquerque Police Department targeted and needlessly killed a man who was fleeing from police in July 2014. Jeremy Robertson, 33, was a burglar and car thief with a lengthy record when he ran from plain clothes officers trying to arrest him about two years ago for a probation violation. "The subject was still armed and posing an immediate threat to officers," Deputy Chief William Roseman said at the time. "At this time we believe two shots were fired and two officers were involved." Police quickly explained what happened following the shooting near Central and Eubank. The two SWAT officers fired at Robertson from across a field near a gas station and Subway restaurant. A gun was found next to Robertson on the ground. "As the subject fled, he pulled a hand gun from his waist band," Roseman said. This was just months after Robertson had a run in with police where he allegedly rammed a patrol car. Now a lawsuit says Robertson was wrongfully killed that July day and that police officers, specifically the two SWAT officers, are the ones who created the danger in the busy area of town -- not Robertson. (Carter R cont) Santa Fe New Mexican 2016/12/09 Feds confirm investigation of APD body cam allegations. By Jeff Proctor. allegations/article_d5720b39-5ffe-5274-a40c-7a7216283a2e.htm 2016/11/18 Affidavit APD illegally deleted altered videos of shooting. By Jeff Proctor shootings/article_a6b6bdb9-bbb8-5523-b474-673a09dea482.html Castillo, Victor Portales. Portales PD-Portales Public School Resource Officer, Student (minor) sex abuse case - (2012- 2013)-pleaded guilty to 14 of the original 35 felony counts as part of a plea agreement on March 21, prison sentence 25 yrs, Victims various Alb Jrnl 2013/04/23 Ex Portales cop gets 25 years https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/191726/updated-ex-portales-cop-gets-25-years[dot]html Excerpt: District Attorney Matt Chandler told state District Judge Donna Mowrer that State Police launched an investigation of Castillo after learning of a party at Castillo’s home northwest of Clovis, which involved sexual activity of minors, the paper reported. Castillo’s cell phone was confiscated and sent to a forensic lab in Albuquerque where 10,000 deleted photos and three videos were recovered from the phone, including more than a dozen sexually explicit pictures, Chandler told the judge. https[colon]//www[dot]abqjournal[dot]com/191726/updated-ex-portales-cop-gets-25-years[dot]html Amarillo dot com 2013/04/23 Portales Officer sentenced student sex abuse case http[dot]//amarillo[dot]com/news/2013-04-23/portales-officer-sentenced-student-sex-abuse-case Lubbock Online 2012/08/04 Ex-Portales police officer arrested in sex case https[colon]//www[dot]lubbockonline[dot]com/article/20120804/NEWS/30804981 Excerpt: PORTALES, N.M. - A former Portales police officer has been arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with underage girls. New Mexico State Police say 45-year-old Victor Castillo was taken into custody Friday. He’s being held on a $100,000 cash or surety bond on suspicion of 31 felony charges. Authorities say Castillo was assigned as the Portales Public School Resource Officer from Jan. 8 to May 25. During that span, Castillo allegedly manufactured, possessed and/or distributed sexually explicit photos and videos of at least two female Portales High School students who are under 18. Authorities say Castillo allegedly provided alcohol to female students and engaged in sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old student he met while working at Portales High. News Channel 10 2012/08/10 Former Portales Cop Back Behind Bars https[colon]//www[dot]newschannel10[dot]com/story/19250783/former-portales-cop-back-behind-bars/ Sex Offender Issues (2013/04) New Mexico Ex-Portales cop Victor Castillo Gets https[colon]//sexoffenderissues[dot]blogspot[dot]com/2013/04/nm-ex-portales-cop-victor-castillo-gets[dot]html Other Links on Victor Castillo Eastern New Mexico News 2013/04/22--https[colon]//www[dot]easternnewmexiconews[dot]com/story/2013/04/22/publishnews/former- portales-police-officer-sentenced-to-25-years/39399[dot]html UPDATES Updates: 2020/04/07 Carlos Louis added to list; 2020/02/29 Brandon Carr info updated so show a firing w/added article-Abq Journal-(2014/11/17); 2020/02/22 Carabajal Stephanie Las Cruces added to list; 2020/02/11 Brandon Carr added to list with information about 2009 Rodrick Jones shooting; 2019/06/12 page C2 started; 2019/06/11 Corvinus Clint material added; 2019/06/10-Bill Conley material added to and updated, incl. his own Facebook info about himself. 2019/06/06 Chavez Gordon added Justice dot gov article showing sentence, added to existing fbi article about guilty plea, added alb jrnl- 2012 article; 2019/06/06 Chase Christopher removed as his name was mistakenly applied to this list, he was not a police officer but a suspect killed by police during a chase; he apparently had stolen a police vehicle and had injured police before he was shot down. 2019/06/05 Carter Russell, added Cop Block-2016/11/19; Santa Fe New Mexican-2016/12/09; KRQE-2016/02/12; 2019/05/02 Carter Russel: added articles alb jrnl-2016/0 Castillo Victor: added articles Lubbock Online/2012 and Newschannel 10/2012//08/10, Lubbock, 019/05/01 Christesen editing; 2019/04/30 edited/cleaned up the page from a recent transfer; going over information to add or consolidate, , this will be ongoing. Contreras, Mario added article rdr news-2016/11/4; Campa, Joseph, article Las Cruces News-2018/02/25; 2018/09/16 Capehart, Daniel NMSP added/Albq Jrnl,, etc; 2018/01/31Artis,JereyHO-SUIT-DISCR;01/18/2018 Carter, Russ-ALBQ DET added; 01/11/2018 page cleaned up incl duplicate names index, etc.; Anders, Billy-CLD added; 01/06/2018: Dear, Jaremy excerpt from Albq Jrnl 2016/06/23; 01/03/2018 approx Duran-SNTA FE; 12/30/2017 Chavez, Gordon ex-CORR FBI record; 12/25/2017 Costales, Sam links incl UNM Youtube video; Brown, CJ links 2nd NMDAS, Occupy; Burns Larry links added TDaily Mail, he Blaze; Babcock Todd 2015-16 material;Avila, Greg status shifted to Deceased from 08/2015; Error correction - suspect, not police officer -Apodaca, Paul removed as police officer and added to Merriman , Ronald as suspect12/24/2017 changes to placement of various sections; codes moved to separate page (see link); some amplification of and changes to codes 11/26/2017 Chavez, Jose (KOD/Hatch 08/12/2016);; Coffman, Rod/DS/Lea County/apparent suicide 2011; Wilson, Dusty; Wallace, Edmund/lea county/sex abuse of inmate; 11/25/2017 Justice dt gov CASA APD monitoring report; 11/05/2017 Threlkeld, Eric/Carlsbad/ letter to editor Current Argus/on domestic violence issues/reforms; Emmert, Richard/Farmington/cleared of charges;Vigil, Matthew/Espanola/Child Abuse; Malone, Casey/Farmington/clearing allegations regarding another officer. 05/29/2017; 03/19/2017 for edit/review C SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes
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