CORRUPTION Political Hector Balderas Ben Ray Luján Michelle Lujan-Grisham Corruption General Labs ARTICLES Albuquerque Journal 2021/06/07 At Sandia Labs, smallest amplifier emerges from 50-year-old hypothesis BY TROY RUMMLER / SANDIA NEWS SERVICE hypothesis.html 2019 Sandia Labs appoints director 2021 Former contractors pleads guilty to fraud 2021 Scientist honored for space work 2020 Sandia labs may get $300 million budget increase Alpine Security - possible applicability to Sandia Labs Nanotech Hacking Humans with Nanotech CBS News 2003/08/20 Nuke Lab Pays Whistleblower 1 m. By Jaime Holguin End the Blow Off In one story, below, you can see how we got raped by Sandia, Argonne and In-Q-Tel, working under orders from White House staff, to acquire our technology, copy it and flood the market with clones of it, in order to punish us for talking to law enforcement. The, federally confirmed, evidence proves that we created certain technologies, These entities copied or sabotaged those technologies after first hearing about them from working with us, based on White House orders. Fix Sandia Labs Los Alamos National Labs 2020 Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories bridge R&D gap for New Mexico businesses businesses.php Sandia dot gov 2021/05/07 Sandia stands in solidarity with Asian staff, community. BY MYLES COPELAND 2002 Nanotech ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. and LOS ALAMOS, N.M. — Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories will jointly receive $75.8 million for the design and construction of buildings to house the practical yet visionary Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Urbigenous Excerpts from Expert Judgement on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (Sandia National Laboratories report SAND92-1382 / UC-721, p. F-49) Washington Post 2015/08/24 Lockheed Martin pays $4.7 million to settle charges it lobbied for federal contract with federal money. By Lisa Rein federal-money-to-block-competition-lockheed-martin-agrees-to-pay-almost-5- million/?utm_term=.a3f428fea015 New Mexico Labs Los Alamos Labs CBS News: Nuke Lab Pays Whistleblower 1 m. By Jaime Holguin 08/20/2003 Sandia Labs, Lockheed, Honeywell Washington Post: Lockheed Martin pays $4.7 million to settle charges it lobbied for federal contract with federal money. By Lisa Rein 08/24/2015 money-to-block-competition-lockheed-martin-agrees-to-pay-almost-5-million/?utm_term=.a3f428fea015 Fix Sandia Labs Excerpts Honeywell: The Lab According to Honeywell: Lockheed is out; Honeywell is in as of May 1, 2017. Some things are sure to change, but some never will. Sandia, after all, is still Sandia even though Sandia Corporation (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed) has morphed into the difficult to remember title “National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia” or (equally difficult) NTESS. Will Sandia improve? Get back on the right course? Become an asset to DOE and the US? WIPP site 10k yr marking system think tank against potential intrustion Sandia National Laboratories charged a panel of outside experts with the task to design a 10,000-year marking system for the WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) site, and estimate the efficacy of the system against various types of intrusion. The goal of the marking system is to deter inadvertent human interference with the site. The panel of experts was divided into two teams. This is the report of the A Team; a multidisciplinary group with an anthropologist (who is at home with different, but contemporary, cultures), an astronomer (who searches for extra-terrestrial intelligence), an archaeologist (who is at home with cultures that differ in both time and space from our own), an environmental designer (who studies how people perceive and react to a landscape and the buildings within them), a linguist (who studies how languages change with time), and a materials scientist (who knows the options available to us for implementing our marking system concepts). The report is a team effort. There is much consensus on the design criteria and necessary components of the marking system. Understandably, there is some divesity of opinion on some matters, and this is evident in the text. Updates: 2022/11/21; 2021/08/08 added 2021 articles
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